i've seen most of you don't know about this movie yet so

you know what i don’t get about “anti-tony’s” ?? is how most of them hate the AOU movie, and everyone in the mcul fandom seems to want to forget the whole movie even existed, yet when someone asks for receipts on tony they are like “well, in age of ultron blah blah blah” yet for every other character people are like “well you can’t use AOU as reference because everyone was so out of character” like why do excuses always apply to every except tony stark. tony isn’t a villain and people have to stop treating him as one.  like i’m not saying he doesn’t fuck up, i love the dude for sure but i can sit here and say he has fucked up a lot. but so has literally every single avenger except for maybe ??? war machine and falcon ?? and maybe scott lang but i can’t be sure. i don’t know i just don’t get it.