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  1. Ah man, the thought of possibly going to UCSD for college. I never dreamed of it and applied on a whim, but yeah, it seems nice now that I got in. I think I will go there. It’s by the ocean and not too far from home. Plus, today I got a pretty neat scholarship from them. Not sure if they give it to all of their students because a friend of mine got it too, but idk. It was a lot of money.
  2. Argentinian Spanish is like… my new favorite thing. (I’m watching this telenovela called ½ Falta - or “Media Falta” - for my class and it’s pretty good for a 2005 show for teenagers. Go watch it on YouTube if you want! It can get a little cheesy, but it does try to bring good messages.)
  3. Egg tarts. Eggs in general.
  4. Loads of art supplies. I don’t care what quality they are; I love them all. Even if I find a ruddy pencil left behind, I love it. Scratch paper? Useful. Who cares if I have 3 unfinished sketchbooks and 50 pens. 
  5. All of you guys. You rock, and I mean it. Shout out to @takeabreathandsmile / @chiscribbles4smiles. She is a meadow of flowers and a ball of sunshine.

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So, I’m looking for some more Pokemon Protagonist blogs. I’m not picky on which ones, really I’d just like to toss my silly snagger at more protagonists because. I only have my own and my brother’s portrayals. Wes needs more of his fellow protagonists around. So like yeah, mind reblogging this post to help a guy out? Thanks so much! <3

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to answer these and tag some folks, so here goes. (^__^)

1. How tall are you? Like, 5'6"

2. What color and style is your hair? Atm, long, wavy, and pink (but I’m going back to purple)

3. What color are your eyes? Hazel

4. Do you wear glasses? Only when I wanna read something.

5. Do you have braces? Naw, son

6. What is your fashion sense? Uh, nonsense? Mostly fandom/bandom tees and cut offs.

7. Do you have any siblings? Yep. 1 half bro, and 1 half sis. Both older than me, but v cool. :)

8. What kind of student are you? I’m a great one as long as the subject interests me…

9. What are your favorite subjects?
Art history and physics.

10. What are your favorite tv shows? Sooo many. (Kinda in love with Into the Badlands rn)

11. Favorite books? The library. The whole thing. 💝📚📚📚

12. Fave pastimes? Making things and napping. Yeah…napping is my jam. 😎

13. Any regrets? Yeah, not telling a certain someone how I felt when I had the chance.

14. What’s your dream job? Baby sitting for baby pandas. 😄🐼

15. Do you want to get married? Yes please.

16. Do You want kids? How many? Yeah and idk, depends. I’d totally love to adopt a bunch tho.

17. How many countries have you visited? Never been outta Cali. 😔😕

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A tiny sculpture from today! This one is heavily inspired by Makkachin, Victor’s pet poodle from Yuri on Ice. :3

(I only say inspired because I didn’t exactly look at a reference when, say, painting his face.)

The funny thing about the YOI style poodles is how very in-poodle like the actually are…their muzzles are too broad and round, closer to the nose of a labradoodle or a Spinone Italiano. Real poodle noses are very long and narrow. Not that I’m holding this up as a negative, mind…Makkachin is totally adorable.

This is done with paper clay, and painted with a mixture of 3D a puff paint (for texture), water colors and acrylics.

Hey Little Girl, Pt. 3

Hey guys, this is the last part for now. I’ve been working on another section, but I’m having a bit of a thing about it at the moment, and I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll be able to fix it enough for it to see the light of day. Sigh.

In any case, I hope you like this one. Poor bumbly Finn.

It’s like a game he’s been playing all day as he sits at his desk and slogs through the paperwork. Where is Rae? Every half an hour he scans through the security cameras to see if he can find her black store t-shirt among the masses milling though the store. Oh, there she is, standing with her arms crossed as she studies a mannequin thoughtfully. Yep, spotted her, crouching down in the DVDs showing a customer something.

But this time, when he spies her behind the counter, his blood starts to boil and he lets out a strangled noise. Because fucking Sean has his hands all over her. She’s got her head thrown back and her eyes closed as he gropes at her shoulders and her upper back. The video is black and white and grainy, but he can practically hear the sensual moans she’s making as Sean touches her. Fuck that.

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Our Neighbours In The Zombie Apocalypse (2/4)

Summary: Michael knows how it works in this new world. People show their true colours and groups fall apart. He has Ryan, and that’s all he needs. He has Ryan, and Jack has Geoff. Ray works better on his own. Gavin always finds himself left behind. Michael’s done with big groups – but somehow the six of them just keep running into each other, again and again and again.

(OT6 [myan-centric at first], zombie AU with no character death.)

Part 1  AO3

There are things Michael and Ryan don’t talk about. Bad things.

The first time they killed an undead. The first time they killed anundead who was someone they knew.The groups they were in before this. What, exactly, was the breaking point that caused them to leave.

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it’s been a while since I last drew something for @ichigomaniac ‘s beautiful youkai au! Kenma is my guilty pleasure in the au so…here, have some Kenma with sakuras in the background ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

wiggles my hips. it’s time for a PERMANENT STARTER CALL!

you guys know what to do. liking this post gives me permission to bug you whenever the muse strikes, send you asks, IMs, write you random starters etc etc!! this is for mutuals only, & basically makes it okay for me to approach you without any worry!! let’s be pals, yo.

A little doodlidoo, juts because I noticed today is the 3 month anniversary of Oculus. Yea…feels alot longer but haha, the booger has only been here for a little while. such n00b He has grown alot during that time though. From this pic and all.
memo to self: draw more finished & colored pic of him…

ooc; *silent screaming* so i’ve only been here for almost a month, and just how welcoming and fun you guys have been is really amazing, and surprising. and honestly, i can’t believe i’ve managed to reach this many followers, so like thank you so much !!

because of you guys being so awesome, i wanted to do a little giveaway.

the rules!

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  • 3 winners will be chosen and they will be chosen at random.

the prizes!

  • first- a full body drawing of up to 2 characters of your choice.
  • second- a bust drawing of up to 2 characters of your choice.
  • third- a headshot drawing of up to 2 characters of your choice.

this is my art tag on my art blog, if you want to check out my art and whatnot. this will end on january 9th sometime. good luck, and i love you all !!