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I never had an OTP for SU until now. Ruby and Sapphire are so beautiful together. Case in point, Garnet. :) Their love for one another is so deep. I just about cried when they found one another and fused again. Happy tears!

today my students had to write thesis statements based on fake books they thought their parents might write about parenting, and so here’s some highlights from the titles they came up with:

  • You Have an Attitude No Matter What You Say
  • True Life: My Child Is an Anarchist
  • How to Act Like You Care While Doing Nothing
  • Go Clean Your Room and Other Fruitless Commands
  • How to Never Get Along with Anyone
  • Why Does My Daughter Like Bob Dylan?
  • How Not to Mess up Your Second Child 
  • How to Succeed in Parenting Without Even Trying
  • Destruction of Dreams
Today, we had religion in school and talked about women's rights and stuff ya know
  • Random Boy:I think women should get more rights, because women and men are equal and in some cases women are even more intelligent than men.
  • Me:I think it is simply unfair that some cultures do not give women the rights they obviously deserve; according to studies, some women are even more ambitious than men. They should get payed the same amount of money as men get for the same job, and most men in such cultures are retarded concerning their employment about women's intelligence and their position in a healthy society. *ignoring some idiotic boys laughing* And women have the same thirst for knowledge as men and women are, in some cases, more intelligent than their husband. So why would a healthy society forbid a women to educate? Are they frightened that something might change and, god forbid, we get the same rights as men?
  • Random Boy:How can you say that. If I, as a man, would have said, that women are retarded, you'd be so angry and hate me. Who do you think you are. Women are not better than men or more educated. Just because you are a women, does not mean that you are allowed to insult boys.
  • Me:But, you're missing the point, I never said...
  • Random girl:I agree with Random Boy, because women can be happy about what they have and saying than men are retarded is simply idiotic. *turning towards me* Think before you speak.
  • Me:The f**k is wrong with y'all.
  • Random girl #2:But *turning towards me* you are right. Women should have the same rights as men and this is important. Too many societies forget that intelligence is not based on the gender.
  • Me:Oh god thank you.
  • Random Boy:But...
  • Me:God damn, shut up.
  • Random Girl #2:Applause to you *smiling, clapping hands, looking me straight in the eyes*
  • Me *thinking*:Okay, so men are allowed to say that women are more intelligent than men. Men are allowed to say that the society has to change and see women as equals. Men are allowed to say that men are stupid when it comes to making differences between genders. A man being a feminist is okay.
  • But GOD FORBID if I, a WOMEN, point out my rights, underline the need of gender-equality, tell people what is wrong with society, that we are in need of a change, this is so MEAN and "NOT ALL MEN". A women being a feminist is "not okay".
  • So, today's society basically tells me that I, a women, am not allowed to stand up for myself, and gives me a men as a representant? I can't be the only person who thinks that this is wrong.

I keep hearing hellers and cockles trash whine about not understanding why everyone hates them because (and I quote) “they never bother anybody”. 

Maybe this is why. Jensen tweeted this to support Jared’s campaign:

And this is how cockles people responded:

Really? That’s what you’re going to do when Jensen supports Jared? Try to make it about some imaginary and ridiculous fantasy about Jensen and Misha? And to tweet your sexual fantasies about Jensen and his co-worker directly to Jensen? Gross. 

Even more baffling is this:

Um, how exactly does Jensen supporting the AKF campaign make cockles real? THIS IS FOR A MENTAL HEALTH CHARITY AND IT HAS ZERO TO DO WITH MISHA. Seriously, sit down, shut up, and quit embarrassing yourselves and the entire fandom. 

Hi so you’ve probably seen a post floating around accusing me of art theft and coding theft but I just wanted to clear everything up: I’ve never stolen art, and two years ago I DID take some small bits of coding, BUT I apologized for it and it’s removed and not available to the public but I’m still getting harassed by tumblr user siluxe who pretty much does nothing but constantly post about their disdain for me. You can read a full rebuttal here.

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Sinnoh Week: Day One - Your Starter Pokémon

I don’t have much time this week (or month) at all but I really want to participate in Sinnoh Week, so have some gifs of my go-to starter for the Sinnoh games, Chimchar!

Chimchar was for some reason my immediate choice when I was first presented the three starters in Pokémon Diamond even though I hadn’t really seen images of them beforehand. In truth I like all three of them, but Chimchar was always my favorite. And it’s cry just gives me nostalgia.

Sometime in the future I might have the time to actually draw Chimchar. Or more likely a gijinka.