Paily | 3x11 - Breakfast Scene

One of my favorite Paily scenes. Kudos to Emily for communicating with Paige about what happened with fake cousin instead of trying to hide it and make herself seem like the victim. And Paige is so understanding and patient. I was always in awe of how mature both of them were. Their relationship is great.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, but if they’re gone, how will I learn from them? I cried, and when I couldn’t cry I’d scream, but I would laughed too. I loved every moment. They are what remain of everything I’ve done, and I always did my best. I won’t lose them… If I work hard I can still be great. I learned this from someone important. You might not get the things that you dream of, but you can always get the things that you work for.
—  Akko Kagari, Little Witch Academia Season 1 Episode 11

6x01 Exile on Main Street (for Anon that asked for this ages ago)


Merlin/The Vampire Diaries AU: Merthur as Delena

Tired of hiding his feelings for Arthur and afraid he will never have the chance to tell him after Camlann’s battle, Merlin reveals his deepest secret to his king. He doesn’t wait for an answer though, he enchants him to make him forget, before he might find out that Arthur feels the same. Before it might be too late to go back.

So Arthur walks away, oblivious again. And Merlin does the same.


You were always gold to me