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the thing is lucius hardly knows ed. and yet he tried to reach out to him. when he first realised that ed was the one behind this, he called him “nygma”, to himself. but when he saw ed face to face, and saw how lost and confused ed was, he called him “ed”.

he stayed calm and rational in the face of ed’s mania, and he clearly pitied ed, and wanted to help him. even after ed tried to kill him, even after ed threatened bruce and harvey, even while ed had a gun on him, lucius stayed levelheaded and reasonable, and kept trying to reach him. because he could see how much ed needed an anchor, someone to help him.

in 2.21, ethel peabody asked lucius if he had much training in mental health, and he said “none. none at all.” but he didn’t need any training to see that ed was hurt, and confused, and unravelling. and he didn’t need any training to reach out to ed, and try to convince him to get the help he so obviously needs.

how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend


I love this bean to death but I had to draw so many hands I feel like screaming. 

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as if the dream of you, it sleeps too but it never slips away
it just gains it’s strength and digs it’s hooks to drag me through the day

Some ass: "Ghost fucking sucks now and I'm not gonna support them anymore!!"


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Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. You have found two.
⤿ quote from Clockwork Princess, by Cassandra Clare (x)

The struggle of wanting a new icon but knowing you’ll never get around to actually making one. For some reason making an original icon has always been super challenging for me like?? It’s just a mini picture on your page??? Why are you making this so difficult??

SERIOUSLY GUYS. I know I’ve been saying it for years, but I legitimately want to do a metal podcast. Just shoot the shit with a few other people who know metal (and preferably have a niche different from mine; like, I know hair/glam/heavy really well, so it would be beneficial to have someone who really knows thrash, someone who knows new metal, someone who knows death, etc etc) and talk about current metal events. Because all the metal podcasts out there are run by old white dudes and honestly, we deserve better.

So yes? A viable thing to do? Like, the next step for my blog?


Rivet:  Wynter’s gonna be PISSED.

me: You’re not gonna tell him are you?  Why would you tell him?

Why the fuck shouldn’t I?

um… ……what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him?  

 well… first off,  he should know.  I mean how many alternate realities have they ended up in together?  It’s pretty obvious Xavier’s his soul mate… or at least as much as anyone can fucking believe in soul mates.  I am pretty damn sure I don’t have one.             Second,  I don’t fucking want to be responsible for him by myself.  you KNOW what a stubborn brat he can be.  you KNOW how likely he is to fall for some sicko!  He’s like… wired for that shit or something.  That’s not fucking happening on my fucking watch and Wynter is just about the only other fucking person on the entire fucking planet I trust.  Then I get pissed and Xave fucking takes the fuck off and I have to drop fucking everything and go fucking find him.       AND what about when I have to take off?  You really want me bringing the HALFLING into the fucking Nowhere?  I can’t fucking do my job AND protect him there OR here at the same fucking  time, now fucking can I.  The last time I went into The Nowhere I had to deal with the fucking vampires.  One scent of him and there’s no way I could extract him from THAT shit!  Fucking faerie catnip!

Fine. Point made.  But you KNOW Wynter.  You say the word “soulmate”  and he’s gonna wait for him.  He’d wait a decade if he thought it was the right thing to do. Hell, he’d wait a century.  And both of them are going to end up miserable in this universe too.  Xavier doesn’t know about himself, and when he finds out….. and can’t control it in the beginning…. 

Fuck. Then Wyn’s gonna freak out,  and Xavier’s gonna disappear.  Again..  Yeah, every damn time in universe after universe and everything goes to shit.  Hell fucking shit.

Okay.  Tell Wynter about the fae stuff.  Don’t tell Wynter about the soulmate thing.

You should find him a person. 

*sighing*  not sure he can handle that.  He seems to be demi. Xave might be his only person.

*moaning and groaning from the couch, Rivet looking over there*   Fuck. he’s awake.

well, go take care of him then.  Feed him.  He’ll need clean clothes.  And a real bed.

Fuck off.   God damn. I know what I’m doing okay?

Fine. Fucking off.