i've wanted to do something like this forever


I want to apologise for not updating you all about the state of this blog, which at the moment is a permanent state of semi-hiatus. My course has picked up pretty heavily recently leaving me without much time, energy or motivation to do this blog at the moment. I have two asks left which I 100% will get to, just really slowly.

I’m not ending/deleting this or anything, just know that activity will be pretty sparse for the foreseeable future. Sorry!

First off I apologise for literally the worst graphic of all time, it’s not something I’m good at but I felt like this needed one! I recently hit over 500 followers and I just found that so amazing so though I’d do a follow forever all the blogs I absolutely adore as a way of saying thanks (or something like that)

Any mutuals will be in bold, I love all of you and think we should definitely talk more, feel free to send me an owl anytime! ily all so much <3



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I’m so so so sorry if I’ve missed out someone amazing, I was just going through the list of people I follow and writing down the blogs I know I love - If you think you should be on here do let me know! I love you all so so much, whether we’re mutuals or not every one of you has an amazing blog <3