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“Why are you so jealous?”

Prompt #8 “Why are you so jealous?”

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High School!Peter Parker x Reader

Angst & Fluff!

Word count: 1770

You and Peter have been friends since childhood. Your mother had worked in the same lab as Peter’s father, so the two of you grew up together at daycare, then kindergarten, through elementary school, leading you here, half way through high school. You remembered the day that Peter’s parents died, but even more vividly, the day that Ben died. It was as if a part of Peter died that day along with Ben. You were always there for Peter. The moment you got the call, you ran over in your pajamas in the middle of the night to console him in his darkest hour. According to your parents, Peter was family. Both he and May would join you for Thanksgiving and Christmas, taking turns as to which home hosted. You considered Peter to be your best friend, the person who you could trust with your deepest darkest secrets. Peter felt the same way. He had told you that he was Spider-Man before Ned found out. You were the one he would crawl to, after a long night of crime fighting, for wound care. He would always ask you for flirting tips or ask you ‘how to talk to girls’, even though you always told him to just be himself and talk normally, there really was no secret. You would always have the smallest pangs of sadness when he would ask for dating advice, but you always summed it up to your fear of losing your best friend. You had noticed that Peter had grown into quite the handsome young man, especially post-spider bite, not that it changed anything though…it was merely an observation, you would tell yourself.

Today was the start of your weekly movie marathon. Every Friday and Saturday, the two of you would meet up and Peter’s place and cozy in on the couch. Sometimes, if she was home from work, May would join you and she would often take your side when it came to pick a movie, as you could only watch Star Wars so many times without getting sick of it. Occasionally, you’d swap out your cinematic evening for a party or gathering with friends, but you would always accompany each other to whatever event.

Except, today you had to tell Peter that you’d have to cancel on him tomorrow. You had been asked on a date by a guy two grades above you, named Eddie Brock. The two of you had started chatting at Liz’s party the weekend prior. You had thought that Peter was going to try to make a move on Liz that evening, so you decided to go for Eddie.

You walk down the hall from the elevator and knock gently on his front door. Peter opens the door quickly, just a mere crack. It was barely big enough for him to peek his eyes through to make sure it was you.

“Hurry in!” He whispers, swiftly opening the door then shutting it. As you walked in and dropped your bag, you saw why Peter had been so urgent. The poor guy was stuck in his Spider-Man suit.

“Could you give me a hand? I think I broke it while I was out.” Peter sighs, turning around so you could pull the sleeve off for him.

“Ugh, that’s better!” He cries, stretching his arms over his head. “It gets so stiff in there!” He adds as he stretches his upper body. Peter was standing completely shirtless in front of you, the other half of his suit covering his legs. You had never noticed how muscular and attractive he could be. He was always hiding under sweaters or tee shirts that were a size too big. Your cheeks started to grow hot as you realize that you might have been staring for too long.

“So, what movie do you want to watch? I was thinking we could start Star Wars 4,5,6 and then watch 1, 2, 3 tomorrow-“

“I can’t come over tomorrow, Pete.” You interrupt, his head jerking quickly to look at you. The face Peter made broke your heart, you could tell you were letting him down.

“Wh-why not, Y/N?” He asks pleadingly, a sad twinge to his voice.

“Well, Eddie Brock asked me out so we’re going to the football game tomorrow night.” You mumble quietly, looking at the floor. You couldn’t bear to look Peter in the eye. There was something about what you had just said that felt wrong and made your stomach feel nauseous.

“Eddie Brock? You’re going out with Eddie Brock?” Peter spits, shooting daggers from his eyes. Peter was beside himself, how could this happen? he thought. His face contorting into an angry look as his cheeks grew hot.

“We got chatting at that party last weekend, after you ditched me for Liz!” You counter, looking back at him with a confused look. “Why does it matter? It’s just one date.” You add. ‘

“Whatever. You’re right. It’s just one date.” Peter replies sourly before sulking into his bedroom. You knew he was annoyed because he slammed the door shut, something he rarely did.

With the slam of his bedroom door, you cringed. Part of you felt as if you had really fucked up, but another part of you was so confused as to why Peter cared so much. Wasn’t he into Liz? you thought quietly to yourself.

You walk over to the living room and found a bowl of popcorn waiting for you on the table as well as a pile of pillows and blankets tossed on the couch. There were a few candles lit on the coffee table and a bag of your favourite candies beside them. Clearly, Peter had attempted to set up when he had returned from his evening patrol.

You sigh, feeling absolutely horrible as you plop yourself down on the couch. Peter joined you shortly and sat at the far end of the seat. Usually, he would sit practically on top of you, but today he had no interest.

“Peter,” You say softly, looking at him and reaching for his hand. He swiftly moves it away from your touch and grabs the remote.

“What is your deal, Pete? It’s one date!” You shout, getting incredibly annoyed with him. “You are making me feel like shit for going on one date! I didn’t get upset when you bailed on me to hang out with Liz!”

With a cool glare, Peter replies, “Eddie Brock is an asshole. You know it, I know it, we all know it! Can we please just drop it?” he snares, adjusting his gaze back to the TV.

“Because Liz is such a saint, she treats you like actual crap, Peter!” You cry, you could feel a lump grow in your throat. You hated arguing with Peter, it always felt so wrong. “I don’t understand why you are making me feel so bad! Why are you so jealous?!” You yell, tears falling from your eyes. You rip of the blanket that was covering your body as you jump up to try and make a quick run for the bathroom.

“I’m jealous because I love you, Y/N!” Peter yells aggressively, standing up and grabbing your wrist and turning you to face him.

“What?” you whisper, trying to hold back sobs.

“I love you… I am jealous because I love you. I was helping Liz with her homework because she was failing Chemistry and her dad is a scary guy, so I couldn’t say no. That’s why I bailed on you that on Friday. And at the party? I was with Ned in the backyard. He was trying to convince me to show up as Spider-Man and I spent the entire night trying to talk him down.” Peter sighs, running a hand through his hair. He looked at you with the most pleading eyes. He felt horrible for making you cry, it was never his intention. He never wanted to hurt you or your feelings. He just wanted to grab you tight and never let you go. You were his person, Peter couldn’t imagine life without you. Now, he was sure that he just drove you away for good,

Peter lifts his hand to brush away some of the tears that have fallen onto your cheeks.

“I am so sorry, Y/N. I never wanted to hurt you. Now, I feel like I fucked up our friendship and that was the last thing I wanted to do.” His voice breaking mid-sentence.

“Peter.” You sigh, touching his cheek lightly. “I love you too.”

The sound of your voice brings Peter’s gaze up to look at you.

“Really?” He says shyly, as if he was a young boy on Christmas morning. His brown eyes were the size of saucers, looking hastily around your face to see if you were joking.

“Really. It took me until now to realize it. I kept suppressing any feeling out of fear of ruining our friendship. Eddie is a piece of shit, and I knew it. I guess I had just accepted his offer to spite you, which I am sorry for.” You explain, looking at Peter pleadingly.

“So…” He smirks, cracking a sly smile, lifting your chin up with his hand. “Would you like to go on a date tomorrow?” Peter asks politely, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Only if we get to watch Star Wars 1,2 and 3.” You reply, a smile creeping across your lips.

“Wow, it’s as if you could read my mind!” Peter jokes, resting his forehead on yours.

He leans down, gently pressing his lips onto yours. With a sigh, you deepen the kiss. It was the most glorious release of emotion and passion. For the first time this evening, something felt right.

Breaking away from the kiss, Peter pulls you back onto the couch and onto his lap.

“Ready for some intergalactic war?” Peter smiles, resting his chin on the top of your head.

“I’d prefer a rom com, but I guess so.” You sigh with a smile, knowing you will always lose the movie battle if May wasn’t here.

“What do you mean! There are romantic and comedic moments! Like when Luke and Leia find out that they are siblings!” Peter interjects, pretending to look surprised.

“Well, as long as you aren’t my long-lost brother, I guess things will be fine!” You laugh, snuggling into Peter’s chest.

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Help! I remembered The Sorting Hat Chats existed and I don't know how to sort the Animorphs. Marco is Slytherin/Slytherin, Cassie's secondary is Slytherin, Rachel's secondary is Gryffindor, Tobias' might be Ravenclaw?? And who knows with Ax. But their primaries are hard, and Jake just *defies* me and I'd love to know what you think because it's burning a hole in my head

My own headcanon (detailed here) is that Jake and Rachel are Gryffindors, Cassie’s Hufflepuff, Marco’s Slytherin, and both Ax and Tobias would potentially belong in either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.  So to go with the primary-secondary classification (which I hadn’t heard of, but I like):

Jake: primary Gryffindor, secondary Hufflepuff

Rachel: primary Gryffindor, secondary Even More Gryffindor

Tobias: primary Hufflepuff, secondary Ravenclaw

Marco: primary Slytherin, secondary Hella Fuckin Slytherin

Cassie: primary Hufflepuff, secondary Gryffindor

Ax: ???

Basically, I agree on the “who knows with Ax.”  I know I put Ax in Ravenclaw here, but that was partially just to get all four houses on the team.  He has that Ravenclaw love of exploration and curiosity about culture, but also that very Slytherin arc of seeking fame and recognition while also acting as a negotiator between cultures.  However, his intense desire to Stay the Fuck Out of things that aren’t his business (any votes based on human culture, any leadership decisions that don’t concern him) always strikes me as deeply Hufflepuff, as does his strong preference to follow rather than lead.  On the other other hand, he has a Gryffindor’s desire to run toward danger rather than away, especially when it involves protecting his friends, and he’s got a Gryffindorish love for sports and food and physical activity.

So, like, he’s a consistent character with a coherent story arc.  But him knocking out Jake to kidnap Visser Two and threaten the yeerk pool in #46 screams “Slytherin” to me, whereas him refusing to vote on his own life out of a tunnel-vision dedication to Staying In His Lane in #7 is hella Hufflepuff.  And risking his life by going alone against creatures that nearly annihilated his entire team because he feels a duty to do so in #26 is all Gryffindor.  And he spends most of #8 being super-Ravenclaw by delightedly acquiring and then spouting useless facts about human history and culture.

Between that and the fact that I can 100% guarantee that Ax would respond to the Sorting Hat asking for his opinion by politely refusing to vote… I don’t friggin know.  My tentative assumption would be that Elfangor would be a Ravenclaw (secondary Hufflepuff) and that Ax would therefore self-sort into the same house as Big Bro if forced to choose.

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lol @ the most recent addition to your klance reminder. how does a//urance have a higher chance of happening exactly? and jfc *cough* the condescending tone *cough* makes me wanna barf. begone

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My part of an art trade with @queer-human-being !!

They asked for Royality going on a date (and Patton in a dress) and I couldnt refuse lmaoo

I had so much fun drawing this!


Petition to give Dr. Bruce Banner his damn glasses back in A4.

Ravenclaw: *goes to open a door*

Gryffindor: You don’t want to go in there.

Ravenclaw: Why not?

Gryffindor: Just trust me.

Ravenclaw: *opens door but immediatly recoils away and shuts it again* No, I don’t want to go in there.

Gryffindor: I told you! Why did you do that?

Ravenclaw: *shrugs* Curiosity got the better of me.


late for @saioumotaweek day 3 (pets/sweets)!

I don’t support Bill cheating with Bev because he’s in a healthy relationship with a girl that loves him and treats him as any person in a relationship should.

I would support Eddie cheating with Richie because he’s in an unhealthy relationship with a girl that reminds him of his abuser and not even attracted to due to him being gay. 

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It’s so strange to see Angie’s face (in the body swap post) look so tired and done with life also: “Human sacrifice!~”

coincidentally, they’re my fave of the cursed bodyswaps

that exact moment  💔