I’m pretty dang sick at the moment, but if I don’t move, like, at all, I feel pretty OK. So I’ll do that for a while and then I’m like “Oh, Artie, you were just exaggerating about being sick, you’re totally fine, stop being melodramatic” and I’ll believe it

and then I get up or move or try to do something and its like I’ve gone through a portal to hell and I remember “oh yea, I wasn’t exaggerating”

My plans for this weekend are to finish the commission sent for resizing on Saturday and get that in the post, and hopefully get the pieces for my next skant commission cut out before I meet up with an old friend for dinner. Then Sunday I’ll try to get the skant all pieced together and maybe hemmed before mom arrives to help me with some awkward angle stuff on my personal cosplay project.

It’s gonna be a busy week!

Picking up Pelts!

Had all my personal skins fleshed and salted by a fellow a friend recommended and will be picking them up today!  I’ll try to get some photos of them if possible later on today.

This means I’ll likely send everything out to the tanneries and folks next week before I leave so that is covered while I’m away on vacation.  

Kinda happy since there’s not a lot left in my freezer now which means when I get all these back in a few months it means I’ll have a lot of taxidermy projects to work on.  With projects to work on I can do more tutorials and photo sets to teach people here techniques I know. 

Foreseeable next project should be my client’s red fox which hopefully aiming for September/October to work on that on.

I stopped doing my school work, and socializing, I broke up with my girlfriend, fell for my friend and got hurt, did lots of drugs, I slowly ruined my life for about a year and a half cause I planned on dying on my birthday anyways, I planned it all out in detail in notebooks I obsessed over it, I visited the place I was gonna do it multiple times a week and dreamed about it… And then I didn’t die and now I’m stuck in some stupid fucking mess that I can’t get out of and i wasn’t supposed to be here. I don’t want this it’s not fair and I just can’t stop crying. I’m supposed to be dead.