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re: the last two episodes - that's how we know destiel wasn't an unintended by-product of cockles. when they don't want the ust, they act without it. like, I'm losing hope Saz - I've never seen them so flat around each other. it's like they don't even know each other. remember that comic on how Dean wouldn't let Cas go to the bathroom alone after he got him back? yeah, apparently that's not happening. they're going nowhere with this.

Oh nonny, I am so sorry you feel this way but I am really struggling to see what you mean? When were they flat around each other? 

I think you need to be careful about looking at the destiel content on tumblr and then expecting it in the episode. Whilst I can understand that you feel disappointment that Dean didn’t fight for Cas to stay a bit more, because the comic and all of fandom was poking fun at Dean’s mother hen routine and speculating him being really clingy with Cas following his death and resurrection, I actually really liked that Dean trusted him to go and do what he had to do. It’s a sign that they are in a relatively healthy place.

In fact it was really interesting seeing Dean actually use the right freaking pronouns for the first time ever. Not once in that scene did we get Sam’s view. Nor did Sam even get invited along. It was literally all about Dean and Cas:

Dean: Alright, well let’s go

Cas: Dean you can’t accompany me. My contact is already anxious about meeting and won’t speak in the presence of a stranger.

Dean: So introduce me, then I’m not a stranger. I’ll bring a six pack.

Now aside from the fact that Cas’s next sentence is kind of irrelevant and nonsensical to this argument (how does swearing to protect Jack have anything to do with not bringing Dean along? Thanks Bucklemming for that nonsense) this is the first time that Dean and Cas use pronouns correctly. Sam is sitting RIGHT there and there isn’t a single “we” or “us”, in sight and Cas uses the singular “stranger” as well. They NEVER do this because we have been consistently frustrated over their use of the plural pronouns when we KNOW they MEAN the singular form.

Like Sam assumed Dean would want to team up with Cas alone in 13x06, here both Dean and Cas assume that Sam isn’t part of this discussion and don’t even consider if he would come along or not. (poor Sam - He would hate the UST anyway).

I will agree that Cas was kind of cold here. I thought he was kind of cold in 13x06 as well. There is fond exasperation and then there is a lack of care and Cas seems very focused in on Jack right now which is why I am side eyeing him at the moment - but I don’t want to get into the why’s and what’s of that because any meta about Cas on tumblr right now will just blow up in my face cos everyone has been super sensitive about Cas since the season 12 finale so sod that. Pfft.

Dean however is still acting perfectly in character and I thought his acceptance of Cas asking him to let him go was excellent character growth. Dean trusts Cas completely, and honestly it is a massive indicator of his love for the guy when really, Cas hasn’t been a very trustworthy husband recently (though I blame first his depression and secondly Jack for that).

I am in no way worried that this scene some how disproves destiel. Just because Dean wasn’t fighting Cas more or acting more worried about him going off on his own again. I thought it was an excellent moment for them and honestly nonny, its rare that they have moments of full on UST nowadays. I recently re-watched season 4 and holy smokes every single deancas scene oozes sexual tension and makes me squirm from the intimacy. It was all eye sex back then, but nowadays they have settled down, they are an old married couple after all. They don’t have eye sex anymore they have tender eye love making I mean did you SEE the end of 13x05?!?

Also this:

“that’s how we know destiel wasn’t an unintended by-product of cockles. when they don’t want the ust, they act without it.”

is a GOOD thing. We don’t WANT destiel to be an unintended by-product of cockles. We want destiel to be a conscious thing that they act out purposely because it is written into the script and the direction they are given is to act like lovers/husbands etc. They have proven this point though for years. Dean had no sexual tension with Jimmy Novak for instance. He didn’t have any sexual tension with Casifer either, and I can guarantee that when Asmodeus takes Cas’s form, there will be no tender eye love making between them and Dean will figure out straight away that this is not his husband. Destiel is not created by Misha and Jensen having some major attraction to each other. Whether or not that is true, they are both professional actors who are able to keep it in their pants until the camera stopped rolling. 

I’m sorry that you are losing hope hun, but look usually we all feel a little bit down after a Bucklemming episode (and confused and exasperated and annoyed and sometimes furious), but I don’t see anything that is a concern for destiel here. In fact I am almost certain that come the second half of the season we will all be screaming about something or another that they did. In season 12 we got an “I love you” AND a mixtape.

I can’t ever say for certain that they are gonna go there. I can only analyse the scenes I’ve been given and come to a conclusion which is my own interpretation, and we all see things differently, but right now I am so not worried. IMO Destiel is endgame, and I happen to think that we are still right on track.