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Music You NEED To Listen !!

Rex Orange County: 19 year old British singer who has one beautiful voice and will bring you nostalgic vibes. Songs tend to be focused on love.

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Brockhampton: Sickest boyband in the past year. This boyband consists of rappers unlike the usual singers. Their music varies in style and tends to be different that focus on serious topics at times. Created THREE ALBUMS IN ONE YEAR!!

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Cosmo Pyke: Upcoming British singer who has music that focuses on instrumentals in a way. Songs vary in slowness and fast paced. May also rap in verses in a good way!!

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Yellow Days: Young upcoming singer that may remind you of Cosmo Pyke. A very deep but calming voice that will captivate you in to emotions you feel. Music tend to be more on love/heartbreak.

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Homeshake: If you like Mac Demarco homeshake may be your cup of tea. His music is very soothing and beautiful that tend to focus on the instrumentals.

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Alex Lawther Movies ✨

Benjamin Britten: Peace and Conflict - 2013

X+Y - 2014

The Imitation Game - 2014

Departure - 2015

Yussef is Complicated - 2015

Freak Show - 2017

Carnage - 2017

Goodbye Christopher Robin - 2017

Up until now, I didn’t know what it was like to look at someone and be like “fuck I never want to lose you.” I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same feeling as hearing coffee brew early in the morning. I never knew what it was like to look at someone and get the same peaceful feeling as when the sun sets. Or when I hear the waves crash into the rocks. Or when I look at teddy bears. Or that one time i finally got to swim with sharks. Or when im singing along to my music on blast. Or when I see elephants or koalas or panda anything fluffy (you know my obsession) Or when the pizza delivery guy comes. You make me happy and that’s a feeling I never really knew. To be able to look at you and say, “fucking shit you make me so happy.”
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Their Pain [Chapter One]

About five or something yesterday, I posted an Idea. Just a regular idea. But then I guess it kinda grew with positive energy and more new ideas added onto it and I decided to make a story out of it! My first one in fact! I hope you guys like it. I guess we just get to the story now, huh? Enjoy please!

Lance isn’t stupid, okay? He has eyes, he can see that the people around him are suffering. After all, how could they not be? They were only human, and they were plucked from their home to fight in an intergalactic war. A war that could very well end in their home planet’s demise should they screw up. Allura and Coran’s home planet was destroyed, and their whole race was destroyed. And it’s not only that that clues him in on their pain.

Sometimes when Lance can’t sleep properly, he’ll take a little walk around the castle. He has ears, he can hear Shiro shuffling around and groaning and sometimes producing muffled screams because his nightmares wouldn’t stop haunting him.

Sometimes when Allura thinks no one is looking, she gets this sad look in her eyes, like she’ll cry. And sometimes when Allura thinks no one is watching, she’ll let a few tears escape and quickly wipe them away before anyone notices.

Coran, in a way, was just like him. He would distract himself with something else so he wouldn’t have to think of his grief, so he wouldn’t have to face his grief. When Lance is on his walks, he hears Coran banging around the castle, fixing things up and muttering to himself about how to fix this or how to fix that.

On his walks, he’ll see Pidge awake on her computer, desperately searching for her family. Desperately and calculatingly looking for even a trace of her family. And sometimes she’s not on her computer, she’s just staring at a wall, eyes open and a couple of tears tracing a path down her cheeks.

As for Hunk, oh boy, Lance was way past counting on his fingers the number of times he’s helped Hunk through a panic attack. Most times Hunk would choke on the breath he was trying to catch and he would throw up. All that Lance could do was be there, and tell Hunk to try and match his breathing with Lance’s deep even ones.

Lance could even see how Keith was suffering. He sees how Keith trains at night until he drops down in exhaustion. He sees when he breaks down. Lance is pretty sure Keith has anxiety. It makes him feel even worse, because he admires Keith so much, even though he’ll never admit it to his face. To see him so low, to see him so vulnerable at a time he thinks he’s safe from prying eyes makes Lance feel like he’s intruding.

Point is, his friends are suffering. His beautiful, important friends are hurting, and it makes Lance feel like he himself is hurting but he also feels guilty because he isn’t going through as much as they’re going through-

So Lance finds a way to strike a deal with the one person he knows that’s able to help him. Haggar.

It’s during an important mission. Pidge had found out, though Lance had no idea how, that a ship that held important info about her family was floating nearby. The ship was seemingly unaware that Voltron was close by. Lance had tuned out, interested in something else, only to focus on the team looking at him with expectant eyes.

So that’s how Lance finds himself in the Green Lion, sent to guard Pidge as she tries to download whatever information is useful. First he makes sure no one is in the room with the computer. The he stands guard outside the door, his finger on his bayards trigger, ready to shoot at any flicker of movement, any sign of danger.

He wasn’t expecting Haggar to walk out of the shadows. He goes still, eyes trained on Haggar. As usual, her hood is casting shadows along her face, deep shadows that prevent Lance from looking into her eyes. Lance thinks the twitch in her neck was her tilting her head, and she rasps out.

“I won’t hurt you, Blue Paladin.” The mention of pain reminds him of the pain he’s seen his team go through, and he parts his lips, licks them, breathes out and let’s his breath hover in the air between them as he tries to find the right words.

“I can give you what you want, Blue Paladin. Whatever you want. But it comes with a price as all things do.”

Lance tilts his head to listen behind the door he’s guarding. He hears Pidge muttering something under her breath, and the sound of her fingers hitting the keys. He doesn’t lower his gun- would never be so foolish- but he does tease his lower lip a bit before speaking.

“I… want to bear my friends pain.”

Haggar stops, even though she wasn’t moving in the first place. It seemed as if she was pausing to take in what she heard. “Excuse me?” She grates out questioningly.

“You know… I don’t want them to hurt any more. I want to bear the brunt force of their trauma and pain and issues and problems so that they themselves won’t go insane. Including the Alteans.”

Lance stares at Haggar with an intensity that shows her he is dead serious.

Haggar grants his wish in silence, stewing over his wish. It wouldn’t take effect immediately, not until he got alone in his room and could figure out how to deal with it without the other paladins noticing.

Lance laughed nervously, unable to stop himself from releasing the hysterical sound. “So what do you want in return?”

Haggar thinks for a while. She doesn’t think she can take anything from him. After all, the pain he was about to endure would probably, most likely kill him. The fact that he would bear with that pain just so that his friends wouldn’t suffer? It made her feel pity for him, but it also touched her on a deeper level, one that she couldn’t quite put a finger on. It kind of made her sad.

“This one’s for free.” She rasped before disappearing. Right before Pidge burst through the door with a triumphant smile on her face.

“Come on, let’s get out of here before anyone shows up!” Lance nodded, relaxing with the knowledge that his team- his friends wouldn’t be in pain any more.

After all, they deserved to be in peace. Lance didn’t mind being in pain if it meant his friends wouldn’t be in any. Even if that meant he himself would probably suffer immensely.

Okay! First Chapter done! I hope anyone who reads this likes it. Anyway before I forget someone asked me to tag them if I posted so here goes: 


Here it is. I got no sleep, drank nothing but Coca-cola and some tea, and even abandoned Marvel’s Iron Fist so I could write this. But hey it was time well-spent.