i believe in u


so i have a secret Extreme Niche Passion Project that i’ve been telling @burbled-xv who, as u can see by the last thing i reblogged, works SUPER FAST and has reached the DEEP LORE but here is a sample of my deep space outpost au ft noctis trying very hard to stay alive for someone who has kind of accepted he’s out here to die, gwadnis (off screen in this sampler platter), and an original character i ended up being unable to disentangle from the plot

oKay but uhhh we hit 400?? and i never imagined i would even pass 100 bUt y’all are so nice n caring n amazing aNd im just so lucky to have met so mamy amazing people n im so incredibly thankful, like no matter how many times i say it, it’ll never be enough to show.

every semester, without fail, there’s some freshman who’s like “oh I never check my email lol” and i get worried for them, bc they’re going to miss some important email about a pop quiz or a test, or something and then fail. so if you’re a freshman reading this, CHECK YOUR EMAIL im not joking, professors will send you stuff via email that they’ll never mention in class. I’m in my email every hour on the hour before and after class. check that shit. put that app on ur phone, turn on notifs, go in and refresh every hour, check your spam, check your email

this has been a message from your concerned dad. check ur email, do well in school, i love you

And they were roommates

In case you didn’t hear this today… you are so loved by the moon, the stars, and the universe. They do not judge. They shine their light and let you be. They accept you as you are. To them you are perfect. Be softer with yourself. See that you are enough. Always.


if you ever think you’re dumb, at least you’ve never bought an idol’s number to violate his privacy to say sorry about other people violating his privacy