Sometimes the world isn’t in immediate danger. Sometimes, there’s a space for you and me.

A colored version is going to come eventually, but I particularly like how this one turned out, so I wanted to throw it up now. Also, it occurs to me that I draw Rei’s presentation as a little bit more tomboyish/masculine of center than she usually is. Yepppp no projection there at all…

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Well, you may have a point... but I don't see how reading those Action Man comics of yours helps you with this report.

“To draw inspiration for dramatic sequential storytelling, of course. How was that not perfectly clear?”

“One can never perfect a craft enough, Captain. There’s never too much to learn.”

Concerning said fanfiction that I mentioned about earlier, I was thinking of what viewpoint I am writing in, and while I have it as a Minori centered story, I was wondering if maybe I should write another version with “your MC” as the character. Would you guys prefer either or? Or maybe I can also post both, if that’s what you wanna see!

So I didn’t originally intend to for Jen to be domineering in this story; it just kind of happened lol

*sees the Batman fandom reacting to the new Joker image*
*sips my tea*

Everclear is, like, the Chuck Norris of alcohol. 

Everclear will put hair on your chest, burn the hair off, re-grow the hair, and then burn the hair off again. 

Everclear can set fire to the rain using nothing but a wet washcloth and some dirt. 

Once someone drank Everclear and it cleaned their insides out so well, all that was left was a shiny sparkle in the air.

Everclear is Old Spice in alcohol form. 

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Any one shots in the works? Have you run out of requests because I can ALWAYS supply you with those.

Hahahaha. Sorry anon. That was my first reaction. No, I have almost 100 requests :) I love getting them so definitely send more if you want to!!! Sorry I’ve been kind of off the radar with one shots. I GOT A JOB!! So i’ve been stressing over that a bit. (4 months to prep eek) I promise to be better! At least, I’ll try….

Here’s the schedule for this week!

Black Widow: Part 2
Currents: Part 5
A Dean one shot that I haven’t decided on yet! SO if you have a request send ‘em my way!