i've watched this interview so many times

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Compliment 3 people you follow then send this to 3 other people ✨💛

three? but i love so many

@victoriasugden i’m highkey the biggest laura stan, she keeps me believing in the ‘robert breakdown theory’ and is lovely in every way possible 

@thisdamndesire em is lovely and wonderful and kind, she’s just the best 

@sapphicsugden/ @thisissirius there aren’t enough words to describe how lovely and talented siri is, she’s just brilliant


Okay, so I have to fire this cowboy host at work, and I need your help. We’re gonna do a little roleplay. I’ll be the boss, and you’ll be the employee I’m firing.

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I've been wondering.. How can you know so much besides the books? How can you know so much when it's not in the books?

I’ve been a superfan of the series and its author for over 13 years now, so I’ve had a lot of time to cram my head with a lot of pointless trivia! I’ve watched and read pretty much every available interview Jo Rowling has ever given, and I’ve sat up many a night combing through the Lexicon, which is pretty reliable as far as sources go. I’ve also reread each of the books several times, more than I’d care to admit to. Basically, I’ve studied Harry Potter the way university students study their majors, which isn’t actually very cool but it is what it is!