i've watched this video every day for months

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I became a fan like a month before Camila left 5h....... I've watched almost every YouTube video etc so like I know a lot of things that happened. BUT SERIOUSLY; how amazing was it to just wait for another interview and see them interact?? I really wished I was a fan earlier so I would know when I would see them togheter.. we only have indirect now :(

Seriously that was so exciting! Analyzing every little detail to find that one hidden little Camren moment. Those were the days…

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hi! im extremely sorry that I may be bothering you but I'm thinking of learning korean since I have become interested in korean culture and basicall everything else ^^~ do you have any tips, books, websites or even videos which would be even better that I can learn from. Oh and I've picked up a few phrases from watching k-dramas too!

good beginner websites/video (korean alphabet):

some personal tips:

  • don’t expect to magically learn the language overnight. it’s going to take a really long time and a lot of effort…. not to mention frustration and the overwhelming feeling of calling it quits a couple of weeks or months into teaching yourself. but don’t give up!!!! baby steps create the path to a worthwhile end result!
  • read, write, and speak every single day, even if it’s for a mere 20 minutes. studying from text books can only do so much, so you’ve got to engage yourself while learning a new language.
  • learn slang/abbreviation korean later. i think it’s important to get your formal korean up to par before you start shortening words and phrases…
  • try to pick up on context clues if you’re having trouble understanding how a sentence has been strung together. in most cases, you will be right!

some k-dramas/movies that may be fun to watch and learn korean from:

good luck!!!!!!!

I’ve been laughing for over a month now 


Interviewer: You and Toews are pretty close friends…your friendship, did it change at all as a result of the Final?

Mike: No, I think if anything, you gain more respect for a guy who you play against that hard for that many games…the respect that I have for him knowing how hard it is to play against him and how hard he works and the skill level that he has. I think you gain more respect for somebody when you play against them in a series like that. 

Interviewer: Didn’t you guys take the same flight together at some point this summer and sit together?

Mike: Yeah, he was actually at my Canada Day party, too, so uh, we’re friends. When you’re on the ice, obviously, you do what you can to win but off the ice I’d consider him a pretty good friend.

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What do you do when you show significant improvement, but then the improvement starts deteriorating at an impossibly fast rate?? I've been practicing drawing every day for two months now, and I saw a great leap of improvement through the first month, but now in the second month, I can see it somehow getting...worst? I've watched technique videos, observed others, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong! How can I stop this problem?

one teacher told me that when you can see an improvement, that’s because you still suck.  it’s easier to notice improvements when you’re still way below on the skill level, but once you get higher up, it will become less and less noticeable, until you won’t notice it anymore if you’re only comparing this month’s work and last month’s work– however, if you compare a year’s worth of work, you’ll totally see the difference.

that is to say, don’t get discouraged.  keep at it and know that even though you can’t see an improvement right now, next year you may be able to see it.  

another way to go about it is to stop drawing what it is you’re drawing and try drawing other things you still don’t know how to draw.  for example, if you’ve been practicing drawing humans for the past two months and you’re fed up because you don’t see any improvement, take a break from it and try drawing animals.  once you don’t see improvements in the animal, go back to the humans, or move on to vehicles, then environment, then plants.  keep the subject fresh.