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DIRTY LAUNDRY IS ?? GONE ?? REPLACED BY THE BEE MOVIE SCRIPT AGGGH https://archiveofourown.org/works/7454385

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Proposal + wedding day!!!

(So I got a lot of requests for these so I’m just gonna separate them and do the proposal first and I’ll do the actual wedding at later time! Also, if you have requested a hc please bare with me, school work is killing me rn and I just can’t find the time to keep up. Hopefully I’ll get to yours soon though! Enjoy!)

Simon asks Lilette to help him come up with a huge plan to propose to Jeremy, wanting it to be as special and romantic as possible.

They sit down for hours with a notebook and a pen, constantly jotting down new ideas.

Eventually, after hours of arguing and many cups of coffee, they think that they have the most amazing proposal idea ever.

He decides to pick the date they first started dating, which by chance was coming up soon, sooner than Simon expected.

There was a lot of work that needed to be done. First, Simon decided to make a video diary. (He got this idea from when he was leaving Stanton and received a video from everyone saying goodbye. “I’m really gonna miss you”, the thought still made Simon’s heart flip just like it did back when he was 16 and saw it for the first time).

He got every member of the troupe to say something about Jeremy, many of them saying how much they love him, how much of an amazing person he is and how they envy the love that he and Simon share. They talk about how the pair deserve each other and wish them the best on their journey through life.

Lilette had pulled out all the stops to ensure that this went perfect. She got the troupe involved. They went to a nearby beach, and set up.

First they set up a huge white sheet and a projector. Sasha had edited the video for Simon and had everything ready to play when Jeremy came.

The boys set up for a bonfire on the sand. They put logs around it for people to sit down while the girls decorated the trail along the ground with fairy lights.

While they set up the beach, Simon and Jeremy went out for dinner. Simon’s phone was buzzing in his lap and he knew that it was time. After paying and leaving, he tells Jeremy that they should take a spontaneous trip to the beach.

“Simon, you do realize that it’s almost 10pm?”

“Come on, please? Tonight’s been amazing, I don’t want to go home yet”

Simon’s puppy eyes ALWAYS make Jeremy cave.

After Lilette receives a text from Simon implying that they are on their way, she squeals with excitement, jumping up from in front of the fire and beckoning everyone into place.

Everyone is there. The troupe and Tracey, the Mazzucchelli’s, Jeremy’s family and also Simon’s family.

At this point, Simon feels like heaving. He is sick with nerves, his palms are shaky and clammy and his knees feel like they are going to give in at any moment. Being an actor has its benefits though because he manages to hide it well.

Simon parks the car close to the beach but not close enough to see anything going on. After getting out, he pretends that he forgot his phone in the car and asks Jeremy to try and find it for him while he goes to “check if anyone else is on the beach”. For a moment he thinks that Jeremy is suspicious, but the boy simply smiles and makes his way back to the car.

Simon, a huge ball of anxiety and nerves, quickly makes his way down onto the beach to huge smiling faces. He gives a quick thumbs up to Sasha and smiles weakly at Lilette.

Oh god oh god oh god.

Simon is freaking out. What if he can’t get his words out? what if Jermey says no? what if the video doesn’t play? what if…

His train of thought is cut off when he sees an oblivious Jeremy suddenly stop dead in his tracks about 20 feet away from him.

When he sees him, all the nerves that he had been feeling disappear. All he can see is him, and them, and their future. He smiles up at him, clutching onto the box in his hand for dear life.

The video begins to play on the projector. Jeremy can’t feel himself moving, but his body slowly carries him down towards Simon.

Sasha edited the video so that the song “say you won’t let go” by James Arthur was playing in the background.

Jeremy tears up watching all of his friends and family on the screen, saying how proud they are of him and the person he is, saying how they couldn’t imagine their lives without him and how all he deserves from this life is pure happiness and how they know that he and Simon were always meant to be together.

When the video ends, Simon grabs his boyfriends hands. Choking slightly on his words, he tells the boy in front of him about how he was lost and found again, how Jeremy changed his life completely and for the better and how he could never ever imagine loving someone as much as he loves him.

After all is said and both of them have tear stained cheeks, Simon braves his fears and gets down on one knee.

Robbie can’t hear much, as he is comforting a now sobbing Lilette in his arms, all he hears is something in between “soulmate…” and “will you marry me?”

Jermey mutters yes close to 6 or 7 times and Simon slips the ring onto his finger just before Jeremy pulls Simon up from the sand and kisses him like he’s never kissed anyone before.

Everyone claps, the boys cheering as loud as they can while most of the girls are crying from pure joy and happiness for the pair they’ve come to love so well.

After spending a couple of hours on the sand, socializing with everyone and talking in front of the heat of the fire. Simon and Jeremy manage to sneak away from the crowd for a bit.

Hand in hand, they walk down towards the sea, the moonlight reflecting on the still water, creating a sense of peace and serenity.

They both sit down on the sand, hearing the faint chatter and music in the distance.

Without a word, Simon lays his head on Jeremy’s shoulder and Jeremy let’s out a huge sigh. Not a bad sigh or a tired sigh but a fulfilling one. The kind of sigh that tells Simon that he is content, he is happy, happier than he’s ever been in his entire life, he feels complete.

Jeremy lifts Simon’s chin and places the softest, sweetest kiss on his lips. So light that Simon didn’t even know if it had actually happened or not.

He pulls away and they look deep into each other’s eyes. A tear rolls down Jeremy’s cheek and Simon softly wipes it away with his thumb, his hand remains on Jeremy’s face.

“You know… I never told you but… I’ve loved you ever since that first day of rehearsal, when you stopped in front of my face and we stared into each other eyes. The world around me stopped and I knew that you were all I’ve ever wanted”

Simon can’t help it, he kisses Jeremy again before pulling away and whispering and telling him just how excited he is to spend the rest of his life with him.

He feels like his heart is about to burst in his chest. Here he is, sitting in front of the ocean, underneath the stars, reeling in the fact that the love of his entire life has just said yes to marrying him. This moment had become the best moment of his entire life. Cancelling out the first day of rehearsal or when they started dating or when they had their first time or when they first said “I love you” to each other. They were all great but this moment in time was when he felt the most safe, the most content, the most lucky, the most at peace, the most loved. He could just be. And he could never ask for anything better in life.

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someone should write a sonnet poem for you, professing their love... it'd be so cute bc of your name... vyycdbjyfrdcy don't mind me lol

Fee!!! Ell actually said the same thing to me :’) about Chan making a song for me with the title as “a sonnet for sonette” I’m just…. yes please🤧✊🏼 I’d die tbvh cute song or title story oof I am soft Fee hold me bls(๑癶ω癶๑)

Wow @bundlesandbeanies great minds think alike 😌✊🏼

This has probably already been talked about countless times, but I just cannot get over this simple yet brilliant flow of events in Daredevil S2, particularly, how the heart-melting hospital scene in E06 eventually affected Karen’s view of Castle in E10.

It starts when Castle feels the need to inform Karen that she “was never in any danger” during the first hospital shootout.

He proceeds to tell her about a motto he carries with him in every battle, “One shot, one kill”. He doesn’t kill anyone “unless they deserve it”, and in his eyes, Karen did him no wrong, and he had to let her know that, probably to make her less wary of him, but it is in here that we gain more insight into his fighting style. Here, we learn two things; (1) he has no intention of hurting Karen, and (2) he is one hell of a scout sniper.

I never really expected how these would brilliantly come into play later on in the series, to showcase just how far these two have come to trust the other just four episodes later.

So by E10, Castle gets out of prison through the help of Fisk, and everyone believes him to be the shooter who brutally guns down his victims, resulting in bloody crime scenes painted with a shit-ton of bullet holes. It’s quite easy to believe that this trigger-happy psychotic killer is behind it all.

But not Karen.

She knows his style.

One shot, one kill.”

She knows how he operates in battle.

You got any idea what a scout sniper is? Well you’re looking at one.”

From the first time they were shot at in the DA’s office, with Reyes being gunned down and Foggy sustaining a battle wound as well, Karen knew that this could not be Castle’s work – too many bullets, with one hitting someone who’s not even the target at all. She’s also the only one who says it’s “allegedly” Castle because no one has really proved it yet.

She’s not quite projecting as Ellison says she’s doing, rather I think she was being quite logical and sharp. She dug up information and got to know Castle better than anyone has in the series so far, and she was quite spot on with her observations.

And another thing she remembered from E06 that made me silently scream into my pillow with intense feelings for days:

She knows because he told her so.

And why she believed all that he told her during the hospital scene is quite the remarkable sign of the state of their organically developing bond and growing trust in one another. Also, because:

And to see their connection grown even more in The Punisher was just a wonderful and beautifully wrapped present that I will never recover from.

I love Kim Heechul so much he has such a beautiful voice and he’s an amazing actor. He has the best sense of humor, he’s so so funny,, I love his laugh and his smile makes my heart beat. He’s the brightest star in the galaxy, an actual shooting star, and amazingly talented. He has a beautiful soul and beautiful everything else. I love him sooo sosososo much like SOOOOOOO much


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