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Louis’ heart races a million miles a minute. He already wishes it was Sunday instead of Friday, wishing he and Harry were alone, Louis showing Harry how to plant flower seeds properly, or Harry showing Louis around his house, or anything other than this cursed school. He’s twenty-six years old, still wears overalls to school, and still fantasizes about the only man he’s let himself feel anything serious for.

“Yeah, a date,” he repeats, and with the way Harry’s eyes light up, Louis already knows he’s in too deep.

He honestly doesn’t mind.

Soft boys by @harrystinyshorts !!

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“You’re toxic i’m slipping under…”

ayyyyyy Altean!Lance and Galra!Keith are by far my fav thing in this fandom!!
I decided to finally sit down and finish this pic, it’s been sitting in my folder for almost a month. Also, I’m still workin on those outfit asks… just wanted to get some finished work up :3C


.frnkiero andthe cellabration. 

House of Blues, San Diego, CA

Nov. 17th 2015

(all of these pics are mine - please ask if using! Thanks! )

These pictures are dedicated to my wonderful friend @meganmarie313 . Our friendship started when she said she liked my FIATC shirt. Love you!


oh man i totally understand your feelings. i also have a kissing bubbline as my wallpaper. it’s kinda embarrassing when others see it but i just need it for my life lol (are these pics okay? i tried to make them fit iphone resolution but they still look kinda meh.) (also if i ever come up with more wallpapers, i’ll reblog them in this post)


Y'know these are like the only two pictures of Chris that I know of and it’s really unfair how adorable he is.


got a new haircut and feelin good ✌ (they/them)

the windbreaker I got from @shoptrashqueen came in today, so good! and my favorite sweatshirt, designed by @slugspoon !