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Could you draw some Adrienette? From your sketch post, I believe it's still open Thanks

“I’ll still be right here..”

Sketch Requests Info Post :) 

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I've seen so much anti-autistic keith posts i wanted to tell you that autistic keith hc's kinda saved me. I would read them and think "that's not an autistic thing. I do that all the time" and then eventually i was like "...wait" so long story short, i talked to my doc and got diagnosed and now everything in my life suddenly makes sense. Representation matters. So keep headcanoning

autistic headcanons are fun and nice and they hurt nobody and I’m glad you discovered something about yourself thru them!! <3

you’ve met one another, right?

words: 4337.

or the one where everything is still the same: even and isak still do happen. but it’s observed under sana’s watchful inspection. on even.

(or the one where ten times, sana sees even, as even and isak happen.)

canon compliant, but, with a little bit more. this wasn’t meant to turn into a full blown fic but, oh well, no can do.

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now that we’ve seen season 3 and 4 (or better s3 really) it is a great time to talk about this again

we all expected this scene to be in season 3 but it has not happened yet and after watching the season a lot of things makes much more sense:

  • shiro (and i think he is still the clone in this tbh) is wearing the paladin armor, so it’s safe to assume he’s still the pilot of the black lion at this point in the series (unless he’s just wearing it because it’s more comfortable on the battlefield that’s a possibility too)
  • it appears he’s still using his arm as a weapon since we don’t see him holding his bayard (frankly he didn’t use it once in s4 as well)
  • we didn’t know at the time, but the actress who posted this pic is ezor’s voice actor and she said she was recording some stuff, so they’re definitely facing ezor here, possibly acxa and zethrid too??
  • they don’t seem to be in the castle of lions but more into a galra base
  • it seems like they’re the only ones there maybe because it’s a split team kind of mission?

get yourself a man who can do both

SnK characters as wolfpupy tweets
  • Eren: if anyone tries to tell you your dreams are unachievable just remember i have crashed my dirt bike into all 7 wonders of the world
  • Mikasa: i've seen a lot of things in my time, which i blame on me leaving my eyes open. things got a lot better once i decided to just close them
  • Armin: being thinking about a lot of things lately and have decided thoughts are a waste of time
  • Levi: before anyone says anything i just want to leave so i am not around to hear it
  • Erwin: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • Hange: if i was the one who drove the titanic i bet i could have hit at least 3 ice bergs before it sank
  • Jean: if anyone can do it then someone who isn't me can do it
  • Connie: November 31st, or Halloween 2 as it was known, was removed from the calendar after i used time travel to abuse the trick or treat system
  • Sasha: people need to wake up and start going to sleep, sleep has been proven to be a far better alternative to awake
  • Reiner: to truly understand something you must first not understand it, then later understand it
  • Bertholdt: "just when i thought things couldn't get worse" that was your first mistake, things always get worse regardless of thinking
  • Annie: is there something that is a step up from a rhetorical question where i don't want any response at all
  • Ymir: your definition of a good idea may be different from my definition of a good idea, mine being that a good idea is any idea i think of
  • Historia: i don't care one way or the other way, no matter what way i don't care

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A bunch of shit that's happened at my Australian School (3/3). One of my best friends left my school because 'she was being bullied' I hung out with her every break nobody was doing anything to her at school. There's a picture of Pickle Rick above my art room's door to the outside painting area. Kids routinely sneak out to go get fries at any time from the take away store around the corner. You'd think a private school would have better security. I've seen wallabies on campus. I'm in the city.

australias wild

i can’t wait for this teamup… !!! (*Φ∇Φ*) !!!, also… BLUE LAVA. i’m imagining this to be a pivotal moment at some important ancient force location where they team up for the first time under an epic night sky. I NEED IT

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Okay, serious question. Un-popular opinion, I have a hard time with Tsukki. I love him in season 3, I think he makes tons of awesome progress and stuff and that's great. But I find that in fan fic and art everything I've seen is so ooc that I can't enjoy it at all. I wanna love him, I do. But I really struggle to appreciate him when he's such a butt so much of the time (and not the good kind of butt). So, in the mood of the anon that wanted to love Oikawa, can you help me with Tsukki..?

OKAY so I’m a little biased because I loved Tsukishima from the moment I saw him! I particularly liked his character design and the fact that he was kind of an asshole. For someone so soft I don’t really know why I like ‘em mean lol. BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT!

I think that Tsukki is definitely one of those characters that you either love or hate and that’s just the way it is, that’s the way his character was created. He’s emotionless on the outside, he’s kind of a bully, he’s blunt and a total tsundere lol. But I can forgive most of his negative character traits, especially after we saw what happened with him and his brother. He finds it hard to let people in, and to let himself care about anything too deeply.

Do I think Tsukki is AN ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE? Yes. Do I think he does it on purpose? YEP. But I think there are reasons for it. I also kind of appreciate how he riles up Kageyama and Hinata. Someone’s gotta do it right?? IS IT BAD THAT I FIND IT FUNNY AS FUCK?? And personally I don’t think anything Tsukki says really hurts anybody, he’s just super annoying.

But I want to point out that as much of an asshole Tsukki is, he’s super polite and respectful of his senpai, coach and anyone willing to help him out. 

When you say what you read of him is generally ooc I totally understand. There’s a reason that I don’t read many tsukkiyama fics, because I find that people portray Yams as this smol innocent bean and Tsukki is a huge asshole ALL OF THE TIME, even to Yams which, when tf is he an asshole to Yams EVER in canon?? Sorry, NEVER HAPPENED.

Some of my favourite (and most accurate imo) characterizations of Tsukki are in Kurotsukki fics actually. And if you’re interested I recommended He Always Starts Something and Not For Sale


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I really love the fact that Dallas is a mentally ill, bisexual, trans boy because it is the first time EVER I've seen someone like me, exactly like me. It just feels so nice to be represented when it feels like the entire world thinks you don't exist. P.s hope you feel better soon <3

thank u bro.. I’m glad I’m not the only person comforted by Dallas’ existence, I hope you are doing alright too

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Ok yes so like beka definitely tried to bottom a few times but nothing satisfies him more than feeling the insides of yurio's ass and cumming inside it while yurio screams 'daddy' and yurio ABSOLUTELY AGREES with this bc nothing pleasures him more than being penetrated. (and i've seen Kubo lowkey talked about how Beka is top and yurio is opposite so yurio is bottom ;3)

fugrhguh of course not angel, you’re absolutely entitled to have your opinions and preferences!! <3

But - and I don’t want to make you feel bad at all, I promise - I just think it’s important to reiterate some things I touched on in the tags of this post! 

“Kubo lowkey talked about how Beka is top and yurio is opposite so yurio is bottom” - I assume you’re talking about these tweets, mainly this one? (please correct me if I’m wrong! x )

I just have some things to say because I don’t really agree with the sentiment of your statement!

We shouldn’t equate traditional masculinity and strength as being exclusive to tops, just as we shouldn’t associate femininity and delicacy as being exclusive to bottoms! Just because Otabek is designed to be ‘manly’ and ‘strong,’ that isn’t to say at all that Kubo is talking about him being a top. 

Thinking like this causes people to (subconsciously or otherwise) enforce stereotypical, heterosexual gender roles of masculine = dominant top and feminine = submissive bottom. It’s toxic to keep thinking this way, and it’s suggestive of the idea that each partnership has to follow a masculine/feminine guideline, and that non f/m cis relationships have to emulate cis heterosexuality in a way. That’s simply not the case! Physical attributes or personal aesthetics don’t have to align with what someone prefers in the bedroom.

That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditionally masculine, strong guy being a top and a more feminine, delicate guy being a bottom, and vice versa! And there’s nothing wrong with you personally viewing Otayuri’s sexual dynamic being that way, but just be careful with your thinking!

Again, I don’t mean to upset you at all, I just didn’t feel entirely comfortable with that statement and I’ve seen similar statements regarding that tweet, so I wanted to put my two cents in. Nothing but love darling one x 

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Hello!! Fallout 3 companions reacting to Lone blushing and giggling like crazy when the companions hug them?

I had to bend the ask around a little bit to fit the characters so I hope that’s alright.

Butch: Butch could’ve sworn that he saw someone shoot Lone, so when he found out they were fine, he was overcome with emotion and drew them into a tight embrace. It was when Lone uttered, “uhh,” Butch realized what he was doing. He quickly let go of them. Lone asked if he was okay, Butch just crossed his arms and tried to think of a response. “Yeah you uh, you just looked like you needed a hug.” Lone could see him cringe at his own excuse. They started laughed at him, he looked over at them, he looked angry but he was still blushing. Lone was still laughing, “QUIT IT.” He just kept making it worse.

Clover: Nothing special was happening, the two were just walking from one place to another when Clover decided it was time for a surprise hug. She pounced on them from behind and waited for a reaction. They didn’t say anything so Clover let go and leaned forward so she could see their face. She hadn’t expected to see them with such a red face, “um, are you alright?” Lone seemed to snap out of it and just laughed, “I was just surprised was all!” Clover squinted at them, which made Lone even more nervous. She just shrugged and walked on ahead of them.

Charon: Charon saw something headed straight for Lone, it didn’t matter what it was he just knew he had to get them out of the way. He wrapped his arms around them and quickly moved them. He didn’t let go of them until he knew nothing else was going to come at them. Once he decided that the coast was clear, he let go of them. “Forgive me, I didn’t want you to be hit by that-“ he looked at Lone to find that they had a nervous smile on their face accompanied by red cheeks. “It’s fine, thank you.” Lone started walking again, Charon could see them laughing quietly to themselves. More than anything he was just confused.

Dogmeat: Alright, he’s a dog lol

Jericho: Lone said they would go on a quick supply run, Jericho offered to go with, but they insisted that he rest. Just as he was starting to nod off into dream land, Lone opened the door. “How’d it go?” Instead of giving him a reply, Lone just tossed a bottle of liquor at him. “Oooo what’s this?” he looked at the label and realized just how hard this stuff was to come by. Jericho looked up at Lone with a surprised but excited look. “It’s just to thank you for helping me out, no big deal.” He got up and gave them a tight hug, tight enough for him to lift them off the ground by just a couple inches. Just as Jericho was about to crack that baby open, he looked over to Lone and offered to pour them a glass. Lone had just the slightest red to their cheeks, and a meek smile on their face. Jericho didn’t pay much attention to it though, “WELL?!” Lone just laughed and said they’d give it a try.

Fawkes: Okay I’m so sorry but I just really can’t imagine anyone getting all doki doki over Fawkes….

Sarah: On the day that Lone decided to pay a visit to the Citadel, Sarah was having a stressful time trying to make decisions. Lone poked their head in the room and asked if they could be of any help to her. Sarah explained the situation to them, and just like that Lone gave her an answer. “You’re so smart I could almost hug you!” She said almost, but she did it anyway. Lone was definitely caught off guard, but Sarah was so excited about Lone’s idea that she didn’t even notice.

Star Paladin Cross: It’d been a long time since Cross and Lone had seen each other, Cross was so happy to see them that she just had to give them a quick hug. “It’s so good to see you!” As she pulled away from them, she noted that they were blushing just a bit, but she didn’t think it appropriate to call attention to it.

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oh! uhmmm hi! I hope I'm no bother! But how tall is your gaster? Every time I've seen you draw him he seems so tall compare to how I draw mines! I sometimes think the only one in my gaster gang that can reach his height is Stars! (outertale!Gaster)

Heya Bun! no bother at all.<3 You’re right, my Gaster is inhumanly tall (even though I don’t always draw him that way for the sake of convenience, hhheh). 

The mystery man sprite is approximately 7′6″. To my eye, his proportions indicate he’s sitting down and/or slightly goop-ified, so I figure when corporeal and standing, Gaster should be upwards of 8′. Poor Stars… he probably isn’t used to being looked down at. D:

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i've heard that rating E is probably the stuff Hugh Dancy reads but wait rating E i don't understanding it i haven't seen it befor D: take your time sr <3

It means this:

(E)xplicit/NC-17 - Explicit sexual content (aka: graphic descriptions), adult language and themes.

And now I can´t stop thinking about Hugh browsing AO3 and setting his filters - thank you for that! ;D

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Hi! I'm a member of the Miraculous Amino NAATS (Nathaniel's Anti-Art Theft Squad). I've seen your art being reposted many times, not just on Amino may I add. So I was wondering, what is your policy on repost? Do you allow them, and if so, do you want to be asked before they repost your artwork? Thank you for your time! Also, I love your art!! <3

ok, i have been thinking about this for a couple of days.

So after concious self thoughts and possibilities and, well, reposters


I’m not allowing anymore to people to repost my art on websites like Instagram, Amino, etc, etc. Not matter how much you ask.


I’m going to allow dubs and traslations ONLY AND IF ONLY someone asks me first for permission and I HAVE GIVEN THE PERMISSION MYSELF WITH MY OWN PERSONAL CONDITIONS I WILL GIVE WHEN THEY ASK ME ABOUT IT. NOT ANON.


And please, dont ask “can i dub your art?” in general

you will need to specify which comic/draw you want to dub/translate. 

If you dont respect my conditions i will give you privately, then i will report without hesitation.

I think that’s all.