I’ve Had Worse

Summary: Another birthday, another trip to the ER. It’s all fairly routine when it comes to life for Emma Swan, but there is nothing routine about Dr. Killian Jones. 

Rating: T 

Also on FF or Ao3


It’s shaping up to be another banner year.

Emma drags herself into the ER, the cool October night damp on her exposed skin. She liked this dress – she looks great in it, and it was supposed to be a solid investment for trapping future perps.

But of course this guy couldn’t make it easy.

She wishes they wouldn’t fight. It always ends the same way –  she slaps the cuffs on them and hauls them into whichever precinct they’ve gone missing from. She tries to minimize the damage along the way, but tonight she’s got a ruined dress and an impending medical bill.

It’s a spectacular way to spend her birthday.

She debates leaving. The swelling under her eye is tender to the touch, and a glance at the reflective window reveals it’s already taking on a purplish hue. It’s not the first time she’s ended up with a black eye, and she knows the treatment – a frozen bag of peas and a quality concealer.

But there’s a sharp pain in her side that feels like a broken bone, and the last thing she needs is to have a snapped rib end up slicing open her lung.

They get to her eventually, the nurse’s frown at her dress filled with judgement, as though her short hem and high heels have earned her this. Emma grits her teeth, easing onto the bed and clutching her side. “The doctor will be with you shortly,” the nurse says, making a note on her chart after taking her blood pressure.

She nods, leaning back and trying to keep her breathing shallow. Deep breaths make the pain in her side worse, as does most movement. Her eyes slip closed nearly against her will, the adrenaline of the chase fading as exhaustion takes over.

“Emma Swan?” Her eyes snap open at the rumble of his voice, the man she assumes to be the doctor glancing over her chart. There’s a hint of an accent there, something lilting and different from the rough and tumble Boston accents she’s used to. He’s much more attractive than he has any right to be in the dark blue scrubs, snug across the shoulders and revealing toned biceps. She watches them flex as he lowers her chart, finally looking her over. “I’m Dr. Jones. Looks as you’ve had a rough night, lass.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey sometimes when people say "Netflix and chill" they actually plan to have sex with you, it's pretty lame

UMMM How about no!?

You don’t get to mention specific branding like “Netflix” and then mean something completely different.

This kind of crap right here is why I’m so beyond done with non-platonic relationships. I know there are people who find value in romantic and/or sexual interactions, and I am in no way shaming them for that. It works for them, and that’s great. 

Me personally, there are WAY too many double-meanings and entendres and it’s effing exhausting. What’s wrong with just watching Netflix and hanging out. Why does it need to escalate to sexual stuff? What? You get bored watching “Sherlock”? GTFO of my apartment. I don’t have time for that. I got mysteries to deduce. 

*misses you*
*still doesn’t talk to you*


CS AU Week
Day 05 >> Crossover (CS/The Amazing Spider-Man Crossover)

“I wanna tell you something.”

“Oh… Okay.”

“I’ve been bitten.”

“So have I.”

“Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, I gotta tell you one thing, and it’s about the vigilante and the car thief, alright?”

“Oh, okay.”

“No, no, no, don’t… Forget that, I’m not gonna talk about that. I’m gonna talk about me.”

“What about you?”

“I wish I could just… I can’t. It’s hard to say.”

“Just say it, say it….” 

“Why, what? What?”

“…You’re Spiderman.”

“Just, shut up.”

wow. just  w o w. i’m still trying to comprehend how exactly i’ve gotten this far. never in my LIFE have i had 500+ followers. so this is really a big moment for me. out of all of the rp blogs i’ve had, i’ve never met such wonderful, caring, & friendly people like the ones i’ve met here. you’ve all shown me so much love & support that it re ally makes me want to cry ( haPPY TEARS OFC ). you guys welcomed me with open arms & i could not even begin to explain how grateful i am for that. i’ve jumped around a LOT with my previous blogs ( & even stopped writing entirely for a good year or so ). i have to say, none of them have ever clicked more with me than this one. i think i finally found my home here. & i just want to thank you all so much for such a wonderful experience so far !! i love all of you guys !

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Moving right along, in search of middles and endings

I’m up to 10121 words for “zelgan baby feels”! Right now I have pretty much everything done except for Zelda’s disowning, and a proper ending. I have a good idea what I want to do (it involves revenge against the crown by one very pissed off father and possibly help from an equally pissed Sheikah), and can probably start putting together a proper ffnet/ao3 page fairly soon.

But for now, here’s a promised preview, focusing on Zelda! Click here for the premise, part 1, and part 2!

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