SO, I have reached 500 in like the two / three months i have been on tumblr YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND INSANE. (Well I am at like 600 but i kinda forgot to post this) so here are some of the people who have already made my life on here so wonderful thought i haven’t been on here long. I look forward to getting to know more of you lovely people.  PLEASE FOLLOW THEM IF YOU AREN’T ALREADY:

@agntlexiedanvers @chysleigh @dovebuffy92 @mcgaynnon @sweet-tangy-balls-jessica @older-danvers @summersroot @heda-sanvers @alexandmaggies @weirdofreakish @detectivecatsullivan @fuckyeahlexipedia @aledanvers @thereisnowhatif @all-the-gay-feels @undercoversanvers