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I just saw your Star Wars twilek cosplay and thought wow, you could probably nail an Asari cosplay from Mass Effect too! Then I saw that you do actually like Mass Effect on your blog description. Have you done any MAss Effect cosplays? Anywhere I can see them? I just love mass effect

Soooo funny story! I did an Asari dancer cosplay from the Afterlife Club! I would love to eventually tackle Aria. She is sassy and precious. (I also am about 50% done with my TALI costume and plan on finishing it this year!)

Hi, itofsa here.

As we all know, the Once-ler fandom is still alive, but it is no secret that the community is suffering a shortage of content, and things just aren’t what they used to be. People come and go, and with them, the characters and stories they create. We all have an ask blog that we loved or wish we could have met when they were still around. With so many of them gone, how much longer until there are no more blogs, no more Once-lers?

This is the cruel reality that is happening right now. Is this the world you want to see? A world where the Once-lers are slowly going extinct? Don’t you wish you could do something to help this dying breed? I know I do.

That is why I am starting the Save-A-Once-ler Foundation. Our goal is to create as many new Once-lers as possible and preserve the ones that remain, and all it takes is a little help from you. For every donation we receive, a team of dedicated volunteers will plant seeds all over the world for them to grow into beautiful, healthy beanpoles. To ensure their survival, each sapling will receive special care, protecting them from getting cut down by other misguided Once-lers and leading them down the path of making their first Thneed.

Any amount you can give will be put to good use. And to show our sincere appreciation, we are distributing exciting prizes to everyone who donates any of the quantities specified below. All you have to do is click any of the links and submit your payment. It’s safe and easy!

If you pledge $72, you’ll receive one of these exclusive t-shirts.

If you pledge $1000, you will get instant access to the Once-ler nudes that I am otherwise releasing only at 1k followers. Here is a preview of one of the images magnified 77 times.

If you pledge $2015, you’ll get a private session with a medium to put you in touch with an inactive or deactivated ask blog in the afterlife.

If you pledge allegiance to the Once-ler fandom in my inbox, you get your very own Once-ler to cultivate as you wish. Cherish them.

Did you know…? The Once-ler’s birthday is on April 22. Today is Day #2222. Add the first two digits and you get 2+2=4. Put it together with the last two digits and you get 422, or 4/22, which is April 22. So today is almost like the Once-ler’s birthday! Celebrate this special occasion by planting a Once-ler today!

If you have any questions, feel free to send them in or visit the FAQ!

(Note: Quantities are in USD. Tumblcoins not accepted.)


So I made some character bios for my characters from Afterlife. I decided to get creative and model them after police reports (some of Avery’s info is redacted because it’s important plot points!!) 

I’ve had this idea for a long time and have been posting little drawings of them here or there but haven’t really delved into the actual storyline with you guys, so I want to try to fix that. I have a page on my blog with more info about them and where else you can find them and I’m going to try to keep expanding it. I have plans for this to be a comic series so hopefully I can make that happen. :) 

If you have any questions I am more than happy to elaborate!

Blumiere and Timpani, at the Wedding Reception: -blasting loud hip-hop music-
Dimentio, somewhere in the Afterlife: Count Bleck is the only guy I know to have fun with a butterfly… FOR 12 HOURS!

This is the story of how I died...

So do you all want to hear how Colin literally killed me at the meet and greet? Of course you do. I asked him if it was difficult to do an American accent in roles (answer: no, cue him talking about accents) and he switched to Hook voice to say “Captain Hook talks like this”

While he was looking directly into my eyes.

And we were sitting so close together that our knees were almost touching.

I am dead. I died in that room and this is me blogging from the afterlife.

I thought of an idea to celebrate my blog getting 500 followers! I’m going to make a list of all of my 500 followers! And then at the end i’m going to list all of my favorite blogs! I know this is going to take a long time but i don’t care. I’m also going to list the people who followed after i reached 500 followers so you won’t feel left out. So here we go! LET’S DO THIS!

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Oh my gosh, I am so happy I found your blog because I just recently finished TSOA and I seriously needed AchillesxPatroclus fluff to help cure my heartache. Patroclus is my precious cinnamon bun I love him so much. And Achilles is my stupid dork I love them. Do you have any fluffy fic recs? Because I can never have enough. NEVER.

do i ever!!

with my childhood’s faith is a good one to read, especially right after finishing the book. it expands a little more on their meeting in the afterlife and it’s so incredibly sweet

more cute canon-compliant fics: (history is) a pattern of timeless moments (“four times achilles and patroclus were truly happy”), our joy was so bright (pelion fic oh god they’re so in love), the cot (in which soon after they meet thetis’s sabotage backfires spectacularly), the taste that your lips allow (is there anything better than makeouts on mt pelion under the stars? no there is not), the five things you do know [and the one thing you don’t] (achilles falling in love with patroclus :’) )

cute au fics: your name like a song (modern au mutual pining just fuck me up), when rome’s in ruins (we are the lions) (the best coffee shop au you will ever read), at least as deep as the pacific ocean (the other best coffee shop au you will ever read), tell me again (mine because i have no shame….blind!patroclus feeling insecure about his looks and achilles coming through with comfort and fluff)

also i have a tag for fics and other fic recs, and that has lots of good stuff that i haven’t mentioned here!