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Thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean? I've heard somewhere that you took inspiration for Red Seas.

I really loved the first film, saw it many times. Enjoyed the second more than most people I know. Left to go the the bathroom at the climax of the third and didn’t feel I’d missed anything. Never saw it again. Totally disinterested in any of the films made since. Back in 2003, the whole notion of a movie based on a fucking theme park ride was generally seen as mad hubris, and part of the charm of POTC was the shocking fact that it turned out to be so genuinely good. Since then, I have become profoundly less interested in the notion that the Caribbean hides any more previously-unseen all-powerful dark forces that Jack Sparrow personally pissed off many years ago. I also enjoyed the Sparrow character a great deal more when it was unclear just where his boundaries were set– how much of his shtick was affect and swagger, how much of it was obsession and sanity-bending experience, how much of it was damage? I don’t particularly care for more explanations and backstory; I was happier with him as a mystery and a foil rather than the center of the cinematic universe. If I never have to see another film trailer with a genuinely excellent actor with some CGI supernatural gook all over them muttering “Jack… Sparrrrowwwww…” I’ll be pretty content.  


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film ask game: 3 (aka who are you obssed with), 6 and 15

3: An actor/actress you’ve seen in more than 8 movies? Name the movies.

Oh dear, 8 movies with the same actor? Benedict Cumberbatch would qualify, from my days of being enamored with him 3-4 years ago (The Imitation Game, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Fifth Estate, War Horse, 12 Years a Slave, Star Trek Into Darkness, Stuart: A Life Backwards, etc). But I haven’t watched a movie for him since The Imitation Game, and that could have been done better, I feel. Otherwise I think I’ve probably seen at least 8 movies with Eddie Izzard through the years, I practically collected his filmography at one point. I went through a Matthew Rhys phase a number of years back, he might qualify too. I’m sure I’ve accidentally if nothing else seen at least 8 movies starring Meryl Streep. Right now I’m working my way through Rob Benedict’s filmography, which is unfortunately quite abysmal.

6: A film you wish you hadn’t watched?

There are a lot. Mostly horror movies. The one that stuck with me for the longest time was House of Wax, which legit scarred me when I saw it as a preteen. Most recently it’s Call Back, which (unsurprisingly) I watched for Rob Benedict. It’s really, truly disturbing and I definitely could have done without it.

15: A film everyone loves but you hate?

I don’t know, what film does everyone love? I guess I didn’t much care for Avatar, if that counts.

Thanks! =)

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NAC: I haven't gotten to the book yet and I don't want to look through the movie, but I have to know, when Ron left Hermione and Harry, was he under the influence of a Horcrux? I always thought he did, but it seems impossible. I don't think I've seen more hate for even umbridge than for Ron, and that seems to be a primary reason. So am I completely mistaken? was it a movie only thing? was it only implied? or am I misunderstanding the effect a horcrux has on people?

Ron was very strongly influenced by the Horcrux he was wearing. it affected him much more than the other two.

i think that, until that point in the story, we never realise how Ron feels about things. he’s very insecure about his place in the world. overshadowed most of his life. five older brothers, and Ron isn’t the bookish one or the curse breaker or the animal wrangler or a twin and he DEFINITELY wasn’t the girl that Molly really wanted. his girlfriend is way smarter and prettier, and his best friend is The Boy Who Lived. Ron has always been the second fiddle, never as good as the others, never quite good enough and this weighed on him heavily. the Horcrux amplified these feelings he had and he had quite a hard time dealing with them.

this was in the books and the movie. i’ve read the book several times and only seen DH2 once, but i’m sure it’s in the movie. (wait, it was in DH1, wasn’t it? i’m not very good with movies, i have a hard time paying attention to them!)


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What is Doctor Who about? I've never seen it.

*cracks knuckles* I’m so glad you asked. :)

Doctor Who is without a doubt one of the most amazing and addictive television shows ever created (and this is coming from a professed fangirl of more than a decade of watching and obsessing over a variety of show/books/movies etc.)

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an alien from the planet Gallifrey with a TARDIS (the blue Police Box phone booth) which is a machine that can travel anywhere in SPACE or TIME. I particularly like the way Donna Noble put it when she tried to explain what the Doctor does: “He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures, and runs a lot…

“ or as the Doctor himself put it, “I’m a madman with a box!”

His race has the ability to regenerate, meaning that when he dies (by age, harm, etc) his entire body gets remade into a new form–this affects his personality and of course his looks, but it’s still the same Doctor and he has all of the same memories.  Because of this he is currently more than 2000 years old (though his age is very wibbly wobbly, a side affect of being a time traveler and constantly changing forms), is on his 13th form played by Peter Capaldi and which the fandom calls the 12th Doctor, and he carries a lot of baggage from all of his different forms: 

(The quote over each silhouette is one most often attributed to that version of the Doctor, but since they are all the same man, sometimes they get referenced in other forms.) 

It’s a show from BBC and therefore most of the characters are played by British actors–but the show has been going on for a very long time. It’s split into two parts: Classic Who and New Who. New Who is what is currently playing now, thanks to the BBC bringing the show back from a ridiculous hiatus in 2005 where it has increased in popularity like never before. The 2005 series starts with the 9th Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston (last silhouette on the right in the second row of the picture above) having survived the Time War, a terrible event that ended with the death of every other Time Lord. The Doctor, who refuses to tell anyone a name other than the Doctor (hence the title Doctor Who) is running from his memories in the war and the grief of the loss of his people. He does so by trying to help out where he can when he finds people in trouble, and by taking on companions:

These are special people who he chooses to bring with him in the TARDIS on his adventures–they help to keep him moral when he starts to loose track of how he should behave or whether or not he should care, they help the audience connect with him, and they keep bringing him back to Earth so that we recognize the setting for at least ¾ths of the episodes as on our planet (even if most of those are during a different time).

No matter which version of the Doctor you are watching at the time you can always count on him being a brilliant mind, a fabulous comedian, and a flawed character–the Doctor is not perfect. This show has it’s share of feels when it comes the time for a Doctor to regenerate or for a companion to leave (all things must end afterall), but it also has truly inspiring messages, hilarious comedy, fantastic character development, terrific monsters, and plot twists that will surprise even the most astute fangirl–the type who has seen/read so much that she can always predict the ending.

I think that’s the best intro to Doctor Who I’ve ever done, and I hope it brings you into the fandom. Series (the BBC version of a season) 1-8 is currently on Netflix so I sincerely hope you go and start watching. Please be patient if you don’t like it at first….most whovians have to watch a few episoded before they really get sucked in, and if you allow yourself to fall in love with The Doctor, the TARDIS, and all of his companions, this show will take you on a journey that you will never forget and never regret. :)

…Just for laughs, here’s another post I made about how hard it is to explain Doctor Who, though don’t expect it to make sense until after you’ve actually watched the show. Let me know how it goes!!