anonymous asked:

Hey! Are there any good harry blogs you could rec me? :) x

okay so i’m bad at this cause i got an awful memory but these are the ones i’ve thought of so far! they’re not all jus harry blogs but most of them are harries n i love all of them w my entire heart!! (if you’re a mutual n a harrie n i forgot you then message me n i’ll add you fndkjfm) i love you!! 

@17-blackaf @packerhaz @viplourry @iwillsingwithyou @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 @stylishfluff @hanlando @soloharried @harrycherub @narryart @haarrrrry @preciousharry @hazthelove
@lookformyownparadise @fakelimabean @harrysfashioncampaign @harryismywonderwall @androgynoustyles @quitefond @kale-child @latelatelouis @harryandlana @springtimeharrie @memeharry @stylesrecord
@harryokay @harryknows @harryeven @kittyfilter @stylesrecord @awharrys
@aircatcherharry @bestsupportingactorharrystyles @bewbies @crazymofas
@virghoebitch @yayhaz @zaynalprobe @thereignofsoloharry @heyangelmp3
@styleswhatever @stylinsweet @harcld @harryandseb @harrystyles420 @harrys @harrystyler @harrysmoney @heatherlynnstylinson @dareharry @darkharries @artglow @harrystan @2013sharry @thighstattoo @thightat @forharrys @matthwdaddario @hotharreh

Hello lovelies. I hit 1.5k followers a couple of weeks which is just… #woahhh so I decided to make a lil follow forever to say thank you to some of my fave blogs / people in the whole wide world for brightening up my dash everyday. I couldn’t include everyone I follow because there are too many wonderful humans on here, but here is my blogroll so you can check them out because they’re all amazing <3

mutuals bolded

@abbygkane @abbykomskaikru @abbykxne @abigailskanes @adriansydney @alicecullen @aliciaclarhk @aliciavikandar @alyciadubnamcarey @argentnecklace @astereias @baskervielle @beallamy @bensolcs @blomskvist @brookdavis @captaine-duckling @clarkegroffin @collinslily @daenerysn @daenesrys @daniels-gillies @dorbevnina @ellicts @elizataylcr @fandammit @grrlinthefireplace @grrrrrimes @gyllenhal @hermiunes @hopeisxverything @iangullugher @itsthatunique @kaneabigails @katiegeckoz @katnisservdeen @kissedbyflames @kneazles @manofsalvatiion @mcrksloans @melaniemartienz @minerrvas @nancyswheelers @odairannies @ohperalta @oswinwaled @peachyjareth @peodameron @perksofbeingafanboy @purplelephantsarewrong @pvedameron @ronanlyhnc @ronesweasley @rosetylecr @sculllys @sdyneysage @sebastivns @seyfrieds @shefollowedfires @spncreids @starksren @thominho @troianforlife @turnersophie @untilkingdomcome @valramorghulis @winchestheart

sterekcrisis  asked:

My dash is severely lacking in sterek content. Do you have any blogs you could recommend?

Sure thing! Here in no particular order are a handful of wonderful people who post mostly Stiles, Derek, and Sterek:

@hoechlindylan @pale-silver-comb @soakedinsmoke @ryvetted4 @sterekshelter @mad-madam-m @fuckyeahsterekfanart @sourwolfsparking @sterektrashbag @matildajones @stilesandderek @crossroadswrite @scruffysterek @derekandstiles @sterek-trash-queen @goodoceangonewrong @dust1feather @dontgobrienmyheart @bisexualsterek @thesparkandthewolf @lunaticderek @neverenoughsterek @sterekballs @not-the-alpha  @howdoyoudefinelying @aethelthryn @write-light @sterekbros @dearesthale @lykoslupus @drgrlfriend @yodas-yo-yo @sterektrashaf @foreverblue-navy @nivahlpassions @thepsychicclam @troubleiwant @spider999now @derekeyebrows @derek-x-stiles @redhoodedwolf @sourwolfstudmuffin @withmyteeth @howlwiththewolvessterek @alecymagnus @hales-republic @appreciatederek