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quick little thing (again not cr1tikal related so feel free to scroll past)

thank you to everyone yesterday who replied/messaged me about things yesterday you were all so helpful and i appreciate it an incredible amount!! i’ll delete the posts just so it’s not like clutter on the blog or anything bc i don’t want t o annoy anyone but yeah thank you all again you’re stars!! and if anyone is curious at all I’ve decided to do prints at home myself and I’m going to look into printers etc. to do prints based on advice i was given and people talking me through a couple things which is scary but exciting all the same omg i’m going to thank you all again because I don’t think I can say that enough annnnd I hope you’re all having a fantastic day or had a fantastic day!! Rosie


RFA + Unknown


‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning…  


I like to believe that whenever Kuroo is taking Kenma out for dates, he doesn’t speak.. Instead he is content enough just staring at him. Which ofc makes Kenma uncomfortable af.


Walking in a winter wonderland~
Fluffy jongkey gift for @herewegobebe​ ♥
Thanks to @choiminoh for helping me get their faces right!!


i’ve hit 1.2k (holy shit) and it’s christmas so i wanna take a moment to acknowledge some incredible people who have made my gmw tumblr experience thus far so wonderful and full of joy. without further ado, i present lauren’s 2016 follow forever :)

to start off, i want to give a special shoutout to a couple people who have really shaped my tumblr experience. i love you all dearly. (i got really sappy and wrote you all special messages so click here to read them ♥♥♥)

@rumikipling // @minkuhs // @spookyminkus // @hollyjollyhart // @rorysgilmoree // @now-katy-hunter //

you’re all mentioned below, but i want to take a moment to shout out the amazing members of @rileydefense, @rucasnetwork, #riarklesquad, and #rjstrashnetwork for being overall brilliant humans and for giving me a lil community on here. i love you all ♥♥

now onto some people i love a lot and help make my dash a brighter place!!! thank you all for just being yourselves and thank you for making me so so happy every time i log onto tumblr ♥

A-H: // @aggressively // @annabellisario // @astralfreckles // @arianagrandes // @auroruhs // @beautifullyflawed25 // @callmecottoncandyface // @captainzaybabineaux // @cecibalagots // @charliegardnre // @charliesgardnr // @corybaboonmatthews // @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name // @cstlbyers // @dailyjoshaya // @dailyriarkle // @donniebaarnes // @duhriarkle // @farklefogelmanis // @farklely // @farkles-sunshine // @farklesdarling // @feenys // @friars-riley // @friarsriles // @fuck-yeah-rilaya // @girl-meets-cherry // @girlmeetsfarkle // @gmw-trashs96 // @gmwrucasgmw // @gofarkleyourself // @grantgustn // @grizbehr // @harlyquinn // @hartshoney // @hello-there-riley-matthews // @hersheyscake // @hurhuurr //

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if i forgot you, i am so so sorry! i’m terrible at keeping track of urls but please know that i love you dearly!!!!! ♥♥

Fire Escapes and Cigarettes 2

p>Summary: single you meets someone on the fire escape and share in the solitude of stale cigarettes, liquor, and chit chat. 

Characters: Reader x Single!Jared

Pairings: Platonic

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request; can u do 4/4 text for ur birthday like what they send u or something like that? plzz ☺

a request from a while back that i never finished, but here’s 4/4 at last! 😪😂

anonymous asked:

Hello Ally! Can you rec any tumblr blogs that stan matt/alec? The only blogs that i follow are more like news blogs and i want to follow more people freaking out about matt/alec and the series in general! Thank you!

hey thanks for asking!! Tbh I follow mostly magnus stans bc how #me of them but here a few that I can think of that really love alec/matt

@doddario @dearestalec @softspookyjace @abloodneed @mattsalexander @alecsagitta @alecspookylightwood @alecmagnu @pumpkindaddario

here’s a list of ppl that are great and that love the series in general

@blushinglightwood @princessblackbird @deadspacedame @thelushfiles @fitewood @trickorclizzy @nightfallgoddess @latinalightwood @melbopo @misiach @hcrryshumjr @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter @courageincombat @raphaelsdumort @magsbanes @magnuswinchester @nanachiwoo @spookyprincemagnusbane @magswoods @lightwoodskies @softbanes @warlocksrune @highwarlockkareena @carstairsbane @claryfightwood @alecfightwoods