i am melting when he smiles

BTS when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them



Jin was going to prepare dinner, when you suddenly sat down on his lap. At first, he would be flustered, a little shocked by your sudden action. However, as soon as you snuggled up to him, he would giggle about you, thinking that you were so cute. No dinner today, the two of you would be cuddling.

“What are you actua- Omo, your so cute (Y/N)!”

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Tae would absolutly adore that cute side of yours. He would even ask you to sit on his lap sometimes, pulling you closer. Even though cuddling would always end up with him poking your cheeks or trying to tickle you, so be prepared.

“Come here jagiiii~ I promise I don’t pinch your cheeks this time!”

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He would be so flustered! He would love it, no question, but little actions like that always made him blush. He would probably laugh about himself being like this. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything but you, so he’d just stop whatever he was doing, wrapping his arms around you. If he was in the mood, he might kiss you.

“W-WOah jagi, what are you…doing?” (Drops pencil but tries to act cool)

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He would be so excited, happy like a little child when you sat on his lap. Moments like that totally made his day. After some time, he would get bored though. So get ready for a wrestling competition or him hugging you so tight that you can barely breath.

“(Y/N) ahhhhhhhh, your so cuteu!”

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Suga seems like the type who really likes cuddling with his s/o. He would literally help you to climb on his lap while he was working on some paper stuff, enjoying the feeling of your warmth. He would play with your hair or rub your back to return the affection.

“Don’t ask, I know you want to cuddle. Am I right? Come here.”

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Jimin would be wondering on what exactly you were trying to do, when you suddenly tried to sit down on his lap. Also he would be laughing at your struggling. He would find it adorable, literally melting when you snuggled up to him and smiling his signature smile. He would really like it, but he woud tease you about it after.

“Jagi, you  don’t need a chair. You can sit on my lap for dinner,”

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If it was the first time you did something like that, he would be shook. Like, literally even jungshook. His eyes would get big when you snuggled up to him,  wondering on how to react. He would slowly hug you back, breathing in your scent. Once he wasn’t nervous anymore, he would get more confident and  maybe even kiss you, iniciating a make out session,

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Hey guys~~ I really hope you like this reaction. I wanted to upload it before, but Tumblr was like “Aish, leave me alone I’m gonna delete everything” so I had to start again -.- However, It’s up now~~

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Natural - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Natural

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Imagine Bill seeing you interact with little Jackson on set and realizing he wants to have kids with you.

A/N: (Y/s/n) = Your Superhero Name, Y’all little Georgie is everything! And I’m not the one to easily find kids adorable or say I’d want a kid like that but oh dear!

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Bill asked with an adorable frown as he looked down at you and you chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“Bill you don’t have to worry about me, I already have an amazing company!” you grinned, turning to look at Jackson who was barely able to hold all of the comics in his small hands.

“You two will get along perfectly fine.” he breathed out with a small chuckle and you giggled after looking at your small fan and then back at your boyfriend.

“We already are.” you winked “Come on now, go be a big scary clown and don’t get all messy with the blood, children are not like eating chicken and you know it. Bones are bigger and there usually is a whole lot more blood, cause you practically eat them alive and yeah.” you leaned in and pecked his lips as he laughed at you.

“You’re so weird.” he made a funny face but still looked at you with adoration.

“But that’s why you love me.” you breathed out, your hands resting on his chest “And if you need any tips on red lipstick I am always here, baby.” you winked with a giggle and he chuckled.

“You are… amazing.” he breathed out, cupping your face before fully kissing you on the lips.

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I am not the kind of girl
That people fall in love with
My smile doesn’t melt hearts
Or create butterflies
No one sees me and thinks
“Wow, isn’t she something?”
And when I smile I hope he’s watching
And I hope that it’ll change
And maybe he’ll see that I’m happy
And want to make me feel that everyday
And maybe he’ll fall for my smile
The same way I fell for his
But when I laugh he just laughs at me
And how my eyes squint different shapes when I smile
And my face falls just a little
Just enough that he won’t notice
And my blue eyes lose a bit of their sparkle
But it’s not like he’ll even see
Because his eyes are falling in love with someone else
His eyes that obliviously hold my whole sky
Are gazing at her
And my eyes are a river
Flooding out every night
And never quite as full as they once were
—  Unrequited Love

There is this boy at my school who I think is the most attractive boy in the whole universe. He has tan skin that just seems to maintain its color no matter what time of year it is. His hair is a chocolate curly brown, that he runs his hands through at least 200 times a day. His eyes are a caramel-brownish shade that I truly melt into and am lost for words when ever I look into them. But he also has this laugh that is literally one of a kind, and not in a cute way, its high pitched and almost girly but its still music to my ears and always brings a smile to my face. When he talks to his friends, he always makes the funniest jokes and, when he needs to be, nice/helpful to them.

All my friends say that he isn’t attractive and has no like able qualities, and they just cant understand why I like him. I can never seem to figure out why they don’t think he is attractive or funny, it literally blows my mind.

But to be completely honest, I’ve never even had a conversation with him. Im not even friends with the people he’s friends with. I dont think I will ever be able to work up the courage to talk to him and tell him all the things I love about him.

So he will never know that while his friends are mocking his laugh, I’m falling for it. Or when he is smiling, I want nothing more than to be the one making him smile. Never will he know that when he runs his hands through his hair, its my dream to run mine through it too .

But, he will never know any of these things.

So if you are ever thinking that nobody will ever love you because you haven’t been asked out on a date or a stupid boy in high school hasn’t confessed his undying love for you, don’t think that someone doesn’t think of you as an amazing attractive person.

While you’re sitting in class laughing with your friends, someone may be falling in love with the sound of your laugh(even if its a funny one), or the way your eyes light up when your truly happy, or even the way you run your hands through your hair.

Don’t ever think your not good enough just because some boy/girl hasn’t told you how amazing you are.

sorry just gonna talk about dnp for a second but?? they are so beautiful? true art? i dont mean it in a sexual way i mean it in a wow those are two masterpieces in the forms of people. 

dan has the prettiest curls and theyre so nice and pleasing to look at and i love his hobbit hair and i hope he never touches a straightener again,, can you imagine running your fingers through his hair hhh and his skin? flawless? forget anything else i want him to leak his skincare routine he’s so glowy like a true angel and he is so fit and healthy ! look at my man! out here doing exercise n shit ! ! n that fucking hoop earring i mean there’s fan account for it do i even have to explain further. + his dimples make me so happy like they always appear when he smiles and if he’s smiling i am definitely smiling too and my god his eyes are so heavenly and brown and honestly i could stare at them for days they just captivate you. and his lil freckles are gorgeous! sun kisses! i want to kiss every one of them!  and that fucking rosey patch makes me melt honestly it gets really red whenever he looks at phil or phil makes him laugh and i just <333 

and PHIL a true man he carries so much passion and is just such a wonderful soul every time i see him i am just in shock at how i get to see such a masterpiece. his hair esp. the quiff suits him so well and frames his face amazingly and i think i can speak on behalf of all of us when i say we all die looking at him + the quiff paired with the glasses is s uch a look and i dont understand how dan hasnt burnt his contacts yet. and his nose? perfect? t’s more beautiful than my entire self? his entire face in general should be illegal to look at for too long in case of dying internally i swear. his eyes are the most unreal colours ive ever seen like i thought just the blue was nice but when you see the yellow and green along with the blue i cry he is ethereal and exquisite. and his stubble i adore sm it’s got this subtle sexy vibe about it and just intrigues me so much!! n dont forget his smile which honestly. can brighten up my day in an instant. and the tongue thing he does is so cute i feel so warm when he smiles he is so alluring asdfghj

and the way they carries themselves! like true gods! they are shamelessly themselves! andi admire them so much i hold so much love for them i could burst and i am immensely proud of everything theyve ever done i hope they know that thank you for reading my 500 word essay on just a few of the ways dan and phil have captured my heart with their effortless beauty


waking up next to your best friend after a drunk one night stand can’t be good… right?


★would get really nervous when he sees you next to him  

★his top two priorities were that you use protection  

★and that you were okay  

★when you finally woke up and offered him a sleepy smile he’d melt  

★’you look comfy’

★’i am’

★’you’re okay?’

★’yeah. are you?’

★’i feel much better now i know you’re not going to scream at me and run away’

★you’d lay in silence for a while

★until he rolls over to face you

★’what now?’

★’we go get breakfast and then you ask me on a date?’

★’you wanna go on a date with me?’


★’since when?’

★’a while’

★’it took us having drunk sex to admut you have a crush on me?’


★’not at all’ 


★when he wakes up to see you getting dressed he’ll get really offended 

★'you were about to leave’

★’well yeah?’ 

★’that’s rude’ 

★’it’s what happens after sleeping with somebody when you’re drunk’

★’get back in bed’


★’because i wanna cuddle more with you’

★’that’s not how it goes in movies’

★’don’t make me drag you, Y/N’

★he’d wrap himself around you 

★and probably go back to sleep with you


★joshua would stare at you while he waited for you to wake up

★when you finally id he’d offer your a shy smile  

★’you okay?’ 

★’shouldn’t i be he one asking that question?’

★he’d wrap you in his arms and bury his face in your neck 

★’i’m perfect’ 


★he’d press his lips over the skin of your neck

★and collarbones

★’i’m going to go run the bath. wanna join?’

★’do you have that strawberry soap?’


★’that’s my favourite’

★you’d share a bath together

★then go get something to eat

★if you wanted to start a relationship or never speak of the night again he’d be happy either way


★would be really shy around you

★you’d be cooking breakfast for the two of you

★and you’d notice him staring at you from behind the door and laugh 

★’you want some eggs?’ 

★he’d just stare at you in this trance

★’earth to jun’ 

★waving in his face finally gets him out


★’do you want some eggs for breakfast?’

★’oh, yeah. eggs are good’

★he’d go back to staring at you when you sat down to eat

★’are you okay?’

★’you look beautiful’

★your blush would trigger his

★’can we do it again one day?’

★’i think that would be good’


★he’d wake up before you 

★and watch you for a few moments

★when he realised it’s the afternoon he’d get up to run the bath for you 

★he’d gently shake you awake 

★’the bath is waiting for you’ 

★‘you’re the best’

★’i know’

★he’d walk with you and held you into the water

★when he turns to leave you grab his arm

★making him blush

★’stay with me’

★’i was going to make breakfast’


★he’d sit next to the tub and watch you 

★heart eyes for days


★is really quiet 

★won’t say anything until he sees you get up off the bed

★’do you want to get breakfast with me?’ 

★he’d become shy when you turn to face him 

★’i was just gonna grab a snack bar on the way to work’

★ ‘you’re working today?’


★‘call in sick’


★’so i can treat you well today’

★you’d head outto eat

★and spend the day in a park talking things out


★jihoon would have you wrapped up in the tightest hug known to man

★so you’d just have to lay there and wait for him to wake up 

★when he does his cheeks will be red  

★and he’ll be really giggly 

★’why’re you laughing?’

★’i’m nervous’


★’because you’re glowing and i’m probably a mess’

★’you look good’

★’you look better’

★kisses for hours

★probably leads to another round

★will probably write a song about this whole thing


★he’d flip out to wake up and not see you laid next to him 

★the worse would through his mind 

★so he got his phone to call you 

★and sees your text telling him you had somethign to do 

★he’d send one back telling you to not make dinner for yourself

★when you’re relaxing later on in the evening he’d show up on your door

★with flowers

★and your favourite food

★’special delivery’

★’you’re too cute’

★you’d share a meal together

★then watch a film

★and sleep in eachother’s arms


★he’d be another one that just stares at you until you wake up 

★when you do he’ll smile and press his lips to yours 

★’good morning,” 


★’last night was fun…’

★when you gave him a smile in reply he pulled you close to him

★’i hope we can have many more nights like that’ 

★’you want that?’


★’me too’

★’i’ll have to up my breakfast skills’

★he’d laugh and rub his hands over your your back


★blushy baby 

★seeing you sleep against him just fills him with warmth

★he’ll pay with your hair until you wake up 

★he’d hesitate to say something just in case you were mad 

★but when he saw your sleepy smile

★he’d melt

★and cuddle you as close as possible

★’you’re very clingy’

★’i have a right to be. don’t like it?’

★’i like it’

★nuzzles into your hair and stays there

★until your tummies demanding food makes you get up to eat


★he’d be in awe 

★he got to spend a night with you  

★and now you’re still curled into him 

★and you’re glowing 

★making you even more beautiful

★he’ll hold you to him while you woke up

★then move in case you wanted to be on your own

★’don’t go, you’re comfy’

★he’d move back to you, returning his arms around you

★’i hope i was good enough for you last night’

★’i think you were…’

★’it’s blurry for me’

★’i remember you kissing me… it was nice…’

★’you’re nice to kiss’

★’maybe you should kiss me more’

★’an offer i can’t pass up’

★he’d wink before pressing his lips all over your skin 


★heart eyes @ you  

★softest squish alive

★'good morning prince/princess’

★he’d move the blanket to make sure you were covered 


★he would give a shit about your morning breath and just go all in

★tangles his fingers in your hair

★so many compliments

★’you look so beautiful right now’

★’your skin looks so good’ 

★’i want to spend today kissing you’

★l a z y s e x a h e a d   


★takes him a while to realise what’s going on 

★he sleepily rolled over to get comfy and go back to sleep 

★but he saw you sleeping next to him and ??? 

★he saw you naked and moved the blanket over you 


★’you’re awake’

★’have been for a while’

★’are you okay?’

★’i don’t know’

★’i’m sorry’

★’it’s not your fault i can’t remember’ 

★’you want to remember?’

★’how often do i get to have sex with my crush?’

★’i’m your crush?’


★’very often if you want’

★he’d pull you so your back was pressed to his chest

★’let’s explore together’

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Word prompt: cas would've done..

“Hey buddy,” Dean says, scratching an old, missed blood spot from his knife. He looks at Cas. “Coming?”

Cas has been with them months, now. They’ve been taking larger cases. Bigger problems finding them. They’d bested the apocalypse. Faced God himself, and found themselves coming through it. And, as it turns out, the other side consists of Cas sleeping with a blade under his pillow, a gun under Dean’s and clothes Dean lets him borrow that never seem to be fully free of blood stains no matter how much they wash them.

“Coming?” Dean asks again. It’s the same question. Always. Cas has answered it a hundred times, and yet Dean finds himself saying the words the same way, still, like a ritual. Cas smiles. He knows his lines, too:

“Always,” Cas says, and Dean’s shoulders relax, if only a little. But there’s another part of him that feels betrayed. Like Cas would’ve done anything for Dean, even if he wasn’t happy.

The night ends in sweat and blood, bandaging each other. Dean can feel the way his eyes are lit with a glaze of adrenaline. He looks away when Cas catches it.

The bathroom is too small for three men as they get ready for bed, shouldering past each other while they brush their teeth. The room is too small, too. Three beds hard to come by. Some nights Dean finds himself on the hard floor. Sometimes it’s Cas or Sam.

Sleep is sparing, even less when Sam starts to snore.

Tonight Cas on the floor, Dean in the bed above, listening to the sound of Sammy to his left, Cas’s breaths on the floor next to him too shallow to be asleep. Dean swallows.

“Do you miss it?” he whispers.

“Heaven?” Cas asks, quietly. “No.”

Sam snores again, rolling to his side, the sounds getting smaller.

“I just mean. Are you happy here? Are we enough?” Dean gestures in the dark, even if he knows no one can see it. “Is this life enough for you?”

Cas sits up. He makes his way to the side of the bed, sitting on the edge of it. Even though it’s dark, Dean can see hesitation in his face.

“No,” he says, quietly.

Dean’s face falls. His chest hurts as he grips the blankets, sitting up.

“This life,” he says. “I know it’s not for everyone. It’s what I want, but you don’t have to want this. You don’t have to…” his voice cracks.

He swallows. He knows what he needs to say next, but it hurts. It’s painful trying to think of his life without half his wardrobe stolen, or the sight of Cas’s cheek smashed against the window through the rearview mirror while he drools in his sleep.

He blinks back tears, grateful it’s dark. He thinks of all the times he’s asked Cas if he’s coming, feeling his chest swell with the words “always.” He knows if he asks now, the answer would be the same. Which only makes it that much harder to say what he does next.

“You don’t have to stay.”

Hearing the words come from his own mouth makes his tears fall more freely now, and he suddenly thinks it’s not dark enough with the glare of the neon signs outside seeping through the thin curtains.

Then, there are hands, wiping away his cheeks. Cas crawls into bed next to him, wrapping his arms around Dean. It’s new and unexpected, but Cas is breaking a barrier between them as he grabs one of Dean’s hands, bringing it to his lips to just hold it there.

“I don’t want to leave you,” Cas says, when Dean is finally calm.

“There’s no white picket ending here for you,” Dean whispers, feeling his heart beat faster as he feels Cas’s warm breaths close. “You said it yourself, it’s not enough.”

Cas pulls Dean in closer, kissing him on the forehead.

“I don’t need a lot. But I do need you,” Cas says. And, suddenly, Dean understands.

“I’m in love with you,” Cas finishes.

He needs more, Dean acknowledges. And Dean finally realizes that he does, too.

“I love you, too,” he whispers back, leaning in and kissing Cas for the first time. It’s slow. Gentle. Melting away Dean’s fears as he realizes that maybe Cas can be happy here. With him.

When they pull away, Cas is smiling. His eyes bright.

“Ask me if you’re enough,” he whispers, pulling them closer together.

Dean smiles, too. It’s awkward, but he asks it quietly: “Is this enough for you, Cas? Am I enough?”

Cas pulls him in, kissing his forehead reverently.

“Always,” he says.

Gorgeous Beloved | Damian Wayne x Reader

Description: Nearly every couple on planet Earth gives each other nicknames—it’s a natural part of a romantic (and platonic) relationship, whether it be names like “darling” or “asshat”. You and Damian Wayne are no different… or, at least you would be, if everyone knew you were dating.

Request: older damian x fem!reader where they call each other cute names (damian calling reader beloved and reader calling damian gorgeous) and they’re keeping the relationship a secret but one day reader slips up unknowingly and calls him gorgeous in front of the batfam and he replies nonchalantly and they’re like wtf just happened and u can take it from there (sorry this is such a specific and long request! i love ur writing)

Words: 1644

Notes: as SOON as I saw this in my inbox I was like: I need to write this. I LOVE THIS REQUEST!!! I hope you love this too lmao

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It’s so natural. The word is easily as subconscious of an action as adding a period at the end of a sentence, or possibly even walking. Damian is constantly on guard, constantly considering what he’s saying (most of the time…), constantly thinking and considering and deciphering. You, on the other hand… you were bound to slip up. There’s no way you wouldn’t.

Fall is a beautiful time of year, even if everything is dying. The wind combined with the cooler temperatures often mean you can wear hoodies and sweatshirts. If you’re lucky you can get your hands on one of Damian’s, so when you can’t sleep after a horror movie marathon you can breathe in his protective scent and fall into a deep and euphoric slumber. And of course, fall is the time of year in which Halloween approaches.

“We should do a couples costume, but act like we didn’t plan it.” You suggest into your scarf, side-eyeing Damian. He kneels down to accept the frisbee which Titus had retrieved, and you smile at him mischievously,”Oh! I have an idea!” You beamed. You pointed at your boyfriend,”You be the slutty cheerleader, and I’ll be the buff football captain.”

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Aaron halted his speech when he caught sight of the familiar uniform. Strauss was escorting said uniform into his office. Out of curiosity, Reid followed his boss’s eye line. He knit his brows as he saw the same uniform. He looked toward Hotch.

“You okay?” Rossi queried.
“Uh, yeah, I, uh…hold on.”

The man placed his folder on the table and left the room. The others watched curiously as, after a few beats, Reid followed the man. Derek and Penelope shared a confused expression. JJ and Prentiss looked to Rossi for answers.

“I’ve never seen him this distracted,” Rossi admitted.

Meanwhile, Hotch reached his office just as Strauss was leaving it. The blonde woman smiled at him before gesturing him inside. Aaron stepped inside and nearly buckled his knees.

“Y/N,” he breathed.
She smiled. “Hi dad.”

Just like that, he pulled her into his embrace. He picked her up and spun her, causing her to giggle. He kissed the top of her head as he smiled at his only daughter. She chuckled.

“I think the last time I saw you smile this big was when lil Jackie was born,” she paused, “Don’t tell him either! I wanna surprise my baby brother.”
“I won’t spoil it,” Aaron promised, “When did you get back?”
“This morning,” she admitted.
“Y/N?” Spencer called out.

She left her dad’s embrace to turn toward her boyfriend. She waved a little.

“Hiya Spence.”
“You’re-You’re really here? In your dad’s office?”
She nodded. “Yeah; I’m real.”
“Oh thank God!”

With that, Spencer pulled you to him. Not thinking of her father, he kissed her. She melted into it, having missed it while being overseas. After a couple extended moments, Aaron cleared his throat. Y/N smiled and chuckled.

“Dad,” she whined still holding Spencer’s hand.

Aaron smirked before hugging his daughter again. Y/N gleefully gripped her father. He frowned.

“I wish this was at a better time, but we just got a case and-”
“It’s okay,” she assured him, “Erin told me. Besides, don’t ever apologize for working a case. I’ll be here when you all get back. I am officially discharged.”
“Then we should celebrate!” Spencer suggested, “Give the team something to look forward to after the case.”
Aaron nodded. “That sounds like a great idea.”
“Now go,” she stated, teasingly shoving them out of her father’s office, “Start working so I can see you both sooner.”
“Alright, alright,” Aaron chuckled, “I’ll see you when we get back.”

Her dad started walking back to the round table room. Reid was about to follow when Y/N grabbed his arm. She pulled him back and kissed him again.

“And…we’ll finish that when you’re back.”

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“i love your smile,” yuuri says, dusting the photographs on the shelf by the couch, and it’s a bad day but viktor knows it shouldn’t be, because there’s no reason for it to be bad. yuuri loves his smile. he should smile more, because it makes yuuri happy, and yuuri deserves to be happy. yuuri deserves to be around someone who makes him happy.

so he smiles, smiles just like he always has, so that when yuuri turns around he’ll see it and he’ll smile back, and maybe the little whispers insidiously reminding him that he’s nothing special anymore and he’s in his thirties now and the world has moved on and doesn’t need him anymore will stop. because yuuri smiling at him always makes things better, always, always, doesn’t it?

(because if yuuri hears the voices, he might agree, and if yuuri realized he doesn’t need him anymore, that viktor needs him far more than he needs viktor, that would be it. viktor would–he would shatter, on the spot, like broken glass, like shards of ice, waiting to melt in the sun.)

yuuri turns around, and he… doesn’t smile.

“oh,” he sighs, brow furrowing, and then he walks over and straddles his lap and pokes his cheek. “now that’s not the smile i love. don’t force it, vitya.”

“but you like it when i smile,” viktor says, helpless, because he’s been caught, and the whispers are loud. “i just want you to be happy.”

“i am happy,” yuuri says, looping his arms around his neck and leaning in to press their foreheads together. his skin is warm and his eyes are full of love. “you’re here. that’s enough.”

the whispers freeze. viktor’s breath catches in his throat. “but i’m not smiling.”

“that’s okay.” yuuri kisses him, brief and gentle, a soft press of lips. “i love you when you’re making this face, too. you know what? i even love you when you steal all the blankets, and that’s saying something.”

it’s unexpected enough to make him let out a bark of surprised laughter, and then yuuri kisses him again, grinning.

“see? there,” he says. “that’s the smile i meant. you see, vitya? it’ll always come back.”

there’s something unsaid there (the darkness will pass, the bad days aren’t forever, the clouds will fade) that he can’t quite word, but the whispers fall silent completely, stunned into silence by yuuri’s casual brilliance. he stares at the man in his lap for a moment, at his best friend, the love of his life, his husband, and feels the weight start to lift from his chest. for the first time today, he can breathe.

“you’re right,” he agrees, very softly. yuuri caresses his cheek, and viktor leans his face into his palm, closes his eyes, and smiles.

Bat Boys on their Wedding Day (Headcanon)

Anon: “can you do a headcano for the batboys and Bruce in there wedding day !”

Schninner: I’m actually REALLY happy on how this turned out, I hope you like it Anon!

Jason Todd

  • He’d probably be a mixture of nervous as hell and a cocky SOB
  • For example, “Uh, of course they’re marrying me, have you seen how I look?”
  • And “Oh my gods, why is she marrying me?! I’m a freaking mess!”
  • He’d constantly be nervously moving or fidgeting
  • But all that nervous energy fades away when he sees you walking down the isle

Dick Grayson

  • He’s a nervous rambler
  • He just keeps going on and on to his brothers about his paranoid thoughts of how this day could go wrong
  • He is told on several occasions to shut up
  • He’s be the one that would try to sneak away to see you before the ceremony
  • Only to be dragged back to his room by an angry Barbara and Stephanie.
  • He’d write his own vows slipping some sort of cartoon reference or quote that you both think is hilarious

Tim Drake

  • He’d have a timer set of his phone for when the ceremony will start
  • He barely sleeps at all (shocker) he’s just can’t seem to take his eyes off that timer.
  • Spends his waking hours pacing and practicing his vows.
  • Coffee, lots and lots of coffee
  • He can hardly stay awake when he’s standing alone at the alter
  • But he perks up immediately when you begin to make your way toward him
  • He does end up tripping over his words during the vows (and he had practiced so hard to)
  • But a reassuring smile from you melted his worries away

Damian Wayne

  • He has a mask of calm and cool
  • But really, he’d be internally freaking out.
  • His brothers would keep asking him if he’s okay.
  • “TT, Of course I’m okay, I am the son of batman!”
  • Lots and lots of sparring to relieve stress
  • He would also get a lot moodier towards his brothers
  • Translation: Non-stop name calling
  • He gets finicky with his appearance
  • As in lots of tie straightening and hair fixing
  • When its time to feed each other cake, you make sure to smear it ALL over his perfect hair

Bruce Wayne

  • Out of everyone, he would probably be the most nervous
  • He does have 4 rambunctious sons that end to cause trouble
  • He puts most of his nervous energy t good use by making sure his children don’t kill each other
  • Literally
  • He would be freaking out trying to make sure everything would go to plan.
  • Of course, things won’t go smoothly.
  • Tim and Damian got into a fight causing them to lose the rings.
  • He was devastated, terrified
  • But you managed to save the day by using ring pops instead
Evan Peters- Liar Pt.2

Word Count: 1740

Warning: Smut. Me writing smut. Have fun. Giggly and cute sex. Slight eating out. Much foreplay.

Summary: Evan was accused of something he didn’t do and then he finds the reader. Then they make some sweet love. Read part one my dude.

Part One:
“I love you so much” he said as his lips traveled to my neck.

He placed soft kisses on my neck.

I put my head to the side to give him more access.

“I love you too.” I moaned.

My hands traveled to his hair lightly tugging it.

This made him groan into my neck.

He left a trail of kisses up to my ear.

“Where is your room?” He said quietly in my ear.

“First door to the left.” I said back confused.

He picked me up bridal style and pretty much ran to my temporary room.

I laughed the way there.

“God I missed your beautiful laugh.” I heard him say under his breath.

I was about to say something, but I was interrupted by being dropped on the bed.

He quickly got on top of me, and very quickly attacked his lips to mine.

The kiss was intoxicating and hungry. It was amazing. I loved every second of it.

He started kissing and nibbling down to my neck. I moaned lightly as he started nibbling on the spot that gave me so much.

I whined when he removed his mouth from my neck. He looked into my eyes with so much emotion.

“Are you sure about this, Y/N?” He whispered, “I don’t want to force you into anything.”

I sat up and smiled.

“Of course I am.” I smiled at how sweet he was being. This wasn’t our first time, and it just made my heart melt of how much he cared.

He smiled, and took off his shirt. This is a sight to see. I looked up at him through my eyelashes, while running a finger down his abs. I ran my finger all the way down to his manhood. I started palming him through his pants.
He threw his head back in pleasure.

I started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. He ushered my hands to my body and pulled his pants off. He sat against the headboard.

“Come here, baby girl.” He said patting his lap.

I crawled onto his lap and straddled him.

I felt him getting harder as straddled him. I saw his eyes get darker and groaned, when I started grinding on him. He started to kiss my neck and run his hands under my shirt.

I lifted my arms as he removed my shirt.

He looked at me for awhile making me feel self-conscious. Even is we have been together for so long, I still self-conscious about myself.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “You are the most beautiful girl I know, and I love you so much Y/N.”

“I love you too, Evan.” I blush lightly.

He started to kiss my lips, and fondled my breast through my bra. I ran my fingers through his hair. He groaned as I did so. He cupped my face and brought it to his lips.

He kissed me so gently and passionately, but it got rougher by the second. My hands went to his hair and his went to my waist. He bit my lip lightly to ask for entrance and I quickly obliged. His tongue darted into my mouth and our tongues wrestled for dominance. He won and he explored my mouth like he never explored it before. His hands traveled my body like it was new territory no has every explored before.

He removed his mouth away from mine. He kissed my jawline to my neck, attacking it with kisses.

He then stopped everything he was doing. Making me whine from the lost of contact.

“Why did you st-” I was cut off by the feeling of being lifted. He placed me on the bed lightly:

Evan started to kiss me and started grind into my clothed heat. I felt him get harder.

“Baby come on already.” I whined

“Whatever you say, princess.” He smirked.


He slid his had down my side and stopped at my waist line. He pulled off my pants and underwear teasingly. He tossed them both somewhere in the room.

His hands started to rub my inner thigh. They were so close to my heat, making me whine. Finally, his hand went back to the part I needed to be touched the most. He inserted one of his fingers into my entrance and started to pump in and out. I moaned loudly at the sudden pleasure I was given. I grabbed a handful of his hair and started to kiss him roughly.

“Evan! Just like that.” I moaned against his mouth. I started to grind against his hand because of the pleasure. I was on cloud nine and I was going to let him know.

He groaned in response. He added another finger into my cunt, and started to pump faster than before. He removed his mouth from mine, and started sucking on my neck all the way down to my breast. He started to leave wet kisses against my breast all the way to one of my nipples. He attached his lips to one of my nipples and started to lick and suck on it.

“Oh my fuck! Just like that, Evan.” I moaned loudly.

“You are so hot, baby girl.” He mumbled against my boob.

He added a third finger and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. I moaned and panted at every movement. I felt a familiar knot in my stomach.

“Evan!” I screamed, “I am so close baby!”

When he heard me say those words, he went even faster. I was a moaning mess.

I felt the knot getting looser and looser.

“Evan! I’m about to c-cum!” I moaned out.

He brought his face to my ear and started to nibble on it.

“Cum for me, baby.” He whispered.

That’s what set me off the edge. I moaned his name as loud as I can, and came on his hand. I was panting and moaning lightly as Evan was riding out my high.

He pulled his fingers out of me and sucked on his fingers.

“Taste as good as I remember.” He moaned at the taste.

I let out an airy laugh. He got off the bed and grabbed his wallet out of his jean pocket, which contained a condom.

“Prepared one aren’t we?” I chuckled lightly still coming down from my high.

“Also keep one just in case, babe.” He smiled cockily.

He took off his boxers and put the condom on his length. It was an above average one for sure.

He crawled back up on the bed, and kissed the inner part of my left thigh upward. He stopped at my heat and kissed my clit lightly, making me gasp. He pushed my lips apart and started to lick strips, cleaning me up.

“All clean.” He smirked, “For now.”

I moaned at his words and his actions. He started to kiss up my torso to my lips. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

“You ready?” He said nervously.

I nodded eagerly. My heart was pounding in excitement.

He aligned the tip of his manhood in my entrance, and pushed in slowly.

I winced a little, and I felt him stop.

“Are you okay?” He said very concerned.

“It’s just been awhile. It’s okay.” I said with a shy smile.

He started to push in again until he was fully in. He started to groan.

“Your so tight.” His face contorted into a face of pleasure. He rested on his forearms and dug his face into my neck, “Tell me when to move.”

I could tell it was hard for him to not move, all his groans were just telling me.

After a minute I let out an airy ‘yes’ and started to kiss his shoulder.

He went at a slow and easy pace.

I started to moan and he groaned at my noises.

“Evan.” I moaned, “Faster.”

He groaned and complied nicely. He picked up the pace and just groaning and grunting my name.

I started to grind to his pace, making it more pleasurable for the both of us. We were now both moaning each other’s names, and whispering 'I love you’ to each other.

This was so sensual and close, it was different from all our other times. This wasn’t our usual fucking or love making. It was more.

He started to pick up the pace and I was gasping for more. Each thrust he went deeper and deeper, making me claw at his back. He moved his face away from my neck to my lips. Kissing my entire face, making my smile. He moved down to my breast, kissing every inch of them, leaving marks on them. I grabbed his hair and tugged on them lightly, making him groan and making him go faster and deeper.

I started to feel a knot form in my stomach, making me moan his name out.

“I’m close, baby.” I panted.

“Music to my ears, Y/N” He smiled cockily, “Music to my ears.”

He started to go harder. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. He brought a hand down to my clit and started to rub it in circles.

I moaned out his name out and I felt my orgasm approach faster.

“Evan I’m really close!” I screamed.

“Let go for me, Y/N.” Evan groaned rubbing my clit faster, “Let go.”

That’s what I did, I came. My eyes rolled back and my moans became louder. I tightened around him, and that’s what set him off. His thrusts become sloppy and his warm seed filled the condom. We both moaned louder and louder.

He was riding out our highs. Panting, we kissed.

He pulled out slowly and pulled off the condom. He tied the condom and throw it away.

We both slowly got under the covers and cuddled up. I laid my head on his chest, and I could hear how fast his heart was beating. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

“I love you, Y/N. Always remember that.” Evan whispered to me.

“I love you too, Evan. I’m sorry for accusing you for a crime you didn’t do, and I will.” I said looking up at him. He was looking down at me.

“I’m glad to spend the rest of my life with you.” He smiled.

“I am too.” I said quietly.

anonymous asked:

I'd love to see a fake married lokixreader meeting up with thor again and he almost or does blow their entire story

“Loki! Loki!”

Loki is in the middle of a story, and you’re nestled to his side. The gaggle of the Grandmaster’s associates are huddled around you – they’re enthralled with Loki’s story, hanging on his every word. 

“Hey! Doctor, you’re here too?!”

Oh, man, Thor could not be any happier than this moment.

You, on the contrary, are busy staring with a slack jaw at the blonde man strapped to a metal chair rolling behind the Grandmaster as panic begins to set in. Loki seems to hear his name just as you notice Thor. 

The both of you freeze and you clamp your hand down on Loki’s knee hard.

You share a look of wide-eyed panic.

Loki stands briskly, long legs carrying him across the room as you gawk. You’d never thought you’d see Thor here – never in a million years. He must have fallen from the Bifrost as well. The man reminds you a little bit like a golden retriever – his elation is palpable the closer Loki gets.

“Excuse us,” you offer to the harem about you, smiling and moving to follow Loki as he hurries over to his brother. You walk into the conversation to hear the tail end of their bickering. Thor nearly melts with relief when he sees you.

“I am so glad to see you two.”

“Loki!” the Grandmaster beams, hands waving excitedly, “And his beautiful wife, Lady Laufeyson. Always a pleasure.”

The Grandmaster’s eyes linger a bit too long for either of the Prince’s likings. You clear your throat and offer a small smile. 


“Wait – wife?!” Thor’s voice is a harsh whisper, eyes flying between you and Loki as his demeanor changes to confusion. “What are you going on about? They’re not – They hate one another –

“I do not hate my wife –”

You hand moves to snatch Loki’s hand. You wring it tightly. Feigning anger, your voice is clipped. “I have no idea what this man is going on about. I love Loki vey much – he and I have been happily married for a year now.”

“Oh really?” Thor narrows his eyes, disbelief heavy in his voice, “Then– Then… Kiss or something!”

You hesitate, but it’s Loki who sweeps you up in a kiss that even has you fooled that you’re not really married – his hands grip your face and for a moment, you’re both swept along to your own world.

The Grandmaster seems impressed. “They sure seem like they’re married.”

“They’re not married,” Thor insists, leg moving to kick you and Loki apart, “Stop it. That’s gross and fake and weird – you’re my brother and she’s my friend –”

“In any case, Loki, do you know this.. this Lord of Thunder –”

God of Thunder.”

Loki tosses the Grandmaster a dashing smile, clutching your hands tightly.

“I have never met this man in my life.”

He’s my brother!”


“Oooh, I’m sensing some tension here,” the Grandmaster’s fingers wiggle, “What a fun story – I’m looking forward to hearing this one. Your brother’s a good story teller, Sparkles.”

You fake a laugh and Loki does too, but all the while Thor is simply gritting his teeth.

This was going to be the longest day of your life.

Cookies at 3 am

Okay, can I just say I love @coralreefskim​ ??? She’s like the sweetest, caring, kind, amazing, tiny, precious bean ever, like, she might sound like a emo (”I’m Kim and I’m soooooo ~ emo”) and a ‘I don’t know feelings, ma’ type of character, but I swear, I swear she’s a precious bean and I’m just so blessed to even know her. 

So, yes, I wrote this for her because, quoting myself “Like, u are like those anime characters that act all tough and emo but they are also the ones who cook cookies at three am bc a friend of them woke up with a nightmare and they wanted to cheer them up.” So, ta-daaaaah! This fic was born. 

Words: 1137 (Just a drabble, I said. No more than 500 words I said. I regret nothing I say.)


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It only takes a soft touch on his forehead for Lance to wake up.

He stares confused at the ceiling for a few seconds, half of his brain trying to control his own breathing and the other part focusing on the cold and yet welcoming touch on his forehead to keep him grounded.

He waits until he no longer hears his own panting when he dares to look to his right side and something inside him flips pleasantly when he meets Keith’s eyes.

His teammate is staring at him, his dark eyes never wavering in the least and only narrowing them with even more concern than before when Lance doesn’t reply to his calling.

His calling. Oh wait, his mouth is moving, right, words, what –

“Lance –?”

“I’m okay.” Lance blurts out, mouth twitching when Keith’s eyes widen in surprise at the sudden answer, “I’m- I’m okay, Mullet. It was just a nightmare.”

Keith purses his lips at the nickname, fully knowing that Lance was trying to shrug off the concerns with jokes and teasing. Lance knows it’s a long shot to convince him otherwise; they have been getting closer the past few months, what it started as a forced companionship turned into a close friendship, maybe even more than that if he allowed himself to explore his own feelings.

Not right now, Lance’s heart. Buzz off.

“Keith, seriously, I’m fine, dude.” Lance chuckles, tired and small but still with a faint smile. “Thank you for checking up on me, though.”

Keith only hums and it’s only then when Keith drops his hand that Lance realizes he hadn’t removed his hand from his forehead the entire time.

Damn, Lance misses the touch now.

He doesn’t show it though. Instead, he pushes himself up on the bed, nudging Keith’s shoulder playfully. Keith scoffs at the action but shoves back at him, smirking with a gleam of challenge before his eyes soften and lean closer to Lance’s side.

“Home?” He questions quietly, eyes scanning every corner of Lance’s face.

Lance opens his mouth to deny it but then he let his shoulders drop, letting out a sigh and shrugging helplessly, smiling in defeat at his friend.

‘What can you do, right?’ he says with his eyes, and Keith’s frown only deepens more.

‘Watch me.’ Keith’s eyes reply with the same determination and fire Lance only see in them during battles. Lance can only stare confused at Keith before the black haired teen stands up and leaves the room without a word.

Lance pouts as the door closes and his room is left in darkness once again.

“Sure, leave my heart on my throat with your soft touches and caring gaze.” Lance mumbles, puffing his cheeks in annoyance before grabbing his comforter and pulling it over his head, still glaring at the door Keith had disappeared to. “Dumb Emo Mullet.”

He resigns himself to scroll down his tablet, fully knowing he wasn’t going back to bed anytime soon and he only had a few more hours left before their morning training session begun. No point of sleeping now.

Lance’s halfway through Chapter 5 of Altean’s version of Romeo and Juliet when the door of his room slides wide open and Keith enters casually, holding a small bowl with one of his hands while closing the door behind him with his free one.

Lance arches an eyebrow at him in question but Keith ignores him until he’s back taking his original place on Lance’s bed.

Keith shoves the bowl into Lance’s hands without a warning, his eyes looking away from the brunet and rubbing his arm almost nervously. Lance’s confusion only grows at the sight before he looks down at the bowl and gaps in surprise.

“You made cookies.” Lance deadpans, eyes never leaving the small green circles inside the bowl before a small happy laugh leaves his mouth, “You made cookies!”

Keith grumbles, pulling his legs up to sit cross legged on the bed, rocking himself back and forth. “Well, yeah.” He mumbles, puffing his cheeks, eyes looking anywhere but Lance’s way.

Lance’s smile only widens. “You…You made cookies for me?”

The brunet’s heart melts when Keith groans and presses his hands over his face, embarrassed. Lance wishes he could see the blush that it’s definitely on Keith’s face right now.

“Yes, I did.” Keith murmurs lowly before sighing and removing one of his hands to catch Lance’s eye.

“You made cookies for me at three am.” Lance repeats slowly, eyebrows furrowed in confusion but his smile never wavering, “Why?”

Keith shrugs nonchalantly. “You…You were sad. I wanted to make you less sad, I don’t know…”

Lance doesn’t even try to hide his coos.

“Keithy-boy! Mullet! Angry ball of fur!” Lance gasps, one of his hands clutching his chest, “You…I can’t believe you…This is…How did you –?”

Keith rubs the back of his neck sheepishly as he answers. “Hunk helped me one time to make cookies for Shiro. He was feeling under the weather and I talked to Hunk and he told me he used to bake you cookies when you were feeling sad, and I know they are not the same as Hunk’s but maybe for now they will do, and I just…well yeah, just – you know, wanted to help.”

‘Be still my heart.’ Lance chants in his head as he stares fondly at the shifty teen in front of him.

The brunet chuckles under his breath, his eyes getting a little misty with emotion but he swipe them quickly, waving Keith’s concern off as soon as he catches the action.

“I’m fine, I just…thank you, Keith.” Lance whispers, eyes fond and honest as he grabs Keith’s hand and squeezes, “Seriously, thank you. You didn’t have to and yet…”

“Of course I did.” Keith replies easily, smiling back at the brunet, “You…You are the one who taught me about family, you know. Of course I’m going to do anything in my power to help.”

Lance lets out a wet laugh. “It was just a silly nightmare.”

Keith shakes his head stubbornly. “No, it wasn’t. Not for you, not for me. I’m here for you, you know.”

Lance’s smile waters and then he nods, dropping his head on Keith’s shoulder and sniffling loudly.

“I do.” He chokes out, “I do know. Thank you.”

Keith hums, hands automatically on Lance’s frame to pull him closer. They stay like that for a few minutes before Keith breaks the silence.

“Okay, just fyi, if there’s a pink hair in some of those cookies, I confess that one of the mice fell on the mix by accident. Totally not my fault.”

It’s Lance’s booming laughter that wakes the entire team up for their morning training instead of the alarm. No one complains for once.

Fun fair with the Family - Batmom x Batfam (REPOST please READ the explanation right under the summary :-( )

Summary : Batmom decides to take her family to the fun fair…She quickly realizes it might not be her best idea ever.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)

Repost because, and this time I really don’t know how, the original post got erased…BUT I had it backed up for once. So here. FUCK. Hum. Sorry. But it had almost 100 notes, and comment people left I didn’t even had time to read because the story simply disappeared…I’m a bit bummed out right now…Is it too much to ask if you could like, reblog and comment again ? I kinda feel bad, it’s not my style to ask those things…I’m so sorry for that, but it’s a bit discouraging, to write something, and to see that apparently it was liked, but to not know who liked it, what were the comments etc etc, especially since this time, I didn’t do anything, the story simply disappeared…Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy, and re-enjoy if you already read it :’-(


Not even an hour in, and you know you made a huge mistake bringing them here. All at the same time. They were going to be the death of you, so much energy…But it was just so rare that you all had some free times at once…You just wanted to spend some time with them.

It all started so well though.


You woke up in the best way possible : with your Bruce’s lips trailing kisses on your neck, shoulders and back, his arms wrapped around you. You shifted around, and before you could say anything, he kissed your temple, the corner of your mouth, slowly putting butterfly kisses on your face, to finally kiss you on the lips.

You melted in the kiss, and squeezed his large frame against you, your arms struggling to wrap around him. Damn that man was big. When he pulls away, you can’t help but grin at him, and he gives you the smile he only reserved to you. A real, pure smile. You nuzzle his neck, and he let out a contended sigh.

-You’re alright ?

-More than alright my love, as always when you’re here.

-My sweet Broosh. You know what I mean.

-I am alright. Not even a single bruise or scratch. The boys are too. Calm night.

-I like those.

-I like you.

-I love you.

-Oh yeah, that too. I love you (Y/N).

-Well, here’s for our morning’s cheesy ritual…We probably should get up.

-I have the entire day off.

-Oh ? Well then, what’s the hurry right ?

He smiles once more at you, and you crash your lips on his, climbing on him to straddle him. One of his hand tangles itself in your (H/L) (H/C) hair, the other goes to your waist and his grip is almost bruising. He cannot stop himself, you always had a strong and immediate effect on him…He rolls on top of you, and you wrap your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist.

-What’s the hurry indeed.

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Jump Then Fall // Peter Kavinsky x reader

Originally posted by sobpalavras

I like the way you sound in the morning

“Y/N, am I gonna need to pick you up today?” Peter asked groggily.

It was seven in the morning. Too early to be up, you thought. Peter yawned and you rolled your eyes but smiled. You were his next door neighbor and his brother’s babysitter. You guys were pretty close.

We’re on the phone and without a warning, 

I realize your laugh is the best sound I have ever heard

“I woke you didn’t I?” Peter laughed. That stupid laugh made your heart flutter. You shouldn’t like your neighbor. You shouldn’t like the brother of the kid you babysit. You shouldn’t like your friend’s boyfriend. Well technically, you and Lara Jean weren’t friends, more like acquaintances. You had a couple classes together and she was very nice, it made you feel bad that you liked her boyfriend. To be fair, you and Peter knew each other since you moved there in the third grade.  

I like the way I can’t keep my focus

“Y/N? Are you there? You didn’t hit your head against your bookshelf again, did you?”

“No. I didn’t Peter. I’m fine,” you grumbled.

“Hey, I’m just worried. Anyways, do want a ride or not,” he said the fist part seriously.

“Yeah, just give me 20 minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll have a muffin ready for you. No coffee right?”

“Yes, no coffee,” you smiled. He knew so many things about you. Like the scar that you have on your middle left toe. Or how you don’t like rabbits ever since the rabbit’s farm fair from fourth grade bit you. It was the small things he knew that you appreciated.

. .. … …. …..

I watched you talk, you didn’t notice

“Anyways, long story short, my mom won’t let me go to your favorite bakery anymore. I’m sorry, Y/N.”

He had accidentally knocked a bunch of baked goods and his mom was so embarrassed.

You stared at Peter in awe. Well, either way you always stared at him when he talked. The way he chose his words and the way he talked made you melt.

I hear the words but all I can think is we should be together

“It’s fine. I am going to miss those caramel cookies though,” you teased.

“Hey, me and Lara Jean can bake some for you! I’m pretty sure she has the recipe, her and Miss Smith are always trading recipes!” he said excitedly.

Every time you smile, I smile

There he was again, bringing Lara Jean into the conversation once again. There you were feeling guilty for liking him once again. He looked at you and smiled brightly and you couldn’t help but to smile back.

And every time you shine , I shine for you

You finally arrived to school and you both got off the car. He helped you with your books and you smiled.

“Y/N, why do you always have so many goddamn books?” Peter groaned.

“Aye, no one asked you to carry them,” you laughed.

“Wow, I’m helping you and this is what I get in return.”

“I’m kidding darling. I appreciate you babe,” you joke. Peter just pushed you and laughed.

You got to your locker put your books away. He made his way to Lara Jeans’ locker, which made your heart sink a little.

I’m feeling you baby, don’t be afraid to jump then fall

“Hey there pecan,” Chris greeted you.

“Can you not call me that?”

“Whatever pecan,” she rolled her eyes, “who even is allergic to pecans?” Once again you rolled your eyes. Lara Jean wanted to be friends with you and baked you some muffins. She forgot to tell you they had pecans and you had to go to the hospital. She felt pretty bad about it but it was nowhere near how bad you felt when you thought about Peter.

Jump then fall into me

Peter, Lara Jean, and Josh made their way toward you. It was a weird dynamic between them but it worked. You weren’t in their group but you did talk to them since you were friends with Peter.

“Hey pecan,” Josh smiled.

“Oh my god. Stop calling me that!” you shrieked.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” Lara Jean said quickly.

“It’s fine Lara Jean it’s no ones fault. How were you supposed to know? Oh wait, Peter knew I was allergic to pecans and didn’t tell you, so it was Peter’s fault.”

“Hey, I forgot sorry. We never really eat pecans either way,” he said nonchalantly.

“Dude, she could’ve died,” Josh said with wide eyes.

“But she didn’t! You know why? Because I need her and God knows that!” Peter joked.

Baby, I’m never gonna leave you, 

say that you wanna be with me too

They all laughed and began walking to the bench. You guys hung out in the mornings. Waited together until the bell rang, and throughout the day you didn’t really speak to them. You had your own group of friends while they had other people in theirs.

“Hey Y/N, if we weren’t neighbors would have stuck around me,” Peter asked you quietly as the others spoke among themselves.

“Honestly, probably not. We’re kinda different Peter.” you said truthfully.

“Well thank god we’re neighbors then. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Stay through it with me?” he asked seriously.

“Ofcourse,” you smiled.

Cuz I'ma stay through it all so jump then fall

/ // /// //// ////

Well I like the way your hair falls in your face

“Ohh my god! My hair keeps on going on my eyes. I need to get a haircut ASAP,” he said annoyed. It was now 6:30 and you were watching a tv show.

“Peter Kavinsky, you better not. You’ll look hideous and then Lara Jean will break up with you. I can’t have you crying on me again. The first time I saw you cry was too hard to see.”

“Why are you so mean Y/N? Who broke your heart?”

“I never had one to begin with,” you replied.

You got the keys to me

“Hmm, makes sense.” You hit the back of his head. He grunted and rolled his eyes.

“You really know how to get to a girl’s heart huh Kavinsky.”

He nodded at continued to watch tv. You weren’t really paying attention. Everytime something funny happened you stared at him. His eyes crinkled and his laugh was heard throughout the entire house.

I love each freckle on your face

You two were so close that you could see every blemish on his face. You felt extremely close, probably a little too close to him right now. You shook your head an turned to the tv.

“Finally. The creepy girl stops staring,” Peter breathed out. Your mouth was wide open and you couldn’t say anything. He had caught you staring at him. It wasn’t the first time, but he never any commented about it.

He laughed at your reaction and ate some popcorn. Meanwhile you stared at him in disbelief. He ignored you and laughed at the tv.

“Peter, get out. Leave my house.”

“Wait, WHY? What did I do?” He said amused.

I’ve never been so wrapped up

“Stop making fun of me. Leave my house Peter,” you said dully. He paused the tv and got up.

“Okay, say I leave Y/N. What will you do without me here? You’re sisters aren’t even here and your friends are away. You sure you want me to leave Y/N?”

“No don’t leave,” you said softly.

He gave you a look and sat closer to you. He unpaused the show and ate some more popcorn.

Honey, I like how you’re everything I’ve ever wanted

“Weren’t you supposed to hang out with Lara Jean tonight?”

“Nah, Margot came home and she wanted to be with her. Either way, tonight is movie night and she knows that. Plus, I couldn’t leave my fifth favorite girl hangin.”

“Excuse me? Fifth favorite girl!! I would think second or third, but no! I’m you’re fifth!”

“Hey, Lara Jean is my number one!”

“Duh. She’s your girlfriend. But then wouldn’t I be like third and your mom second? Who’s your third and fourth?”

“I’m kidding Y/N. You’re my third favorite girl.” He smiled at you.

I had time to think it all over and all I can say is come closer

You were okay with being top three if you were honest. As long as you part of Peter’s life you were okay. Like at school, you only talked in the mornings because you no classes together. And in the night your either went to each other’s home or called to say goodnight.

Take a deep breath and jump then fall into me

“Well, I’m truly having a good time hanging out with you. But my mother wants me over to help her with preparing tomorrow’s  dinner. My grandparents are coming over,” he explained.

“Okay, well don’t leave your mom waiting darling.”

“Thanks for understanding Y/N,” he gave you a lazy smile.

Every time you smile, I smile
And every time you shine, I’ll shine for you

“I’m telling you Peter, I’m a really nice person.” you said this and expected his to sass you back. To make a joke about show you’re the opposite.

“I know Y/N. That’s why you’re one of my best friends,” Peter said genuinely.  

I’m feeling you baby
Don’t be afraid to jump then fall, jump then fall into me

“Peter stop, you’re too sweet sometimes.”

“Hey, I need to tell people how I feel right? What if I didn’t say that right now and on my way back home I got ran over? You would’ve never known that you’re one of my bestfriends Y/N.”

“Peter don’t be silly. You live next door, you wouldn’t get ran over!” you laughed obnoxiously.

Baby, I’m never gonna leave you,
Say that you wanna be with me too

“I just poured my heart and soul and you’re gonna reply with that. Wow Y/N,” Peter shook his head in disbelief.

“What? I’m just saying,” you replied.

“I’m trying- I’m trying to tell you that I love dumbass. That I hope we’re friends forever and we grow old together.”

I'ma stay through it all so jump then fall

“Peter, I love you too. And, and not in a best friend way,” you confessed. He looked at you confused. “I’m pretty sure I’ll regret saying this but who gives a shit. I love you, and I know that you love Lara Jean. I get that and I’m cool with that. I feel like I love you because we’re so close. Maybe if we distance ourselves, I’ll get over my crush on you.”

“Y/N, I’m not sure what to tell you. Are you sure that you love me like that?”

“Peter, you dumb bitch. I’m pretty sure,” you laughed. He stood in front of you in shock. He slowly slid down the wall and closed his eyes.

“What are you thinking about Peter?”

“The bottoms gonna drop out from under our feet,” he whispered.

I’ll catch you. When people say things that bring you to your knees, I’ll catch you Peter.” you told him as you sat on the ground next to him.

“I’m sorry that I’m being overdramatic Y/N. I’m not trying to, but you understand right? Like will things change between us two?”

You laughed softly at him, “No Peter, things will not change. The only thing that changed is you knowing that you’re such a great guy that I like you more than a friend. Those feelings will go away eventually Peter.”

“I don’t want to loose you Y/N,” he whispered sadly.

“And you won’t Peter. It’ll be the same. It’ll be a little awkward but the same.”

“Won’t it, doesn’t it hurt you seeing me with Lara Jean?”

“It did at the beginning. I’m okay, I’ll be okay Peter. I’m worried about you. I just dropped all these hidden feelings on you.”

“Y/N, we’ll be okay right?” He leaned his head in your shoulder.


“If you don’t mind me asking, how does it feel knowing that the person you love  loves someone else?”

“Its whatever. You know that you won’t- you wouldn’t be the person that they’d love. Most of the time you’re happy as long as you’re with them. But the time is gonna come when you’re so mad you could cry.”

He looked at you. The way you explained to him how you felt, it broke his heart.
“But I’ll hold you through the night until you smile,” he assured you.

“I hope you do, you are my best friend. Plus, you told me that if a boy made me cry you’d beat them up Kavinsky.” You teased him.

oh I need you baby, don’t be afraid please
Jump then fall, jump then fall into me

“Promise you won’t leave me Y/N. Promise me we’ll me best friends forever.”
Baby, I’m never gonna leave you

“Ha, as if I’ll miss out on you fucking your life up Kavinsky. Never in a million years. I promise you that.”
Say that you wanna be with me too
I'ma stay through it all so jump then fall

tagged: @ciniluv 


Word Count: 1.1k

Summary: Tom’s daughter is his everything, and Y/n agrees wholeheartedly

Warnings: None!! It’s really cute and soft you’ll love it


She’s holding Dani in her arms as they wait. One of Dani’s arms is wrapped around her mom’s neck, while the other lopsidedly holds a sign with Tom’s name scribbled on it. People and suitcases rush around them, but they’re hardly paying attention. Y/n’s eyes are trained on the doors in front of them, waiting for the familiar head of curls to pop out from behind them.

“Is daddy’s hair gonna look weird?” Dani asks, just barely laying her head on her mom’s shoulder.

“I don’t think so. It might be a bit messy, though. If it isn’t you’ll be sure to mess it up for him, won’t you?” Y/n replies, smiling down at her daughter. Dani’s brown hair moves in front of her face as she quickly nods her head, a proud smile reaching her face. Y/n laughs, and then turns back to the doors.

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