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i rly want to read the icos series but i dont know whether to read the directors cut or the original of the first book. which do you recommend??

definitely read the original!! for the sake of consistency of writing style and such*. when i was looking into it i saw some people comment that they couldn’t get in to the rest of the series after reading the DC, which makes sense, and it looks like it’s going to be quite some time before they’re all edited.

*and, imo, better character development. i read all the originals and now i’m reading the DC, just for fun (almost finished with part one). they cut down nearly 50% (based on page count) for the DC, some of which i think was definitely a good move (the internal monologues went on for pages in some cases, stuff that could be inferred from reading, so be ready for that). some of the misc stuff wasn’t totally necessary but was still fun to read. world building and character stuff (not necessarily strictly plot related). feels like too much at first but by the end of the first one i got into it, and then it didn’t bother me for the rest of the series, it was just fun to get all the details.

mostly (from what i’ve read so far) the only thing i really wish was kept was hsin’s more involved introduction/release from the fourth. much more powerful in the original.

I just gotta praise Stranger Things for a second like everyone in my family adores it, my little brothers can relate to the story that Mike and his friends go through, I can relate to the teenage dynamics that are shown with Nancy and Jonathan and the others, and my mother finds relation with Joyce and Hopper. This show literally reaches so many characteristics of different age groups, and it’s timeless but according to my mother (who was like 8 in 1984) everything in the show was relevant and accurate to that time. I’m honestly like, stunned by that show and all of you guys should watch it. There is a lot of flashing though, so there’s that warning. But other than that it’s an outstanding show and honestly the best Netflix show I’ve seen in awhile.

My favorite thing about this latest sneak peek is that it just reinforces one of the greatest truths of this entire show: if you are not Emma Swan, then it doesn’t matter how powerful you are because Killian Jones just isn’t that impressed.


these fuckers just love to put on a show


I do not know why in the year of 2015 I even have to say this but here goes anyway.


Granted, some folks may be open to it. I’m not in that number. At all. Do. Not. Want. Return. To. Sender. Seriously, who raised you heathens??? I’m hella grown and if I wanted dick pics, I’d ask. But, if you’ve never even had a conversation with me, I do not know what would possess you to jump in my inbox/submissions flagrant as hell. It’s childish & annoying. Stop that bs. I’m not here for it. Or you.


My new album “I’ve Seen Better” comes out this Saturday but you can get a sneak peak teaser of the album now thanks to the video attached to this message. Enjoy! (Share if you care)

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Have you considered helping photograph the dogs at the local rescue in the meantime? (Since you can't foster yet?) Your pictures are so beautiful, and could probably really help certain dogs find homes.

You know, I honestly haven’t! (I suppose because I haven’t felt like my skills are consistent enough to even offer?) But this is a great idea, and wouldn’t hurt to ask, and would be something I’d really enjoy doing.