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Why is Mulder often so blind/ignorant when it comes to Scullys feelings towards him during the first 6/7 seasons?

Good question, anon. I go back and forth on him pretending not to notice and actually not noticing. Part of me thinks he wasn’t ready to “allow” the feelings. He knows how he is when he loves. If he gave in, where would that leave his quest? His search for Samantha?

But it could very well be that he simply didn’t notice. Some of us are really dense. He must have been so used to not being good enough and people not really liking him or taking him seriously. So it might have not occured to him that Scully really meant it.

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Another Headcanon/idea(?): After Carol died Crystal obviously went craycray. She starts having dreams, firsy vague, then stronger - more like visions. She never fins Ds out (or maybe?) but she is a senstive. She dreams of the future, but never tells anyone.

Oh. Oh my God I love this. You, anon, are amazing. 💖

I like this so much, I’m doing headcanons now. 

  • Right, so, the Edgely family is magic 
  • Which means the fact that Val is really the only one with magic 
  • Is kinda odd? 
  • And since Fergus can technically do some 
  • It’s kinda likely that one of his kids can
  • If we’re treating it as though magic/non-magic is controlled by a gene
  • And so people get alleles for magic or non-magic 
  • And magic would probably be recessive and
  • This is a discussion for another day, you know? 
  • I’m gonna be looking into this 
  • Chances are I’ve just been doing too much science study 
  • But I’m still looking into this 
  • Anyway
  • So, it’s likely one of his kids has magic 
  • And it’s not Carol 
  • Coz she died 
  • (Well maybe she did have magic) 
  • (Shush Winter. Now’s not the time for this)
  • So Crystal is magic 
  • Now
  • The thing about being a sensitive is 
  • If you aren’t aware of magic 
  • It’s gonna be pretty hard to figure it out? 
  • Because everything is so vague 
  • And kinda random
  • You know? 
  • So little Crystal thinks nothing of it 
  • It’s just some weird dreams 
  • They can be funny sometimes 
  • Because it will have a correlation to school or the news 
  • But just dreams 
  • And then Carrol dies 
  • Which Crystal obviously doesn’t know about 
  • But you know how Sorcerers can know the difference between a reflection and a real person? 
  • Yeah 
  • She doesn’t really know what’s wrong 
  • Or even how she knows 
  • But she knows something’s up 
  • And she knows the girl in front of her is not her twin 
  • Everyone thinks she’s crazy 
  • But she doesn’t care 
  • Now, at this stage she’s gotten older 
  • And dreams are coming almost every night 
  • They’re kinda weird 
  • And a lot of them are to do with Valkyrie 
  • They’re of her destroying the world 
  • But also saving it 
  • There’s dreams about a guy in black armour 
  • And some lady 
  • And a portal with some weird dimension 
  • But they’re just dreams 
  • So she thinks nothing of it 
  • When she’s around 27 
  • She gets really sick 
  • It only lasts for a day or so 
  • But she can’t leave bed 
  • Everything hurts 
  • The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong
  • So she thinks nothing of it 
  • And by the time she’s in her forties 
  • She’s forgotten about it
  • But the thing is 
  • She doesn’t look like she’s in her forties 
  • She still looks really young 
  • She just think she’s lucky 
  • Her friends wonder what she uses 
  • And it’s only then that Fergus and Val realise 
  • They made a mistake in over-looking Crystal 

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How do you balance your free time between the dogs and buns? I feel bad I don't spend as much time with my small animals as I used to before getting a puppy.

Well the buns are in my study so I don’t inadvertently neglect them through “out of sight out of mind” and I also specifically adopt rabbits who are not human dependent (Dusty was the outlier) and also why I keep them in pairs.

I try to go more of a coexistence route with them. So dogs I will really interact with but I’m more hands off with the bunnies. Obviously I work on the basics of Not Hating Me and provide them enrichment opportunities to run about being bunnies. I do sometimes struggle with feeling I’m neglecting them but remind myself (these) bunnies don’t need dog levels of attention. They need individual bunny levels of attention, ideally in the form of food and toys..

There were a lot of human-loving bunnies up for adoption and that is a disqualifier for me, as I feel I wouldn’t meet their needs and meet dog needs. While Velvet was specifically after a quieter and more hands off home ☺️

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I swear to god you're gonna make me read Twilight, aren't you. It's 2018, almost 2019, but the Twilight Renaissance is in full swing and all these posts are making me curious. I never read it when I was younger, since I liked animal stories (I'm a major werewolf hoe now whoops) so now's the time. Is that what you're saying. ARIEL DO I HAVE TO READ TWILIGHT 13 YEARS AFTER IT'S BEEN RELEASED BECAUSE YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH CURIOSITY. STOP DRAGGING ME INTO FANDOMS GODDAMMIT.

Y 👏🏻 e 👏🏻 s 👏🏻

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🌞 - i really like your blog!

🌙 - you’re really cute!

✨ - i love seeing you on my dash!

❄️ - you’re my best friend!

🌸 - you’re really sweet!

💫 - you’re super talented!

⭐️ - you have a nice aesthetic!

💐 - i wish i could take care of you when you’re sad!

🔥 - you need to stop being so hard on yourself!

Why thank you mysterious anon that is definitely not my friend, Raven. This is awfully sweet of you, you absolute stranger

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Who are your friends?

Umm I guess I’m friends with a lot of people but there are only a small few who i talk to every single day, the obvious one being @phigeon 🙄 I also cry about Harry with @daisyharry every day. Maya,  @harleyandbell is another, she actually just sent me a nature blog that she thinks i would like, isn’t that CUTE :’)  I also chat with @lilquique quite a bit, we cry over fics all the time.

But yeah, I chat with a lot of people I guess but these are the one’s that are constantly at the top of my chat. 


OOOHHH!! MARTINI FRUIT GIRL HHHH!???? im gay?? 💗💕💓 maybe pomegranate for jasper *m* 

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