i've watched this part like 12 times

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1) i have a feeling most people who ship sta//rco either are on the younger side of the fandom or haven't watched a lot of cartoons or movies in general. Because if i was like 12 or 13 i would probably wanted sta//rco to happen too, but since i've seen this whole girl and boy are bestfriends who fall in love sooo many times and i would really like star and marco to be really just bestfriends because girls and boys can be bestfriends and not turn out to be married ...

Yeah, the tragic part of it is that these kids ARE really young, and when they spend time with the fandom they get exposed to alot of THIS:

And then they end up thinking this behavior is perfectly fine.

((Not to mention adult content, i’ve seen plenty of Star YouTube vids where people just openly talk about “Betw//een Friends”, and why disney won’t put it in one of their art vids, because i guess they forgot this is a kids show and that’s not content people should typically be looking up.))

Kids are not used to seeing many LGBT ships on their shows, so for some it might not even occur to them that Tom and Marco could be anything more.

That’s why it would be so cool for alot of people to see a pair of boy/girl friends  just remain friends. Because after awhile of seeing MANY shows do that same thing, you start to wonder if all these shows are trying to imply that you can’t have a normal friendship without romance

When a boy/girl team becomes friends, everyone thinks they’ll fall in love.

When a Boy/Boy and Girl/Girl team becomes friends, everyone says they’re just friends.

 That’s treated as normal on most shows, but that’s not reality.

 Not every B/G relationship becomes romantic, Not every B/B or G/G stays platonic.

I’d rather the show show me something different for once, i’d rather it made the kids think.

As an young adult, i can look back at every show and movie that did that cliche and shake my head at it. It’s not that it never happens in real life, but that it ALWAYS happens in media.

and for me it’s worn off.

It’s fine sometimes, but now it just kinda makes me groan because it’s just too overused and expected.

If i’m expecting the characters to date from day one, i lose interest because i’ve seen that bit too many times to care as much.

Someday, the kids might look back and think the exact same way.