i NEED more classical musician aus

Classical Musician AUs that i want to see more of
  • ‘oh no my new stand partner is really hot’ au
  • Chair Test Day au 
  • Romeo & Juliet a la Band & Orchestra au
  • ‘when my friend recommended this repair shop to me they didn’t mention how attractive the owner was’ au
  • stuck in the pit au
  • grabbed the wrong folder and have a series of unlikely adventures trying to get it all sorted out au
  • ‘i was complaining about a composer to my friend and you overheard and immediately jumped to their defense’ au
  • met leaving the practice rooms at 2 am au
  • ‘i just came to this senior recital for the food i don’t really know the player that well but goddamn their best friend is house manager tonight and is really hot when they’re stressed’ au
  • making faces at each other from across the room during rehearsals for weeks before finally speaking to each other au
  • last minute substitute for a chamber group au

feel free to add your own

anonymous asked:

do you have any flintwood fic recs? i'm thinking about looking more into the ship and i think that'd be a good place to start (i know you write some of your own stuff too, I'll check that out later)

hi anon friend! I did some here  before (more set in canon universe), but I’ve got a couple more I can add to the list:

the recent list is primarily flintwood in au’s! and, like you said, you can check out my masterlist for some more hp universe stuff as well (or the tag #erinwrites bc i’ve been rlly bad at updating it oops)

i hope that helped a little! and ayy welcome to flintwood <3

@sleazypetyr I felt a mighty need to finish at least one of the many sketches I started! Can’t wait to see what you write!

Conservatory/orchestra au where Petyr is an elegant hardass conductor (at least I imagine it kind of like that). This turned into a long technical explanation from my boyfriend about how a baton is properly held. Glad I got it right (close enough), love.

Conductor poses are so sexy and dynamic. Expect more of this.

Notice, by Remy_Writes5

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3,385
Type: Non-magic!AU, Modern!AU, Band!AU

Summary: The Marauders need a new guitarist while Sirius’s hand heals. Remus is more into classical music than Punk Rock. Somehow he finds himself joining the band anyway.

Comments: Short, sweet, and fluffy! I loved the band!au element, and Sirius being a lovable prat.