long time, no see, huh?

in case you haven’t guessed, some major stuff happened irl that’s been keeping me from updating this blog. i don’t want to get into specifics, but it’s been pretty draining. i hope you understand. well, no, actually i know you understand. because i’ve received so many kind messages from you all telling me to take my time, even though i just up and disappeared for months without saying a word.

thank you, from the bottom of my heart. even the messages just jokingly asking if i was still alive made me smile. and… i’m so sorry. i know i personally get really worried when the people i follow just vanish from the face of the internet. i really hope i didn’t put anyone through that. just. thanks for checking up on me.




does this one count

annoyed boyfriends

gotta keep the nerd bf safe

tfw ur boyfriend keeps having to drive u & ur friends to places

“well at least we can still make out before being desiccated by giant spiders”


keep ur nerd bf safe by pulling him out of the way of giant rock monsters


“my hat now”

“you tried, darlin’” (“thanks babe”)

bam by girlhula on Flickr.

finally understanding and accepting your sexuality and being able to embrace and celebrate it is so exciting and just liberating. It will happen for you and you will love it.

I sat by the ocean, and I thought of you,
I don’t want to.

Your lies wandering around my head,
the image of you, unbidden, falling like jigsaw puzzles into the back of my eyelids, forcing me to face what I don’t want to as I blink. 

I’d tape my eyes open if I could, stare at the vast expanse of water in front of me, at the sandy shores next to my barren feet, at the never ending sky, stretching high above my head.

But I cannot, it’s impossible and I see you.

I sat by the ocean, and its hues of blue,
and you came to mind, unbidden.

The ocean suddenly isn’t the same shade of blue, no,
it’s the blue of classrooms, of poems read out loud and dissected, of the reader putting forward their own view;
the room was blue, the sky was blue, the mood was blue, I am blue,
the ocean was blue. 
The ocean was that shade of blue, and it was all because of you.

I sat by the ocean, and I thought of you,
I don’t want to.

The way you spun your words, threads of allure, arousal and excitement; the tingle of it all through my body ending at my toes. The way I followed along, the treasure at the end of the rainbow dangled in front of my eyes, but I’d have followed like a dog even if I had been shown no bone.

The way you left me behind, the way you turned cold, like the wind at the ocean as the day goes on. Mild and warm when the sun shines, biting cold as the sun goes down,  and every touch chills my fragile bones.

I sat by the ocean and I thought of you,
I suppose it’s fitting,
you have far more in common with the ocean than I knew.

You’ve taken over what I’d once thought was a sanctuary, a safe place, a happy place, like you’ve returned to an old stomping ground. Remnants of your presence spread across the shore, on every little grain of sand, on every sound of the water meeting land; you’ve made this place your home.

I cannot escape, where can I go?

I sat by the ocean, and thought of you,
I don’t want to.
Teach me how to let you go.

—  i’m too scared to swim, but on shallow grounds. [n.j.]

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wait... why is reblogging gillian anderson controversial?

I’m surprised you haven’t seen it - it’s all
that’s been on my dash for the last week or so and one of the main reasons I haven’t been blogging as much about Gillian/in general

a few months ago Gillian posted an old pic of herself where she compared her appearance to that of Old Gregg, a character from The Mighty Boosh who is famous for the line “I got a mangina” and when he reveals his crotch a blinding light (like a really intense flashlight beam, iirc) comes out. Gillian then said something along the lines of “thankfully no mixup downstairs.” and that tweet finally made it to tumblr a few weeks ago and she rapidly dropped in status from Lesbian Queen to Transphobic Trash

I’ve seen a lot of posts defending her and a lot of posts defiling her name & calling her a terf and hateful transmisogynist, and like. as someone who isn’t a trans woman I definitely need to take a back seat in the conversation bc I can see how that tweet caused a world of hurt to some women, but I also think there’s a middle ground between it being a completely innocent thing & an act of deliberate hate.

that is to say, the Old Gregg sketch isn’t funny but Old Gregg isn’t even a trans character. he’s a fish with a blinding light between his legs that he refers to as a “mangina,” and that use of the word is what gives the sketch transmisogynistic undertones in the first place. Gillian wasn’t saying she looked like a trans woman in the tweet, she was saying she specifically looked like Old Gregg - like she was dressed & styled like him. as in her costuming looked the same as his. and to reiterate, Old Gregg is (as far as I remember, I watched the sketch a few times a few years ago) a man/fish hybrid or something. he’s like a humanoid sea creature obsessed with this fisherman and funk music and Bailey’s

I can’t really make explanations or excuses for Gillian’s comment about a mixup downstairs bc I don’t know what she meant. was she referring to the blinding light or the “mangina” part? I don’t know. does it matter? her words clearly had an impact and she hasn’t since acknowledged or apologized for them.

while I wont be referring to her as Queen of the gays or whatever I might have called her before, I will still reblog pictures of her from time to time bc I think she’s a talented actor and pretty person with generally good politics, even if she did fuck up this time. I hope she apologizes or does something to clarify her intent but obviously even if she did the damage is done and a lot of people are still rightfully hurt over what she said. I just hope that she also continues to be an activist and starts to prove w/ both actions and words that when she says she champions all women, she does in fact include trans women in that

again, I’m not a trans woman, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I’d appreciate if no one reblogged this post.


“i woke up the other morning… my eyes opened, i was looking down, and i just started peeing on my legs. like peeing on the bed. i was, like, lying down. i think i was dreaming about something. in my mind i was like, ‘you know what. i have to go.’” - laila mcqueen

Have a bunch of Epic Mickey headcanons because why not:

  • Most of the characters in Wasteland don’t particularly care very much towards their clothing. A lot of them stick with the type of clothes they were created with, such as dog toons with their black, grey, and white styles. A few of them modify their clothing to better fit their hobbies or businesses, however.
  • A few of the toons actually wear color, including the gremlins. The Gremlins change their outfit colors every once in a while (take Epic Mickey 1 and 2 version of Prescott, for example). Some gremlins are very picky about what they wear, and hate to get dirty (which is why those gremlins take caution while messing with machinery so no oil gets on them). 
  • A few years after Wasteland was founded, Ortensia created a small committee called the Newcomers Welcome and Organization Committee (or NWOC for short). The goal was to help new toons into Wasteland so they could adjust to their new lives, and show them the tips and tricks of the world. Maybe someone in the NWOC would help the newcomer get their home situated and start a business for their interests to make some money. It was mostly female toons that were in it, but others could join in as well. After the Thinner Disaster and the Blot Wars, the NWOC stopped having meetings after Ortensia went away. But after the events of Epic Mickey, the NWOC started back up again.
  • After the Thinner Disaster, Wasteland wasn’t doing very well economy wise (not like they were to begin with, but it was even worse afterwards). Money was scare, and a lot of people lost their businesses and their customers. So most shops started to be a bit more lenient on money for locals, especially ones that they knew for a fact couldn’t afford what they needed. So if you were short one or two E-Tickets, a lot of times the owners wouldn’t really mind (they needed every bit of money they could get anyways). This didn’t really apply to people from the Cartoon World visiting Wasteland, however. After everything started to stabilize itself back to normal after Epic Mickey 2, the citizens still practice this leniency towards locals. (unless you’re someone like Tiki Sam, who overprices everything)
  • Wasteland (particularly Mean Streets North and South) aren’t exactly as looney as some places also inhabited by toons. Think of Wasteland as like a diet Toontown. They still sometimes have strange overly hyper antics (think back to the beginning cutscenes in Epic Mickey 2), but it doesn’t happen as often as Toontown. A lot of the area is slow and sleepy, with the exception of one or two mishaps every day.
  • The toons of Wasteland don’t really know very much about recent events happening in the Disney cooperation. For example, if you mention movies younger than the Golden or Silver era, then a majority probably won’t know what you are talking about.
  • Speaking of which, all citizens don’t really have access to tv or radio from the Cartoon World. However, one time a gremlin found a few old Mickey shaped tvs in Mickeyjunk Mountain, and fixed them up. Two of them were destroyed (by a bunny child. whether it was on purpose or accident is debatable). One still exists, however, in the Cinema on Mean Street. Every once in a while they’ll air a special movie on the tv and all the citizens who come huddle around it to watch.
  • The Cinema on Mean Street is still open, and they do play films as well as provide projectors to other parts of Wasteland. The owner holds movie nights every second of the month, where they play old shorts and movies from reels found through out Wasteland. (and some toons can request certain shorts if they want)