I don’t know but my favorite thing is still when Irving Azoff tweeted “1D still in the capable hands of Modest. Golf guys should stick to golf….” And five months later Modest started doing business as golf managers. The shade, man, the shade.


My Star Trek Original series design “Where no man has gone before!” is getting reprinted on Qwertee. It will be on sale from 11pm GMT on 1st of September!

Available as tshirts (men/women/kids) for only 10 euros! Plus sweatshirts (19 euros) and jackets (29 euros). 

Please share and grab one if you can! 

Graphic designing is my only source of income and being an unemployed university student in a bankrupt country isn’t the easiest thing, every euro helps! 

Thank you!

R: Enjolras please I know the stupid legal team number, do you remember how many times I got arrested in my life

E: I don’t trust your alcohol soaked brain.

[explanation: it’s common to have legal teams providing lawyers and support via phone in case of arrests and conflicts with the police during bigger protests. People tend to write the number somewhere on their body in order to not lose it. But in some places (like where I live) the number has literally been the same for 20 years so everybody knows it by heart and cracks jokes about it. So yeah this is the background for this. next part of protest culture 101 will follow shortly]