i've seen almost everyone of his movies

haikyuu!! headcanons based on people i know
  • oikawa wears high heels on the treadmill at home because one time he read online that mariah carey does it
  • kenma’s record dark souls speedrun is exactly 1 hour, 12 minutes, and 6 seconds, and he’s really salty about it
  • kyoutani made an instagram for his dog and pretends that he doesn’t care that his dog has more followers than him (he does)
  • oikawa has never actually seen the ending of E.T. b/c his mom used to rewind it before E.T. left to stop him from crying about it
  • kindaichi secretly loves nicholas sparks books (also his favorite movie is the notebook, and yes he cries every time)
  • ennoshita desperately tries to get the team to go see all the “oscar-worthy” movies with him, but he always gets shut down by everyone (except noya, who would do anything to make his friends happy, honestly he’s too good for this world)
  • akaashi almost exclusively listens to baroque music, not classical, and he will correct you if you use the world “classical,” seriously don’t do it
  • yahaba’s mom makes him “mocktails” which are just whatever she’s drinking (complete with cute little umbrellas, sugar around the rim, etc.) minus the alcohol

anonymous asked:

"Fetuses running hand-in-hand" ; only someone salty/ envious bc of one reason or another would make such a tasteless, deflated joke about one of the loveliest scenes i've ever seen in an animated movie. It's ppl like u, falconia and the rest of this part of fandom whose gross mud-slinging born out of pettiness, resentment bc of SP's treatment of your faves, as well as ur hatred of the nh fandom and wish to crap on stuff for ppl that almost make me wish i didn't care about ss. u're all toxic af

I didn’t get the memo that fetuses are offensive and not innocuous anymore. Sorry, everyone.

Before I proceed, a moment of silence for the poor fapboy soul who misplaced his fapsock today.

Now there’s my attempt at an offensive joke, at a fapboy’s expense though. Or does that offend you, too? Are you a fapboy? Let me know, thanks.

To address your points:

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