Reylo  Pride and Prejudice AU: 

“You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”

Prompt #75 - Reunited

@soifyoudaretofindme: ‘so like, i know we broke up and stuff but funny story, i haven’t told my family yet and they just assumed you’d be coming with me for [insert family celebration] and i really don’t know how to tell them and i know this is really selfish but i can’t break my great grandma’s heart like that, she’ll probably have a heart attack and - wait what? you’d do that for me? holy shit, i love you … wait -‘ AU

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They all don’t have to end bad. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. 

I hope those who requested the prompt, enjoy it. 

She hesitated when Gray asked the question, Karen and Zach watching her face to judge her response. ‘Ah, yeah, sure.’ Claire answered easily, smiling into her webcam as she panicked internally. Apparently she had forgotten to share the state of her relationship with Owen Grady with the rest of her family.

Last they heard Owen was crashing on her couch. Which, he was, until several months ago. There was no relationship between the two. He kissed her on Isla Nublar, he suggested survival. After the media storm slowed down, after Masrani Global’s legal battle evened out. The fire between them faltered. With no hullabaloo surrounding them, amping up the air they breathed, Owen and Claire fell flat.

As soon as they were relinquished from a semi house arrest in Costa Rica, they parted ways. She evidently forgot to share that with her sister and nephews. Gray had excitedly asked after Owen, curious to know if the man would attend his 13th birthday party. She agreed without second thought. It would be easier to call Owen, than explain, over Skype, that her family was misinformed.

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I turned 22 today! Whattt?

Spent the first 4 hours or so in bed feeling super sick and awful with a lot of pain and a terrible dysautonomia/sensory processing day. The bright spot of the morning was just how much love I got online and elsewhere :) I eventually felt a bit better and had a nice low-key afternoon, then made it to Vedge tonight. It was SO good!!! Some of the best food I’ve had by far, and it was so cool to be able to actually eat everything on the menu. It was such a perfect and lovely night & we got a great walk around Philly after. My body is totally letting me know I overdid it now - loud places like restaurants are really tough for me - but some things are worth the flare. Hopefully this doesn’t last too long, but until then I’ll be one very happy, very dizzy cat.

Sonny saw it coming. It kinda felt like slow motion to him, like in all those movies when people suddenly see their life flashing before their eyes.
Only now he didn’t see anything but Barba approach.
There was the well known frown on his face, at least that was the expression that was usually reserved for him and Sonny couldn’t do anything but stare.

He tried to say something, open his mouth and heard Liv try to warn Barba, although her voice sounded somewhat muted.

It was too late, though

The counsellor had an I-pad in hand, and probably wanted to talk to him about the email from last night.
Somewhere in the back of his mind he could hear the smaller man speaking, pointing at something in the jumble of words he had written the other day. Right now he couldn’t even remember what it had been he had asked Barba about.

He might as well have asked the man out for dinner.
Not that he had ever thought about it.

Okay maybe he had, but he would have never done so.

“Uh Barba?”
That was the first time the man next to him actually looked up, back at the sarge who seemed somewhat indecisive if she should laugh or cry.

“I’d say you don’t want to stand next to Carisi at the moment, but I guess it’s to late.” She shrugged and Dodds and Amanda next to her looked much more amused than Liv.

“I don’t –“ Barba followed Liv’s gaze slightly and finally his eyes widened when he finally saw what all the fuss was about.
There, right above their heads hung a little green mistletoe.

Sonny had of course known that it hung there, but hadn’t actually cared all that much. All his colleagues knew it was there and if anyone was thoughtless enough to step under it well than that’s how it was supposed to happen.
How on earth was he supposed to count Barba into that equation?

“You can’t be serious.”
Barba frowned at Liv, but she shook her head.
“I’m sorry.” At least she looked as if she was slightly less amused by the whole thing, then the two detectives that were with her.

“Oh we are. We are very serious about it. Them’s the rules.” Amanda winked at Sonny who mouthed obsceneties at her, but she only laughed shaking her head.
Barba next to him huffed and probably rolled his eyes.
“And here I was under the illusion that all of us were adults.”

That earned him a pair of raise eyebrows from the sarge.

“We are, but Amanda is right, there are rules and we can’t just ignore them.”
It seemed she had finally decided to be amused by the situation and most of all to stand with Amanda in this.

Sonny had seldom in his life wished for someone to die via lightning stroke, but right now he knew at least one candidated he’s love to see on top of that list.
“Oh come on! Carisi say something about this, I can’t be the only one thinking this is ridiculous.”
Sonny jumped. Somehow he hadn’t expected to be adressed, but at least he finally found his voice again:
“Yeah he’s right, you guys are really being a little silly.”

“It wasn’t so silly when I had to kiss the delivery boy.”
Amanda grinned knowing this was the argument Sonny couldn’t object, since he had been the one practically making her do it.

Right now he hated himself for having lectured Amanda on christmas customs and their importance, but that was just like him, wasn’t it. Somehow it all came back to him.

“Come on Barba, don’t be a spoilsport”, was Liv’s comment.
Barba next to him sighed.

Oh yeah he had forgotten how Liv had always been the one to make Barba do stuff he really rather wouldn’t have. And no that was definitively not a pang of jelousy he felt right then. That would have been rediculous!

“Allright. You really are serious about this?”
Amanda, Liv, even Dodds nodded. Great, even the knew guy stabbed him in the back.
“Come on counsellor, it’s just a little kiss, none of us is expecting the two of you to run off to Vegas and get married”, Amanda was still grinning at them both then put her hands on her hips waiting.

Oh well it didn’t seem as if either of them would get around this thing anytime soon. Barba seemed to think about the same thing.

“Alright, alright”, Barba sighed then turned to face Sonny. They were really doing this. Oh god! Somehow all of it was happening much too fast, in some kind of rush, but all the same it felt as if somebody had frozen time, or just slowed down his brain? – probably the latter, if he was honest.

For the first time Sonny noticed just how much smaller Barba was. Yes he knew the A.D.A wasn’t exactly tall, but it wasn’t as if it had mattered to him before. He had to lean down, so that their lips could meet. Should he tilt his head? Okay stupid question, but in which direction?
There was the smallest hint of a few freckles dusted on Barba’s nose and cheeks and for a brief moment he wondered if those would show up more once he’d see more of the sun again.
Also Barba’s lashes and eyebrows were much lighter than the rest of his hair, almost blonde in this light. Howeve was he surprised by this? He knew the man for over a year now. Shouldn’t he have notice some time before. There were small gold flecks in the green of his eyes, or was it brown? H his lips were slighty chapped, but very pink and really didn’t look half bad.

He should have concentrated on other things than Barba’s eye color, or lip color, as he felt his nose awkwardly press against Barba’s face. Their lips only touched for a second or two, Sonny tried his best to reangle so at least their position wouldn’t be so uncomfortable. He felt Barba smile against his lip - Smug bastard -  a hand grabbed his neck to pull him down more and suddenly the body in front of Sonny moved down an inch or two.

Had Barba stood on the tip of his toes? It seemed so.

Those lips against his felt much softer than they had looked. They were moving, slightly working at his lower lip and Sonny took this as a prompt to open his mouth expecting a hot tongue slip in, when Barba pressed his lips together and drew back. The hand that had been pulling him down slipped away just as quickly, and Sonny could feel the little hairs in his neck stand.
His lips where still parted, his vision hazy.


Very eloqent, really. He just couldn’t find anything else to say.

Barba frowned  again.

Okay that was better than the smile that had been playing around the corners of his mouth. Then he shook his head slightly and turned towards the others.
“There. You happy?”
Amanda shrugged, although her face was telling a whole different story, and Liv shook her head, probably more because she couldn’t believe what had just happened, and Dodds actually nodded.

Hadn’t he been so flustered, it would habe been a hilarious sight.

Sonny tried his best to pull him self together, he cleared his throat and busied himself with straightening his tie. Barba glanced at him out of the corners of his eyes.
“I think I’ll email you about the notes?”
Sonny nodded trying his best not to look at the man next to him, his lips still tingling and he tried his best not to imagine what it would have been like if Barba’s tongue had actually slipped past his lips.
“Alright then.”
Barba nodded towards the others then closed the cover of his ipad.
“See ya.” Sonny tried his best not to croak at Barba.
The counselor looked a bit taken a back, but nodded.
“See ya.” His answer was dripping with sarcasm, but at least he seemed somewhat amused.

((I made an Undertale monster OC during Latin class??? More barfing up random character information yaaayyyyy

Name: Brim Bramble Brinklehoff

Gender: Agender, but goes by he/him pronouns

Profession: Freelancer Chemist
- Specializes in anything involving combustion; basically, he deals with explosions
- Also sells pop rock candy as a side. Most of the candy he gives away is safe. Most. You never know if one of them might be contaminated with chemical junk, but luckily, it’s a rare occurrence.
- Was invited to participate in the Determination project, but refused, saying that it doesn’t suit his interests.

Appearance: His head and some of his torso is made of a sort of hardwood. His limbs, however, are composed of a sap-like substance that is sturdy and glasslike yet flexible. Usually wears a collared shirt with a bow tie and a lab coat worn over those. Also mostly wears dull-brown pants and black dress shoes.

Other Things to Know:
- He loves children
- Clumsy, but careful.
- Lives in a secluded part within the Snowdin forest. It’s hard to find where he works unless you know where to look.
- He is often spotted in places other than Snowdin. He doesn’t enjoy the cold, just uses it to regulate the temperature of his science equipment. There is a better chance in seeing him in Waterfall, where he sells his pop rock candy.

That’s pretty much all I have for now. .u.; I’m not sure if I’m going to use him for anything, since I’m afraid I’m going to figuratively shoot myself in the foot for paying attention to too many OCs at once, but I’m still liking the idea so far. XD))

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