i've used these pictures already


“someone who feels like a real boyfriend”

You know… someone who’s really genuinely in love with you.

I just realized I haven’t taken a picture of my hair recently! tbh I really love it?? it’s the exact shade of peachy pink I’d hoped for

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I have a suspicion that Hetalia can handle gore and shit because he has experienced lots of wars, but everyone treats him like a child even though he is almost the same age as Supernatural and a year older then Homestuck. But that's just a head cannon, A FANDOM HEADCANNON, thanks for readin.

(I actually really like this headcannon and agree. Hetalia as a fandom is actually a pretty dark one, such as Hetaoni, so I know he can handle the gory stuff. The reason I feel they treat him as a child is because he does seem to be more optimistic and happy-go-lucky, so they feel they must protect him. -Hetalia) image