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  • anyone: how's phil
  • dan: phil? as in Philip Michael "Phil" Lester (born 30 January 1987) is a British YouTuber, vlogger and radio personality from Rawtenstall, Lancashire. He is best known for his YouTube channel AmazingPhil. Together with frequent collaborator Dan Howell, Lester presented Sunday night entertainment show Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 from January 2013 until August 2014, and from September 2014 to April 2016 the duo were monthly hosts on the station's Internet Takeo-

I spent today’s looking at Khan’s face 😊 Still just a WIP, but soon, I’ll be able to check off my followers wish list project ! Pastel painting done with faber Castell soft pastels and Pitt pastel pencils (on canson toned grey pastel paper)

    GREETINGS & SALUTATIONS,     okay wow, there are now 300 of you amazing people following me and my trash son and i love every single one of you. thank you so much for sticking by me and putting up with me. i am extremely grateful for all the friends i have made here and all the amazing threads i have with all you amazing people. so i figured for this milestone, i would make it about you, my amazing FOLLOWERS and show everyone just how much i love you. 

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32 w/ frans but that android au

( 32. open your eyes )

It was odd, being aware and unaware in the stillness. They’ve died so many times, rather figuratively and very literally, yet this felt different. It was dark, it felt… somewhat cold. They couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t taste, see, but a certain feeling was there, something that could reside in their chest, and it pulled them somewhere. They were idly floating in the nothing, nowhere in mind to go so they let themselves be guided by that invisible tug. Maybe this was the end? Really the end. Where there’d be no more going back. They were pretty sure that by now that golden yellow light would have appeared. It was tangible, like a star, a lone little sun in a void space, and when grazing it with their hands they thought it’d burn but it only pulsed into their skin like warm water. And then it grew, impaled them, through their chest and their limbs and a sharp pang in their head, glass breaking and shattering and exploding into pieces from the inside and sprouting out to become pale light. Then they’d blink their eyes open to a place they were before, to a time that hadn’t gotten them killed yet. And then they might just die again, and they’d go to that SAVE point, and their eyes will open. Repeat.

Fun times.

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When you were supposed to write something short and sweet and it gets away from you and totally grows into an AU and you sit there, sweating, because oh fuck I’ve done it again and I’d bet all my money that people are gonna want more because I MYSELF want more, and I have so many projects already oh my god someone S T O P M E-


There’s freedom of religion in Hyrule, but generally each race worships the gods differently or pays special reverence to certain deities over others.

Din, for her great power is revered by the Gorons and Gerudo. They exemplify her ideals of strength and perseverance. It is said that Gerudo and Goron Clerics and Paladins in the service of Din will put themselves through particularly grueling tasks just to prove their strength to their matron deity. Din is also the Goddess of Rhythm and it is said that the changing of the seasons is the earth’s natural struggle against her power. 

Farore, as the great mother of all ife, is especially revered by the Seele Court and those especially close to nature like the Koroks. However, her portrayal to be an adrenaline junky COURAGEOUS also got her the reputation of being the Patron Saint of drunks and wandering adventurers. Finally, because of her relationship with courage and life and old tale says together, with Impaz, she created the undead so that the living could face their fear of death. This strange and macabre relationship with the unlife earned her a special place with necromancers.

Nayru, as the bringer of order to chaos, is especially revered by the Zora. It is exemplified by their extremely hierarchical system of government. However, Nayru is also generally revered by scholars as she is regarded as the mother of science. Additionally, a more poetic name for Nayru is the “Goddess of all the flows” – words, water, time.  It is she that brings order to the universe so that mortals can make sense of it.

Hylia, as one of the guardian goddess left behind by the the three primordial gods is revered to varying degrees by all races because of the war with Demise. However, her particular bird like associations earned her a special place in the Rito pantheon where is she is revered as the Goddess of Light. Hylians and Sheikah too also have special associations with Hylia. The Hyrulean Royal Family claims ancestry from Hylia, and many Sheikah clerics and paladins are in service to the Hyrulean Royal Family because of an old vow Impaz made to Hylia back in the Era of the Gods.

Impaz, as the goddess of shadows and purveyor of death is only worshiped by the Sheikah and the Hylians. While the Hylians believe her to be the raven-like deity that judges where you go in the afterlife the Sheikah claim to descend from the Goddess of Shadows. It is said their loyalty to the Hyrulean Royal Family comes from an old vow Impaz made with Hylia to always protect her and her ilk. Such devotion has led many to ponder the true nature of Hylia and Impaz’ relationship, but no definitive texts remain of the true nature of the accord. She is still so prominent in the Sheikah pantheon that each ruler of the Sheikah is afforded the name “Impa” when they take leadership of the tribe.

Finally, the “Goddess of Spirit (name tbd;)” is worshipped strictly by the Gerudo. It was said that the Goddess of Spirits broke apart into 8 divine hero’s who would go on to found the various Gerudo tribes. Little is known about her as the texts concerning her are a well guarded secret by her paladins and clerics, but what can be gleaned is that she was associated with naga’s in particular and was a fierce warrior goddess.

In addition, each race has it’s own local deities that they worship such as the guardian dragons, the Great Deku Tree, the Great Fae, etc.

Over a year since I’ve been on here, and I’m still getting notes??? 😭You guys……..

A whole lot has changed in this time, and I feel like I’ve grown so much, both as an artist and a person. Now that school is finally over, I’m highly considering converting this blog to a more general fanart blog. I’ve really missed being able to share my work with others, and it’s been weighing on my heart as of late. Thanks for sticking with me (and sorry for any disappointment)!

xoxo, reversecard 💜


Rory Anne and her parents, Angela and Derek.

Colours from an Achromatic’s Eyes

title: colours from an achromatic’s eyes

warnings: very slight mention of depression, like two swear words

word count: 4k

summary: Dan is colourblind. He has been his entire life, but that changes when he meets his internet friend for the first time and suddenly he can only see the colour of his eyes.

read it on ao3 or

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Bodoque and Tulio’s dynamic is one of the main things of the show and I wanted to look at it a bit in depth.

If you look at it from the outside you’ll find that Bodoque is the voice of reason and rescues Tulio when he’s in trouble, while Tulio is the one that gets Bodoque out of addictions, depressions, and money trouble (these are big parts of Bodoque’s character and the things he needs most help with, same with Tulio). They harm each other as well though, for example Tulio with stealing Bodoque’s job he so wanted, or almost killing him with his stupidity, and Bodoque hitting Tulio whenever he loses his temper.

Bodoque learns how to be “the voice of reason” through the green reports and Tulio learns how he can help Bodoque through Patana (a dynamic very clear in the episode “depressed bodoque”)

When one is missing, they react differently. Bodoque instantly thinks his problems are gone and he now has the job he so wants, and proceeds to steal it away from Tulio. He then fails because of the very issues Tulio was there to help him with. (because of his horse-race addiction or that other time he couldn’t do the moderator job because he was too depressed) Bodoque can’t really express worry or gratitude towards him. (or at least he does so very rarely)

Tulio on the other hand just talks all the time about how much he misses Bodoque and mentions how much he needs him whenever he’s in trouble. (example: almost half of the film)

In Tulio’s dream we find out that he fears some things tied with Bodoque: for Bodoque to expose his secrets, Bodoque being able to live perfectly fine without him, or Bodoque to leave and never forgive him. This drives him to be friends with him no matter how much money Bodoque asks of him.