i came here to laugh at you

Poetry excerpt #8

baby, i was stuck like an illusion
because i knew we were just a delusion
uncertainly you became my depression
because anything you said was a confusion

what were you even thinking
would you still here me laughing
and see me smiling
if everything we came through was falling

all things for the sake of us, i tried
but i am sad to say my love has dried
the real me, i knew you would not abide
those times we were together, you were putting me aside

yes, darling, everything was fake
all our photographs, we were just doing them for our sake
baby, we were just a piece of cake
are we still going to remember the memories we made

do not expect everything to be the same
we did our past just only for fame
please think whose fault is it to blame
you thought we were just playing a game

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‘ you are too afraid of the future to let go of a past that was never kind to you. ’ ( pAPS U HERE )

“Afraid?” You chuckle at that, putting a hand on your hip pointedly. 

“I fear nothin’, Genji. Who the hell are y’all callin’ scared? Yer’ talkin’ ta’ a guy who’s been forced ta’ fight in a war he didn’t wanna join, who came out of it as one’a the hardest sons of bitches in this life. I ain’t scared of nothin’.”

Illyrian Mischief, Chapter 2, part 2

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Full Fic: AO3 Link

Chapter 2, part 2

“I see,” she nodded. “When you put it that way, it does seem like a sound excuse. However, I will say this as a word of caution. I may not be so familiar within the matters of the medical field, but I am inclined to tell you that what you are doing will become your undoing if you are to keep pushing yourself like this. A midwife by day, on mortuary duty by night; the way you’re handling this is hazardous to your health.”

“I am aware.”

“And despite your knowledge, you wish to pursue this matter?”

Molly nodded.

Then a thought came to mind, bringing her to ask;

“Irene, how have you been standing here? Rather, how on earth did you manage to infiltrate the sanctuary of my own home?”

Irene laughed at her boisterously, without a care of the possibility of waking the neighbours.

“Let’s just say that your dear housemate showed me a way in. I’ve been waiting here for a good hour or so.”


A loud mew then followed within that instant, bringing Molly to look down and spotted the feline that was currently residing within the house. She then looked to Irene who then head-pointed at the creature that began to curl itself around the hem of Molly’s trousers.

“This little one showed you the way in?” Molly pointed at the feline.

Friend responded with a wide grin.

Molly shot a glare of disbelief towards the cat.

“Oh don’t be like that, Molly,” said Irene. “Your brother had always been fond of Tobias.”


Molly pointed her gaze towards the cat and then switched her focus to her friend.

“Is that his name?” she asked. “How did you-?”

“It is a very long story,” Irene interjected. “And I won’t waste anymore of your sleeping hours by telling you how I came to know of little Tobias here.”

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4 A.M

It’s 4 A.M.
It doesn’t feel like 4 a.m
It feels like 2 a.m.
An hour from when you came
It doesn’t feel like 4 a.m.
Maybe three since the weed we smoked
We both laughed at each others choke.
It doesnt feel like 4 a.m.
It feels like anything but 4 a.m.
I wish it was anything but 4 a.m.
You’re leaving, late at 4 a.m.
Now its just past 4 a.m
And I’m laying here again
Alone to music and wind
Fuck 4 a.m.

Midnight thoughts

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“Sharp, isn’t it? Sharp and cold. Just like you....”

Sharp Tongues and Bleeding Hearts [Accepting]

He glanced up at the words, something of a smirk on his face.  It was clear from the kid’s words that he expected Frank Fontaine to be feeling PAIN from the knife he’d used to start torturing him.

Blood dripped down from a cut over his eye as he laughed, glaring at the boy he’d had CREATED.

“You think a little PAIN will break me?” he spat, Bronx accent even thicker than usual.  "Sorry, BOYO, but it’s gonna take a LOT more than a few slices from some little KNIFE.“  He welcomed the pain, relished it.  It would help him stay awake, would help keep him alive.

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“I brought vodka and ice cream.”

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          “And here I thought Demacians were heartless when it came to the law-bending scavengers.” Fate laughs, taking the supplies in his arms. 

        “Don’t mind the small space. Didn’t think I’d have a guest, so the hotel room’s a little cramped. Doubt you’ll mind, though.”

        He isn’t wrong – the room he’s staying in for the time being is small, featuring a queen sized bed and a small sitting area with a desk. The lamp on the bedside table is currently the only source of lighting, filling the room with soft-edged shadows that contrast the gold-and-blue wallpaper. 

        “Take a seat while I find a bottle opener.”


I figured I should post something new for once.

It’s been a long time coming for the both of us, quite a rollercoaster journey rather. There’s that saying, “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, it’s meant to be.” Hence, that is exactly what happened to us.

I don’t think there’s any words that can describe precisely how happy I’ve been since you came back to my life. Honestly, I don’t think I know what it’s like anymore if you weren’t in it. I’m so much better when I’m with you. I feel at home because you are my home.

You’ve simply managed to slowly but surely break down my walls. I don’t have a clue how you did that, but here I am, so comfortable and myself with you.

Thank you for the unconditional love you endlessly give me. Also, the countless laughs, memories, and patience.

We have a bright future ahead of us and I’m beyond intrigued where the road will take us from here.

I love you, baby.

My best friend, my soulmate, and my partner in life. You’re everything to me.

Supernatural Imagine: Agree to Disagree

Prompt from the lovely @carleyspnHi :) Can you do one where Sam and the reader get in a fight cause she doesn’t like Mary cause she’s been lying to them, but Dean sticks up for the reader cause their dating and agrees with her. Sorry if it’s long It just came to me :)

If any one person, both civilian or hunter told you yesterday that you’d be face to face with Sam Winchester, inches apart, faces red with rage, chests heaving with indignation, you would’ve laughed and told them to lay off what ever they were smoking. 

But alas here you were, skin stretched tightly over knuckles, flushed white with the urge to swing back and knock some damn sense into the six foot four man in front of you.

“Unless Rowena pulled some weird witchy shit and wiped your memory, which I doubt very highly, how can you not remember what those British dicks did to you Sam? Broken ribs, burnt feet, but don’t you remember the gunshot or the knife to the mouth or the hallucinations. They are not and never will be forgiven or acceptable Sam, okay?” You said angrily, each syllable emphasised behind the rage and spite to not only the British Men of Letters but to Mary Winchester herself.

A proclaimed mother, an advocate for family, yet you couldn’t bring it in yourself to enjoy her company nor trust her ever since she walked out of that bunker door and out of your boys’ life.

God, Dean’s face and the way Sam flinched…

It was bad enough loving one Winchester so deeply and wholeheartedly that you sometimes had to sit back and try to think of life before him and his embrace and persona. But you digress, as a sudden condescending snort directed itself out of the younger Winchester’s nose at your speech. His impatient and irritated gaze locked onto yours briefly before it dropped to the floor in barely contained rage.

“Unless you were sitting in the chair alongside me sweetheart, you have no idea what I went through and therefore this is not your decision to make on whether I should be upset by my own mother’s choices!” Sam’s voice raised sharply up at the end, excess annoyance bubbling over into snappy words and a narrowing of the eyes.

Is this man seriously sticking up for her?

“She lied to you Sam! Not only you, but your brother who might as well have kissed the ground she walked on when she arrived back into both of your lives. God, I’d never seen him so happy and hopeful, until she did what she did! It’s disrespectful to your choice and Dean’s as well!” All of sudden, it had become more of a vocal sparring match at who could hit the highest decibel as opposed to subtly reassuring Sam that he didn’t have to condone anything his mother did, despite her being family.

The younger sibling who’d you gotten to know more like a brother-in-law without the full legal shenanigans, raised his eyebrows in disbelief, before a mocking smile graced his lips.

“My choice? When have I ever had a choice about anything in my life? You’re being the same as every other person I’ve met- trying to pick my decisions for me. It’s not my fault that you can’t keep Dean on a leash and have to control others as well!”

Ouch. That one had aimed to hurt, and hurt it did.

Something in your face must have shown the nerve it had hit or the subtle glossing of your irises suggesting held back tears, because Sam had leant forward, frown marring his wide forehead, lips twisted downwards from guilt and self-disgust.

“God, I didn’t mean that, I’m sor-”

Before he could even finish his sentence, a familiar and warming presence fitted up against the sloping spine of your back, calloused hand gently running up your arm before settling on your shoulder. The tension that ebbed out of your body at that touch was almost embarrassing.

“Not cool Sammy, that’s a low blow on my girl here.” Although the use of the nickname suggested anything but irritation, the stiffness of Dean’s fingers against your skin and the clicking of his jaw above your head said otherwise.

“I didn’t mea- I just thi-” Dean interrupted Sam smoothly with a raised hand, lips dropping briefly to the crown of your hair in a open display of affection that you weren’t used to.

“She’s right, okay? Family is family- hello, that’s the Winchester way and the life we live. The lying to our faces, the demands that she has no right to command, hell, working with the people who hurt you Sammy, who made me think you were dead..“

The gentle drop in Dean’s voice made it all too aware to you at how much seeing his brother in that way had affected him. Before leaning slightly back into the curve of Dean’s body, you raised your hand and placed it over his, fingers easily and instinctually slotting between his in a way of physical comfort that worked best for him.

“That is not the Winchester way, so my darling here is just not ready to see you get hurt again and trust me, I’m not either.“ The use of his nickname for you stirred up something deep within your chest that sent your heart into overdrive.

God, could you love this man more?

Sam nodded briefly to Dean’s response, teeth chewing quickly on the inside of his cheek in thought, long mahogany hair falling in the way of his face as he gazed at the ground.

“I know that, I do and I don’t know where my head is right now, you know? The one person in my life who I never met and couldn’t wait to meet chose those guys over me and what I went through and it just-” Sam paused briefly, exhaling roughly before glancing at you, eyes wet and sorrowful.

“I just wanted you to love her as much as we both thought we did.” The silence was thick enough to cut like a knife through hot butter.

“Anything that makes Dean and you happy does it for me Sammy, I want nothing but the best for you both and she’s anything but that to you both at the moment, so just please hear me out about this.”

You can feel Dean shift behind you, using the hand on your shoulder to tug you backwards into the warmth of his embrace, arm snaking around your waist to haul you back even closer.

“Thank you baby, for all this. God knows you’ve been patient enough with us whilst having to deal with meeting our mum like an inlaw for Christ sake.” Dean leant down, head now level to the side of your face, lips coming to rest of the hollow of your cheekbones, softness pressing ever so gently against your skin in awe and gratefulness.

“No-one who’s supposed to love you is going to hurt you again Sam, especially not by her.” You said in resolution and as a peace offering, an olive branch of words extended to the tall man before you who looked on with an urge to sweep you up into a hug that symbolised every thank you and sorry he or Dean couldn’t say.

Dean presses onto your cheek with more pressure in the form of a kiss before leaning back slightly and catching your eye with a gaze so intense and thoughtful, you couldn’t hold it for very long.

“God, what favour in Big Man Upstairs book did I do to get you, sweetheart?”

You smiled coyly, spinning in his grip so your ear settled over the rhythmic thumping of Dean’s heart, back encased in his strong, toned arms that felt like they’d hold you there for a century without complete.

“I’m the lucky one, Dean.” The disbelieving chuckle that rumbled through his whiskey roughened throat was enough to make you smile wider.

“Agree to disagree with you there darling, agree to disagree.”

Hope you liked it girl! Let me know what you thought- hopefully it’s what you wanted after that episode💖

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“I thought you were rather an honest, straightforward person, I thought it was your secret pride.”

Cassandra lets a little amused laugh at the blond hanging on whatever thing its holding her. For most of her life, there wasnt actually a way for her to express her words, her needs, mostly actions led her to where she is today.

And yes, with words came possibilities, with words came her…being awfully BLUNT.

But being proud of it? A part yes, and a part no. Its a bit more complicated than that, “And that matters here…because?”

This is here being truly curious, why does it matter to her?



I was tagged by the amazing @proudtobeadepphead  Awww thank you dear! Cute selfie! :)

1) Lock screen Screenshot: Ok my lock screen is my hubby, and that fine man is only for me, so here’s my background instead, lol. The Niffler!! I want one. Every pirate needs a Niffler.

2) Last song I’ve listened to: Enrique Iglesias, Subeme La Radio. Don’t laugh at me! It just came out today and its my jaaaaam!

3) a selfie: Oh god, I can’t today. Not happening. ;) Here, look at my pretty boat, took this last weekend. It’s enough of an extension of myself… :P

I tag: @princesspenelopenerfherder, @orionredstarr , @snowbryneich, @sheliesshattered @colorblindly @conquistadoradelmar @thepromiseofredemption  @bybyeblackbird & everyone else who wants to do this :))

We saw a bee that was struggling trying to get out of the pool and we didn’t think it would survive… till we saw it came out of the pool and we were talking about how I should splash the water toward the bee so it’d fall and drown again but it flew, we panicked and I turned around to her running, and I ran back into the house

Vannie: the fuck, you was gonna lock me out and leave me here bitch!
Rachel: you’re so horrible at splashing!
Vannie: well! Sorry!!

We laughed till our stomach hurt omg, so funny….

i’m not gonna lie, talking to teenagers about shakespeare is hard. most of them have just gotten off a long bus ride and they don’t want to be here in the first place, they talk when i’m talking, roll their eyes at me, raise their eyebrows at each other, sometimes flat out laugh in my face. i clock in at 8:30 in the morning after five or six hours of sleep and i’m so exhausted after putting on an excited face and trying not to let the apathy and mockery get to me.

but today a girl–a black girl–came up to one of my supervisors and quietly said, “can i ask you a question?” and when he said of course, she timidly wanted to know why we had decided “to make juliet african-american.” and honestly my heart wanted to break at how excited she was, how much the story changed for her, how much it meant to her that a girl who looks like her can be one of the most famous characters, well, ever.

and i’m still exhausted, i’m still dreading tuesday morning, it’s going to be a while before my spoons regenerate from that much emotional labor. but a difference was made for one girl and honestly? it’s worth it.

Say I Love You (Part 2) (Simon Lewis)

Part 2 of Say I Love You which can be found here x


I was inside for a while before Simon finally came in to join us. My bags had been moved into Clary’s room and so I went and looked around the room. I smiled a little, picking up a framed photo that was obviously from Christmas break. Clary was wearing a grumpy cat Christmas sweater and Simon was sprawled on the floor with a bright Santa hat on. I laughed as I looked at Clary with her friends enjoying their winter holiday.

The door creaked softly as Simon pushed it open. I looked up, placing the picture gently back down on the stand. “Hey. Did Eric leave?” I ask, perching myself on the edge of Clary’s bed. Simon nodded and moved to sit beside me.

“Yeah.” He looked at the picture I’d been looking at. “Ya know, (Y/N), that was the worst day of my life.” He joked. I stifled a laugh. “No, really! She made me put on all these different costumes and take pictures. It was horrible.” I fell back onto the bed and laughed.

“Oh, (Y/N), Simon! Are you decent?” Clary’s teasing voice called before peeking into the room/ I felt a blush rise into my cheeks. I groped for a pillow before throwing the object at the redheaded girl. “Okay, okay!” She replied, holding her hands up in surrender.

Simon glanced towards me and I swore I felt a tug in my chest. I ignored it. I had to. Clary came and flopped on the bed between us, or more realistically, on us. I groaned and Simon did the same.

“Mom’s the best cook, you’re going to love her spaghetti.” Clary stated, looking up at me with a bright smile. I could have gotten whiplash by how quickly she changed subjects. “Alec and Jace are gonna be here anytime.” At those words, there was a knock on the door. Clary jumped up with some struggle and jumped to get the door. I looked down at my clothes. They were simple and, for some reason, they didn’t feel good enough.

“I think I’m gonna get changed before dinner. I look a little…not good.” I decided aloud, glancing towards Simon and waiting for him to leave.

“I don’t think you look not good. I think you look very good.” Simon stated as I dug through my bag.

“Um…Simon? Can you…” I looked between him and the door until he realized what I meant.

“Oh! R-right! S-sorry about that.” He grinned and stood to leave, closing the door behind him. I changed quickly into a different shirt. A Guns N’ Roses shirt. I glanced in the mirror and made sure that I looked presentable before going out and joining Clary and her friends in front of the television.

“Hey, sit here.” Izzy called, moving over to make space between her and Simon. I nodded and sat down as Clary teased Alec about the Magnus Bane commercial on tv.

“Nice shirt. It looks good on you.” Simon stated softly, soft enough that only I could hear him. Heat flooded my face but before I could speak, Mrs. Morgenstern called us to eat from the kitchen


Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here! Obviously, there will be at least one more part because nobody as said I Love You yet so keep an eye out for that! This is super fun for me to write and, since it’s just for fun, it’s not my best writing. My busy time of the year is starting up so I’m trying to fill up the queue for a while. Requests are always open! -Cass

Getting there

This time last year, my heart was in my stomach. I was so heart broken and had no one and nothing but that little baby inside of me. At the time I didn’t think I would ever be able to be a good mom. I felt that if I couldn’t keep the person I loved the most happy and around then how could I ever make my baby happy? I could barely get out of bed, I couldn’t eat or drink but then I would feel your little kick and realize that it wasn’t just me anymore and so I got out of bed, I ate what I had to and stay hydrated throughout the day. I went to work and came home and did my homework. Most days that’s all I could accomplish but it’s okay because you were safe and healthy and that’s all that really mattered to me. Now, a year later here I am holding you, playing with you, laughing with you and watching you grow. While learning how to be a mom and loving you, I’m learning to love myself. I’m learning that things take time and some things just aren’t meant to be. I’m also learning that nothing else in this world matters because as long as I have you, I’m the happiest that I could ever be. So here’s to learning new things and getting stronger as the days go by, all thanks to you ❤️

Happy Birthday to my not so little girl!

I sat here looking over pictures for an hour, wondering where in the world time has gone. 10 years worth of pictures, memories, heart breaks, laughs, and smiles. 10 years have passed since the very moment I got to look into her eyes for the very first time. 10 years since the sound of my voice halted her first cries and mine started. 10 years ago at 12:23 pm on February 24, 2007 you came into this world all of 4 pounds 8 ounces and changed my world. I don’t know where 10 years have gone. I blinked and she’s almost as tall as me, gives me some of the best smart ass replies that make me laugh because of how smart she can be, and she’s no longer a baby. She’s a young girl and I don’t think I could be more proud of the person she is turning out to be…even during the moments I want to pull my hair out and scream. Even though she has the flu right now, we are going to do something special because it is still her day. Happy 10th Birthday Ava Grace, you are so loved and I can’t wait to see who you become. I love you. Xoxo 😙

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If you had to write a letter to your daughter what would it be?

A letter, discarded with a dozen others when the words never seemed to come out right. Maybe it was just a sign she was meant to stay.

My dearest Valorie,

    I love you, more than I could ever love anything else. If anyone had told me before you came along that one tiny little girl would change the shape of my entire world, I would’ve laughed in their face. I was so convinced I knew what love was, what it felt like, and there was no way something like that could change anything. And then I felt you, this beautiful baby growing inside me, and I knew they were right. That no matter how frightened I was at first, everything would be alright as long as I could keep you safe and show you how much I love you. And now here we are, a year later, and you have me wrapped around your finger.
    But now it’s not just me that loves you so much. Your grandma and papa. Your aunts and uncles. Your dad. You have so much love in your life, and I truly hope that never changes. You deserve all the love this world can offer, and I wish I could give it to you. I wish I could stay to watch you grow into the beautiful young woman I know you’re going to be, and I hope you can forgive me for leaving. 
    I’m sure that by the time you read this, I’ll be a fuzzy hand-me-down image - the memory of someone else’s memory, and that thought breaks my heart - but I have to leave. It’s what’s best for you, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. Your auntie Val and aunt Lula will take wonderful care of you, and you’ll always have so many good people around you. With a bit of luck, someday I’ll come back…and when that day comes, I hope you know just how much you mean to me.


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I just want you to know that I have come back to your page time and time again over the years and I look through and feel as if I almost know you or at least the dark part of myself. It feels same as days when it's grey but beautiful outside, before a storm and you feel electricity in the air and in your bones and you don't know whether to cry or laugh. I felt like that today and then I came here - and I still don't know whether to cry or laugh, but it helped. It always has.

Thank you for this, really.



(Gaster Rap)

Survived the Attack from Chara in black

But something arrived and evil is back

Turn around use my Gaster Blaster

I’m the source of pure disaster

Pop my shield with hands to wield

You’re abouta get scrapped and brutally killed(?)

Look child I have nothing to fear

Let’s get that clear

You’re life ends here.

No matter what stay true to yourself

I’m doing this for me and nobody else.

Pink little spears don’t make me laugh

I’ll cut your body in several halfs

Don’t try and run I’m gonna having fun

There will be nothing of you when I am done

You better hope you have some luck

‘Cause quite frankly, I don’t give a FUCK

Betty’s Rap

You think you’re cute with blasters and beams.

I’m more than just a little fiend.

@camilaart @nyxtheshield

Well I was bored so I came up with a rap to go with Vantablack [Gaster’s Theme] Some of the wingdings translated when I copied and pasted.

The rap stats at 1:28 for the theme c:

Hope you like it ^-^