i am. so tired and angry lmao.

uhhh hate to be that guy but im kinda fucking tired of how yall treat jeremy heere. u just sweep him under the rug constantly. and like, dont get me wrong, yall do that to more than just him but i shouldnt have to struggle to find content about the main character in a show; especially when im literally in his fucking tag! its ridiculous yall!!!

like i get michael is like ur precious baby or whatever but honestly? jeremy kinda went thru worse. like im not down playing what michael went thru and struggles with but one sad song abt a panic attack doesnt match up to like months of physical and emotional abuse :/ and yall r like “protect michael uwu” and shit but i dont see yall trying to protect jeremy :/

also i really hate how in like. every fic there is some big confrontation abt the bathroom incident and how terrible and tramatic it was for michael and it always ends with jeremy taking all the blame. and like. jeremy NEVER gets to speak up about his trauma or deal with it and its never acknowledged in the slightest. which is absolutely unrealistic bc that boy went thru so much shit and its genuinely not fair and its upsetting to watch yall act like he’s just Fine and Dandy. his character and recovery deserve to be explored and talked about as much as michael’s, if not more.

then there is also the weird the obession with making jeremy a jerk??? and sure he kinda did dick things to michael but they are all like, understandable. i get why he did what he did, and im not mad? im sure i would do the same thing (yall also love to ignore with the bathroom incident he was scared, drunk, like literally just sexually harassed and had been on the receiving end of abuse for a few months). but yall out there seriously trying to make him seem like the worst fucking dude to ever exist be he mad michael cry or whateverthefuck. like uhhhh why do u need to make jeremy the bad guy when the squip exists??? the literal antagonist of the show??? an unredeemable computer??? the embodiment of evil imo???

and dont even get me started on how u reduce jeremy to a character whos only traits r michael mell and jacking off. it is annoying as hell. yall focus more on noncanon traits/hcs and fucking shipping him with his best friend than u do actually looking at his chatacter. its not fucking fair and im so fucking angry. sometimes yall hand me a jeremy that i literally cannot recognize bc yall have warped his character so fucking bad. like why did u do this? why did u have to do my baby boy so dirty u dipshits!!!

anyways its like. nearing 2am and im tired and angry so im gonna wrap this up. stop overlooking jeremy heere and stop treating him like he’s gum on the bottom of ur shoe. he’s the main character. its HIS fucking story. step the fuck up yall and let him have the damn spotlight.

  • Aang: I must keep the balance between work and fun and save and improve the world from it's current state and create a peaceful area where everyone can live in harmony
  • Katara: I have become one of the world's most powerful waterbenders, defied gender roles and I must use my abilities to help and defend others
  • Sokka: I put the problematic attitude I had behind me and focused on saving the world, found my own talents that don't include bending, and I have developed a knack for leadership and I will use it for both fighting and keeping the peace
  • Zuko: I no longer blame myself for things which I cannot change, I have found confidence and restored peace into the world, and I know now to rely own my own instincts rather than be forced to take a path that others have forged for me.

The Freshman Characters as Textposts (Part 1)

mc: me @ myself all the time: girl stop

chris: i’m at the ‘we’ll see’ stage in my life. with everything and everyone. we will see.

james: i’m not the mom friend, i’m the dad friend: tries to take care of his friends but is too distant or emotionally clumsy to be any good at it

kaitlyn: you can’t just skip to your favorite part of the song you have to earn it

tyler: you guys are really nice and cool and friendly, but if it comes down to it, i would not hold back in a sword battle. please keep this in your thoughts i love you

abbie: me: *lying* honestly

zack: *a single distant, but very loud, yeehaw*

zig: me: i just want to be included / after being included: what the actual hell

madison: sorry i can’t relate to mean people. i can understand not being openly friendly but how can you go out of your way to be so mean … on purpose … for fun … aren’t you tired

becca: apparently spite is not an 'appropriate answer’ to “what motivates you?”

sebastian: “i expected better from you” well that was your fault lmao i had nothing to do with that

twombly: my past does not define me … the buzzfeed quiz that just told me i’m a 'pensive broccoli’ is what defines me

vazquez: are people becoming more annoying or am i getting more angry

here’s my confession. i am intentionally loud about my love for mizrahi music on social media, but i hate listening to it around other people irl. i just cannot blast it with any friends around the way they do with tuna and fuckin, i don’t know, holocaust memorial day songs (some of them are actual freaks). i’m so tired of the odd looks and the aggrieved sighs and the jokes. i hate being scrutinized to the point i don’t read physical books on the bus lmao so imagine putting on some dudu aharon while i’m cooking dinner in an ashkenazi space, the atmosphere completely changes. i’m just so angry at them for not feeling even a little bit self-conscious about it, and at myself for basically bowing down to their pressure. legit i feel more comfortable expressing anti-zionist opinions than listening to music w/o headphone in my own apartment. some fucked up shit.

sniper-at-the-gates-of-heaven replied to your post: I saw the lohan vid and i am so angry and tired….

lohan got smacked so hard her accent changed back to american and she couldn’t deserve it more

truly lmao!

and i think at a certain point, white people, and especially white women, need to understand that you can’t mess around with mothers of color and expect them not to retaliate. if my mother was in that situation she would’ve done the same thing. white people take and take and take from mothers of color but what they don’t realize is that mothers of color are far stronger than them and when push comes to shove they won’t hesitate lol 

okay listen i’m just gonna say this once and for all!! everyone has their reasons for not liking eleanor and that’s all well and good and valid! you do you!!! but for the love of GOD you’ve gotta let me do me, too. i am very gay and eleanor is very gorgeous and i appreciate her style. that’s it. that’s all. she is hardly even 1% of this blog’s content if that and i tag her consistently so you can blacklist to your heart’s content. i shouldn’t even have to make this post. i shouldn’t feel the need to explain myself, but apparently no one can act like a fucking adult on this hellsite and i am so so beyond tired of people continuously sending me nasty anons every time i post a picture of her. grumble, roll your eyes, and continue scrolling down your dash like i do when i see content i don’t like. if it’s that troublesome for you, mute me or unfollow me. i don’t care. but god please just get over yourself with the anons. it’s so childish and uncalled for and i have no idea what you’re trying to accomplish. i’m just going to block you and carry on with my day, so if that was your goal, then…congrats? have fun.