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‘’I’m not the Break Man. I was the first, I’M THE PROTOMAN!’’

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I saw your Yoongi edit, any more Yoongi fic recs?

BOYY HAVE I BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY, FINALLY ALL THE HOURS I HAVE PUT IN THIS WEBSITE COME TO FRUITION *cracks knuckles* you came to right place anon, here are my ult fav Yoongi fic recs in no particular order. Be aware that all of these caused me emotional wreckage so tread lightly.

I’ll put a read more below this cause it’s a long post.

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Stripulation (Rafael Barba x Reader)

AN: This … wasn’t how I thought this blog would lose its Barba virginity. But life is funny that way. Anyway, I doubt Barba’s secret in “Know It All” will be anything like this but this was still my take on it. And God am I awful for it.

@ohbelieveyoume I sincerely hope you enjoy because my perfectionism is screaming right now *dies*

Everyone made at least one bad decision in their lifetime. This was something that Rafael Barba, as an attorney, knew as an absolute guarantee. Granted, the poor choices he usually dealt with on a regular basis were either truly heinous acts or ones that just made his job harder, all committed by other people against his warnings or better judgement. Neither of which impressed the attorney in the slightest: He prided himself on being a self-made man who stuck to his guns in the face of chaos, always keeping a leveled head to the point of blatant cockiness.

If not for the fact that you had been dating him (and could therefore assure that, yes, Carisi, hand on the Bible, Rafi is human), you would have perhaps fallen to the oft assumed notion that Rafael was relatively without a dramatically erroneous decision to his slate. This was not to say that he was perfect by any means: Putting cold and calculated logic a step or two ahead of emotion, calling off dates to work on cases, and being so stubborn as to not want to lose even a personal argument were not traits of his that you favored.

But considering that he always made sure to right those wrongs, made you feel like a member of Manhattan royalty when he could, he was practically an errorless outlier compared to a majority of men living in New York.

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I remember when I first saw this movie, I just had the strongest impression in this scene that Holtzmann was thinking, “So you’re the ex, huh? Well look how well Abby’s doing these days, and I don’t just mean with our work.”

Watching it now I think she’s more likely wondering how long is appropriate to wait for these two to work out their differences before it’s okay for her to ask Erin out, but either way, she’s doing some intense, confident staring there.

Tension in Three Parts—Chapter 3, Part 1: Equilibrium

Chapter Title: Equilibrium 
Pairing: Mikasa/Levi
Word Count: 9,596
Warnings: Swearing, spoilers, science, some canon deviations 
Summary: Equilibrium is what Mikasa and Lance Coproral Levi both desperately seek in sharing stories of their past which relentlessly haunt them.

Author’s Note: After many promises, apologizes, and writing time superseded by traveling and teaching, I am finally finishing Tension in Three Parts. Since I began Tension in Three Parts a year ago, there are some canon deviations because I couldn’t interweave all of the recent Shingeki no Kyojin revelations to such an old story. The one I’m blatantly ignoring is Mikasa and Levi’s shared last name. Mikasa is at least 20 years old in this fanfiction.  

Thank you for all those who have been patient with me. I am happy to share the first part of the last chapter with all of you. 

Chapter 1: Tension |Chapter 2, Part 1: Ultimate Strength | Chapter 2, Part 2: Stress and Strain 

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Guess who is excited to watch #PLLEndgame tonight? Yeah, you are damn right, not my son. Unless this is his clever plan to save energies so when the time comes he is wide awake…. Also I already know what this long nap means for me tonight :)))) 

But I want to thank Marlene for sending me the whole season on DVD so that I can “live” watch it and tweet my reactions with you guys and the rest of the liars. Also today marks the day I made dinner without burning anything or using the telephone. (yeah, I’ve cheated a few times before). Seems like motherhood came with me growing into a house-girlfriend. 

P.S.: post inspired by my favorite little goose in the world. I miss you.

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I have been in a long-distance relationship for 2 years and last week he finally came to visit me. I was so happy I jumped on him and we started making out in the middle of the airport and he said "I want you. Now". We grabbed all his suitcases, ran to my car and had the best sex ever! He fingered me and ate me out and I gave him a bj until he came! And after that we fucked in my car for like 2 hours. And when we got home the first thing we did was fuck again. I've been waiting for so long...


In the hollow of June
Dance saltwater waves
Cool specks of burnt sand
Beneath searing sun’s gaze

In the hollow of June
The soft songs of spring birds
Now trill violently
With wild heated words

In the hollow of June
Once young fresh April blooms
Fill short steamy nights
With breathless pungent fumes


  • "OMG would you guess that I'm not wearing undies today?"
  • "Everything ends-- even the lives of families and friends."
  • "I don't wanna see you go but it's not forever."
  • "A juice box, and make it a motts goddamn it."
  • "Where you have you been all my life!?"
  • "When you know everything it's suddenly strange when you don't have a clue."
  • "My real passion is fanfiction."
  • "My head's confused but I know there's something in it."
  • "I want to know your story."
  • "Bitch. I ain't Cho-chang."
  • "You don't need me as a guide."
  • "Ridevines! What the hell can't they do!"
  • "They're remember me!"
  • "Do not be fooled by appearances."
  • "That Zefron poster is boss."
  • "I wanna be your friend forever."
  • "I never cared for stories until you entered mine."
  • "You think killing people will make them like you. It doesn't. It makes them dead."
  • "In order to beat a man, you gotta be stronger than a man. You gotta be a WOMAN."
  • "I'd feel much better if you would stay here."
  • "But I don't have a job!"
  • "God. I can't stand people who don't read."
  • "1,001 nights with you is not enough to end."
  • "I wanna let her know I feel so queezy."
  • "I am a starship ranger!"
  • "I'm finally ready, so ready to go."
  • "You're a whole lot hotter with that lightning scar."
  • "Don't forget that dirt is solid and clouds can disappear."
  • "What the hell is a Huffelpuff?"
  • "This could mean danger."
  • "Everybody knows that's just the way it goes and there's nothing you can do."
  • "Take off your cloths."
  • "I want a rocket ship!"
  • "Do YOU have a rocker ship?!"
  • "We're there. We've reached that point."
  • "I'm not a baby! I'm twelve!"
  • "You are not permitted to touch!"
  • "I never expected to find someone like you."
  • "Tiger fucker!"
  • "You don't know you the way I do."
  • "He taught me how to love."
  • "If you don't go out there and die for something I will kill you for nothing."
  • "I guess that's what Harry Potter's all about."
  • "What remains of a man when that man is dead and gone?"
  • "I wanna be a modern dancer."
  • "... Hold you in a tight embrace and cuddle till we're blue."
  • "How will they tell my story?"
  • "Perhaps it's not too late to change the course of fate."
  • "Sorry. Did I just stutter?"
  • "There's a hidden swimming pool!"
  • "If I hide to save my life, what has my life been for?"
  • "Just because you care about stuff doesn't mean you're weak."
  • "I know you've seen the rough time, hell, I see them too, but I ain't seen anyone face them half as well as you."
  • "Daddy! Daddy! You came to love me!"
  • "Who cares about bein' another pipe dreamer?!"
  • "I'm in love with my best friend."
  • "You can't confuse me with numbers."
  • "I'll never be a hero."
  • "Thank dear dead God, man!"
  • "I wanna be somebody's buddy."
  • "I must be pretty great if you believed in me."
  • "I'm just a side kick, but I love being at your side."
  • "Wait. Not so fast."
  • "I'm the one who's gonna love you with all of his heat because that's what I've got."
  • "Who could care about a loser like me!?"
  • "What will I do without you to guide me?"
  • "I'm so sad that we are done, but that don't mean we can't do it again."
  • "So good to be gettin' laid."
  • "You can't hold on to what's gone."
  • "I came home."
  • "You can't just GO to Pigfarts! It's on mars!"
  • "This must be how it feels to have a home."
  • "Finally, I found a friend."
The Signs as out-of-context things I've heard shouted in my office building
  • Aries: Unintelligible shrill yelling in bad Cockney accent
  • Taurus: "Are you cooking a squirrel??"
  • Gemini: "That's Stacy, she's a nice girl, but she'll cut you"
  • Cancer: Loudly singing "I'm a Little Teapot"
  • Leo: "Woo!!! I'm high on life, I'M ready to go!!!"
  • Virgo: "Who put a cement brick on Tim's desk? It's wrapped like a present"
  • Libra: "In Florida it's illegal to sell your child"
  • Scorpio: Unintelligible chanting
  • Sagittarius: "That's like saying Nacho Libré is going to be Secretary of State"
  • Capricorn: "Who put a brick on my desk??"
  • Aquarius: "Ah, FUCK"
  • Pisces: Tarzan yell