Headcanon Time. 

Let’s learn about monster bodies,kiddo’s! 


Monsters (such as Sans) can feel things like temperature, softness, hardness, pain, ect. However, it should be noted that monsters tend to have a much higher threshold than humans do. The magical properties of their bodies work to create a balance, providing energy when cold and relaxing when hot, hence why monsters are able to live and travel easily between extreme climates like Hotland and Snowdin without always having the proper attire.

So with that in mind, be cautious if a monster is running you a shower—what’s hot to a human is merely warmish to them! 

Personal Hygiene 

Do monsters even shower? Yes! But whereas for humans, showering is part of a healthy routine, for monsters, it’s more like a convenience.Germs don’t affect them in the same way, but dirt and grime still stick on their bodies regardless, and showering is the easiest way to clean off.

 Some monsters have more upkeep than others, such as Bear Monsters, who have to shower regularly to maintain clean fur. For a monster like Sans, however, he typically only needs to shower once a week or so. He’s a bit lazy with it, but does sometimes use warm (to him, anyway) showers as a way to relax his thoughts. 

Injuries - Physical

Monsters can sustain physical injury, such as bruising. For most monsters, however, it takes a good amount of force or repeated hitting in one spot to cause a bruise. The area takes on a brownish, soft appearance, visually indicating that the magic maintaining their bodies has been weakened in that spot. 

Luckily for them, bruises generally only last between a few hours and a day, depending on the severity. Even after the bruise fades, however, the area can remain very sore and tender for a bit. Sleeping greatly increases how fast they’ll heal! 

Broken bones, on the other hand, are much less likely. The magic maintaining them is very strong, and even to crack a bone would take an extraordinary amount of power. The experience would be incredibly painful just for the crack; if the bone were to break, it’s likely that the monster is near death, as that’s a sign of severely low and unstable magic. 

 Injuries - SOUL

This has its’ own category as the type of injuries are actually different. This is where HP levels come into play! Being hurt physically and hurt via SOUL yield different results, so yes, even with his 1 HP Sans could stub his toe, get punched, or else hurt physically without dying. It’s only when the SOUL is exposed that he would need to be careful!

So why do monsters fight with exposed SOULS? Well, in all honesty, it’s not exactly intentional. Using intense magical abilities such as attacks can’t usually be done without exposing one’s SOUL. Though the exact reasons are still a bit unknown (just like with humans, monsters don’t know everything about themselves), most doctors have agreed that this is due to the fact that a monsters magic is based in a SOUL, that every magical property stems from it. So, harnessing that magic and manipulating it into an attack requires the SOULS active involvement. 

I think that’s all I’ll put here for now, but if you have any further questions or curiosities, feel free to send in an ask!


Screw writing ‘strong’ women. Write interesting women. Write well-rounded women. Write complicated women. Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner. Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. Write a woman who doesn’t need a man. Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks. THEY ARE ALL OKAY, and all those things could exist in THE SAME WOMAN. Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.” – Lori

I was asked by the lovely @aud-works​ about nib recommendations, and it quickly became obvious I should make a more detailed tutorial, so! NIBS!!! Often misunderstood, but gosh do I love ‘em.

Brands - My favorite brand is Nikko by far. They last FOREVER and are super durable, I still have some Nikkos from middle school that work! Kinda hard to find though jetpens.com has a lovely selection here. Kuretake makes decent nibs and are easier to find in stores, but I feel they have more protective coating so need a longer time in the flame. Same with Tachikawa, they make the best holders and I’m so in love with the blue holder that comes with a cover which is perfect when traveling with a Maru.

DOOOOON’T GET AMERICAN NIBS if you can help it. I know a lot of comic artists SWEAR by Hunt 104′s, and sure the flexibility is great, but for me they just never hold ink for very long. I’ve never used an american-made brand and liked it, they always break right away and clog easily from my experience. But if it’s all you have access to it’s fine to start out on them of course!

PREP! it’s kinda important.

FIRE!!!! Yes, you need to set a torch to a new nib. Nibs come with a protective sealant on them that repels ink. Setting a quick lighter on it clears it up and they’ll hold ink at least twice as efficiently!

Paper and Ink!

Before I go into different types I just gotta say I always have to re-learn the hard way that if a paper has a lot of tooth a nib won’t hold up well. It’ll clog like all hell broke lose and get super fluffy, here’s a good example of how fluffy it can get I mean hoo boy the bleed here is ridiculous ewww:

Finally got some Deleter and the angels sang. Normal Smooth Bristol is fine too of course, but even that can scrape. In general a Nib will always scrape into paper, but if it’s a paper made for nibwork you’ll have to wipe it less and it won’t bleed as much!

As far as inks go, make sure it’s not too thick and you’re fine. For a brush I’ll always use Sumi ink, but for nib do noOOOooot do that lol. A more liquid Deleter or actually Black Magic Higgins works very well. I can’t believe I’m recommending Higgins but there you have it. Really doesn’t clog as much!

Now, what type to use?

Maru - Detail pen, the finicky love of your life. While it may be tempting, it’s important not to use a Maru exclusively to avoid clogging headaches. Pushing it too hard gives a higher chance to catch and spray (probably why most seem to hate nibs lol) it’s important not to force a nib to do something it doesn’t want to do!

G-Pen - Soft and Flexible, this guy is your best friend. Can achieve a surprising amount of detail work, will probably be your most used pen along with Maru. I always thought I hated the G cause I had confused it with School, but no, I finally saw the light! Perfect for thin-thick work. Ink lasts forever on it and it’s super durable to boot.

Spoon - Sharp and smooth, perfect for hatching, speed lines, and general drawing with a firmer feel. When doing thin-thick work it gives a sharper feel to the drawing which can have a nice effect!

School - Thick and Broad without much give, this guy goes in for a great graphic heavy feel. Love to use it for uniform chunky lines to show weight!

Hopefully this kinda shows how to use them all together!

The important thing is not to force them to do something they don’t want to do. They like their jobs. Work with them, not against.

General Tips:

- Beware when hatching to make separate lines, not scribbly woopy-woo lines or else the nib can break or catch and spray.
- SERIOUSLY DO NOT WASH IN WATER until the very end, and then clean with soap and water and make sure they’re dry or else it’ll rust to the holder.
- A napkin without much tooth is better than a paper towel, but like, whatever lying around is fine! Wipe the nib frequently while working!
- Don’t be afraid to scrape off dried ink with your nail! It can take it.
- Normal white-out is more than fine, you don’t need no special thick white ink crap that dries in the bottle anyway. Covers well and a nib goes over it fine.
- You can brush white-out onto your nib and use it as white ink, but make sure it’s cleaned properly after.

To quote a beloved teacher, “Nibs are your friend, not your enemy!” So be kind to them! Use the nib that suits the area you’re working on best. That’s why there are so many different types! Everyone is different, so practice and find out what works best for you! :)

I hope this is useful to someone!! As always if you have any questions feel free to ask, and have fun~! :D xoxo~Allison

You know I really don’t get it. These kids work so hard, and instead of praise they are left with the last few scraps of a holiday dinner.

I’ve seen them out there at 5 in the morning and 10 at night. I’ve seen them on Halloween and Memorial Day. I’ve seen them running laps around the school because some sports team took the stadium from them when it was rightfully theirs, but instead of bitching about it they said “it’s time to get stronger”.

I’ve heard them talk about themselves. They really think they’re nothing special. They have heard what we all have to say about how easy what they do is. They use to shout in protest but soon realized we had already turned around to cheer on the ball game.

They speak in this secret language of fermatas and thirty second notes and dot books and subsets, but we seem to have translated the word crescendo into ‘worthless’.

I hear the football team talk about them. ‘I can’t believe the school gives them all that money, I mean they just come to play at our games!’ and I want to scream at the top of my very lungs that they do so much more than ride a bus and perform at half-time. I wanted to smash some sense into their heads. I want for just one second for everyone to see the stigma they had created.

But I wouldn’t. Who would listen? Who would stop to hear that every summer they wake up at 4 am and work until 11 pm to perfect 12 minutes? Who would stop to care that 100 kids struggle to wear their uniforms every year because they are falling apart at the seams, but the soccer team buys new ones every year?

Why is it that when 100 kids run across a field they earn respect, but when 100 kids run across a field with metal in their hands they earn malice and laughter?

Look at them. Look how amazing they are. Look how hard they work with what little they are given. Look at how they still take pride in the broken puzzle of a program the school board dishes out to them every year.

For God’s sake, just look at them.

For @scotchtapeofficial, to express my appreciation for all their hard work on the amazing swaptale PLEASE check it out!

I thought this part of the song really fit undertale and I wanted to make a swaptale tribute to fit it too, so I reimagined the introduction (the original is better trust me) (I know Frisk doesn’t have the knife after they swap, but i wanted to use reflections sorry

So yeah, thank you scotch tape for sharing swaptale with us and I can’t wait to see how it turns out 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。


Top 5 Favourite Male Idols: 5. Oh Sehun
Aside from his amazing dancing talent and hard work ethic, this guy… is one of the most 4D human beings I’ve ever encountered. From making up strange words to making derpy facial expressions, he has a very unique way of expressing himself, and I find it really charming. He can be very cheeky and brutally honest, but at the same time he is mature and sincere in his actions and words. He is just so loveable, and not to mention he is also a cutie with a booty!( ̄ー ̄)


she couldn’t find a scarf small enough but she’s still rockin’ it
(happy fall btw!!)

i like/love channing tatum because

(a) he is often funny and has actually done some solid dramatic work (really!)
(b) he has a lumbering dancer’s grace
© he is, by all accounts, exceptionally nice, humble, hard-working, and unpretentious. can definitely roll with hollywood’s nicest and most genuine (matt damon and keanu).
(d) he has been so beige for so long that it becomes impossible not to acknowledge his beigeness. his beigeness actually distracts from everything about him that is genuinely interesting: his life story, his successful career management, his fully-formed talent as a dancer (and growing talent as an actor), his self-awareness, his actually pretty fun personality, etc. his ability to coast on mediocrity totally reflects his privilege, but he owns his beigeness and fights to transcend it in a totally honest way. and that makes it easy to root for him—so much more so than most other actors, whose mediocrity or unoriginality nobody recognizes (i’m talking to you, james flacco). there’s nothing wrong with being beige (most celebs are), but if i’m going to root for someone who has done a lot of mediocre work, it might as well be the dude who is actually super nice, doesn’t deny it, always strives to be better, and is really less beige than he appears, right?
(e) i’m fascinated by his 1:1 face-to-neck ratio
(f) very passionate about funfetti icing
(g) my children’s children will probably read his iconic e-mail “F YOU TED !!!” in their u.s. history textbooks, under the chapter dedicated to the interview fiasco of 2k14

i hope he gets an oscar nom just for the narrative satisfaction (and because i want to see the internet burn). i read a review of foxcatcher (which i still haven’t seen yet) that was like “what other actor of this caliber can so easily execute a one-handed backflip” and i actually teared up a little bit, i was so verklempt, like hell yeah channing tatum is an actor of a certain caliber

real talk i think he is my favorite american celeb

adam parrish at college sleeping in his boyfriend’s shirts and listening to his shitty electronica and skyping every night with him to talk about their days like the Marrieds they are and ronan telling him about what he’s working on at the barns and what he’s dreaming and sending him videos of opal eating various strange materials and blue and gansey sending him postcards and pictures that he puts up on the wall of his dorm room while he tops every class and impresses all his professors and works so hard but gets more sleep than he probably ever has and has a healthy social life and carrying it all around inside of him like a talisman: knowing he has a bright, happy, successful future that he made for himself, knowing he has a home to go back to, knowing he has people who love him. knowing that he can have love and freedom at the same time. knowing that he deserves all of it

✖ we’re not ashes ✖


你是冰雪的王爵,你是末世的苍雪 (You’re the prince of the frozen kingdom, you’re the snow on the peak of trees;)

ALSO!!! TODAY I GOT MY OWN SEWING MACHINE!!! i’ve been using friend’s and stuff up til now and it’s been a challenge but i finally have my own and i think i might get into doing commissions and stuff?? but for now i’ve got one week to get all my cosplays for my next con done, wish me luck!!!



(Also, hi. I’m back from the dead with art of my own that isn’t a shit post.)