remember in catfa when Erskine was talking to Steve and said “the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength,”, have you ever thought about this in terms of Steve’s interactions with Tony throughout the franchise so far?
because the start of that statement is Tony summed up, he’s never known anything but power, he’s always been a rich white man, he inherited a business empire, he’s smart and a powerful businessman. and he did lose respect for it and it gave him such an ego, an ego and superiority complex that have been the cause of a lot of conflict. (please see the entire film Age of Ultron)
but Steve, he hasn’t known power, he grew up small and overlooked and people didn’t expect anything from him. even when he got given the serum and had strength, he was still being told he wasn’t enough, he still didn’t really know power. he did know however that he’s been continually screwed over by those in power (Captain Phillips, Shield/Nick Fury, His Government), he knows that the people around him that have known power, haven’t done anything but abuse it.
and this is why i think they take such differing stances on the accords. Tony hasn’t ever known anything but power, he’s always been in charge in some way, he’s not been screwed over continuously by people in power, he’s been someone that’s benefitted from it all his life.
Steve though, he’s seen first hand over and over again, how easy it is for people with power to lose respect for it, forget what they’re supposed to be using it for. he’s suffered and seen people he loves suffer at the hands of people with agendas, he’s seen just how corrupt and ugly power can make you. and he doesn’t want to be a part of that bc as strong as he is now physically, mentally and psychologically, he is still and probably always will be, the little guy.

So I’m currently making a RPG on this cool maker I bought. It’s a cute 16 bit adventure about a smol child who goes on a quest to find her parents.
It’s cute and maybe a hour of play once I’m done and I’m gonna put it on a website and link it and I’m suPPER excited! I have it about 2/3 of the way done.


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For the traditional board members of MI6, the agents of the newly operating I.S.L.E. division are rascals; young, scrappy, and nothing but Townsfolk who hardly know the meaning of the word “protocol.” Their unorthodox methods, however, might just be what’s needed after an unknown organization starts targeting the top agents — and it all started with the death of Emilia Lovell’s parents years ago.

At 23, Emilia lives a very quiet life despite being a certified genius. She works at a call center, lives in a small flat, and tries her best to stay out of trouble, as promised to Nana…yet it comes looking for her in the form of an attempt at kidnapping, guns, and a young agent by the name of Harry Styles who saves her by throwing them down the river.

Well, what Nana doesn’t know won’t hurt her.


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Some doodles of chibi!Misty I did a couple of weeks ago. Please…. don’t look too much at the Pokemon. I was at work and had no references and I’ve never drawn Pokemon before minus a few instances of Pikachu and Togepi and one time I drew Fennekin.

Bed Bug Advice:

Get EcoLogic spray:

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-it smells like lemons

You can find it here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that Jensen Ackles has two healthy kids, but “Zeppelin Ackles” is going to figure in psychology books for years to come as the most glaring example of character bleed in the history of modern TV.

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And while I’m here, let me talk about this scene!

Because we know B’Elanna has abandonment issues, and the idea of returning to Federation space would have to be worrisome for her. 

I mean she was Maquis, and while I have a feeling at this point anyone on Voyager would’ve been pardoned (if not as an honorary thing when it was believed Voyager was lost, at least Owen would’ve made it happen, he seemed pretty committed to making amends and I imagine making sure your son and daughter-in-law don’t end up in jail upon returning would be part of that), she was still an outcast. In more ways than one. So while a lot of her worries might be diminished, I can’t imagine they’re gone.

So her worrying about it now makes sense to me, even if she’s taking a page out of Tom’s book and deflecting a bit by being teasing. She’s worried, and needs reassurance. 

Tom knows that. He knows her. He could’ve teased her back, made light of the situation like he did when he suggested they stay with his parents, but instead he’s honest. And they both know he’s being honest. Because he truly isn’t going anywhere, ever. She and the baby are all he’s ever wanted, and he’ll be damned if he ever lets them go. 

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