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Eh, I’ll give the short version. Not full on stan rant cause she’s only been here an episode, so.

But highkey y’all can be disappointed that k/llerv/be might not (probably won’t imo) happen w/o full on exaggerating and making Cindy out to be evil. We’ve seen nothing of her that suggests that, and juxtaposing her with Cait like Caitlin is so much more “good” than her is shallow minded at best. So yeah. 

Project Report Subject Number 498. Codename "Smokes".

Status: Deceased

Epithet: Carcinogenic

Eye color: His pupils were white while the sclera was a pale grey. When allowed, Subject wore sunglasses to hide this, apparently being self conscious over how they looked.

Body Age: 24 ½ years.

Hair color of choice: Dyed blonde.

Favorite allowed testing item: His pack of cigarettes.

Number Tattoo Placement: Along the side of his left bicep

General Overview:

#497 (further referred to as “Smokes” so as to distinguish between other Subjects) was cloned from the Professor’s DNA Two Months and One Week from the date this report is filed. Smokes grew in the aging chamber for approximately seventeen hours before the twitch signaling the activation of his Epithet was noted. Upon waking up and going through standard first day procedures the following height, weight, and special attributes were recorded:

•67 Inches

•167 pounds

•Smelled heavily of cigarette smoke despite no researcher smoking within that district. Seemed to have some sort of lung problem as was noted by physical capacity tests. Researchers interacting with Smokes had an increased urge to smoke by 47%, including those who had never smoked before.

Exposure to other Subjects was positive, a particularly good mutual liking with #497. #497 grew close during Smokes’s time in the program and was devastated when he passed.

His Epithet “Carcinogenic” quickly caused him to develop terminal lung cancer despite the resources the Project had to treat him.

During the time before he became to sick to operate this was the compiled results of his combative abilities:

•Could take a long drag from his cigarette and then exhale a cloud of smoke with a diameter of 15(including the area he was in) feet across in all directions. The anomalous nature of the smoke renders it impossible to see through unless the viewer is a heavy smoker themselves.

•While being subjected to ranged combat he could dissipate into smoke and reform at a spot of his choice within range.

•Could take all the ashes from his ash tray and temporarily make a golem out of them. Golem was not particularly stable nor strong and ended up falling apart after minimal effort. 

•If he breathed his smoke into someone’s face they would break into an extremely terrible, and to an extent painful, fit of coughing.

i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please

i love Blackwatch Jesse and Reyes. guys you can talk to me about Blackwatch Reyes anytime i love him so much i cannot tell you 

i love Overwatch it’s so gr8. i suck at it. but i still love. 

i’m still.. partially alive with drawing.. i don’t know why but i have no motivation/energy -lies on the floor- hmm

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It’s John Constantine’s nicotine lollipop.

Someone had the amazing idea of sticking John Constantine (out of all the people in their goddamn universe) to kid’s show Justice League: Action and giving him a goddamn lollipop :D

So I mean of course I had to draw THAT. Way too funny to pass :D