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Gesundheit 1/1

This is my very silly, probably hugely OOC and fairly NSFW response to this weeks challenge set by @txf-prompt-box

Must be included - “What are you holding behind your back?”

Bonus - It’s not Mulder or Scully saying it.

Double bonus - The thing behind the back is…trouble! Tagging @today-in-fic

Gesundheit 1/1

I have never really considered myself the kind of person who readily shows any kind of extreme emotion on my face, and just for a moment I am transported back to a distant Dallas rooftop where the sun threatened to bake us both alive and where my partner and I enjoyed a few moments of playful banter before our world imploded and everything went to hell.

My panic face.

The one I told Scully didn’t exist.

The one I am pretty fucking sure I am making right now as I stand and stare at my boss who is frowning at me from his position not two feet away from where a wet spot is darkening the hue of the carpet slightly; evidence of some office-based fun that, while a nice way to break up the monotony of a boring day, could, if he notices, send Scully and I straight out the door and into a state of FBI infamy even more pronounced than where we already are.

Because fucking your partner on your office floor during the working day is frowned upon believe it or not; and why we swore we would never indulge in such a ridiculously dangerous pursuit when our relationship went from friend to lover in the blink of an eye and which has continued to gather pace like an out of control steamroller.  We agreed that lines should be drawn right from the start to retain at least some semblance of professional etiquette and for the most part we have managed to stay within those lines.  

But we are only human and while it would be easy to blame Scully for wearing one of those low-cut stretchy tops that when she bends down practically expose her nipples for the world to see or the fact that the heat of the DC summer had encouraged the wearing of those lace-topped stockings that seem to somehow hold themselves up with no apparent help or even that she whispered that she might just wear them for me later if I was a good fibbie and finished the stack of expense reports that had kept us imprisoned in the basement on this glorious day, but truthfully, we didn’t really need any other reason than we simply wanted each other; and that we couldn’t wait.

And I have to admit that the sight of Scully, head thrown back as her glorious ass sent expense reports flying in all directions when she hoisted herself onto the desk, severe pencil straight skirt rucked up to expose demure white cotton panties with just a hint of lace that were already damp with the evidence of her desire, made any semblance of rational thought just bleed right from my brain as my dick took complete control of the situation at hand.

I had dropped to my knees, hooking my arms beneath her smooth white thighs and I’m pretty sure I was growling like a dog in possession of his favourite toy as I drew her toward me and discarded her delicate undergarment with a well practised flick of my wrist before diving straight in with all the enthusiasm of a starving man suddenly plonked down in front of an ‘all you can eat’ buffet and handed a spoon.

I love eating Scully out because not only does she taste like fucking ambrosia, but also because it’s one of the only times I ever see her fully lose control of that rational, scientific mind of hers as she emits the kinds of noises from that sweet mouth that for years I fantasised about without any real hope of ever discovering firsthand how vocal she may or may not be; but be assured that the reality exceeds the fantasy in every way imaginable and slipping my fingers inside the soft, wet warmth of her while strafing her clit with my tongue is a bit like a homecoming each time and if I live to be a hundred years old I will never tire of how it makes me feel.

Now, I didn’t intend for this whole thing to be a reciprocal arrangement because frankly, when I felt her inner walls contract around my fingers as she tensed and shuddered her way through - if I do say so myself- a skillfully induced work day orgasm, I was well pleased with myself and pretty tickled that she had been the one to instigate the whole thing despite her long list of ‘do’s and don’ts in the office with your erstwhile platonic-but-not-platonic-anymore partner’  But it seemed like the post-orgasmic Scully that literally dragged me to the floor while furiously scrabbling to free my cock from the confines of the expensive dress pants that were tenting to such an extent that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a whole troupe of boy-scouts singing ‘ging gang goolie’ while toasting marshmallows around a campfire,  was in the grip of an endorphin rush of x-filean levels and she had no intention of taking no for an answer.

I obliged of course, I mean it would hardly be gentlemanly of me to refuse now would it?

And so I experienced, for the first time the combined agony and ecstasy as my partner grinned at me wickedly over her shoulder as she pushed that delectable little ass in the air in implicit invitation, and the feel of that cheap nylon carpet that stripped the skin off my knees with every thrust.  I wasn’t about to complain though - I mean, what’s a little pain between friends right?

I didn’t last long, certainly not my finest performance at any rate, but Scully didn’t seem to mind as she met me thrust for thrust as the sound of my balls slapping against her filled the space around us and she seemed to pull me deeper and deeper with every stroke until my mind literally went blank and white heat sent me spiralling in a vortex of pleasure that literally had me bellowing her name as I exploded into her.  

Thank fuck our office is in the basement is all I can say because I think the level of my vocal release could have roused J Edgar himself from his eternal slumbers.

And really, that should have been that.  The shit-eating grin on my face as I watched Scully rise gracefully to her feet, adjusting her skirt and running her fingers through her hair as she exited the office - I’m guessing to clean up some - should have been the only evidence of our daytime indiscretion.  

Until that is, I looked up from where I had stooped to retrieve her panties from where they still lay on the floor from earlier and, in a truly bowel-loosening moment of horrified clarity, I realised Skinner had entered the office without knocking.

My boss.

In front of me. 

While I am holding my partners dampened panties in my hand.

I mean this is my fucking boss - and he isn’t known for his sense of humour.

So I do the only thing that makes sense, I thrust my hands behind my back like a naughty kid caught next to an empty cookie jar, feeling that panic face I mentioned earlier overtake me as I force myself to keep breathing.

“What are you holding behind your back?”

Think Mulder….say something for fucksake…anything….


Skinner takes a step toward me, his shoe now covering that spot on the carpet that I probably should have blotted out straight away.


My mouth is completely dry, I mean I have faced assassins and managed to retain more saliva than I have right now and I actually feel kind of like I need to puke right there on his shiny Assistant Director shoes.

“Are you feeling alright Mulder?”

And there it is - inspiration finally fights it’s way up through the hysterical fog that has invaded my brain - as I bring the hand holding that scrap of white cotton upto my nose and with a fake sneeze that is frankly worthy of a fucking emmy award, I vigorously rub them against my nose before balling them up and shoving them in my pocket.

“Hayfever”  I supply helpfully, somewhat more in control than I was thirty seconds ago, “Pollen count is really high today.”

Skinner’s eyes drop to my pants pocket, brow furrowed as though he isn’t quite sure what he just saw.

“Lace edged Mulder?”

“It’s Scully’s she….um…she leant it to me.”

He still stands there and for the first time I notice the file he is holding in his hand.

“Did you need us for something sir?”

He inclines his head slightly and I swear to God he is sniffing the air and then he suddenly steps away from the desk, waving the file before tossing it toward me at chest level and somehow, I manage to not fumble it.

“I need you to take a look at this and let me know if it’s of interest.  I expect an answer within the hour.”

He turns to go, pausing just as he reaches the open door but not looking around, his final words ringing in my ears even as he walks away.

“And Mulder? Make sure Agent Scully is once more in full possession of that handkerchief BEFORE you leave this office.  Do I make myself clear?”


byulyi  asked:

prompt: byulyi loves her videogames and when she gets the newest tekken or whatever she PLAYS IT FOR DAYS and yong is so pissed that she insists on playing vs. her to get her to stop and then wrecks her and byul is so ????

Byulyi gets obsessive. Yongsun usually likes that part of her, if only because she looks really hot when she’s concentrating. This however, is too much.

There’s nothing hot about Byulyi on her third day sitting on the couch without a shower, hair a bit tussled, glasses sliding off her nose, eyes glued to the TV screen. Actually, it was a little hot, but Yongsun was still annoyed. Byulyi didn’t even come to bed until 3am last night because she was on that new game she got.

Yongsun didn’t know how she could stay entertained when it just looked like all the other fighting games, but when she asked about it, Byulyi just went into a long lecture about how no, there’s actually a very complicated story that I can tell you about, and it starts with this character right here, the one with his face burned off and

She’d checked out then. Byulyi kept going for who knows how long, but the girl was into the story enough that Yongsun started playing Sudoku on her phone and Byulyi just kept rambling.

But today, enough was enough. Yongsun was having a really good hair day, face day, makeup day, everything day, and they were going out whether Mr. Burned-Face succeeded in destroying the world or not. She walked right between Byul and the TV and planted her feet, trying to look firm.

Byulyi immediately paused the game and looked up at her girlfriend. Yongsun had done this enough that Byulyi didn’t really get ruffled, she just perpetually had her finger floating over pause whenever Yongsun entered her peripherals.

“What’s up, babe?” 

Oh no, she pulled the ‘babe’ card, but Yongsun was going to stand her ground. She was already dressed. She had looked up somewhere to go. She was not going to go down without a fight. Someone was going to win today, and today?

Today, Yongsun was just too cute to lose.

“Byul, you’ve been on this thing for three days.” She pouted for maximum effect. “I’m feeling a little neglected.”

“Ah! I’m sorry Unnie, do you want to come sit with me?” There it is. Byulyi was trying to get this to go her way by being sweet. Her open arms looked really inviting though…No! Yongsun had found the perfect place for them to spend their day and by god she was going to get there.

“Let’s go out, Byul, it’s really nice today.” She smoothed the dress she was wearing, a blaring signal to Byulyi that yes, it’s also because I feel pretty today.

“I’m…I’m almost done with this storyline though, really…” Byulyi bit her lip and looked between Yongsun and the pause screen. Mr. Burned-Face had just found his long-thought dead second cousin, the semi-boss to the mini-boss that would unlock the final fight. Probably.

“That means at least four more hours Byul.” She sat next to the girl, pulling her eye towards her. “I want to go out while the sun’s still shining.” And I’m still shining, she thought.

“Not four.” Byulyi reached for her controller. “Maybe like two and a half since I’ve gotten pretty good.”

“No!” Yongsun grabbed her hands and let her mouth run wild, the usual case when she got frustrated. “If you’re so good, then you don’t need to be playing anymore! Actually if you’re so good let’s make a bet.” Byulyi stared at her wide-eyed at the sudden challenge. “Let’s do a battle, or whatever that fighting thing is. You can do that right? Let’s do that. If I lose I’ll let you finish in peace but if I win you have to listen to whatever I want and also you won’t be good at this game. You’ll be bad.” She paused. “You’ve been bad.” Yongsun pouted.

Byulyi chuckled at Yongsun’s outburst, but she relented. The sooner she beat Yongsun at the game, the sooner she could go back to finishing the plot. And then her mind wouldn’t itch from curiosity anymore and she could devote all her time to her girlfriend again. But looking at the sad mochi in front of her…

Yongsun really did look so beautiful today.

“Alright Unnie. Here, take this controller.” She said, handing Yongsun the one she had set on table earlier.

“Isn’t this one yours?”

“Don’t worry, I can connect another one.” She opened the cabinet and held up another controller, giving Yongsun a cute smile. She turned it on and a little notification appeared at the top of the screen saying ‘Player 2 connected’. 

“Here lemme set up a game real fast.” She took back the gamepad in Yongsun’s hands and went through the menus so fast, Yongsun didn’t even see the screens.

“Don’t I get to pick a character?” She asked as the controller was handed back to her.

“What, so you can lose in style?” Byulyi smirked picking up the second gamepad.

“You’ll eat those words, Moon Byulyi.”

“Sure, sure. You’re the pink strawberry looking thing.” Yongsun looked at her avatar bouncing up and down, looking real angry. The top of the screen had the name RAWBERRY over a green line. Was that her health bar? Well, whatever, she guessed it was kind of cute.

“So I just use these to move?” She fiddled with the twirly sticks in her hands. Byulyi couldn’t stop grinning at how cute Yongsun looked, trying to figure things out.

She listed out all the button combinations and special attacks the character had and Yongsun of course listened to all the way and retained all that information.

Oh, the button with an ‘X’ on it, not the one that was shaped like an ‘X’.


10 minutes later Byulyi was getting her ass handed to her.

“Oh my god what am I doing what am I doing—did I just do that?”

“Yes! You did! STOP IT!!!”

“Oh my gosh Byul why are you just running around and punching that air?”

“Because you won’t stop combo-ing me! And I’m trying to prep for an attack that you keep interrupting! How are you doing that?!”

“I’m just smashing buttons. Oh what did I just do?”

Byulyi stared soullessly at the screen. “You’re about to take my last life…” Her Robot Centaur was swaying in front of Rawberry and the button combo for a Brutal KO flashed on the screen. Yongsun fumbled around with the controls.

“Um, wait where is the triangle shaped one…”

Byulyi watched the Brutal KO timer drain down just like her will was draining out of her. She hit some buttons on her own controller and suddenly Rawberry’s seeds launched out of its body, turning into hundreds of needles and effectively turning Robot Centaur into a horsecupine.

“Did I do that? How did I do that?” Solar asked excitedly, despite grimacing at the violent scene.

Byulyi shrugged and sighed, “Um, sometimes it just plays the scene even if you don’t hit all the buttons.” She took off her glasses and rubbed her tired eyes. “Kim Yongsun you are truly incredible. Why don’t you go get the rest of your stuff ready? I’ll turn off the TV and take a quick shower. Yong-princess and I can do whatever she wants for the rest of today.”

Yongsun squealed and gave Byulyi a quick peck on her cheek. “Thank you, Byul-ah.” She gave her another kiss before jumping up to find the rest of her things.

Byulyi smiled at how her girlfriend skipped around, too elated to notice the victory screen on the TV. Under Rawberry a banner rolled out with ‘PLAYER 2’ painted on it.

Byulyi really did want to finish the plot today, but she probably needed that shower.

And well, Yongsun was just too cute to lose.

Exploiting real life to deal with my post-con depression. This is in no way meant to downplay the threats against Misha or judge what fans ask for at conventions. If anything, this is a thinly veiled critique of Creation Entertainment lol.

There’s a weird moment at the end of every con where all the actors finally finish their photo ops and autographs for the weekend and are shuffled into the back of an SUV to be driven to an airport or a hotel. It’s weird because they’re all exhausted, but it’s the only time all weekend that they get to really see each other without several hundreds pairs of eyes on them. So they generally try to make the most of it through their exhaustion.

The Seattle convention is different. Misha asked if he could drive his own car so he could easily go back and forth between his house and Bellevue Saturday and Sunday, but of course the people in charge of his schedule insisted that he have a driver. “You can have your own personal driver,” they said. “So you don’t even have to stop off at the boys’ hotel on your way home.” The boys. It was so weird at conventions that everybody referred to Jared and Jensen as the boys. Conventions are so weird.

Late Sunday night, Misha is walking out the front door of the hotel when a familiar voice calls from behind him, “Mish! Wait up!”

Misha pockets his phone and turns to give Jensen his full attention. “I thought you left already.”

Jensen makes a confused face at him and answers, “Well, I didn’t. Where are you heading?”

Their handlers are not-so-subtly pretending like they aren’t listening to the conversation, and there’s a group of girls in “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition” t-shirts staring and whispering over by the elevators. Misha keeps a polite smile on his face as he turns his gaze back on Jensen.

“Home. Where are you going?”

Jensen clears his throat and looks over Misha’s shoulder. “I’m coming with you. C’mon, let’s get a drink.”

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I've Waited

Request: (Anonymous): Hey I wanted to request a one shot from Deans point of view. Where he is in love with the reader but doesn’t want to tell her because he doesn’t think he is good enough. But he accidentally tells her and tries to cover it up. But the reader says she loves him too and just kisses and snuggles and fluff. Thanks, I love your writing, you have some talent!

This is my first request from Dean’s point of view, I hope I got it right. Enjoy! (and thank you!) *Fluff, and some thoughts of not being good enough if that is a warning. 


I knocked on Y/N’s door to wake her up, the old bunker’s wood echo’d with each knock. “Y/N? You up?” I asked.

“Come in!” I heard her voice say. I saw her bundled up in her sheets, her beautiful hair flowing around her head on the pillow. 

Chuckling I asked “Sam made us waffles, you want some?” 

She blinked her eyes and her long eyelashes hit her cheeks softly each time, “Uh, save some for me yeah?” she asked as she began rolling over to sit up. If only that side of the bed was mine…

No problem, oh and there’s no hunting today, so tonight we’re going out for drinks” I said, having any excuse to stay by her a bit longer. 

“That’d be nice” she said as she got up from her bed. Her loose gray t-shirt fell off one shoulder, and then I realized that’s all she was wearing. Trying to be a gentleman I closed my eyes with my hands when she giggled “You’ve seen me like this hundreds of times, why close your eyes now?” she said, flipping through some pants to wear. 

Because now I’ve completely fallen for you Y/N I thought as I opened my eyes. 

“Uh just, ah never mind”. Since when do girls make me so nervous? That was the worst answer ever! 

Making my way to get some waffles Sammy slumped down in the chair next to me. He looks so tired, hell didn’t do him any good up in his brain. He’d never admit how much it hurt him, but I can see the red lining his eyes, and I can hear him up at four AM, walking around the bunker because he’d had another nightmare. 

“So? Any hunts today?” he asked me as he slid my cup of coffee across the table. Grabbing it with one hand and bringing it to my mouth I said, “Nope, just some sleeping and drinks tonight”. 

Sam laughed, “any other plans?” he asked, obviously referring to the liking I have towards Y/N. 

“Look Sam,” I said putting my cup down and facing him, “she won’t feel the same way. If I risk the friendship we have now it’ll ruin everything you got that? Everything!” and I began biting into my waffle roughly. 

“You have to try Dean!” Sam exclaimed after another minute or so.

“She doesn’t like me back Sam! She is perfect in every imperfect way, and all I am is extra baggage alright? She doesn’t need that.” I said, ending the conversation by slamming my plate into the sink. 


After bottling up my emotions once more, Sam decided to read a book in the library while I needed something to get my mind off Y/N. I took up watching some Dr. Sexy, and twenty minutes in my distraction walked in. 

“Hey Dean” she half-waved in my direction, “Any waffles left for me?” she asked, raising one eyebrow. Acting casual I smirked and said “should be on the table” and pointed towards the kitchen table. She smiled and did that half-skip she does when she gets excited for something. Damnit she skips! She friggin’ skips! Who needs my problems and baggage when they’re skipping away? Why can’t I accept that I’m not good enough. 

There goes the idea of not thinking about her. Instead of sitting at the kitchen table, she plopped down on the couch next to me with her waffles. Her Y/E/C eyes were shining when she offered me a waffle, trying to shove it into my mouth.

Laughing I answered “I’m good Y/N, really. Sam already made me my four waffles and coffee. Where is your coffee by the way? Don’t eat them dry!” I said.

She shrugged her shoulders “Oh I just finished yours is that ok?” she asked. My heart rate picked up “Uh yeah! Sure” I said, turning my red cheeks away. 

“What’re you watching?” she asked, mouth full. 

“Some Dr. Sexy, guilty pleasure” I answered, as I began flipping through the channels. She put her hand on mine, but I realized not romantically, she just wanted to press my thumb down on the remote to go back a channel. 

Did she notice that I like her? Is she teasing me? Damnit she’s been hunting with us THREE YEARS and now I love her? I can’t lose her now, so I can’t tell her. But at the same time I just want to hold her in my arms while she watches her show….

We binged watched shows, laughing and making fun, other times upset over character deaths. “Oh my god!” she said, looking at her watch, “It’s already five!” she finished, getting up. 

Rubbing my eyes I said “Well when do you want to go out?”, then stopped realizing how that came out.

“What?” she said turning around, “Oh, uh how about six thirty? I’ll get ready for now” and she raised both eyebrows at me waiting for an answer. “Hello? Earth to Dean?” she said, waving a hand in front of my occupied head. 

“Oh yeah, sound good” I replied, and got up groggily towards my room. 


I made a left to go to Sammy’s room first. Swinging the door open made Sam jump up from his book. “Dean?” he asked, closing the book. 

“I just don’t know what to do anymore man! I love her I really love her!” I exclaimed, sitting down on his bed and putting my face in my hands. 

He walked over and sat on his desk chair, “you have to tell her Dean.” he said, putting on his puppy dog eyes. 

“Sammy, she deserves better. She needs someone who can give her a white picket fence and sunday barbecues!” I said, placing my hands on my knees in attempt to get up. 

“No. She can’t have those white picket fences, she’s a damn hunter Dean! That life’s long gone, and frankly you’re the best damn thing she can have.” Sam said, trying to reassure me.

I nodded my head, no clear direction, just tiredness. I got up and went into my room, thinking about the possible reactions she would have if I told her how I feel. She’s beautiful, in all aspects, why would she want to spend her life with a rough hunter? 

I began taking out dark jeans, and black shirt to wear to the bar. Once I changed I leaned against the beds headboard, and turned on some music to pass the extra forty minutes left. 

Through the sound of ‘Animal Magnetism’, I could hear a faint knock on my door. 

“Dean?” Y/N’s voice rang, and I ripped the headphones off my head. 

“Come in” I said. 

She came in wearing a tight black dress, almost reaching her knee. Her hair was down, framing her face, and her beautiful eyes were sparkling. Inhaling some air, I asked “Whats up?”, wondering why it is she came in. 

“It’s six-thirty? Are you ready?” she said. Already six-thirty? What the hell? 

“Uh yeah, hold on” I said, and reached for my gun to slip into the back of my jeans. 

She laughed “even in the bars we can’t get a break huh?” and reached out her hand. I took it, and she pulled me out of my room like a child would pull their friend from excitement. My body tingled with joy and nerves as she pulled me to the bunkers door. 

Sammy was already there, opening the door. “Let’s go” he said, as he looked at us. 


The Impala’s engine came to a quiet as we parked beside the bar. 

“Finally a night off!” Y/N said, slamming the car door shut. 

“Long overdue” Sammy agreed, walking towards the entrance. 

We ordered our drinks, but my eyes couldn’t leave Y/N the whole night, everything she did made me want to break down and kiss her. What would it feel like to have my lips on hers? Her hands running through my hair? 

I downed another beer. 

A man sat next to Y/N, big and tough, every girl there was drooling over him. I rolled my eyes and knew Y/N wouldn’t go for him. 

The bits and pieces I could hear over the music weren’t what I thought I would. 

“Hey, the drinks on me” is what I read off the man’s lips. 

Y/N giggled, Damnit. 

They spoke for a long time, and once the man had to leave he slipped her his number. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces I would have to pick up off the floor later. 

“I’m going home” I said to Y/N, picking up my jacket. 

“What? We just got here! You’re hardly even buzzed!” she announced loudly into my ear. 

“Well I’m done for tonight, call me when you need a ride back.” 

“Ugh, alright I’ll got get Sam.” she said, making her way through other people, pushing them aside until she emerged back with a drunk Sam. 

“Really? Already?” I asked, looking at a drunk and happy Sammy. 

“Dean! This was the best idea EVER!” he said, stumbling so Y/N caught him. 

“Let’s get him into the car” she said, and I helped her carry him. 


We rolled by the bunker, parking the car into the garage. Y/N slumped Sammy over her arm in a tight hold, and he just laughed until I dropped him into his bed. 

“Well that was short” Y/N said, “But it was a nice break” she added. A hunter she was, but she would never deliberately hurt anyones feelings, like mine right now for instance. I know I ripped her away from the fun because of my jealously. 

“Is something wrong Dean?” she said, reading my face. She tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and bit her lip, damn those lips. 

“Uh no, just…” I trailed off. 

Y/N drew closer, “You can tell me anything you know?” and sat me down on the couch.

I looked into her honest eyes and leaned back on the couch. “I’ve just haven’t been at my best lately. Emotions aren’t a hunters best friend, although we drown in them” I said, telling her what I was thinking in my head. 

“I know what you mean” she said and leaned back with me. Neither of us met each others eyes, just kept looking forward at the wall. She crossed her legs on the table, “not only do we have to deal with the angels and demons shit, but we don’t have time to ourselves. Relationships for that matter is one!” she said, whispering loudly. 

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a hunter at all” and I think I just told her my secret, that even Sammy doesn’t see.

“Really?” she asked, “I like hunters” I could hear her smirk.

“I like you” I said, before I could even process it. My eyes opened wide and I looked at her waiting for a reaction, I can’t cover this up. 

She turned her head towards me “I like you too Dean” was the last thing I thought she’d say. But she did - right there in front of me Y/N said she likes me too. Maybe she means like a brother, I’m not good enough for her to date. She’ll go back to that bar guy…

“Dean?” she asked after a couple seconds of silence. “I like you more than you probably like me, and I didn’t know how to tell you. But there” she said sitting up, and pulling her dresses strap back up. 

“Me too Y/N. I’ve fallen for you completely, I can’t think straight when you’re around” I began rambling in hopes of a calm. 

She cut me off with a kiss. Her lips felt like heat and sparks, moving in rhythm with mine. Nothing has ever felt this right, and I moved my hand to her neck to draw her nearer. 

She placed her forehead against mine and whispered “I’ve waited so long Dean. So long” as she stared into my eyes. 

“I’ve waited longer” was the last thing I said until our lips pressed together once more. 


The rest of the night consisted of her head curled up against my chest, and my hand playing with her hair. I could almost shout from happiness. 

I pulled her in, placing my hands completely around her, and brought the blanket up and over us.