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Sorry, but I feel compelled to ask- are you one of those people who skips her scenes with Hook, because they hate him? Because the brightest smile I've EVER seen Emma wear was in 5x07 after he told her he loved her. And then the 1st proposal and so many more. Look at it and tell me "she has no life inside of her". I'm sorry the writers don't make her say funny quips anymore, but if you haven't noticed they push plot and don't let their characters breathe or leave any time for humour.

Actually I’m not… and let’s clarify something, I don’t hate Hook. I hate Captain Swan, those are two different things. I hate how they handled Hook, I guess you could say but the character in on itself, no I don’t hate him.

I actually went through those scenes to see what you were talking about and I couldn’t disagree more! In 5x07 yes she does smile but look at her eyes. I never said she stopped smiling, I said that there is no light behind her smiles anymore. AND THEN THE PROPOSAL, oh man!!! I think you’re the one who needs to rewatch those scenes, not me and please take the shipper goggles off for a minute while you watch it. Emma looks tired as fuck and she was crying, her smile was barely visible.

I think you think that my posts about Emma have anything to do with Hook, when they don’t at all. I don’t blame the Captain Swan relationship for the erasure of what is Emma. I blame the writers and the directing. 

So, I did look and I’m now telling you: There is no more light inside her anymore!

Every “happy” moment she has now is always underlying with either tears, tiredness or angst. I want the pure shine that Emma embodied. And yes, I do miss her humor quite  bit, it’s one of the reasons I  fell for that character so much but that’s not the only thing that’s missing.

And yes, I did notice that they push for plot and don’t let their characters breathe, that’s the reason I like OUAT less and less. The show was at its best when it was character driven and now it’s plot driven and the plot is half ass baked… So… yeah,I’ve noticed and I don’t like it one bit.

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Hey Rosy :) this may be a weird ask, but I wanted to get your opinion on this or rather see if you shared mine on the subject. I'm on Twitter all the time and I've obviously seen that we're likely going to get a shirtless Bellamy scene next episode. Now I, like many others, am excited by the prospect, but I also feel bad. I know that Bob really dislikes being sexually objectified and has some body issues, so whenever I see him having to go sans clothing in a project I feel bad.

Well I think there’s a difference between being shirtless in his role and being reduced to nothing but a sex object. I mean, this isn’t a tits and jiggle show. His character has a meaty role and he’s the hero.

Is it his favorite thing about acting? I’m betting not. But it is a part of his job and at least in this capacity, there’s a reason for it and he has respect as the lead and all. 

I mean, this isn’t like that Australian show where they kind of forced him to take off his shirt for charity. Because he was a piece of meat.

I’m going to trust that Bob is okay with his role as it stands, and that includes some narrative appropriate bare chests. 

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Something I haven't seen people talk about, but it kinda bothers me. There's that moment in 2x02 where Anakin wants to board the Sep ship, and Rex says they don't have any boarding craft. Then Anakin stares him down, and Rex kind of jumps and says, "Waiting on orders, sir!" in a tense voice. Like, Anakin, was that really necessary? Rex's *thing* is thinking on his feet. Why not just tell him your plan? He wasn't objecting, just pointing out their lack of boarding craft. Why the stare down?

I know that scene, Anon, and I have to agree to the interaction is very strange and seems almost out of character. Rex is only really stating the facts of the matter and Anakin’s reaction is kind of a little off base.

Even if it was more of a “Don’t state the obvious, Rex” moment.

He even does the same thing with Ahsoka and she asks him what the plan is.

I feel like in regards to characterization, it kind of misses the mark. I feel like it probably should have been played off as more of a joking situation instead of Anakin looking almost annoyed at Ahsoka and Rex only really doing their jobs.

It feels like, from this scene, that Anakin is upset because he is feeling undermined from both of them not having absolute faith in his intuitive spur-of-the-moment skills. 

This is still technically early on within the Clone Wars, so that’s not to say that Anakin doesn’t have his share of insecurities and personal learning to do as the years go on. His interactions with Rex and Ahsoka definitely improve as time goes on.

Though, in this moment, yeah…Can’t spin this positively. Anakin was being way too tense with Rex and Ahsoka.

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Hey I was just wondering if you knew, in the South Park Archives, I was reading about Eric Cartman a while back and it said that he sees disturbing/gory images whenever he closes his eyes. I've never heard that in any episodes or anything, do you know anything about it?

Oh yeah. I could’ve sworn I talked about this. But what the South Park Archives is referring to is this sceneIt’s pretty disturbing, so don’t click that link unless you’re ready for that. 

My headcanon for the reason he sees so much gory shit in his mind on such a constant basis is because he’s seen Kenny die so many times. It’s implied a few times that Cartman is aware that Kenny dies, while nobody else is. It happens in Cartmanland where Cartman says, “What, Kenny? He dies all the time!” And in Chinpokomon, where he slaps the rats off of Kenny, shouting at them because “He’s not dead yet.” Kenny for a long time was the closest thing Cartman had to a best friend, so those images of Kenny dying are burned into his mind. 

Why there was a flashback in the bomb diffusing scene

I’ve given this scene quite a lot of thought, and I think the reason why there was a flashback to Sherlock telling Anderson about how he faked his death during the bomb diffusing scene was to show John that it was rather simple, and the ideas that Anderson and his fan club were coming up with were far too complicated, he just needed to go back to basics. So when we came back from the flashback, all Sherlock did was flick a switch on the bomb to diffuse it. This was telling us that it was much simpler to diffuse than John (and originally Sherlock) thought. So overall, the reason there was the flashback was to tie together the idea that both scenarios were rather simple in most ways and were not far fetched or overly clever ideas or problems. There were no masks involved, or intricate methods to diffuse a bomb. They were both simple, logical solutions. 

So if anyone was confused as to why that scene seemed awkwardly placed, these were my thoughts on it. 

If she presses up against him any more, she’ll melt right into him. From where she is, she can see the raindrops clinging to his eyelashes as he blinks at her, his smile forming soft and slow the longer his eyes linger on hers.

She wants to kiss him again but instead presses the cold tip of her nose into his neck for a few seconds, feeling his left arm tighten around her waist in response. Then she’s pulling back only enough to clutch his hand between hers and drag him out of the cemetery.

Her trudge to Granny’s is slow, equal parts because of how sluggish she feels after the events of the day, and because of the fact that she’s latched herself onto the pirate beside her and wants to keep him for herself just a little longer.

His arm finds his way around her shoulders when she inhales heavily, a shaking sob dislodging itself from the back of her throat. It’s all so overwhelming and unreal, but she’s had faith in less and been proved wrong before. Emma has a lot of questions but they all fall away with every featherlight touch of his.

How did you get the pages to me? A kiss on her cheek.

Zeus? As in the old guy with the orange aura and the Santa laugh? The trail of random patterns he leaves with his fingers on her upper arm.

Whose heart is in your chest? His breath fanning over her forehead as he releases a huff of laughter that sounds a lot like disbelief.

The flat of her palm finds the side of his neck, feeling the steady thud of his pulse, its rhythm a reminder to everything she thought she’d lost. She has so many questions and yet the only thing that comes out of her mouth is a quiet, “You found your way back.”

And it seems like another conversation from another time, when her heart was only just exposed to the darkness and he hadn’t been battered and bruised and dead, and Has anything stopped me before?

His lips brush the side of her mouth. “To you, always.”

If Emma has faith in one thing, it’s that.

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SPOILER Confession time: One of my favorite parts of Beyond is when Spock is laughing because McCoy's reaction is so perfect. Karl Urban is the best choice to replace DeForest Kelley

DeForest Kelley’s ghost has possessed Karl Urban that is the only explanation for these beautiful Bones reactions. 

But seriously Karl Urban is a fantastic actor and really nails the character of McCoy. I’m so glad he has many scenes in Beyond.


stuff like this in animation always bugs the shit out of me

in the above water shots in this whole scene, all the bears are just sitting in the water like it’s only ankle deep

and then suddenly one of them goes under and it’s an ocean

and it’s not that there are just deep pockets everywhere, these two screencaps are supposedly of the exact same place in the river

jesus bears all walking on water and shit

what’s even going on

Chloe and Beca are always together. In almost every scene they’re so close and, what actually matters, they always sing together. When Beca has to sing the solo, Chloe completes it. When they were singing Flashlight with Emily, they took turns to sing “‘cause you’re my flashlight” and Chloe and Beca sang it together few times.

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Its kinda funny actually because with SE we had dates, romantic trips, romantic gestures but I never got the feeling that they were lacking in their sexual live as many DErs claim with their boring comments or, as I've seen, saying SE were not horny enough (wtf?). They had many implied sex scenes and actually got cockblocked plenty of times. What happens is that with DE you get the sex scenes but not the implied dates, or romantic couply things. Hard to believe theres much else to the rship.

Yeah, it’s not that SE were lacking in their sexual lives at all. It’s just that there was a lot more to show with them than that. Why show all of their sex scenes when that only makes up a tiny bit of their relationship? There’s so many sex scenes shown with DE because well, that’s all there is. They don’t even have normal conversations, they don’t go on dates or spend time with anyone else. They just sleep together a lot. And that’s exactly what’s been shown all season. :)

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I've seen you say a million times that blink wouldn't have gotten as popular without Travis. What did he do?

travis is such an iconic drummer and the stuff he is able to do in the studio is a major reason why this band is so popular. his drumming helps them stand out among all the other pop punk bands in the scene. he also has so many hip hop connections and i mean who you know in the music industry really helps out. travis is album to build bridges between artists that mark and tom probably never would have met up with without him. i mean they had yelawolf feature on a blink song for gods sake thats so cool i mean i didnt think his verse fit with the song but it was a really interesting idea