i've used a lot of ref

remmusdraws  asked:

Hello, I've been inspired by your art, and am trying to draw my own version of junkrat. However, i am really struggling with his face, especially with the shape of his face, do you have any tips?


his facial structure is very complicated so here’s my old ref sheet of his face/chin! i used it a lot back when i tried to figure out his face shape!

here’s the thing, you have to look at refs a ton and try to figure out how to draw him 

just look at this thing

i used refs for the first Junkrat i drew in November 2016

now i don’t even need to use refs for him anymore cause i remember his face from drawing him all the time lmao

but yeah! basically just look at his model/concept art or even check out other artists styles on how to draw his face, it takes a while to learn it but keep on going!

it also doesn’t matter if he doesn’t look exactly like in the model, it’s YOUR style anyways :3c

ailairza  asked:

Hello there ! i was wondering if you could show Italy's color palletes.. like his eye color, skin tones, hair... i've seen a lot of different colors but i don't know which one i should use and stick with ;u;

Hmm, Hima-san once posted a colour pallete reference for Hetalia characters here


here’s the translation:

Keep in mind though, Hima changes his colouring from time to time as you see in his different drawings.

It’s more like the basic palette where you may derive the other new colours from.


@delicatewizardstranger Congrats on 850+ Followers!!

As soon as you had posted your sona ref, I just had to draw them.

And then I found out you could skate so I used this ot3 meme. 

hope you like it!!

anonymous asked:

I gotta ask... could you please do a tutorial on how to draw Trinity Prime sorta like how you did with Volt Prime? I've been having the worst time trying to draw her (especially her skirt), and some pointers for would help!

Hello! I wouldn’t call it a tutorial, but I’ll try to make a little batch like that? X)

Again, some knowledge of human anatomy, simplification and references+more references.

I hadn’t really drawn fullbody of Trinity Prime before, so it’s kinda useful to me as well. She has lots of details, giving a bit of additional body bulk in form of armour/decorative pieces.

Sorry, the ref screens I’ve had are of my trinity with naberus shoulders, please ignore that.

some guidelines in red.
There used to be a codex glitch that was kinda handy in begin able to see how much her skirt/lobster butt adds to the figure.

it’s made of a few layers + golden dangles adding weight. I’m not entirely sure if they are attached to the lobster/insect carapace or to the fabric due to the clipping issues it has! It’s more likely part of the carapace, not like i drew it RIP. sorry for the error.

Her helmet has a lot of detail too, I chose to build it upon a base (red) then add the faceplate and the rest.

mmm sorry for not including some smaller details, she just has so much, it’d be quite a long post.

Hope that this helps ;u;

anonymous asked:

I feel like I've stagnated in my art bc I have a hard time choosing dynamic color palettes. Can you give me any advice? Your colors are all beautiful and inspiring!!

hm i feel like using some diverse/dynamic colour palettes could help out! you can find a lot on tumblr or through a google search! or a study focusing on colour. I really enjoy sticking to analogous colour palettes (3 colours next to each other on the wheel) so i would also recommend giving it a try, you can see it in lots of my art for refs. also look into some colour psychology, it helps me pick out lots of my colours when i’m feeling a bit iffy. One of my favourite things to do lately is work with mainly primary colours, its a real fun exercise! And always keep an eye out for other artists work, it can give lots of inspiration!

anonymous asked:

I've heard that Dawn has a lot of remixes of her theme? Is that true?

she indeed has a lot lmao:

conclusion: “kimi no soba de” is a gift from god and the anime knew that

anonymous asked:

Wow you get so many asks.. I hope I'm not being a nuisance... I was wondering if you had any tips for drawing/practicing how to draw in proportions? I absolutely SUCK and the only tips I've found are how to draw buildings from close to far. But I want to know how to draw more than just buildings in good proportion. Like irregular objects and such.

There’s a trick of using your pencil as a unit of measurement.

It can help keep your measurements more correct. When drawing humans there are dozens of shortcuts (some of which are in my “art ref” or “ref” tag because I reblog that kind of thing for people every week or so).

All stuff google can show better examples of. It’s mostly just a lot of practice and gaining an eye for when it doesn’t work. 

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about using watercolors but I've tried them before and I like the way the colors look but it feels like you don't have a lot of control over them (the kind of watercolor I've used is the dry blocks kind not the kind in tubes) and someone told me that if that's a problem gouache is a good alternative and that they get similar results. Do you have any refs that talk about watercolor vs gouache? I can only afford one rn and Don't know which I should try first

There is a post [here] about water colour vs gouache.

But um, have you considered [watercolour pencils]?

yammi-jammi  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you could help out with tips on drawing men, especially bara men like Ganondorf. I've started drawing Ganondorf recently this year, but I have a lot of trouble drawing him, especially his arms and how to position them when holding someone who's much smaller than he is -_-'. What advice can you give us? X

As someone who has a fairly standard female body, I have a hard time drawing the male body too. I use myself and as a model for almost all my work, and I simply don’t have access to a big male bara body to study.

For the most part I dig around on Google for images of this kinda body refs (much to my mate’s dismay when stumbling upon my browser history) But that’s generally after I’ve designed the pose and roughed out the basic drawing. That’ll keep the picture from looking too “photograph-ish”.

For just general pose advice, if I’m not sure how to have a character holing something or moving in some way, I’ll just take a video of myself doing that action. Even if you have to substitute in a broom for a sword or a pillow for a person, having the basic pose done by a human is always a help. (Makes for some weird videos on your computer though)

I’ll do a live steam this Saturday at about 7 pm est and draw Ganondorf in his OoT outfit. That’s pretty revealing and should be good for a study. (Also pretty to look at)

Going to work on the 3k+ project, but I need some help

(( Don’t worry! It’s not much! While I’m pretty much SHOVELING my way through all my followers, I’ve been having trouble since I need your references!
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Thank you all so much for sticking around, even if we have less than 20 story related posts ;w;”

- Ebbs

PS. I expect to have this finished after 3.5k qwq //that’s a long while from now. I just expect to be drawing a lot of ponies- several times as well .w.” I need to do this in my spare time too, since I can’t do it everyday ))