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5 things you’ll find in my bag: travel mug, wallet, notebooks, earbuds, pencil case, crumpled paper lmao

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: books/manga, video games, pillows, my cat because he likes my bed, and blankets

5 things i’m currently into: hunter x hunter (forever and always), golden kamuy (because i’m reading the manga), hilda (the netflix show is amazing. pls watch it), gossip girl lol (i love blair), and eunji’s new album

5 things on my to-do list:

  • start reading the one piece manga *sweats* it’s only +900 chapters and on-going…
  • finish this awful group project. i’m dying tbh
  • take notes on this week’s lecture material and do my weekly discussion
  • fix my sleeping schedule
  • rewatch neon genesis evangelion (mostly for asuka, my girl)

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So canon it hurts :”D

Little tips for the college witch!

I know personally how hard it can be to maintain doing the witchy things you love when you’re at college. Here are some things you can do that don’t take long while you’re at college!

1.) Do a one card tarot reading for yourself! My favorite is just asking: “What should I work on today?” This prevents any worrying cards from popping up and discouraging you in your academic endeavors.

2.) Sigils sigils sigils! Write them in your notebooks, on your art supplies, whatever! Scroll through this tag and check out what they have!

3.) Use your desk as a mini sacred space! You almost always have a desk at college, so if you do, fill a space with your little witchy things. One shelf of my desk holds crystals, a salt lamp, my tarot cards, and essential oils and herbs!

4.) Cleansing: My favorite method of cleansing is by using sage, but we aren’t allowed to have smoke in the dorms. Instead, I place my crystals near a salt lamp! The light from the lamp with cleanse the objects placed near it. You can just leave your lamp on while you’re in the room, and it’ll do the cleansing for you! (Please note that not all crystals should touch salt! Some can be highly toxic, so please do your research.) 

5.) Spell jars! You might not even be allowed to have candles in your room, or you might need to be a little more low-key with roommates. Spell jars are a great low-key way to do spells. Here is a great masterpost 

6.) Crystals! Throw a crystal in your bag with you when headed off to class. Citrine is an easy and affordable crystal that is great for confidence!

7.) Don’t be discouraged. A witch that only practices once a month is still a witch. If you can’t do any of these other tips, just practice the more internal practices of your own craft. This can include being mindful, having a vegetarian/vegan meal, and even meditating for a quick second while in the bathroom stall! Your craft is your own. (These are just some examples. Follow your own craft and beliefs when doing this.)

I hope some of these tips helped you! Feel free to add some more. 


Something bitter is felt in the atmosphere… it’s hard to tell with such a smiling face.


Part 2 is here!

After a long wait, with the help of my buddy @sparksparta, I finally bring you the first part of the comic ‘Bendy in Disney!’ Thank you everyone for your support in this comic, I have been reading your tags and they really warmed my heart! <3

- Mun’s note under cut.

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Do you have any more voltron fics recommendation? :) Mostly about klance, shance, sheith, or shklance? (Sorry i'm such a trash for them)

Me? Have fic recs??? 

Actually, it’s been so long since I did a rec list that this ask felt kind of intimidating. This fandom is full of such amazing writers, we’re very lucky! I’m afraid I don’t sheith or shance and am super picky about the shklance I read, so these are all klance fics. I hope you enjoy anyhow! A lot of these are still WIPs as well because I have no self control when it comes to resisting fics.

Please always read the tags and warnings carefully! <3 

Paper Skin - A love story about vampires, werewolves, & other strange creatures, living in New York City, and cooking with your heart. Or someone else’s. [featuring the cutest werewolf!Lance and vamp!Keith]

The Dreaming Dark - The Derceto mission was going to be Lance’s big break, the Dive that would make him famous. All they had to do was go down, collect a few samples, then make it back in one piece. Oh, and investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Kerberos mission disaster that claimed the lives of the previous crew after their base went dark. No big deal, right? [AKA: tmw you accidentally flirt with a fish and it flirts back]

At the End of the Road with You - Incident One started the zombie outbreak two years ago. Now most only survive thanks to organized groups like The Garrison. Lance, Pidge, and Hunk are members of the Echo Scouting and Scavenging Team. They find themselves out on the far outer regions when they come across a survivor from another team that they were lead to believe were killed…

The Shattering of Altea - Altea is a world of dragons, magic, and, until recently, war. It’s also entirely fictional. When Lance put on his VR headset, he fully expected everything he experienced from that point on to be false. But his feelings for the kill-stealing jerk in red armor couldn’t be more real.

Las Palabras de Amor - Keith, the self-declared desert nomad, finds himself back in the small town he grew up in to settle his late father’s affairs and fill in for his old boss at the radio station while the overnight DJ is on maternity leave. Everything in Arus is exactly the same as he left it, except for one very handsome Latino who has spent the past few years weaving himself into the lives of all of Keith’s closest friends…

Blue Pencils - Set during, and after Season 4 of Voltron. This is how Keith and Lance figure out how to maintain a long-distance relationship when Keith leaves. Also there’s a couple of snarky Marmora named Holson and Jaussey.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here - Lance and Keith have been best friends since first grade. Lance’s brain is always on overdrive and Keith’s blunt, realistic ass can never keep up. They both come to realize that sometimes you can learn a lot about loving yourself by loving someone else.

Follow My Lead - A Friends w/ Benefits AU where Lance wears sleeveless hoodies, plays basketball in abandoned parking lots, and follows his dreams, and Keith comes from a high class, reputable family who never let him have any dreams of his own. They go home with each other and don’t expect it to matter until it totally does.

All the Way Down - “You make it sound like we’re going into battle,” Hunk laughed worriedly on Lance’s other side. “I thought this was like, some kind of carnival.” AKA Lance and Keith spend the day together at the universe’s biggest carnival, challenging each other to ride the biggest and fastest rides, and it’s more like a date than either of them banked on.

Can’t Fight This Feeling - Welcome to Pizza Planet, open til four A.M. Home to shitty food, an exclusively 80s jukebox, and minimum wage employees getting through life on tips and one another. When Keith gets a job as the new delivery boy, he wonders if it might become more than just a means to an end. Meanwhile, Lance just wants to know what the hell the new guy’s damage is.

flicker - Far away from his friends at the castle, Keith’s only way of communicating with them is a battered old phone. This is maybe going to be harder than he thought. A long-distance, friends-to-lovers fic, set during season four.

Lord Grant Me a Kryptonite Binky - In which a half-Galra baby is found and Keith and Lance are, almost ironically, the two people most suited to deal with it.

Call of the Universe - Homesick Lance thinks of all he misses from Earth and seeks solace in the noisy company of his team. But nothing brings him comfort in the quiet loneliness of his bed in the middle of the night. Keith eases his worries with a simple gesture that grows into something more.

Ascent - Assigned to Prince Lotor’s command, hybrid-galra Keith will let nothing get in the way of his mission. Nothing, that is, until a figure behind a wall of glass catches his attention and won’t let it go. Lotor’s prisoner changes everything, and for the first time in his life Keith’s priorities aren’t so clear. 

and, we dream of home - “Then come see me,” Lance murmurs, and it makes Keith’s heart pound behind his breastbone. “Us, I mean. Once a week or something?” His life is a hell of a lot easier when he lets himself cave under all the ways he wants Lance’s luminous attention, and company, and friendship. All the ways he wants Lance, full stop.

Chasing Jeon || jjk || 2

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You are the definition of a good girl. You obey your strict parents, get good grades, say your grace, and keep your head down. He’s got a don’t-give-a-damn-attitude, he cant talk straight, he is intimidating, and a man of few words. What happens when a sudden meeting at a club leads to a string of events that causes you both to be tangled up? Who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️

Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst ft a tsundere! jungkook (just a tiny bit)

Word count : 4.1k

A/N: The end turned out more angsty than I wanted it to but oh well. Also this is one more of a filler but I still hops its good enough :) Enjoy!! As always thank you for taking the time to read it!

Part: 1 || 2 || 3 || 


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The next day you woke up, not having caught a wink of sleep. A certain brown haired boy visited your dreams, his piercing gaze making you wake up breathless. Your thoughts were rampant with the events of last night and you couldn’t get him out of your head. Every time you closed your eyes you could see his intense dark eyes, staring at you. It was decided that sleep would have to wait for a while.

Your friends filtered into the living room, one by one, groaning and holding their heads in their hands. You didn’t really notice them because your mind was racing with thoughts and images of its own.

“So y/n, did you get laid yesterday?” You heard Taehyung’s voice from across you and looked at him blankly

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A Day in Life

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3749

Summary: In where Bucky lives a chapter of his life new life. 

Warning(s): fluff, a bit of feels, cuteness, and because I think it deserves a warning of its own: Dad!Bucky *cue the heartfelt sigh*

A/N: Reminder that you all literally give me life, thank you so much for all your love and support always! As per usual, feedback is very much greatly appreciated! Much love to you all <3 tagging @buckyywiththegoodhair because she’s one of my favorites on tumblr, and maybe you’d give this a read, only if you want of course! lots of love to you too <3 

The sound of the alarm echoed in the silent bedroom waking Bucky from his deep comfortable slumber. Much like any other sane human being on earth, the former Winter Soldier wasn’t too fond of the disturbance this early in the morning, but he knew it was time to start the day, and he couldn’t help but smile softly. Eyes still closed, he turned to the side, draping his arm over the opposite side of the bed only to find it empty, and even if he had expected it, he still groaned. Taking a deep breath, he slowly opened his eyes, yawning as he ran a hand over his face to chase away his sleep, and as his lids fluttered open, his eyes immediately caught the small sticky note on the pillow. He took it in his hand,  reading the declaration of love you always left him whenever you had to leave the bed before him. He smiled to himself, every word waking him up and warming him up from the inside.

He knew it would be a good day; it always was now. Throwing the covers off, he put on a pair of pajama pants and made his way to the room occupied by his three-year-old son. Bucky had expected to use all measures necessary to get him out of bed, he was quite fond of his sleep, but as he approached the door, he saw his son fully awake, even getting ready all by himself. Bucky leaned against the doorframe, chuckling softly at his son’s antics.

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Hard Feelings Part 4

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: None, Bucky’s significantly less of a dick

A/N: I’m actually updating before midnight, can you guys believe it?? Not sure if any of you saw, but I had a bit of an issue with my documents and lost the tag list for this story. I did my best to reconstruct it, but if you find yourself missing, please let me know so I can add you back on! As always, thank you much for reading and I hope you all enjoy this one! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot them my way!

Part 3

You can’t fight, you can’t defend yourself or anyone else, and your powers are a glorified party trick.

Your hands were shaking, your breath was quick and shallow, and you were pretty sure that if you didn’t find some way to calm your nerves within the next few minutes, things were going to get a lot more complicated for you.

After that entire incident with Bucky, you had wasted no time in booking it to the elevator and depositing yourself into your room. The crying hadn’t ceased, and in fact had only gotten stronger and more incessant. You’d had to ask Jarvis to take you to your floor because your hands had been shaking so badly that you hadn’t been able to press the buttons yourself.

All things considered, you were just about done with all of this. Fuck a field agent promotion, fuck Nick Fury, fuck shield, but most importantly? Fuck James Buchanan Barnes for everything he was worth. Not once had you deluded yourself over the last month, not once had you assumed that any of this was easy, or that you would somehow be the one therapist Bucky actually liked, or that you would be able to just fix him through his dreams and make everything okay, but…

Okay, so maybe that last one wasn’t true. Maybe you had been hoping that Bucky’s issues would be resolved if you just kept giving him your happiness, your tranquility, your good will and wishes, and perhaps, deep down, you were still hoping that could be the case.

This wasn’t working. This was stupid, and a waste of your time, like he’d been telling you every day for weeks. Who were you to expect this to work out in your favor, anyway? What made you better than the therapist Bucky had chucked through a window? Or the one he’d menaced into quitting? Or the one he’d locked out of the tower, leaving them there for an entire night without telling anyone where they had gone? For fuck’s sake, they’d all at least been doctors. You were just some low ranking agent with a fucking masters in music. Realistically, you couldn’t offer Bucky anything.

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any other neurodivergent people have that One Character that they feel constant happiness and comfort from, and you know you’ll always have lots of space in your heart for them no matter what?? 

reblog and tag with yours! i would love to read about everyone’s special characters :’3

mine is pikachu!!! (this is obvious to anyone who knows me xD)

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On the video it was recently re-uploaded with different audio why’d you change it? Not that I’m complaining I like both versions :))

Copyright issues! :) Thought not to fight it and risk my channel getting taken down and found a cute replacement. I’m glad you like it tho! The piano’s grown on me, haha! 

anon asked: who is this blonde hair boy on Garrett’s side bc whooooo I haven’t seen him yet

It’s one of @trumanzanotto‘s ocs, Jamie! We used to roleplay them dating before and I thought it’d be a cute addition! 

anon asked: pls end me your art, animations and ocs are all adorable thank u for blessing us with your lovely works ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you!! It means a lot!! <3 I always read every asks, comments, and tags, and everyone’s kind words really keeps me going <3 

@vinny-lu asked: I absolutley love your art and was wondering if we cause see what the star signs of your other characters. You don’t have to, I was just wondering and hoping. I love your art and hope you are having a great day. ♡

Thank you so much!! I’d love to do that, too! If the Pisces charm does okay, I even wanted to do a complete set with the rest of the signs! C: If you’re curious, I know Kathy is a Gemini, and Cable may possibly be a Virgo? Mei is definitely a Leo too!

Sorry for this being late but here is my February limited spread. It’s themed around love and matters of the heart, since I always think Valentine’s day when February rolls around. This spread is great no matter what your relationship status! As always, you can use this spread for yourself (please tag me, I love to see!) or you could head to my shop and purchase a reading! I’m also offering a bonus Oracle card with every reading purchased through the month of February, so head to my shop and check it out! (The back of card image is from the After Tarot deck.)

February Limited Spread: “Stupid Cupid”

1.) The Current State of your heart.
2.) That which your heart needs less of.
3.) What you love most.
4.) That which needs your love most.
5.) The direction your heart is headed. 
6.) A painful (but unavoidable) pain your heart may face. 



Omake ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡ (눈_눈

Shooting for MV can be time-consuming and difficult. Iwaizumi’s VA said that they had one that took roughly 17 hours to shoot, and the atmosphere was very serious. Oikawa’s seiyuu still had his fun though~

“He always said, “I want to eat grilled meat!” during the MV shooting,” Iwaizumi’s seiyuu complained in disbelief. “He told me a bunch of weird and silly stuff, it really hard to keep my face straight.” Oikawa’s VA knowing that their talking voices will be deleted (and song added); defended himself with, “It is because the ‘talking scene’ is weird if we only move our mouth without proper dialogues. And also! I spotted him laughing a bit time to time!!!” (✧ω✧) Iwaizumi’s VA told the reporter, “MV making is fun!”

Ah… by now I totally forgot what I had wanted to say -__-;

H is for Haikyuu!!

I like it, Haikyuu!! :) and I love the seiyuu cast, including this two あほ *lol* they’re sweet to each other though.  

H is also for honesty :) I… don’t and will never ever regret creating this blog. I do regret two things: 1) listening and take them seriously, the people who don’t walk in my shoes. 2) Didn’t tell them how bad their “I’m just kidding but you should listen to me” words because honestly, those parasites inside my head just LOVES them. But I didn’t.

If I can turn time, which I don’t, I wish I can tell myself to be more honest to you: 

1. Please comment, I like comments :)

2. I like it when you send me request or ask although it took me forever to reply

3. It is not your responsibility, but reassurance is always nice. 

4. I checked your reblog because I like reading tags .//////. so reblog. or comment. Comment is better

THank you

Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest


Once again we are happy to announce the next Eruri Week! Thanks to everyone who helped us to decide on the prompts with their vote. There were a few prompts that missed the Top 7 by an inch, but luckily you’ve voted for lots of general AUs. So don’t worry if your Dads or Actors AU didn’t make into the week, you can fit them perfectly into the Modern AU prompt! And here are your Top 7 of the General and AU poll:


Jul 31: Titanwin || Reincarnation AU
Aug 1: Tea || Childhood AU
Aug 2: Flirting || Highschool AU
Aug 3: Kisses || Modern AU
Aug 4: “I love you” || Era AU
Aug 5: Praise & Worship || Cop AU
Aug 6: Wedding & Honeymoon || Omegaverse AU

As always everyone is welcome to participate. No day is obligatory and you are allowed to combine prompts. However, please make sure to tag all your entries with “eruriweek” (no spaces!). This has to be one of the first five tags because tumblr only tracks these! Otherwise we won’t be able to find your work and reblog it. It’d be nice if you read the Rules too, before you start working. Thank you!

We are looking forward to your contributions! Have fun!

- Ashy & Melli 

Fall. The perfect time between the intense heat of summer and the nipping cold of winter. Love dances on the breeze, and we bask in the return of something magical. We come home to the guild.

Celebrate the beginning of the final season of Fairy Tail with Gajevy Fallfest

This three day event is dedicated to our love for gajevy. Each day will feature a SFW and NSFW themed prompt as we count down to the first episode of the anime. All forms of art, fic, edits, gifs, amv are welcome. We look forward to seeing all of your work. Follow this blog to stay updated on all things Fallfest. Please spread the word so everyone can enjoy and participate in this year’s event, and be sure to tag your posts appropriately!

Keep gajevyfallfest in the first 5 tags of your work so it can be tracked and reblogged here! If you post WIPs tag us in those too :)

Our event will be held from October 5-7, but you can always participate after if you need more time.


Day 1 - “Cozy” & “Tied Up”

Day 2 - “Adventure” & “Wild”

Day 3 - “Magic Council” & “Under Arrest”

You’re welcome to come up with your own prompts if you wish! The list is here for your inspiration. Read our FAQ to be sure your work follows our guidelines. If you have any questions, please drop by our ask box – it’s always open.


holla holla get $$$$$$:

  • payment is through paypal/made upfront (the prices listed above are not fixed and can change based on the complexity of the commission)
  • i won’t draw: nsfw, gore (mild injuries ok), animals (animal features ok), complex mechas, celebs/real people without permission, disney/fanart of anything with super strict copyright policy
  • default bg is white/flat color/gradient. simple decorations are also free
  • here’s a complete list of commission guidelines which you must read before commissioning

more examples of my art are over here in my art tag

only 4 slots open at a time (so get yours now while supplies last):

  1. TAKEN
  2. TAKEN
  3. open
  4. open

if you’re interested in a commission or have any questions email me at jacquelinecleon94@gmail.com

if you can’t commission but would still like to help, reblogs are always greatly appreciated <3

thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!!!

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Hiii~~ I just want to start by saying i love love love your kakagai art, it's always so sweet and true to character <3 You've been so prominent in the fandom lately so I was wondering if you personally had any KakaGai fic recommendations? thank you so much for your time!!

“prominent in the fandom” ;____; that’s not true at all but thank you

Anyway, recs! I’m pretty sure you’ve read all of these, but I find myself going back to them all the time so I thought I’d pop them in. As always please, please do read the tags / warnings! Onward to ficcery:

Good Lives - Jibrailis
Close To You - SleepyNightVale
Difference of Opinion - RandomlyDrabbling
Awful Wonderful - Applecrumblecore
Rival - chinesethorn
To the Lost - forgetme
From Page One - slash4femme
@acircleoflight ‘s fics for Kakagai week ‘17
New Year’s & Forever - holly_writes_things

Break in the Routine - maldoror_chant
An Elaborate Attempt - forgetme
The Best is yet to Come - alestar


Imagine meeting Sam while he is Soulless

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Reader

Line: 39. I’ve never done anything like this, but I was about to be thrown out of college and was desperate for money…

Requested by: @swordskunkle this turned smutty REAL fast. Not sure if that was your intention, but that is certainly the story that spun out. Hope you aren’t disappointed. Thank you for sending in your request. I have your other request in my box, and I promise it WILL be written eventually!

Word Count: 1,200 (this one got away from me, but I HAD to write it. The minute I saw the requested line, I knew I would be writing my first Sam smut.)

Warning: Dom. Sam, Soulless Sam, Rough Sex, Pure SMUT, language

Things to know: This is my first EVER 1st person story. Please let me know what you think.  Also, I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’m on a fucking roll. This is my 4th Imagine in 3 days. ENJOY it while it lasts, bitches. 

Tagging @aprofoundbondwithdean because you always give me such great things to read with your rec. lists! Thank you!

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everyone’s favorite lovey dovey holiday is coming up! it’s time for cupids and hearts and love abound!! for most people this holiday is focused on couples & romantic love, but i wanted to take the time to do a self love instead, because who’s more important than you? and tbh, who couldn’t use a little more self love? so that’s what this spread focuses on, finding & expanding your love for yourself!!

if you end up doing this spread, i’d love to see/hear about it!! feel free to reblog this with your reading or tag me in a post about it if you make one! or send me an ask (anon is always on for you shy ones!) talking about it! and reblogs to get the word out are always appreciated!!

1 - What role does love play in your life?
2 - How can you welcome love into your life?
3 - How can you bring harmony into your life?
4 - Where can you be kinder to yourself?
5 - Where can you be more patient with yourself?
6 - Where is self love most needed?
7 - How can you have a better relationship with yourself?
8 - How can you be true to yourself?
9 - What part(s) of yourself do you love most?
10 - How can you love yourself more?
11 - How do you show love?
12 - How do you like to receive love?
13 - How can you care for yourself?
14 - How can you care for those around you?
15 - What do you need to do in order to feel more love?
16 - What message of love does the Universe have for you?