i've seen him a couple of times

I went to gesture drawing session yesterday but after spending 4 hrs drawing poses my mind stopped functioning so I decided to draw Bakugo because why not.

I’ve seen some undercut Bakugo around a couple of times so I decided to draw him too, in some kind of whatever AU xD gangstaish (?) maybe (??)

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So I've sent a couple prompts via messages and idk if you've seen them or not but I'm just gonna assume not so: 1) Nico having hiccups and being frustrated af trying to get rid of them but noTHINGS WORKING YES WILL IVE TRIED THAT 4 TIMES (but it won't go away bc a god cursed him or smth) 2) will decorating Nico as a Xmas tree and Nico just "Will what are you Doing" and seeming so Done with him but secretly thinks his husband is so adorable how excited he gets for xmas

I’m absolutely terrible with the new messenger, I’ve probably seen it but completely forgot about it

Anyways, I went with the first prompt

Hic! Nico’s throat made a horrible, high pitched sound that Nico did not ask for. It was followed by a brief but sharp pain in his chest, and it left a weird bubble in his throat. He’s had the hiccups for a few minutes now and he doesn’t remember them hurting this bad. He pressed on his sternum, trying in vain to simple will away the hiccups. He was trying to make dinner and he couldn’t do that with his body lurching every few seconds. Hic!

What was that that they always said about hiccups? Something about holding your breath? Nico sucked in a mouthful of air before holding his breath, counting slowly in his mind. Hic! He was pretty good at holding his breath, he used to be a half-decent swimmer a long time ago. Before the gods came into his life and he realized that the mild fear of water that he had was a lot more deadly than that.

Nico had to let out his breath when his head started to hurt and his sauce threatened to boil over. It was quiet in the apartment for a moment and Nico dared to be hopeful that maybe he had gotten rid of- hic! Nico bit back a growl that threatened to work its way out of his throat. The hiccups were already bad enough. He didn’t need to start randomly growling now too.

Nico tried drinking water, two cups of it actually, and again he fell silent for a moment before his body betrayed him with a hic! “This is stupid,” Nico muttered as he pulled his pasta noodles off the stove. He was paying too much attention to himself and not enough to the dinner he was trying to make. If he didn’t ignore those stupid hiccups –hic! -he was going to lose the dinner that he had worked so long to make. It was Will’s favorite, too. What a shame that would be if he ruined their evening because of a stupid case of the- hic!

“Nico?” Well, great. Now Will was home and dinner wasn’t done and Nico was still choking on that bubble of air in his throat. “Babe, I’m home.”

“In the –hic! –kitchen.” Well, shit. So much for keeping the awful noise to himself. Will had always teased Nico about how high pitched his hiccups were. It wasn’t like Nico could just change the tone of his voice permanently though. He was stuck with the high-pitched sounds forever.

“Aw, does a little kitten have the hiccups?” Will appeared at Nico’s back, gently setting his hands on Nico’s hips. It was a dangerous move to pull of that nickname when the fate of Will’s dinner rested in Nico’s hands. Especially when he was using a particularly large knife to cut the carrots. “Have you tried holding your breath? Drinking water?”

Nico rolled his eyes, though he knew Will was only trying to help. “Yes, Will, I’ve tried both of those several –hic! –several times.”

Will hummed thoughtfully for a moment before turning Nico around and pressing his lips firmly against Nico’s without warning. Nico was surprised, to say the least, let out an indignant squawk before melting into Will’s warm embrace. The kiss intensified as Will’s mouth pushed Nico’s lips open and they were sharing breath and Nico’s head started to get dizzy from the lack of oxygen. Will pulled away slowly with a triumphant grin.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Nico caught his breath, “but what was that for?”

Will grinned before pressing a gentle kiss to Nico’s forehead, so unlike the heated one they just shared. “Now your hiccups are gone.”

I liked this one

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Greetings you ! I have a question about Jon Tron, I see a lot of people saying he's a nazi and all but I've seen all his videos several times and I didn't see even a hint for that... So what's behind those accusations ? I genuinely want to know, I don't want to encourage another white supremacist. I you have the answer thanks for answering =) if not could you still post it ? Maybe one of your followers will know something

A couple of months ago he when on a rant on YouTube against immigrants and pro-trump. Another YouTube requested a live debate and he obliged. During the debate he repeated and expanded on his xenophobic, racist speech while his fans defended him by saying he’s not really good with debates (excusing his racism). Then he did a video where he double down on his views but because he did it in a *nice* manner, people defended him again.



I see the way you’re looking at him. But darling, he doesn’t love you like I do. (insp)

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I've been thinking about a theory I saw about the dark vs anti video being mark and jack making fun of dark and anti (which is gonna piss them off) and it got me thinking. This is the first time we've seen any real bloopers of dark. In a date with markiplier bloopers we saw a couple seconds of synching, and none from markiplier tv. What if the reason we have dark bloopers this time is because that's not really dark, but mark mocking him?

Yeah, I’ve seen that one floating around. It’s really interesting, and I’m curious to see how it develops. (I didn’t incorporate it into my texts from Dark and Anti series though because I thought it would be more interesting in my headcanon-y universe if it really was them.)

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Hello, I've seen a lot of imagines around with smol girly s/o's, so how about an s/o that's unreasonably tall and masculine? Would love to see Junkrat, McCree and Soldier 76 with this s/o. Thank you for your time.


  • Surprisingly enough (or maybe not?), Junkrat would easily give up the more masculine role to his s/o
  • He would barely awknowledge the fact that his s/o is actually taller than him, aside from a couple throw-away jokes
  • Jamison is clearly emotionally unstable with his crazed antics, so a more masculine s/o would help keep him safe and in tow
  • The couple would work off each other well, their chemistry probably similar to Junkrat and Roadhog in many ways, though with a much softer edge
  • Somehow, they would fit together really well, surprising many people with their dynamic


  • McCree is the sort of person you can see with a lot of different people, and a tall and masculine s/o is no exception
  • Though he would be taken aback by him at first, after some initial “competition” he would give in and accept he was no longer the only really masculine party in the relationship
  • He would probably feel awkward if someone were to poke fun at their relationship, good-naturedly or not, since he’s used to being the tall and masculine party
  • In time he would get used to it, and actually find it pretty hot (though I’m not sure if he’d actually voice it)

Soldier: 76

  • He would approach the relationship with a certain nonchalance, the older version of him definitely more than the young
  • Sure, he would occasionally frown when his s/o would show off his masculinity, but he isn’t too hung up on his own, nor would he feel threatened
  • Jack would be the one to crack jokes about his lover, much like Junkrat, though their humor is different
  • He does have a bit of a leader complex, so if his s/o was also commanding, it would cause some frustation in him

–Mod Evie


can we just talk about how Pietro was LITERALLY going to go kill Clint? He wasn’t all “grrr I’m going to kill him i’m so mad!” No, he seriously says “I’ll be right back.” Just, “stay here, little sister. i’m going to go murder the man who attacked you” SERIOUSLY!!! I’m going to kill him. I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!!! OMG pietro!! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! AND HE GETS UP TO LEAVE! HE WAS REALLY GOING TO DO IT!

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im trash for jikook but i ship jimin w/ everyone (vmin is the REALEST tho), their relationships are all unique and beautiful tbh. back to jikook tho, i just remembered reading that the vid of that famous gayo backhug was taken down? couple hours after? or am i completely off here? i've only seen the vine and no full vid.--suffering anon

Me too nony. I basically ship Jimin with all members haha. i love the idea of him being loved and taken care of. It’s adorable.

Oh yes the legendary kbs gayo backhug! I didn’t know it was taken down few hours after until someone told me. but legit tho. It’s as if we’re intruding whatever moment they were sharing at that particular time. It felt wrong. Like we shouldn’t have seen that in the first place. It’s only possible that the original uploader had to take it down. I’ve been searching for another fancam of it, the one where Kook was sorta sniffling his hair and fixing it right after, all the while making sure that he didn’t lose his grips on Jimin. IT’S EXTREMELY INTIMATE! i’ve been squeezing my brain juice out tryna decipher what they were talking bout while swaying to the music.

It’s seemingly suspicious when the members, especially Hoseok, had this expression ,like what on earth are you doing Jeon? Awww he didn’t seem that happy right there haha. Tae was eyeing them as well.

I feel like these three pics are enough to describe how you would feel watching the vid. I shouldn’t be watching this. this is too personal.

Gosh i could talk bout this forever. tbvh i live for off cam moments. I love it when they do all the skinships and subtle/not-so-subtle touches without having to care about the world. It’s them, in their own world, the lil paradise that no one’s allowed to enter.

Jikook Paradise.

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But also, when Sakura gave Syaoran a chopstick case that actually looked like a pencil case but he was still like "this is THE BEST case I've seen in my life and I will wear it everyday!!" Or when she gave him the Yukata and he wore it right away. I love those too! <3 Sakura is so cute to put so much effort into those presents and they weren't even a couple yet at the time.


I looove the pencil case part so much!! Syaoran didn’t want sakura to feel bad so he was like OF COURSE THIS IS A PENCIL CASE, WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!?

please protect him <3

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okay, so i have a question. i've seen a lot of different things over the last couple of days and i'm just confused?? people are now saying that jungkook can't have jimin and his love because he spent too much time pushing him away and that it's too late and that jimin is over it by now. and i'm just??? where is he over it? because i don't see it? are people not seeing the mutual shit that's going on with jikook lately or? what do you think about this? you seem really nice so i wanted to ask ^^

are people not seeing the mutual shit that’s going on with jikook lately or?”


(can you see the mutual in those eyes :3)

Gurl, I’m just as confused as you are (refer to this post if you wish). I don’t get why people are wishing more pain on themselves, like hasn’t every day for the last few days been enough heart pains for everyone?  Cause think about it, what more can they do?

I have this theory, that people aren’t going to be satisfied until Jimin literally grinds on Jungkook on stage or something which *cough* I totally didn’t come up with by myself c’mon people let’s stay civil here ._.

I know some saltiness was coming from the whole 21st Century Girls thing which had a head touch the first time and not the second but… ??? It’s just a stage performance dough >.> Plus evidence shows that the head touch accidentally did happen, just on rehearsal or something but WHO CAAAARES. Why are you worried about something that’s just fanservice when there are so many more “real” moments to be questioning reality about? Besides, there’s a lot going on in their lives right now, so perhaps we shouldn’t really be emphasizing the romance at all…yet somehow we’re able to so that says enough on it’s own doesn’t it?

And for the people who think Jimin is pushing Jungkook away, well…

…I think you should stop before you accidentally insult the literal President of the Jikook fandom ;)

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Hey so can i ask you something? I've seen people complaining about danny's actor on iron fist because he's not asian? But i always thought danny was white? Can you explain to me why did this become such a big discussion some time ago?

You’re correct, Danny has always been white in the comics. I believe the call for him to be cast with an Asian American actor started with this article on Nerds of Color in 2014, which is highly recommended reading; this post from io9 in response to Finn Jones being confirmed in the role is also good. If you go back a couple pages in my Iron Fist tag I talked about it a lot after the casting announcement.

The short version is: Danny Rand’s origin story is about a young American boy who goes to Asia, becomes the best at Asian martial arts, takes on an Asian-inspired title, costume, and powers, becomes the champion and representative of the place from which he took all of this stuff, and swans off back to America to make a profit off of it. If Danny is white, it’s a really problematic story of the white savior who is better than Asians at being Asian. If he’s Asian, though, you can get into some really interested and complicated questions about identity and heritage and how to balance that while living in a diaspora.

Also, the MCU is overwhelmingly white: Luke is the first character of color to headline a movie or show from them, followed by Black Panther in, what, two more years? POC are mostly stuck playing sidekick types in the MCU or providing emotional labor (your Rhodeys, your Sams, your Claires). Asian representation is particularly bad; there are Asian women leads on AoS but Asian men get tiny parts as good guys (Hogun, Jim Morita) or play swarms of inhuman evil ninjas (Daredevil is incredibly anti-Asian and it’s not okay).

The MCU is long overdue for an Asian man in a lead role in general, but an Asian American lead in Iron Fist in particular would go a long way towards alleviating the racism of his original 40-year-old story. And with Doctor Strange - also the story of a white man who appropriates Asian culture to become a superhero - coming out so close to Iron Fist, the conversation reached more of a critical mass.

I’m sure Finn Jones will be fine in the role because the MCU is good at casting talented actors, but I still wish they’d gone with an Asian American actor. It would have meant so much to so many people, and the MCU is pretty full up on white blond guys already.

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How do you know that Chuck is God? I've never seen that episode.

At the Rob Benedict Panel at Jus In Bello Italy 2011, Rob confirmed that Chuck is in fact God. He explains that other members of the cast, as well as Eric Kripke himself had asked him how it felt to play God

here’s the thing!

my favorite is, “oh wow i poof at the end!”

so it was stated that it was “hard to write in” but it was established

he also came back briefly last season, and they have brought up chuck a couple times before he’d made his reappearance (seasons 7 & 8) and it was also established that one prophet can not be a prophet while someone else is also one, when kevin came around, basically letting you know he never really was one in the first place (real prophets also have an entirely different skill set, as we’ve learned!)

so there you have it!

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I've seen this abusive ex of mine twice in the past couple of years. The first time he and his friends shouted at and made fun of me and my grandma while we were at a subway. The second time I saw him was about a month ago. he's gained at least a hundred pounds and still works at the same old store since highschool 5 years ago.

so basically he’s a loser and ur fab

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HI I saw you were asking about the HEARTBREAKING current West End staging of Drink With Me ha ha oh god. I've seen it a couple of ways but it always ends with R sobbing, and E on his knees in front of him, ducked down so he's lower than R, and usually leaning to hug him and nuzzle at his hair, just like in that picture. One time E cried too. One time E hugged R standing up and tucked R's head under his chin while R sobbed. One time E watched on the barricade as R found his drink again. AGONY.


thank you friend

and just like that i’m yelling again

BB just called out Austin for not washing his hands right away!! He just got buzzed with a “Did you wash your hands?” OMG!! I’m dying! And he immediately turned on the sink! BUT STILL DIDN’T WASH HIS HANDS!!

Just how many times this season have I had to watch him not wash his nasty hands after going to the bathroom, so I’m happy that he finally got buzzed! 

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For ousze?? (Harry.) Pleeeease explain! I've seen it a couple times now but I have no idea the reference.

Harry says the word “us” like a poncey british school boy who’s just learned how to speak and everyone loves it/roasts him a bit for it. It’s one of my top 10 favorite things about him 

Give your ears a treat and listen to it. 

All of ousze love you so much, harold. you ridiculous pop star, you. 

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It's a Bigbang concert. Why are Seungri fans holding a solo project for him?? I've never seen fan sites hold solo projects during 0t5 concert unless it's their birthday. So rude!

i don’t think there’s anything wrong in showing support for a member if they’ve been going through a hard time. there were a lot of things that happened to Seungri over the last couple of years and fans just wanted to show support and love towards him. when other incidents happened to other members fans found ways to send their love through various projects. but Seungri’s incidents were all just kinda swept under the rug and forgotten  that’s why this project happened. there was no rudeness intended…

okay so i just spent 43 attempts at beating sans, and i did it. i beat him, but i felt awful because i fucking love sans and all the characters in this dumb game, so after i beat him, i reset the game without saving. i thought for i’d go ahead and let him kill me via the spare option for shits and giggles since the spare midpoint was so easy to get to after all that practice

and then i got this

for the sans fight, sans has a total of twelve different pre-battle things he can say. eleven of htem are him counting the first eleven deaths, and then the twelfth is just the generic ‘let’s cut right to it’ for every time after that

but after i beat sans and restarted, he gained a new dialogue, which seems to imply a couple things:

1. that the player was so pissed off at sans that they reset the game just to kill him again


2. the player felt so guilty after killing him that they had to reset

for me it was definitely the latter