—I think I understand how you feel about water, Haruka-kun. Now, let’s talk about your life as a high school student. I’ll ask first about the people in Iwatobi High School, okay? We’ll begin with the captain, Tachibana Makoto-kun. How did you guys first meet?

…I don’t remember. It was way back, even before kindergarten.
—Haruka-kun, how do you view Makoto-kun?
…He’s a busybody…
—But he speaks on your behalf and stuff, doesn’t he?
I didn’t ask him to, he just does that…
—Do you two often hang out with each other? 
Yeah… because Makoto comes to invite me. He often drags me outside. It was the same with the cell phone.
—Your cell phone? 
My parents kept pushing me to have one.
—They made you go with Makoto-kun to buy one? 
They said if we have the same model, I can have Makoto teach me how to use it.
—Makoto-kun is very kind. 
…Even when I say I don’t want to do something, it always ends up going his way. Is that kind? 
—From what I’ve heard of other people’s accounts, it appears that Makoto-kun is a big influence in your life.

—So, as captain, Makoto would be the most fitting, wouldn’t he?
It was also Nagisa who decided that Makoto be captain. But, well, that’s fine, isn’t it…? Makoto has younger siblings, so he’s good at looking after other people.

—You’re even good at cooking. You’re very handy, Haruka-kun. 
I don’t know if I’m handy or not. But I might be handier than Makoto, at least. He’s not good at small things that involve detail.

Translation: great-blaster
Credits: uchi-uchi

From: ? - Character Interview Vol. 2, Nanase Haruka 

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