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Hey love can I request #31 for SS please hehe ;)

31 - prostitute sex worker/client au



A/N: rated light M. because obviously



Sometimes, in the height of it all, Sasuke found it all too easy to forget about how this all started out. To forget that the woman writhing naked on top of him was Miss Cherry Blossom, an escort—a sex worker; to forget that he was her client, her buyer. To forget that in the beginning, he had only paid for the service of her company to have her attend one of his father’s high-end events with him, saving him from his mother’s constant pestering in regards to his lack of dates.

Because to him, in moments like these, full of heat and earnest feelings, exposed to their souls with their hearts wide open, she was only ever Sakura.

She was a pretty thing, he remembered thinking back then, all graceful lines and lovely smiles, her odd-colored hair pulled up in a stunning do as her red dress flowed elegantly from her form. His brother hadn’t lied to him when he’d told him the agency specialized in the luxurious. But pretty as she was, still, Sasuke had never had intent to take her to bed, too considerate of her choices, her life; of her kindness and sweet demeanor. She was too pure for this kind of work, he’d mused to himself.

Which is why it had surprised him when she’d leaned in and kissed him that night on the porch of his lush, palatial home, fingers slipping so tenderly through his locks. 

“You don’t have to pay me extra for this,” she’d told him as she parted, gingerly pushing off his suit jacket from his shoulders. The look in her green, green eyes was as warm as it was sensual. “I like you.”

It was the easiest thing he had ever caved to.

For hours, they rolled around in the sheets, whisked in a flurry of passion. They touched, and kissed, and moaned, moving in a sweaty mess of intertwined limbs until satiation took them both in explosive frenzy, sapping the last of their strength. Astonishingly, Sakura only ever seemed genuine in the way she responded to him, sounds soft and saccharine, body shuddering all too delightfully, lacking the usual excessive enthusiasm sex workers were too often told to have.

Sasuke couldn’t help but to take a little pride in that.

“This wasn’t what you expected, was it?” she’d asked him afterwards, one dainty finger tracing affectionately down the line of his jaw.

He blinked, brows furrowing, the hand brushing her slicked side halting in its caress. “What?”

“The sex. You were expecting something different.”

When he made to deny, she giggled and went on, “Yeah you did, don’t deny it! A lot more moaning, thrashing, screaming your name—”

He’d kissed her then to shut her up, long and hard in an effort to make her lose her thoughts. She only laughed, but returned his kiss anyway, humming a faint, pleased noise.

When they broke apart, she looked at him, a small, shy smile to her lips. Something in his heart warmed at that.

Before he knew it, he found himself asking, “What’s your name?”

Another giggled slipped from her mouth. “Well that,” she teased, “will cost you extra.”

Sasuke didn’t care about that—he just needed to see her again. 

Road trips are awesome. I feel like everybody needs to go on at least one epic road trip in their lifetime. I say this because I’ve just spent most of the past couple weeks on one with my little brother and it totally blew my mind with how much fun it was. And now I’ve already got that itch to go on another.

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Hey. I've recently come upon the term Maladaptive Daydreaming, and after reading he definition and people's experiences for a bit, it seems to fit me perfectly. What I don't get though, is how someone can necessarily see this as a bad thing. I've sat for hours and daydreamed about different scenarios in my head, and sometimes I daydream without meaning to, but I never see it as a bad thing. Daydreaming actually makes me happy. Can you explain?

The most likely explanation is that you are not a Maladaptive Daydreamer.

Maladaptive Daydreaming Diagnostic Criterion B:

The disturbance causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.  

I do not say this to be dismissive, I understand how hurtful it is to say.  You have likely spent a lifetime knowing that you are somehow different from the people around you and and wondering why. After finally finding a term for yourself for someone to say you don’t fit is, simply, damaging. 

I do not want to damage you. MD starts with a trait for absorptive and affect-laden fantasy, not everyone with this trait will become maladaptive. There is, unfortunately, not a better term for those who have the trait but are not effected negatively by it. They are not, strictly, ‘normal’ daydreamers, nor do they fit the criteria for MD, it is an uncomfortable and confusing inbetween. 

It may seem exclusionary and unfair but it’s an important difference to note in a discussion about MD.  MD is still in the infancy of research, there is no diagnosis, no clinic, no treatment protocol to help those suffering. Many people and clinicians do not take MD seriously, diluting the conversation with ‘MDers” who never experience the negative only serves to discredit those efforts and add roadblocks for those who need help. 

I know that this is not being done on purpose, maladaptive daydreaming is the closest description that these people, who know in their hearts they are not ‘typical’, have to cling to, we are often the only community they have found which understands them in a way no other can. On this blog, at least, they are welcome, I ask only that everyone keeps in mind that the ultimate goal here is diagnosis and treatment, discussing the behavior without acknowledging the maladaptation does us all a disservice. 

I have noticed, also, that some people are trying to get communities for these people started, there is r/paracosms on Reddit and @horkbajir99 is trying to jumpstart a ‘benedaptive daydreaming’ tag here on Tumblr. 

There are also blogs like Maladaptive Daydreaming Positivity which acknowledge MD as a disorder but choose to focus on the positive and enjoyable aspects we all experience. Because MDers do enjoy their daydreams, one does not have to hate their fantasy to be valid in the community and we need to acknowledge this also. 

I’d like to believe that when Sasuke was back from his long mission, his first night back home wasn’t spent twisting and tangling in sweaty sheets as he made love to his wife for all their lost time.

No, instead he spent it cradled in her arms, face pressed to the hollow of her throat, listening to her breathe and relishing the way her fingers tangled in his hair. It wasn’t sad, or tense, or longing–it was just calm and quiet. Peaceful. Relieving

Thankful, at last, to finally be back in the arms of the one he loves; to be back home.

that girl makes enough money in one day to support someone for their entire lifetime (idk probably)
It’s about respecting an artist who has spent 2 years of their life creating something beautiful, something that she decided to put out Oct 27th.
Today is not Oct 27th. It is Oct 27th in 3 days though, so I’d STRONGLY ADVISE everyone to PLEASE not listen to or leak any of the album because it’s only 3 days. You’ll make it.

  • The first time I saw you look at her with so much love in your eyes, I got scared: I got terrified that this time, your feelings have developed from being just a crush to infatuation, and finally to love. I got afraid that you're going to pursue her and let her know about your feelings for her.
  • The first time you told me that you are going to court her, I almost cried: I held back tears as you happily told me that you are going to pursue her, that she already gave you her permission to do so. I felt tears pooling in my eyes when you spilled out all your plans to make her say "yes" to you. I felt myself take a step back from you and held my chin up to keep my tears from falling.
  • The first time you introduced her to me as your girlfriend,I feel like fainting: The pain was overwhelming that I had to sit because my knees felt wobbly and weak. I have always pushed off that day to the farthest corner of my mind for quite some time that when it finally came, it took me by surprise.
  • The first time I saw you kiss her, something inside me died: I remember when you told me that you would only share your first kiss with the girl you want to spend your lifetime with. I spent years daydreaming about being that girl and it shattered me that you have never saw me that way. When I saw you tilt you head to kiss her fully in the mouth, something in me broke and I figured out it was my heart. I've never really accepted the fact that she's going to be the girl you want to spend your lifetime with... Until that day.
  • The first time I hear you tell her I love you, I told myself I should move on: I told myself that the battle is over, that I have already lost way before I was even given the chance to fight. I convinced myself that you've already made up your mind, that I should just accept the fact that I am never going to be that girl you'd want to spend forever with. I told myself that to you, I am and will always be just a friend, that we can't be anything more than that. I told myself that I should start letting you go.
  • And it sucked: Letting go of someone who isn't even yours to start with is such a difficult thing to do. It is traumatic and at first, I saw it as one of those things you could exert your best-est effort in but is still bound to fail. Every time you try to take a step forward, the memories start to tug at you and pull you back. It takes a lot of strength and focus and determination to resist the pull and keep going. The road to moving on and acceptance that you can never have the person you have always wanted is a rough one. Most of the time you'd feel like there is no end, that you would just recoil each time you make progress, that you could never do it. You'd see those it-will-be-okay-you-will-be-fine-soon lines as nothing but pure lies. You spent tears trying to forget everything, on the frustration that you are not getting any farther, that you will never be happy again, that you will always be miserable. Just don't stop trying. No matter how little progress you make, just keep going; because the moment you cease, you will get stuck. And you don't want that.