Let’s appreciate the fact that Tehyung recently became very manly. Not only his fashion style but his body (look at his shoulders!) became more toned. I’ve liked him before but his new, manly and grown up image is even more appealing than ever.


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Yes hello I'd just like to say that all your tags on all bendy related stuff ever are perfect and beautiful


Mainly, I’m just trying to hide the fact that I’ve become trash for this game, despite being too chicken to play horror games on my own. X’D I mean so far it’s more so atmospheric and there’s a minimal amount of jump scaring (thus far, it is chapter 1 and from the end of the credits I can tell things are gonna get more fricked up D8) but it also could be the fact that if the theories are true, I kinda got attached to the backstory even if turns out Bendy is pulling all the strings and Joey was just a tool that he later disposed of.  I get attached to villains (sympathetic or not) WAY TOO EASILY X’D So I just shove my own headcanons I’m too shy to make a post about in the tags… ouo’

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