a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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I'm fucking pissed. I've been working so hard for the past few months because I was promised a raise. I got that raise (and extra $1.28p/h) but they've cut my hours back so I'm getting less each fortnight than before. Instead of working 25 hours a week, I'm only getting 16, and I'm no longer allowed any overtime. I'm so mad, Ive started looking for a new job so Fuck You to my boss

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That photo is the stupidest thing i've seen. First, 'we've been working so hard?' well honey that's the problem with posting EVERYTHING for pr, we know you had a long weekend and vacation literally two weeks ago. Also why leave for a weekend trip on a saturday night?? Then he also tags the hotel they're in (apparently the best in vegas and very expensive) which makes him look braggy. It's pr on pr. jfc. They're making all of his fans dislike him so they can go to her. literally.

Anon. Agree. First it’s laughable her complaining about her tough week. Just ridiculous. I guess her arm hurts from pouring all those drinks for friends both Monday and Friday at her bar.

And they need this? You are correct. They just partied in Palm Springs.

On the photo and PR. The point, as was pointed out by an astute anon the other day, is to sell, even when this is over, that they are friends. Paramount here. She needs the fans to stay and to sympathize with her. They need her to look like a good person and someone Darren chooses to hang out with. That’s part of the deal they made.

But they also serve to make him look bad and make people angry at him. Don’t think he’s team isn’t aware. I fully believe they want to destroy him. One of their goals.

So we. Those who know and who can see through charade. Need to offer Darren tons and tons of support. Let him know he’s loved. And that we think he’s strong. And remind him we aren’t going anywhere.

On her. Let them try to sell the friendship if it gets us to the finish line. It sucks but it’s necessary. Honestly to do otherwise would make him look like an ass to the masses that believe in their relationship and are blind to her true nature.

  • bashir, garak's pantyhose tied around his neck like an ascot: i say comrades whats going on
  • o'brien: julian i know there's a war on and everything but can you do us all a favor and find five goddamn minutes to take a focking shower
  • bashir: i shan't. i can't be spared from my solemn calling, practicing Medicine, not for one moment! look, i've been working so hard that, i haven't even had time to zip up my shirt!
  • o'brien: you smell
  • bashir: ah, that would be the pheromones, my erotic man musk 😏😏 from being so masculine and commanding, in this time of crisis. in case you hadn't noticed, im 33 years old now, and *very* grown-up
  • o'brien: jadzia tell this man to wash himself
  • bashir: take a look at my exposed phaser, a symbol of virility
  • dax: well... i agree that he stinks. but i also feel like it'd be hypocritical of me to ask him to do anything about it, considering that any time worf is on the ship, i--
  • bashir: [spraying lynx apollo directly into his armpits] listen chaps its been fun but ive got to go..... duty calls once more 😉😜🍆

an epilogue before were done

Luke Hemmings was known to plan the greatest weddings out there, practically the best wedding planner in all of Los Angeles. There wasn’t a single wedding he couldn’t pull off without a hitch.

That is, until, he’s tasked with planning his ex-boyfriends wedding.

Holy shit this thing has been a monster. I started this nearly a month ago it seems, mostly with the idea of Luke and Ashton coming back together after being broken up for so long. It then spiraled into this, and holy crap I am so, so proud of it. Consider this a Valentine’s Day present for all of you, because that was the deadline I set for myself and also, I love you guys!!

Dedicated to Angie, the Calum to my Michael. She’s listened to me ramble on and on about this fic, given me some tips when I was stuck, and overall was my muse the entire writing process. Thank you dear, I hope you love the finished product <3

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Hi @taylorswift! My name is Frida, we’ve never met nor interacted before.

I’ve been a big fan since 2012. Sadly, I didn’t have enough money to go to your tours nor get any merchandise. These past years I’ve been working and saving up for this new era.

I’m hoping to have enough to see you live. You’ve been my everything and I can’t thank you enough for everything you do every single day.

Love you forever and always,


                           my skin has gone from PORCELAIN, to IVORY, to STEEL

a playlist inspired by a character with the stongest character development, sansa stark of a song of ice and fire and game of thrones.  [listen]

t r a c k l i s t:
arcade fire WE’RE ALL LEAVING
trent reznor and atticus ross WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO EACH OTHER
sigur rós VAR

IVORY; part 2
garry schyman ELIZABETH
chelsea wolfe SURVIVE
manchester orcherstra VIRGIN

STEEL; part 3
trent reznor and atticus ross TECHNICALLY, MISSING
sigur rós KVEIKUR
ramin djawadi THE WINDS OF WINTER

Adaar and Cadash Appreciation Month / The Week of Lord Inquisitor Cadash / Lord Inquisitor Cadash and Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast

I don’t think any of my words right now could describe these two better than some quotes from fanfics that do feature them

How his eyes burned bright with the love he clearly felt for her, and how it was mirrored in her own heart. 

– Finality by ashmeera101 (x)

Maker’s breath, the completely smitten look the Inquisitor had on his face was so sweet it was giving Varric a toothache.


“Honestly, Boss, I truly am happy for you. And about damn time too. All that pining was making everyone at Skyhold antsy. I’m pretty sure Leliana wanted to lock the two of you up in a closet until you started making out.” Varric said, looked at him and sighed. “What is the point of teasing you when you’re just going to stare at the fireplace wistfully?”

– Hand in Hand by well, me (x)

A relationship built on mutual respect and uh finding each other bloody adorable. Cadash loves her, adores her and is always so obvious about it– the boy knows nothing of subtlety. 

Some more photosets that include fanart I made of even more mush: (x), (x) !! 

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May I ask for advice? I'm considering giving up on my dream, I've been working so hard and nothing is coming up. I feel ashamed of myself for not working for it 24/7 but I feel so discouraged. Do I give up?

Why give up?

Maybe you’ll make it tomorrow.

Maybe you take a year off and live your life and enjoy yourself, then get back to work with a year’s worth of ghosts in your black heart and push forward faster than had you worked every waking moment during that year.

Maybe you’ll come back and your dream will be modified by your experience, and you’ll delve into a completely different tangent. I have built exactly 1 chair, 1 lamp, and ship a lot of stationery.