i am just thinking in circles now

1. You look at a map of a city you’ve never been to.
You see patterns and street names and they tell you nothing. The map remains dead, the city unknown.
2. You go to the city you’ve never been to.
It becomes a city you know.
3. You look at a map of a city you’ve been to, but have left behind. As you look at the map, you remember.
You are looking at nostalgia. You walk through street names and remember the taste of cake in the café whose name you forgot, but you remember its yellow walls and comfy chairs. A square is no longer four lines on a map, but an open space with people and statues and laughter and a fountain in the center. The monotonous, two-dimensional blue that indicates an ocean turns into postcard memories, so many shades of blue and green and the smell of salt and fish. The famous building with the famous name that everyone knows is now a personal experience, it is yours and yours alone in a way that will never make it anyone else’s. A billion feet have walked these (now familiar) paths and two of them were yours. You can trace the steps you have taken and you remember feelings and colours and strangers who offered you a smile. There is the hostel you slept in, there is the river you crossed so many times, there is the corner where you listened to the most amazing street musician. You fondly whisper street names that you had trouble pronouncing when you first spoke them, clumsily. You connect dots, and they turn to images in your head.
The map is alive, the city an old friend.
4. The map you look at is always the same; the perception is different. It is you who has changed.
—  p.s. // every time i look at a map I have a feeling that is hard to put into words

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What is your favourite line of dialogue (if you have one) for each of the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Peter: “!!!!They got my dick message!!!!” honestly i just chose one bc i have so many faves of his

Gamora: “It’s not ripe yet and I hate you.”

Drax: “Why would I want to put my finger on his throat?” 

Rocket: Well now I’m standing. Happy? We’re all standing now. Bunch’a jackasses, standing in a circle.”

Groot: “I am Groot.” (You see someone and think they just have a weird head and then it just turns out part of their head is a hat.).


Mantis: “The crabby puppy is so cute it makes me want to die!”

Yondu: I think we all know which line of dialogue is the best.

Kraglin: “Yeah…I was talking about like a pretty necklace, or a nice hat, you know. Something to make the other girls go ‘ooh, that’s nice.’”

Nebula: “All you wanted was to win and I just wanted a sister.”

//so I was thinking this morning (always a dangerous sign) that I’ve talked a bit recently about how the Tumblr RP community isn’t always very good at encouraging people to find ways to manage or get to their drafts, and is instead more likely to coddle peoples’ anxieties without actually helping them at all. 

So this is a post of a few tips and tricks that might help RPers manage some of the more common anxieties I see crop up in our circle. Now, I’m not a full psychologist and nor am I licensed counselor. But I do have my master’s degree in clinical psychology with the intention to go on for the PhD (or get licensed to practice if I don’t get into a program) so I do kinda know what I’m talking about. Hopefully some of this advice is a little helpful:

1. “My drafts just stress me out.” This is a pretty common complaint, but I think in most circumstances it’s caused by stress going on outside of the RP world. Take a step back and breathe. Handle whatever is going on in your real life. That always comes first. If you come back and your drafts are still causing you to feel panicky, the next step is to find out the more specific reasons why. That’s going to help you best address the anxiety. Read on for some common reasons.

2. “I’ve gotten so behind, there’s so many and I’m overwhelmed.” This happens all the time! You take a hiatus for a week or two, or life just got really busy for a while, or just lost muse and now it’s back. But in the meantime, your drafts have piled up- suddenly you’re looking at 20, 50, 100- how do you even start? 

The best way I’ve found to handle this is to break them up into smaller chunks. It might be helpful to copy and paste your partners’ replies over into one or more word documents. You can then further organize those word documents even more. One for short replies, one for long, one for medium length. Or you can organize by muses, by how long the draft has been in your folder- whichever way you want to handle this. If you want to put one reply per document, you can organize them into folders instead. How you do this is entirely up to you.

Set a small goal for yourself- even one draft a day is better than no drafts at all. But by breaking the work up into chunks, you’ve taken a lot of the pressure off yourself. A goal of 1-5 drafts a day is a lot better than looking at all 50. 

Another tip- use the queue! Or simply keep completed drafts saved in the drafts folder until you’ve caught up enough to start posting. The queue will stagger your posts so replies aren’t coming out all at once, and your partners aren’t able to immediately reply back. And obviously keeping them in drafts even after they’re done lets you have more time to catch up. These are just a couple of tips, however, and there are probably other good ways to manage drafts. Find what works best for you!

And don’t be afraid to drop a couple if you have no muse for those threads anymore. Just let your partner know, they’ll understand. And if they don’t, they’re just an asshole and who needs that, right? It is better to communicate that you’re dropping them, however, so you’re partner isn’t left hanging.

3. “I haven’t replied in weeks, I’m worried my partner hates me.” I guarantee this is not true. Most people in the rp community are very understanding of slow response time. Your partners want to rp with you- they’ll be thrilled to see a response, even if it’s been several weeks. Responding, even slowly, shows a lot more dedication and excitement over your threads. 

So if it’s been several weeks, and you finally have muse for that thread and want to reply to it, but feel guilty or anxious because it’s been so long- reply anyway. Your partner will be so happy to see your response. 

Another way to alleviate this anxiety is to simply talk to your partner. And I know, this can be scary- but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do the thing that makes you anxious. Take it slow if you need to, but communication is the best way to feel better about it. And I guarantee, you are going to feel so much more proud of yourself if you did the thing that made you anxious than if you didn’t.

That goes for replying as well. 

4. “I feel so inadequate compared to others. I should just stop.” This is an example of what mental health professionals call a “negative automatic thought”, or “NAT”. And like real gnats, these little thoughts get all up in your ears and start buzzing around. They can spiral out of control very quickly, until you feel absolutely terrible about yourself. These thoughts are very common in people with both anxiety and depression. 

But the thing is, they can be changed. You can actually re-wire your brain with a little work so that it won’t think these thoughts quite as often. One of the most effective ways is to simply replace the negative thought with a positive one- even if you don’t believe it. So if your negative thought is “I’m horrible compared to other people,” a replacement thought could be “No, I’m just as good as anyone else,” or “my writing is unique to me and it has value.”

You will not believe yourself at first, and it will seem a little bit weird when you start. It’s also a little challenging- your negative thoughts are automatic, you’re so used to thinking them that you aren’t even fully aware of it it half the time. But when you do catch yourself spiraling off into those negative thoughts- try to stop them. This is something we teach in therapy and over time, it does help. And it does get easier.

5. “It has to be PERFECT.” Perfectionism is at the root of a lot of peoples’ anxieties. But I challenge you with this- why? Why does it have to be perfect? What will happen if it’s not perfect? 

The answer to that, usually, is “my partners will hate me/lose interest/think I’m stupid or a bad writer.” Perfectionism is usually a fear of judgment, and it’s usually fueled by feelings of inadequacy or fears of failure. So to that, I refer you back to the previous advice about negative automatic thoughts. 

Challenge your thinking about your perfectionism. A good replacement thought for this one is “even if it’s not perfect, my partner will still be happy that I responded. My writing is still valuable to them.” Another good one- “imperfection means there’s room to grow. Mistakes don’t mean I’m a failure or no good.” 

In general, don’t let anxiety say “I can’t do this.” You can do it. Anxiety is not a permanent state. The body cannot sustain it very long- the elevated heart rate, heavy breathing, heightened arousal- it’s physically impossible for it to last. Eventually, your body will start to calm itself and even back out. This is something that is very hard to sit with, because your natural instinct is to run away from the thing that’s making you anxious. Your instinct is to close the drafts folder, to close the messenger, to log out of tumblr and ignore it all completely. But the truth is, that only makes your anxiety worse in the long run. 

Now, if these tips don’t help, or you’re finding your anxiety is so bad that it’s affecting your daily life in almost everything- I encourage people to please see a psychologist, psychiatrist, or some other mental health professional. Anxiety that’s chronically preventing you from doing the things you enjoy is anxiety that probably needs treatment. Having the extra support of a therapist or medication often makes it possible to implement some of these strategies, or find better ones that work for you. Especially if you’re having a hard time managing things on your own. 

Anybody that wants to add to this with other ideas that have been helpful to you, please feel free to do so. 

Analysis of Jikook in The SHOW behind BTS

…a.k.a throwback in late 2015 ♥

Hello, sweet Anon! :) I’m sorry I’m doing this just now. I’m not sure what exactly you meant, but I suppose it was this… gosh I’m sorry if I made an entire “analysis” for something completely else. Also I know people noticed these things long ago, but you know, I think good Jikook throwback can’t be bad. Also this is from late 2015 (I think - correct me if I’m wrong) and you know how fond I am about 2015! :D So let’s get on to it.

Jikook here, in “The SHOW” could be described as boyfriends, making up after a fight. The younger does it by circling around the older one, trying hard to make him laugh, reacting to everything he does. The older one does it by torturing poor Seokjin, using him for his weird bursts of affectionate singing and generally making Jungkook pay attention to him. Jimin just tries to look like he doesn’t give a duck, but at the same time he does everything he can just for Jungkook to come near him, so he can ignore him again, looking like cold drama queen. Jeon complies very well and as much as Jimin tries to be cool, Jungkook is more nervous, more goofy and childish than usual. Both of them remind me of me when I used to fight with my crush at high school :D

At first we see Jimin, playing with this “decorative ball” – I don’t know what other name should I give it. Jungkook’s in the back, the second Jimin starts playing with the ball he watches him and quickly figures his next steps.

In next moment he comes near, announcing that “That ball is not that heavy at all!” while smiling sheepishly. Nobody asked you tho, Jungkookie. Jimin seems like he didn’t even hear what Jungkook said. No laughing or smiling reaction, as we’re used to seeing from him. Jungkook’s attempt doesn’t work, so he puts the ball back on the table. (I feel sorry for him :<)

We catch a glimpse of Jungkook (and Jin and Hoseok) practicing Run choreo. Jungkook dances just in front of Jimin all the time – at one point he even comes less than foot away from him. But Jimin does nothing. Complete stone-cold pokerface. Again, it doesn’t have to mean something, but judging by his general attitude not only to Jungkook at other times, but to Jin on the same day (before he and Jungkook ‘made up’ :D) he was most likely pissed at Kookie.

Fast forward to Hobi, delivering water. Jungkook claims that “water from somebody else tastes the best.” These are just screen shots, but he literally turned his head towards Jimin and looked at him, as he said it. Jimin was laughing and smiling just seconds before at Hobi and Tae.

When Jungkook spoke, pokerface appeared again and he looked away. Both him and Jungkook swung their heads down, looking on the floor. JK did not say a thing after that there.

My favorite parts are coming, brace yourself, it’s hilarious. Jin struggle for his life and comfort, as Jimin uses him to make Jungkook jealous and Jungkook to make Jimin laugh. I admire this human, because if it was me, I would be cringing in the corner of room instead of handling it so well in the middle of them.

Jimin hangs out with Jin, talking about Jin’s birthday. Casual Jeon appears, trying to stick himself between the two without much success. So he stands next to Jin, when suddenly Jimin decides to be a little torturous shit to him (and poor Seokjin) and announces he’s gonna sing a song for Jin-hyung.

Jungkook just watches him. I watch Jungkook’s mouth, pressed into thin line (he’s not a fan of this whole situation, obviously.)

Jin stares at the ceiling, expression in his face calling supernatural forces for salvation. No help comes. Jungkook manages to bear whole 15 seconds of Jimin, serenading to Jin, before he interrupts him. “When’s your birthday, hyung?”

What kind of silly and completely obvious question is that? Do you mean you forgot Jin’s birthday, when most likely you all celebrated together and you live with him? It was just few days ago. Anyway he disturbs Jimin’s singing for a second, so this question was a success. Jimin touches Jin’s face, trying to gain his attention. In my opinion, he’s trying too hard. Just let it go, Jimin, Jungkook already *got* your message. Sthob it. But he doesn’t stop, no way.

Jin flinches: “Don’t touch my face!” He pushes Jimin away and explains he hates when people touch his face. Guess who’s hands touch his face the second he says it to support Jimin-hyung and make him laugh? …just guess. Yes. Jungkook’s hands are already touching Seokjin’s face, while he laughs adorably. Jimin was smiling a little before at Jin, but after Jungkook’s action + smile, he’s not smiling. Not until he touches Jin again and smiles again, this time JK left.

Jin and Jimin have this bickering argument about a gift for Jin’s birthday so Jimin decides to sing him a happy birthday song. Seokjin is obviously not very comfortable about all of this and tries to push Jimin away in his funny, non-harming way – throwing sleeves of his jacket around. Then he even pushes Jimin away weakly, while sending him away. Then he pushes him *hardly*, losing his shit. He stares at the camera seriously as he says that he’ll really do something to Jimin. Jimin can’t stop with his singing and clinging to hyung.

Koalest Koala Jimin demands Seokjin to sing him a carol. It’s payback time. Jin starts to sing and cling to Jimin too much to make him uncomfortable, too. Jimin tastes his own medicine as he struggles to get free.

Jimin now sings the carol and looks around, to his left multiple times. I’m not completely sure if he looks at Jungkook but just few moments later, just as they start with the “I LOVE YOU” song, guess who emerges from that direction? JK. Of course it’s Jungkook. He walks like a complete *boss* just in front of the lens of the camera.

Jimin very nonchalantly changes his position, now standing next to Jungkook.

Jungkook announces he made a song, too. Jin asks him what song. “I love you,” answers Kook, very creatively. Anyway they all laugh afterwards.

In the next moment poor baby Seokjin serves as a tool for Jikook, making up. Jimin looks still done with Jungkook, while he hits him with Jin’s arms/sleeves, making weird noises.

Jin complains about hard life of a hyung (I feel you, Kim Seokjin) and Jimin agrees. Jimin, you made him suffer today, you have no right to complain. Anyway Jungkook stops hitting Jimin and walks from behind Jin to see Jimin’s reaction.

Jimin probably decided that Jungkook’s efforts are too cute and it’s enough. He cames up with the message for fans. JK asks him what message and quickly looks down.

There’s like 4 seconds of silence, while Jimin (in my opinion obviously) waits for Jungkook to look him in the eyes. In the second he does that, Jimin sings “I love you.”

Just look at the bunny’s smile. Just look. My heart burst when I saw the way he smiles happily at his hyung’s singing. Finally, Jimin forgave him whatever it was he had to forgive him.

Afterwards, they’re good. Jimin is laughing and smiling again with Jungkook, dancing and fooling around.

To sum it up, they were going through some sort of fight that day, who knows what it was about? But Jimin was just being scary shady Jimin, clinging to Jin to get Jungkook’s attention and Jungkook was following them around, trying to make up with Jiminie-hyung. Thanksgod it had a happy ending.

And for the very end, I’m adding this accurate picture of inner Jimin, satisfied with himself on that day:

Hope you enjoyed, this drained me so much :D Once again: I love 2015. K, bye.

There’s a type of character in popular media - I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with any number of examples as I describe it - that I really enjoy watching, and to some extent identify with.

So there’s this dapper little guy, right? Tidy, fastidious, speaks very precisely. Always dresses just a little more formally than the situation calls for, but pulls it off well enough that it comes across as classy rather than awkward. Likes to organise things, possibly in alphabetical order. Probably has a hangup about asymmetry. Incredibly easy to annoy, and willing to explain at great length why you’re a dumbass, but never really seems to get mad about anything. Doesn’t necessarily not get humour or metaphors, but has a very analytical approach to constructing figurative speech that often leaves those around him going “wait, what?”. Oh, and everyone outside his immediate circle of associates is absolutely terrified of him, because in spite of being a funny little man, he’s also some sort of genius savant at inflicting grievous bodily mayhem.

I was just thinking about it this morning, and it struck me: could this archetype be any more blatantly autistic-coded? I mean, it’s so much its own thing that it hadn’t really occurred to me to frame it like that, but now I can’t unsee it. Am I totally off base there?

the gates of winterfell are made with fresh wood and fresh iron bolts.  they had to be replaced after the uprising that king beron…was it beron?  faces all bleed together, all long, all serious, when it’s not the icy gaze and sharp blue eyes of the night king.  the gates of winterfell are made with fresh wood and fresh iron bolts.  he can usually place when he is by the shape of winterfell–what color the stones are, how many towers have been built, which of the branches of the great stone tree are young, and which are old.  everything is old when he looks at it now, even the burned tower that he’d fallen from.  so then it can’t be the reign of king beron.  some other time, then.  what other winter had he seen where they’d replaced the gates?

his eyes flutter between open and closed and he sees the swirling white winds, and a cloud so thick and dark that the only explanation is magic.  he sees them marching, shambling south.  a great cold host on his tail.  “we’re here,” he hears from far off.  a quiet set of words, so unlike the terrified shrieks of “hold the door!  hold the door!”

he blinks and guilt wracks him again.  he hadn’t even been able to say goodbye.  they’d died for him and he hadn’t been able to say–

he stares into the oncoming cold.  better that, he thinks.  better to know what is coming so he can warn them.  dark wings dark words and he is the wings now.

the world swims around him.  the gates open.  they aren’t corpses he sees now, they’re people.  but even as he looks at them, curious faces and shrewd eyes, he sees the flesh of cheeks rotting and an iciness to their gaze that can only mean death.  death will come to winterfell.  he’s seen it.  he knows it.  he must warn them, must–

he can hear the wind around him, but he is not cold.  he can feel the weight of the oncoming darkness and stares at it, for he cannot fear the darkness.  he must not fear the darkness.  sansa had once told him had told him that the demons of the dark couldn’t touch him if he hid beneath his blanket. 

he thinks he sees her there for a moment.  it can only be her, she’s got the same eyes he has, the same eyes their mother had, and her hair hanging long and loose so unlike the braids she’d so loved confecting when they’d been children.  hair long and auburn and eyes full of tears as her lips tremble with unfallen tears.

“hello sansa,” he says.  he’s not supposed to speak to the visions–the three eyed raven had told him so.  but father had heard him once as a whisper on the wind and sansa–

she rushes towards him, throwing her arms around him and squeezing him so tightly.  the heat of her body overpowers the visions of marching icy death and for half a moment he can’t see any of them at all, he can just feel her heart and quivering lungs as she cries into his neck.

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My Love

For all people born with a Mark, they know that their soulmate is out there. The Mark always has two parts. How you died in your past life and a shared symbol between soulmates.

For Lance, he always tried to hide his Marks. Who would want to see the whip scars going across his back? The other Mark, right below his collarbone, consisted of two birds flying around each other.

“Mijo,” Lance’s mother always said, “The Marks on your back make you strong and the birds on your neck mean you’re free. Follow them and grow, mijo.”

Lance tried to listen, did he try. As the years went on and the Marks fell to the back of his mind, Lance focused on other stuff. Getting into the Garrison, becoming the best pilot out there! Until Voltron, of course. Then, Lance thought painfully of the Marks on his back and collarbone all too often.

Hah, free and strong. As if I can be that up here. Lance thought about that day’s training session, remembering how he fell first when the gladiator dropped down. Sighing in frustration, Lance stood up to pace the dining hall. Grunting when he met a hard chest, Lance stumbled back and glared up at whoever he had run into.

“Oh!” Lance exclaimed, dropping his hand from his nose. “Shiro. What are you doing here?”

Lance pulled his jacket tighter around himself, willing his blush to leave at the fact that all he wore were boxers and his jacket.

“I missed dinner while talking to Allura, so I decided to come get something to eat now. Did you hurt your nose?” Shiro reached out, but stopped when Lance squeaked and stepped back.

“I am totally fine! Si! No problem here, Shiro! I’ll just… Leave now. Bye!” Lance walked swiftly from the room, breaking into a run once he reached a corner.

Shiro was left in the dining hall, staring at the door Lance had just exited. A flash of black echoed through his mind and Shiro placed his Galra hand over his Mark. Two birds circling each other. Shaking his head and calling it wishful thinking, Shiro focused on trying to get the sight of Lance’s legs and ass out of his head as well. If he failed more than a little there, well. Good thing the rooms had the option of being sound-proof.


Klaus x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: fingering oral, teasing

“So, how’s your beast?” Damon asked as he handed you a glass of your favourite liquor and led you to sit down.

“Jealous and irritating.” You sighed, smiling when Damon chuckled.

“Well I’d offer to defend your honour, but he’s immortal and my adoration of you stops at fighting the Hybrid, that’s your job.” He winked and you laughed as he downed his drink.

“I’m pretty sure I can have the beast under control.” You hummed and Damon arched a curious eyebrow but decided not to ask.

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Close As Strangers l Shawn Mendes Imagine.

(a/n): thanks to the anon who requested this, though I apologize because it’s not very good but I really wanted to post something. anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

prompt: so tell me are we wasting time, talking on a broken line? (based on the song “Close As Strangers” by 5 Seconds of Summer.)

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Touring was hard.

It was hard because after some time, everything became so repetitive; the same songs, same stage, same routine.

There were days Shawn didn’t even know in which city he was in, he had to be remembered minutes before heading to the stage so he wouldn’t screw up and say the name of a different city.

it was hard but he knew he wouldn’t have it any other way.

On the other hand, touring was hard for you, his girlfriend, who struggled every day with compensating your daily life with your boyfriend gone.

The first days he was on tour were hard, yet not the hardest. You could still smell his perfume on your sheets, he could still feel your velvet skin against his hand. The phone calls didn’t sound forced, it was quite the opposite, actually, and you laughed at silly things that didn’t carry much importance.

But now it was six weeks since he’d been away, and the both of you could tell everything had changed.

You didn’t notice when his smell didn’t linger on your sheets anymore until it just wasn’t there.

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Authors Note: I am honestly running out of ideas on what to write about for Shawn, I do not know what scenarios you guys would like to read. But, here is Daddy!Shawn, it is kinda cute. 

Shawn Master List found HERE

I am not sure who asked me to tag them when I post tea-party Shawn, I am starting to think it was all a dream bc everybody is telling me it wasn’t them.  So, I am just going to give a small shout out. Here are some lovelies that have allowed me to blow their messages up with things. 

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Since the moment he casted his eyes on her Zinnwaldite Brown eyes, he was hooked— there was nothing else in the world more important than the baby girl swaddled in his arms—her pastel pink blanket wrapped around her tiny little body.

From the moment Valerie Anne arrived in the world on December 13th, weighing 7lbs, he did everything possible to keep her happy, from driving around at three in the morning to get her to sleep for a few hours, to cradling her on his chest late at night while she stays wide-eyed and cooing.

It’s no surprise when you find the two of them taking naps, cuddled up on the couch, or in the king size bed, he is always making sure to spend as much time as possible with his three-year-old, the word no never being able to fall from his lips.

Not when it comes to the hickory eyes of hers, that shine up at him on a daily basis.

When you step into the peaceful house, you assume the two of them are taking a nap somewhere, cuddled together, your little girl safely secure in her Daddy’s arms.

It’s when you overhear soft giggles coming from upstairs that you become curious as to what the two of them are up to.

You climb the stairs with a smile, the chuckles getting heavier, Shawn’s own laughs echoing lightly.

You unobtrusively make your way towards her bedroom, peeking your head into the room to see what is causing the snickers. The moment you observe your husband and little girl sitting on the floor, surrounded by teddy bears and the small tea-set, your heart flutters with joy.

The tea party is her favourite pass time, she would spend hours playing tea-party with you if you’d allow her to.

There have been so many times when Shawn has been on a tour and you have spent hours playing tea-party, just to keep her calm and not set on wanting to call daddy every five minutes.

“Mr.Snuggles, it’s very nice tea.” Shawn lightly glides his hand over one of the numerous teddy bears head.

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Play By Your Rules (Part One)

Stiles x Reader, Void Stiles x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, dirty talk, dry humping, handcuffs, oral (male on female & female on male), fingering, orgasm denial, masturbation (female)

A/N: This is my first smut, but I hope you guys think it’s good.

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The BIGGEST Weight Loss Myth

I’m going to cut right to the chase on this one… The belief that cardio is for fat loss and weight training is for muscle building is the number one misconception of the fitness industry. 

Avoiding the weight room out of a fear of getting bigger or putting off the weight training until you’ve lost body fat from doing solely cardio WILL NEVER WORK. First of all, lets talk cardio. Does it burn body fat? Yes. You will burn calories doing only cardio. BUT our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for being. Lets say you’re running on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day at the same speed, same incline, same intensity. After a few weeks, our bodies adapt. We were built to survive, so when we are constantly putting our bodies under the same situation, they learn how to do whatever the task is while expending less and less energy. This means that after a while you will not be burning nearly as much energy to get in your cardio session as you were when you started. So, you either have to do 45 minutes now or an hour….but guess what? In a few weeks you are going to run into the exact same situation. Doesn’t sound very effective for weight loss does it? 

Lets look at resistance training now. Lets super simplify this: I pick up a dumbbell and I raise it up over my head 15 times and then my arms are tired. Why? Because I have expended a great deal of energy (aka calories) to complete this task. Yep. You got it. I’m burning calories lifting weights. Lets say after a few weeks of using this dumbbell my arms aren’t quite getting tired anymore after 15 reps. I grab a slightly heavier dumbbell and do the same move 15 times and my arms are tired again. BOOM. Back to burning up energy. Is this over simplified? Absolutely. But my point is that weight training has this reputation for only being effective for getting bigger when in reality a well planned weight training routine will always burn more calories than cardio. Are your muscles going to get bigger? Probably a little bit, you’ll notice more tone and definition. Are you going to get super buff and masculine looking? Not unless that is your goal. I don’t think people understand just how much focused and intense work goes into building large bulky muscles. It doesn’t happen on accident. A good weight training routine will burn fat, will give you more defined toned muscles, and will always be more effective than running around in circles. 

Now, one more thing. I am by no means telling you to cut out the cardio. Cardio is so important for a healthy heart, it can be great for warming up before a weight session, and it can even be good to accelerate muscle recovery on a day off from the weights. Cardio is an important part of every fitness routine. That being said, it is just that: a PART of your routine. It is not the only part, and for weight loss it is not the most important part. 

anonymous asked:

Looking at the knives circle scene, caught my attention that J has that lightbulb turned on when the daylight perfectly enters the room. Meaning that he has spent all night there and continued until morning :(

Great observation! My poor baby J.

There’s a lot of interesting things in the knife scene that I’ve been dying to talk about. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to do an analysis on the knife circle scene.

Before we start, can we just take a moment to appreciate that Joker made Harley a ring?

The ring is so meticulously placed, you know something’s wrong if Joker is making order instead of chaos.

First, the knives are all facing Joker. Now, I know in the Novelization it basically says that Joker is about to slit his throat before Frost comes through the door. So the knives being pointed at him could be a representation of his suicidal state. Btw, I just realized what those white and black wood pieces are and they are the keys to the flipped over white piano. Did everyone else realize that immediately? Am I just stupid? Probably so.


Let’s look at the actually circle itself. 

The lamp is closest to him along with some kind of drink and a gun. As the Novel says, Joker is “drunk and miserable” in this scene. So I don’t think it’s rocket science to say that the drink he has is filled with alcohol. 

In my opinion, I think this circle represents what Joker thinks represents Harley the most. First, she’s deadly, as represented by the knives. Row two is the ripped out piano keys to which I’ve just thought of this theory now: The piano keys being ripped from the piano could mean that Joker used to play the piano for Harley (or maybe Harley played the piano?) and J just couldn’t stand the sight of the piano so he ripped it apart to add to his ring. His circle of Harley. 

Then a lot of things at once for the outer ring; guns, roses, champagne, green bags (drugs?), Joker cards, etc. 

Does this represent Harley’s unpredictability and Harley herself? Perhaps. 

Or is it to represent how much Joker is willing to sacrifice to get Harley back? It’s no secret that Joker is a rich man but this seems to be most if not all of his weapons. He’s saying without speaking that he’s willing to use all of his weapons, his money, his power to get Harley back. At any cost, he’s getting her back. Hell hath no fury like when Joker gets Harley taken away, you know what I mean? 

Now to the outer circle, notice how the flower part of the roses are turned away from him. I think this is a subtle message saying that Joker and Harley both prefer violence over romance, but the only person Joker would be romantic to is Harley and vice versa. But also notice how the roses are pointed towards Harley’s pictures.What are roses the symbol of?  

“Roses can be used as a symbol of romantic promise, hope and new beginnings.” (x

“Long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are a time-honored way to say ‘I love you’….there’s no better way than a bouquet of red roses to express your feelings.” (x) 

I see you, Mr. J. I see you. 

This is the best image I could find of the computers and iPads but those are definitely pictures of Harley and (maybe??) Harley’s criminal record. I’m pretty sure one of them is this picture.  

The cute part is I’m pretty positive that those are Joker cards around her pictures. So J is trying everything in his power to get back to him. Even if it’s just a picture and a card. Adorable desperate clown boyfriend. 

Now I know you are probably thinking ‘WHAT ABOUT THE BABY CLOTHES?!1?!!?” Well since I personally don’t like the idea of Joker and Harley having a baby (don’t hate me) I’m going to agree with what Jared said, “There are some things better left to the imagination, but if you look closely, you’ll find quite a few little toys and trinkets and items there, and you know, I think the Joker probably collects some things in a way a serial killer may keep a locket of your hair or a couple of your fingernails.” (x)

Does it mean that Joker has killed babies? Maybe, he’s done worse in the comics. 

Also I’ve seen many people say that J’s outfit and mannerisms in this scene is very reminiscent of this scene where Joker cries on his knees in front of Harley. Let me say that again, Joker cries on his knees to Harley. This Joker crying scene is in the same comic where it is implied that Joker skins a man alive for looking at Harley at a strip club. Interesting that those events are kind of played out in Suicide Squad. Seeing as Joker is so sad in this scene that he has to draw a smile on his face and in the club scene he shoots Monster T for looking/flirting with Harley.

I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again. I’ve seen some people say that’s a tear on J’s cheek when he says “Where is she?” But I fully believe that it is a scar. Joker has a vertical scar under his eye which I think is catching the light and I think that is being mistaken for a tear.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

Ouat Con Chicago 2017 - Rebecca’s Panel
  • Bex is singing"Wicked always Wins" and I’m crying! (x)
  • “The coffee has kicked in. SURPRISE!! OMG this was so much fun” - Bex about singing Wicked Always Wins (x)
  • Bex says her parents are supportive and were kinda supportive about her becoming an actress but thought she was nuts (x)
  • “Life is too short” - Bex says people should do what they want to “people say i can’t sing… I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY” (x)
  • She’s talking about the process of becoming the Wicked Witch and that it takes up to 3 hours (again….) (x)
  • Rebecca about Hades: “What a rubbish boyfriend!” (x)
  • If Zelena was sent to the Underworld her unfinished business would be to ruin Hades if he was there (x)
  • Bex was Dorothy for Halloween once but now her favorite character from The Wizard of Oz is The Wicked Witch (x)
  • “Here I am giving other children nightmares, I’ve come full circle.” (x)
  • “I think Zelena is happy now” (x)
  • When asked which other character on OUAT she would like to be, she said “Me. Sorry” (x)
  • If Zelena had a free day, she’d probably do just like Bex: “Netflix and chill” (x)
  • “What was your favorite scene to shoot with Lana?” “All of them!” (x)
    • She likes especially the emotional scenes with Lana, like when we found out they had known each other all along (x)
  • Bex said that if Zelena was apart of the first curse, she’d still be a fake midwife (x)
    • Rebecca said that Ginny Goodwin really liked Zelena as the fake midwife (x)
  • “My favorite thing about the fandom are the conventions” (x)
  • Her sister doesn’t believe her when she says sometimes people are shaking when they meet her (x)
  • Fans sang For Good to Bex! “Thanks for making me cry! That was lovely. I’m so lucky” (x)
  • “That’s gonna be hard to top, but I’ll try” - Bex about Wicked Always Wins (x)
  • “A lot of bloopers are cut out because they’re very rude” (x)
    • ex swears a lot when she forgets her lines “that’s not very pretty or DVD appropriate” (about the blooper reels) (x)
  • “No one has ever asked me if I have kissed a girl. Which I have… but only on TV” (x)
  • “Working with babies… it’s not fun” (x)
    • I was nailing that and the baby ruined my take! (x)
  • Who would win the fight? Zelena or the Smoke Monster (from Lost)? “Definitely me” (x)
  • If she could visit any realm, Bex would visit the world of Frozen (x)
  • Zelena would stab the smoke monster wth her broomstick and send it to the underworld to destroy Hades. (x)
  • Bex loves to make fun of Colin (x)
  • Bex made fun of Colin for breaking his foot while singing. Says she loves making fun of him. (x)
  • Bex said Zelena would run over Hades fast and with a truck if he came back (x)
  • “Go out there, believe in yourself and sod everybody else” (x)
  • “I’ve got so many more friends now from being on Once Upon a Time” (x)
  • “What’s your favorite part about playing Zelena?” “Maybe I should write a book” (x)
  • Becoming a mom, finding out she had known Regina all along and meeting her mom changed Zelena (x)
  • “How did you feel when you found out you’d play the Wicked Witch?” “I screamed OMG SHUT UP! I knew you’d make me someone horrible” (x)
  • Bex’s favorite Zelena outfit was the iconic Wicked Witch dress with the hat and broomstick (x)
  • “We’re like twins, we’re joined at the hip” - Bex talking about her and Marc  love them! (x)
  • “I hope her magic is not gone for good, I have to do everything by hand, it’s very pedestrian” (x)
  • Bex said she’d come back to OUAT if asked (x)
  • “I gave myself many mini heart attacks” - Bex used to forget she had green makeup on and get scared when she saw her reflection (x)
  • “Who is your best friend on set?” “Lana. And Emilie. And Sean. And Colin” (x)
  • “I like to go to Lana’s trailer, she makes really good tea” (x)
  • Bex was giving advice about auditions (x)
  • Bex would like baby Robin to be aged up so she could go to work. (x)
  • She doesn’t have any musical background, the musical episode was her first experience (x)


(x) (x)

Melt [Harrison Osterfield]

IN WHICH reader visits her boyfriend Harrison in Montreal, rendering him speechless, much to her dismay.

WARNINGS: Explicit Language


REQUEST: Can you do #1 and #10 for Harrison please? If you don’t do two than just #10 please. thank you!❤️


“You can’t do that!” You yelled in frustration, squeezing your fists at your sides. Harrison stayed sat on the edge of the hotel bed, staring up at you with a look you couldn’t decipher. The sun poured through the open curtains, showering him in a golden light that only frustrated you further.

“Do what?” He chuckled softly, his eyebrows raising as you let out another exasperated sigh. You glanced around the surprisingly neat room, desperately trying to find something to stare at besides your boyfriend. 

“Just sit there and stare at me!” You let out a dry laugh, running your fingers through your hair roughly. 

“Babe..” He started, beginning to stand up and walk towards you. Your heart pounded as he neared you, terrified of his reaction to the sudden visit.

“Yell, scream, say something!” You cried, grabbing onto his shoulders. His silence frustrated you beyond belief. Tom had convinced you to come visit the two in Montreal, and your boyfriend hadn’t said a word since he saw you sitting against his pillows. Harrison’s icy eyes stared into yours, his familiar gaze causing your shoulders to fall. God, you’ve missed them.

“Love, I’m not mad at you.” A soft smile tugged at his lips as he reached out and caressed your cheek. Your face fell as your eyes traveled from his lips back to his stare.

“You’re not?” You barely let out a whisper, your grip on his shoulders loosening.

“God no! Why would I be mad at you for visiting me?” He chuckled again, running his thumb across your jawline, the feeling of your warmth against his skin sending shivers down his spine. Your insecurity got the best of you and your mind was running rapid with excuses.

“Maybe because you’re busy and don’t want me here? I don’t know-” You muttered, looking away from your boyfriend as a blush crept on your cheeks, suddenly embarrassed of your outburst.

“Okay, you know that’s not true.” He cocked his head to the side, raising an eyebrow as he fought back a smirk.

“Do I?!” You reached up and ran your hand through your hair again, still avoiding his gaze.

“Yes, you do.” He chuckled, grinning as he tilted your head to look at him. Staring up into his eyes, you knew he was right. You knew he wanted you here, and you knew you were foolish to think otherwise. You sighed, laughing as your boyfriend brought your head down to his chest, resting his head atop yours as he held you. 

“I’m sorry, love,” You started, mumbling into the fabric of his t-shirt. “It’s just…hard being away from you for so long.” It was Harrison’s turn to sigh as you pulled away, looking back up at him.

“I know, I know.” He brushed some stray hairs behind your ear, rubbing his thumb in circles on your cheek. “But you’re here now, and I am so fucking happy you are.” Your heart lifted as he grinned at you, feeling his breath against your lips.

“Me too.” You closed the gap between you two, nearly melting when you felt the familiar rush of Harrison’s lips on yours. His hand on your back kept you upright, the other cradling the back of your head as you kissed him hungrily. Your hand traveled up to the side of his neck, the other resting on his firm chest. He smiled into the kiss, pulling away for a breath before diving back in, parting your lips with his tongue. Your mouths molded together and you felt the most at home that you had in weeks. His hand slid up the back of your jacket innocently, his body aching to feel your touch against his. You shivered at the feeling of his cold fingers, giggling as you pulled away.

“What?” Harrison rested his forehead against yours, bringing both his hands around to rest on your waist, squeezing lightly. The smile on his face grew as he saw your bright eyes looking back up at him.

“You’re cold.” You giggled and Harrison rolled his eyes playfully, earning a laugh from you.

“Beggars can’t be choosers, Y/N.” He raised an eyebrow and leaned back in to kiss you, but your hands on his chest stopped him.

“But I’ll always choose you, Haz.” You smiled cheekily, winking at him softly.

“You’re such a div.” He laughed and pulled you back in, smiling against your lips once more.

Run away - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 18)

Requested by anon: Can you do a pt diaries episode where pt is staying late to finish some paperwork or something? Anything else or who it’s with is up to you

A/N: AAAAAAAAAND THIS HAPPENED. Do not hate me too much. 

Word count: 1777

Warnings: Cussing. It gets slightly steamy, but not too much, it’s like PG13.

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8 Episode 9  Episode 10  Episode 11  Episode 12  Episode 13  Episode 14  Episode 15  Episode 16  Episode 17

Master list

Originally posted by m4sc0t

I look at the pile of files that I still have to go through and sigh, leaning my head back against my office chair and rubbing my eyes, which hurt after spending hours and hours reading small lettered files and typing things down on my computer. The Sun is going down, and I entertain myself looking at how the sky turns from blue to red, orange, pink and yellow, to navy.

“C’mon, (y/n).” I cheer myself, turning back to my desk and grabbing the next file on the pile. Geno’s file.

To say that things have been weird between us is an understatement; well, maybe I’ve been acting up and he doesn’t know what has happened. I’ve been trying to keep my distance. I’ve been trying to fight my feelings. Actually, ‘fight’ isn’t the right word, ‘avoid’ is. If you don’t acknowledge them then they don’t exist, right?

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons for stupid things Dick and Wally have probably done at Mount Justice or at the mall?

Oh my god

Okay so when the team doesn’t know what Dick’s first name is, Wally likes to call Dick a variety of names that are not his. Peter, David, Steven, etc.

He called Dick John once by accident and it almost made Dick cry. He stopped with the random names after that in favor of calling him Robert.

When they are out and about with nonsupes, Dick likes doing things faster than Wally because he knows Wally cannot use his super speed. All that “too slow” bullshit.

Wally 300% has lost Dick at the mall and called him a little shit over the intercom.

So many short jokes at Dick’s expense.

So many

They have done the Titanic thing at Ikea and Conner left them there.

Wally likes to serenade Dick with horrible loves songs at different points in time.

He walked up behind Dick once while he was talking to Zee and started belting “Can you feel the love tonight?”

Dick got him back by sneaking into his room at 3 am and blasting “The Circle of Life.”

Needless to say neither of them looks at the Lion King the same after those events.

There antics continue as they grow older.

“You know, I can take you a lot more seriously now that you have focused on just one primary color.” “Says the walking hot dog stand.”

Wally will totally stand behind Dick and mimic his stance and Nightwing face.

Oh my god Wally also likes to call Nightwing “Batman Jr.” and “The Batbaby.” (He calls Tim “The Babybat” and insists those are entirely different names and you cannot mix them up or else.)

I think that is all I got for now lol

Don’t You Dare Say “I’m Sorry”

Request: Could you write a one shot in which Sherlock and the reader (already in a relationship) are fighting? I’d find that really interesting!

Sherlock Holmes had sparred with many an intimidating nemesis. He’d faced off against the most fierce, twisted, cold, hard, calculating, fearful opponents known to man, however none of adversaries that had come before had invoked such terror and panic as the one he was currently staring down.

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