What more do you need than P  R  I  D  E ?

#MayWeDrawDaily Day:…………….19….oh….

UhH…Yeah I have no other excuse other than work has been super busy and i’m super lazy. I didn’t have much time for arting othe than the occasional sketchbook doodle all week…and it…shows. So rusty.  Here’s a Yamaguchi cause hes the best and I love him.

And please guys, be sure to give SU/Crewniverse their well deserved break/hiatus!!

With all these week-long premieres being barely a month apart from each other, and hearing that almost all currently finished episodes have apparently been aired, we gotta be patient!

(With my very vague knowledge about the animation process for television shows, assuming each episode can take about a year process to complete, we’ve had several years-worth of work dumped onto up in these past two months. Generous, but a lot of work!)

So yeah, friendly reminder to be patient with the show! Heck, with any show that has a hiatus! 9 times out of 10, it’s usually worth the wait!

fluff friday “food” [izusaku]

so @vesperlionheart and I decided to start up “fluff fridays” to balance out “smut mondays.” this week’s prompt is “food.” 

please feel free to leave prompts/pairings in the inbox! 

(also, I’ve been binge-watching “the great food truck race” so…yeah.)

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