i've wanted to do this gifset forever


It all started that night. The night I got bitten. Do you remember the way it was..before the…you and me. We were nothing. We weren’t popular, we weren’t good at lacrosse. We weren’t important. We were no one. Maybe I should just be no one again. No one at all. 

With the holiday season here, and having recently reached a follower milestone, I really want to express my gratitude to you all (I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for years and never made a follow forever)! Firstly, thank you so much to every single person that follows my blog. Thank you for liking and reblogging my gifsets and edits, and thank you for your kind comments and tags (it never goes unnoticed).

I also feel so fortunate that most of the people in my follow forever are mutuals, and I truly appreciate all of you. You make it enjoyable to visit my dash, and although I’m not here as much (life has been so busy in 2016), I always love to see what you’ve created. 

I am wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season, and I hope 2017 brings you only the best. 

PS: I’m so sorry if I’ve accidentally left out anyone making this!


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You’re not alone. That’s why I can’t watch horror movies.