Hey guys! My friend needs a bit of help and I would be really grateful if anyone knew it….

How does one translate “As eh gaed up a field o neeps” from scottish(?) to english? Or russian?

I hope someone knows, and if so thank you very very much in advance!!

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no offense to anyone but like.. they love each other

The media:

Harry and Louis just last year:

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Yep, they cannot stand each other!

Oyuncağın bile bir gururu var,                             Haketmediği şekilde oynarsan kırılır.                       Diyeceğim şu ki:                                                                   Küçüğüm, büyüme, kalbin kırılır…


How weird is it to meet famous people just randomly like at target or something how do you approach Thor when he’s buying Cheerios