If the world ever leaves you feeling hopeless, remember that Star Trek was cancelled twice and deemed an utter failure; then rose from the ashes to become the flagship for all of science fiction, spawning six spin-offs, fourteen movies, and enough novels to keep the fires burning through the Long Night. Oh, and inspired new technology, popularized fan fiction, created slash, forged the foundation for modern fan culture, and pushed young people to the sciences. A show that was fucking cancelled. CANCELLED!

So. When it gets bad out there, just… be Star Trek.



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i will protect you fiercely. and i will always sing to you when you can’t sleep.
and i will always be excited to hear you laugh. i bet you guys are gonna have
wildly different laughs, huh? i love you so much it hurts, and i haven’t even
met you yet. it’s crazy. so, i guess what i’m trying to say is, you are gonna
have to take the good with the bad when it comes to me.


“He was just all ego. He was having a good time seemingly all the time yet he had a real steel behind it where he always gets what he wants, somehow.” – Domhnall Gleeson on Monty Schafer

Alright but I don’t think I’ve been vocal enough about how much I love the fanart that taz swap have gotten. Like Im scrolling up and down my blog looking at the stuff you guys have made and it makes my day every single time I see it! I love the art,I love my followers, everything is amazing, fuck life is great, THANK YOU!! ❤

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So are you saying you think Lance is sexist? Or Keith or Shiro or Hunk? Just cause they're men? I get this is an example with fictional characters. But I'm trying to make a point, do you not have a any male family members that you know aren't "inherantly" bad ? I just find your opinion really insulting. My father and my brothers, they are loving and amazing men without a sexist bone in their body, who helped raise me to be a feminist.

i am GOING to die please look up what systematic oppression is

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So I just wanted to share this. I think it’s pretty much confirmed that Cyrus is gay, (Disney’s twitter Liked a tweet from a guy saying (after season finale aired) “Thanks Disney for showing milions of kids that it’s OK to turn around” so by them liking that tweet it means that they are validating Cyrus’ coming out storyline) but truthfully, I don’t think Jyris will be canon. It’s A LOT for disney and even know Jyrus shippers are very vocal the bigger part of viewers probly supports Jandi.

I totally understand where you are coming from.  I know its unlikely.  I know it would be a gigantic step for them to have a gay couple on Disney Channel.  But things can change.  Cyrus being gay would be a huge step and would help to represent a part of society that hasn’t been acknowledged or shown much on television.  Teenagers are dealing with crushes and coming out and its important to show that on tv.  The other thing I can say is while it isn’t necessary for a gay character to be in a relationship it would be counterproductive to have that character be single simply because he’s gay.  If you have a gay character on your show you should be showing all sides of that characters life and that would include dating, love, etc.  There is no difference between showing Cyrus and Iris on a date and showing Cyrus and Jonah on one.  There are always going to be hateful people out there that will boycott the show and that might cost some viewers but the show is already insanely popular for a Disney show and breaking records.  They may lose some of those viewers because of the story line with Cyrus (and maybe Jonah)  but they will also gain new viewers that are always looking for good representation to enjoy.