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So how would a child refer to a third gender parent in amatakka? Is mother and father used with the third gender pronoun tagged on? Or is the word for parent itself gender neutral?

There’s three separate words:

  • Amu (mother)
  • Ipa (father)
  • Ena (third- or fourth-gender parent)

I generally translate Ena into Basic as “parent” because we don’t have a different word for a non-binary parent in English.

Of course, the connection between parental names and pronouns is more fluid than absolute. So someone who is third gender may identify more with Amu than with Ena, but they’re still third gender.

An important part of any artistic endeavor is consuming as much of your craft as possible. Photographer? Check out other photography, and not only people that photograph what you enjoy photographing, but other photographers as well. The more we see, then more we are inspired and the more we learn. It makes us better. Gives us ideas and perspectives we wouldn’t gain on our own. The same goes for writing, poetry or prose. Read more, and gain knowledge and insight. Do you paint or craft other works of art? Take in as much as possible of your given craft, along with all other forms of art. Take what you see and apply it to your own craft.

None of that is anywhere close to a new idea. Far from it actually. 

Last night I had a conversation and applied those lessons above to life. In friendships and relationships it’s important to take the lessons from other friendships and relationships and apply them to what’s in our lives now. Progress, not perfection, towards being a better person.

I am an introvert, as such, I consume my surroundings. I observe with my eyes and my ears. Taking in as much information as possible, and giving little away. I need information from my relationships. I need to understand how people work, people I care about. Not just how they work with me, but I need to know how they work with other people. There are endless nuances to people, and I need to know them all. 

(I would like to point out that I don’t really want to compare toon/human relationships to interracial or same-sex relationships, because the reasons behind the controversy are just… completely different. I mean change to what people consider to be sacred things will always fundamentally breed rejection, but beyond just plain human stubbornness and intent to hate, there aren’t really any parallels.

A lot of people see toons as like, you know, toys. They’re not threatening and they’re very entertaining, they typically are hard to hate, they’re cartoons! But that means when they want basic rights or respect, they’re not taken seriously.

Like the reason people might turn their nose up at Boris and Bee being cute isn’t because they’re being cute, it’s because they’re being sincere, and some people will react negatively to that. Cute is fine, serious is not. They can’t grasp that toons would have anything more than a little date in a boat on the lake, you know what I mean? Having actual serious, sexual, or complicated relationships; or displaying anything beyond simplistic values isn’t easy for all humans to sympathize with.

Obviously cartoons in the 30′s could get pretty adult and dark! But it’s the silliness and simplicity that makes some unable to relate. People laugh at cartoons. Cartoons are mindless, (even now think of how many people will be confused when you say a cartoon has made you emotional.) And surely the intensity of their emotions is evidence of the lack of complexity in their emotions. The idea that they are anything more than a caricature, than a picture, anything more in depth it hard for people to wrap their heads around.

So when India and Bendy check into a hotel, they’re not gonna care that they’ll be sharing a bed - after all, look at him, he’s like a plush toy; where’s the harm? But if they try to check in as a married couple, they might have a hard time convincing the clerk that they’re not joking. -HG)

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Im so happy that he didnt made the video /about him/ you know? If you know nothing about him this video tells you that he's talking about how the industry is full of racism, sexism & homophobia. He could have used headlines of himself but he choose not to, we will investigate it and find a way to connect those headlines to him because we know him, but if you don't you just see someone using his influence to speak up against those issues that also come with fame

i definitely agree, it’s a great way to channel his influence and give the song a broader meaning. however, i think it would’ve been perfectly fine to make it about him. he wrote the song, it’s a personal topic. don’t get me wrong, i think the video is incredibly important and i’ve been dying about it but i dunno, i just don’t agree with the notion that it was an obligation to appease some people.

Artists that have helped me out!

     All of these artists have made custom art for me upon request and are in use in my streams! Check out their stuff! <3

Pixel art by RedPanda: Twitter || Tumblr || Instagram

Official-Style Edgar art by Dan: Tumblr

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