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Looking at the knives circle scene, caught my attention that J has that lightbulb turned on when the daylight perfectly enters the room. Meaning that he has spent all night there and continued until morning :(

Great observation! My poor baby J.

There’s a lot of interesting things in the knife scene that I’ve been dying to talk about. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to do an analysis on the knife circle scene.

Before we start, can we just take a moment to appreciate that Joker made Harley a ring?

The ring is so meticulously placed, you know something’s wrong if Joker is making order instead of chaos.

First, the knives are all facing Joker. Now, I know in the Novelization it basically says that Joker is about to slit his throat before Frost comes through the door. So the knives being pointed at him could be a representation of his suicidal state. Btw, I just realized what those white and black wood pieces are and they are the keys to the flipped over white piano. Did everyone else realize that immediately? Am I just stupid? Probably so.


Let’s look at the actually circle itself. 

The lamp is closest to him along with some kind of drink and a gun. As the Novel says, Joker is “drunk and miserable” in this scene. So I don’t think it’s rocket science to say that the drink he has is filled with alcohol. 

In my opinion, I think this circle represents what Joker thinks represents Harley the most. First, she’s deadly, as represented by the knives. Row two is the ripped out piano keys to which I’ve just thought of this theory now: The piano keys being ripped from the piano could mean that Joker used to play the piano for Harley (or maybe Harley played the piano?) and J just couldn’t stand the sight of the piano so he ripped it apart to add to his ring. His circle of Harley. 

Then a lot of things at once for the outer ring; guns, roses, champagne, green bags (drugs?), Joker cards, etc. 

Does this represent Harley’s unpredictability and Harley herself? Perhaps. 

Or is it to represent how much Joker is willing to sacrifice to get Harley back? It’s no secret that Joker is a rich man but this seems to be most if not all of his weapons. He’s saying without speaking that he’s willing to use all of his weapons, his money, his power to get Harley back. At any cost, he’s getting her back. Hell hath no fury like when Joker gets Harley taken away, you know what I mean? 

Now to the outer circle, notice how the flower part of the roses are turned away from him. I think this is a subtle message saying that Joker and Harley both prefer violence over romance, but the only person Joker would be romantic to is Harley and vice versa. But also notice how the roses are pointed towards Harley’s pictures.What are roses the symbol of?  

“Roses can be used as a symbol of romantic promise, hope and new beginnings.” (x

“Long associated with beauty and perfection, red roses are a time-honored way to say ‘I love you’….there’s no better way than a bouquet of red roses to express your feelings.” (x) 

I see you, Mr. J. I see you. 

This is the best image I could find of the computers and iPads but those are definitely pictures of Harley and (maybe??) Harley’s criminal record. I’m pretty sure one of them is this picture.  

The cute part is I’m pretty positive that those are Joker cards around her pictures. So J is trying everything in his power to get back to him. Even if it’s just a picture and a card. Adorable desperate clown boyfriend. 

Now I know you are probably thinking ‘WHAT ABOUT THE BABY CLOTHES?!1?!!?” Well since I personally don’t like the idea of Joker and Harley having a baby (don’t hate me) I’m going to agree with what Jared said, “There are some things better left to the imagination, but if you look closely, you’ll find quite a few little toys and trinkets and items there, and you know, I think the Joker probably collects some things in a way a serial killer may keep a locket of your hair or a couple of your fingernails.” (x)

Does it mean that Joker has killed babies? Maybe, he’s done worse in the comics. 

Also I’ve seen many people say that J’s outfit and mannerisms in this scene is very reminiscent of this scene where Joker cries on his knees in front of Harley. Let me say that again, Joker cries on his knees to Harley. This Joker crying scene is in the same comic where it is implied that Joker skins a man alive for looking at Harley at a strip club. Interesting that those events are kind of played out in Suicide Squad. Seeing as Joker is so sad in this scene that he has to draw a smile on his face and in the club scene he shoots Monster T for looking/flirting with Harley.

I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again. I’ve seen some people say that’s a tear on J’s cheek when he says “Where is she?” But I fully believe that it is a scar. Joker has a vertical scar under his eye which I think is catching the light and I think that is being mistaken for a tear.

Thanks! Happy Holidays!!

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What is the difference between INTPs and ENTPs? I'm not sure which one I am.... Is the Introvert/Extrovert factor the only thing that changes? I've seen some I types that act more extroverted than other E types....

First of all, learning about functions will help you a lot. Here’s my post about them: http://raven-mbti.tumblr.com/post/155900729510/the-very-basics-of-cognitive-functions-i-know

ENTP’s strongest function (feature) is extraverted intuition, or Ne for short. This makes them generally curious, idea-rich and creative. Ne seeks for possibilities, perspective and new ideas, they want to know every side of the subject and have a broad vision of things. This feature will make them very open for new ideas, although they also love to play the devil’s advocate. Possibility-seeking is the core of an ENTP, adventure for the very sake of it.

ENTP’s second function is introverted thinking, or Ti. Introverted thinking is deductive, it looks for the basic principle or system behind a thing. It seeks for logical consistency, and Ti users tend to “trust their own brains” rather than the outside world. Ti asks, “does this make sense to me? Does it fit in my system?”. In ENTP the Ti is the supporting feature of the possibility-seeking Ne. They see things more from the logical than emotional point of view, and have a more detached and analytical approach to their adventures and possibilities than the feeling-preferring ENFPs (who are also Ne-dominants.) They use Ti to organize the many ideas of Ne.

Their third function extraverted feeling, aka Fe. This function seeks for harmony, is emotionally more conforming and considers a great deal for others well being. Since it is a weaker function in the ENTP, it isn’t too visible in them. Fe however offers ENTPs quite good eye for social situations, and they are able to manipulate the atmosphere of a group quite easily. Thanks to this function they’re often quite good at reading the emotions of others, and are able to modify the way they present themselves in a way that doesn’t clash with the feelings of others.

And finally, ENTP’s fourth function is the introverted sensing, or Si. This deals with the past data, sensory details and organization of “real-life”. Since it is their weakest function, it naturally means that ENTPs may face some trouble in areas such as detailed planning, scheduling or committing to one idea for a long period of time (their constant thirst for something new might make them scared of “anchoring down”). They do however still have the Si, it just manifests itself in more unconscious and insecure ways. The ENTP may not always fully realize the habits, ideas and routines that they have embodied, or nostalgic things that they unconsciously love or need.

Now, there are lots of similarities in ENTPs and INTPs, because they use the same functions. What really makes the difference here is order of these functions.

The logical consistency seeking Ti is only a secondary feature in the Ne-dominant ENTP, but in INTP, introverted thinking is their strongest function. They prefer finding the absolute true nature of things more than finding out different possibilities, unlike the ENTP. INTP’s might take ideas and theories a bit more seriously, and may be more rejecting towards a new idea if it doesn’t pass their “logical blueprints”, or system that THEY have figured out to be the truth. ENTP will more likely be enjoying the new ideas, just for the sake of perspective.

Let’s picture a scenario where INTP and ENTP are traveling to a mountain in hopes of finding a pot of gold. For ENTP, the pot of gold is simply an excuse for making the journey. While INTP is very likely to enjoy and benefit from the journey as well, their main reason to tag along is the pot of gold, and they probably wouldn’t climb that mountain purely for the sake of it.

INTP’s do however use Ne as their secondary function, so they too have this highly curious, possibility-seeking and open-ended side in them. They are often intrigued by new views and ideas, as long as they are spoken in their “Ti language”. INTPs tend to get bored quickly and crave for a change in order to feel refreshed, just not as much as the ENTP does. In ENTP the secondary Ti helps to logically organize the many ideas of the dominant Ne, but for the INTP Ne is the helper here. Ti wants to know the truth, and Ne shoots many possibilities for it to choose from.

INTP’s teritary function is the introverted sensing, Si. The weakness of this function means that just like the ENTP, they may be absentminded with the matters of everyday life and dislike the idea of settling down to something for a long period of time. This function is however stronger in INTP than it is in their sister type, which makes them more thorough, patient and meticulous with their ideas than ENTP. This has been said to make them very good system builders. As INTPs grow older, they may actually start emphasizing the Si’s settling side of things, and are more in need for a certain place to run back in to. They need something certain more than the ENTP does (not to say that ENTP wouldn’t need such a place as well, it’s just a weaker, more unconscious feature in them).

A ENTP friend of mine is very spontaneous and unpredictable with basically everything he does in life, and that was something I (an INTP) at first had no problem with, in fact I found it to be quite refreshing. However as time went by, I realized that I had started to become very exhausted and even stressed out because of his complete unpredictability, and realized that the reason for this was because I NEED at some point have a certain, settled idea of how someone or something works, and if I don’t, it starts driving me nuts. For me this illustrated very clearly the real-life difference between an INTP and ENTP.

FINALLY, INTP’s weakest function is the extraverted feeling, or Fe. Whereas ENTP is able to balance out the Ti’s need for the cold truth, and Fe’s concern for the emotional atmosphere, the INTP is way more unbalanced and weaker with the emotional aspect of things. They often leave others cold with purely emotional matters, because they are rather uncomfortable with feelings. INTPs tend to be very confident with the ideas in their head, but the moment they need to present them to someone they respect intellectually or a group of people, they easily become very insecure and anxious of how others will perceive them. They have tendency to be more visibly awkward and prone to worry than the ENTP does, because they are often very self-conscious about this weakness in social interaction.

#03 One Night Mistake

it’s time 

I sit in front of the camera that its set in front of me, along with a big white light and other tools from my photography equipment. my makeup is still fresh on my face and i’m still having struggles in my head between doing this video or not. 

but this is better than nothing, i’d have to do it anyways. 

 “hi mom” i finally say after a couple of minutes of just silence “it’s been a while since i last called, texted, wrote or even e-mailed you, i’m so sorry, i miss you” i let out a big sight “and i wanted you to know that i haven’t forget about you at any moment. i have a lot of things to tell you and that’s why i decided to make this video for you” 

 “that and also because there’s something really important i need to tell you” my voice starts getting thicker as i talk, fighting the tears that are on the corners of my eyes “and i didn’t wanted to tell you something this big on a phone call or an e-mail. i guess you’ll have a lot of questions, so before i throw the big news, i want you to have as much back up information as possible. and promise me that you’ll call me as soon as you watch the entire video. even if you want to just decide to hate me forever. i want to talk to you about this” 

“so without further or do i’ll start.” 

I guess all of this happened on my very first week away from home. 

i was missing you like crazy and it was not that easy for me to live alone. Los Angeles is a big city and to be honest it’s still hard for me to manage myself on this crazy place. but i was doing great. as i told you on earlier phone calls i submitted a lot of my work to this photography company that it’s very popular here in LA, and apparently someone liked my work, so that someone hired me to be the official photographer of a band. 

and even thought this was already two months ago, i didn’t tell you the fact that i was working with a band because i knew what you would have said. “that’s not an stable work” or maybe “you would do a lot better working on your own” but honestly mom, this is LA, nobody is going to hire a 18 year old girl that just came from New York, who works on her owns and have a canon camera. 

and i know! this sounds like it was so easy for me. 

like i just closed my eyes and wished for me to have the opportunity of my life, and it came right to my door. and i couldn’t be happier about this, because that meant that i was finally winning the place that i always wanted and all because of my only talent.

i obviously accepted the work, but i honestly feel like, is the most stupid think I’ve ever done. 

on my first week everything went just fine, i meet the band, we made a couple of photo shoots and i had the opportunity to go to one of their concerts, and take some pictures of them on stage. They’re great guys, mom, working with them it’s been such a pleasure for me. 

but everything happened the night that they were finally launching their second album. they threw this really big party on the bigger house that I've ever seen, and even thought i barely talked to them they invited me. 

I was so nervous, mom, there was so man people there and many of these people were one of those that you always watched on television, or movies. I was resounded by famous people. 

and even thought i was just a nobody, sitting on the bar in between loads of celebrities, he saw me. 

My legs were clinging out of the chair as i was holding a glass full of vodka on my right hand, i give small sips to the glass while listening some conversation that one of my to many bosses is giving.  i couldn’t wait to finally go home and just lay on my sofa, with a bowl of popcorn and netfilx, but i had to stay at least an hour i didn’t want to seem like i don’t appreciate invitations.  

a hand landed on my shoulder almost scaring me for the surprise, it descended from my shoulder to my arm, and then to my hand, interviewing it’s fingers with mine.  

“Are you a camera?” a voice whispers in my ear “because every time i look at you i smile” 

i turn around, to see Luke Hemmings himself, looking more handsome than ever, wearing a black button shirt and his usual black jeans. he was smiling at me and not taking his hand away from mine, even though mine were shaken. 

“Wow, that’s a good one” i nervously chuckle. 

“Yeah, right?” he chuckles as well “you get it? i said camera because you’re a photographer” 

 “yes…” i murmur, letting out a laugh “But seriously, that pick up line is kind off terrible” 

he shrugs “Well at least it got me to talk to you” he smiles.

We stayed together for barely all night, and mom, for a moment all that went through my mind was that he was the sweetest boy ever and that i just couldn’t stop looking at his smile, or his dimples or his eyes… oh his eyes, i could stare at them forever. and i swear i couldn’t focus on anything more than his beautiful eyes. 

“So, where are you from?” he asks while we’re walking through the aisle of the hotel, on the way to my apartment. 

“New york” i nod 

“Oh wow, how does it feel to Live on the big apple?” he ask on a sassy tone. 

“it’s great i guess” i shrug “How does it feel to live in Sidney?” i ask back 

“Hot” he simply says. 

“Good Answer” he chuckles. 

we walk a little more and i finally stop at my door. i take my purse and start looking for the keys, i found them and open the door a little bit, 

“Thanks for giving me a ride, Luke” i smile “And for walking me here, that was really sweet of you” 

“Well, i was a pleasure for me” he smiles back “i mean, since you work with us. i never got to talk to you, and i’m happy i did because.. uh, you’re such a nice and pretty girl” 

“Thank you” i said blushing. 

“Guys must tell you that all the time” he says 

“They don’t” i shrugged “i guess you’re the first one” 

“Really?” he takes his hand to his chest “Wow, i’m glad” 

i laugh and he laughs with me, before we just keep starting at each other without saying anything else. 

“so i’m the first one telling you that” he says and i nod “am i the first one on doing this?” 

he approaches to me and cupping my face between his hands he deeply kisses me, i follow the kiss, letting my hands rest on his shoulders and caressing them softly. at some moment he was totally depending the kiss and letting his tongue go in my mouth, it was an intense kiss and this was starting to get out of hands. 

“Should we take this inside?” he suddenly ask, and all i can do is say yes. 

we did it. that was definitely not my first time, but yes. mom. i had sex with him. and it was awesome. 

i wish i could just take that moment back. because for some reason that seemed to be a good idea at the moment. 

after that night, we still kept talking. at work, and also we used to text each other whenever he had the time. the thing is.. for i moment i though that maybe this could be leading to my first real relationship. and i was so wrong. 

 and this is went everything went wrong. 

A month later, i started to get sick, i had fevers, nausea, and a lot of headache, i couldn’t eat anything without feeling sick and i could barely stand still without feeling dizzy. so i went to a doctor. they took blood examples. and well… 

congratulations for me! i fucked up 

i’m so pregnant. 

i get up from my sit, covering the camera for a minute and letting out a big sob, finally letting go all of those tears that were fighting to go. i uncover the camera. 

the worst thing wasn’t that one, though. everything came just after that. 

i ran to my car as fast as i could and still shocked by the big news, the first thing that came to my mind was drive to the studio. i drive as fast as i can until i see the very familiar building and drive to the parking lot. my face covered on tears and my hands were already shaking. 

i ran to into the building , and with my pass on the right hand and the results on the left one i start looking for Luke around the building. 

i opened the first door that i heard music from and without any permission i just let myself in. he was sitting on a chair with a girl on his lap and a his guitar on the other side. it broke my heart on a million pieces. she was way more beautiful that i could imagine. she was a brunette girl, with long black hair and almost perfect body. 

i couldn’t say a word until something finally came out of my mouth. 

“Can We talk?” i mumble hoping that he had listen to me “Alone” 

he nods and the girl gets up from his lap and pecks his lips before walking out of the room giving me a small smile, even though i knew it was totally fake. 

“What’s up?” he says getting up from his sit and offering it to me, 

“Sorry for interrupting your little moment with… her” i say a little annoyed and handing him the envelope that i was holding without saying anything else. 

he looks at me sightly confuse first “Oh! is this from the last photo shoot, i was waiting to see those pictures because… uh” he says when he finally realized that is not in fact a picture. 

sitting on the sofa he quietly reads, an it what seems hours to me, he puts the paper back on the envelope, looking at the wall and with a harsh look on his face. 

“Congratulations?” he says without any expression. 

i look for the correct words to express all of this emotions that were going to me at that time. 

“Is that all you have to say?!” i exclaim. 

He shrugs “Why would i say?” 

anger tears were already on my eyes and my jaw was starting to tense up “It’s yours” 

“No it’s not” He shrugs. 

“It is!” i exclaim already getting mad. 

“hey, you can’t just come here show me some results and automatically say that I’M the father, when i’m definitely not”

“What?” i whisper. “We had sex” 

“And i wore a condom” he points “It’s not my fault if you go around sleeping with other guys, don’t put the blame” 

i barely could speak “Are you calling me a Hooker?” i whispers on a really low voice so he could only listen to me “I didn’t slept with anyone except for you, and for your information, condoms broke and this baby is YOURS” 

he doesn’t say anything, he just gets up from the sofa, take his things and gets out of the room. already breaking to cry, i follow him and i see him already getting out of the building, walking hand on hand with his girlfriend and leaving me with alone with my problems. 

this was just two days ago 

and just an hour ago i got a message from my boss. and i’m fired. they say the guys are not comfortable working with me and that i wasn’t able to work while i’m… well,Pregnant. 

And it’s all my fault, I’m so stupid  

i’m so sorry mom  

I’m so so sorry

part 2

Reverse Endangered (Outline)

This got kinda long, and it’s dark in some spots (character death, violence, etc.), but for anyone wondering what happens in the reverse-Endangered storyline, I made up a full (and very rough draft of a) plot in one day. :y The below picks up from chapter ”negative zero-point-five,” because I am the best at naming things.

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Okay but consider this:

The Scavengers on the Lost Light.

Now, I could go down the humourous lane, you know, with Skids not wanting to lose face and pretending Misfire really IS is arch-nemesis (and Mifire enjoying that a little too much, though who is that mech anyway? Did he ever get a drink with him?), or Spinister helping out in the medbay (”Don’t shoot that! We need it!” “It’s looking at me funny!”), and all that good stuff.

But let’s be serious for a second: let’s have them come face to face with Megatron.

Grimlock growls at him, because something in his shattered cerebro-cortex reminds him that this one is bad. It takes the whole W.A.P. crew to keep him somewhat calm (ie. just growling and no fire-breathing).

Spinister is confused: there’s something not right with this picture. He’s not sure of a lot of things (that the whole isn’t glaring at him, that the lamps aren’t mocking him), but Megatron being their leader, Megatron being on their side is something he’s sure of! So this…. this isn’t right.

Misfire goes into his usual chatter. Only instead of forming really long sentences, he keeps breaking them, making incoherent strings of words and pointing at their ex-leader’s chest. This is his version of being speechless. And very distressed. For those who know him, it’s super disturbing to see the happy-go-lucky jet this way.

Crankcase’s feelings are so vitriolic, he’s feeling sick. He took the DJD right on because he believed that the badge was his, not theirs. And now more than ever, he’s feeling like he needs to defend that. The normally loud-mouthed mechanic just shakes silently. He does put a hand on Misfire’s shoulder, though. Because.

Fulcrum should be afraid, could be angry, instead he’s bitter. So this is the grand leader he was born under? The one he was told would lead them to greatness and gelactic conquest. The one that led him to full-body restructuration and impending death. The one that led himself into the Autobots’ rank? He’s always accepted the values of his faction -his culture?-, not knowing anything else as he was born under them. And then he took a stand because a bunch of misfits showed him that these values weren’t that theoritical after all. He’s always accepted Megatron’s worth at face value, not having seen him in action back in the days. And then he met him, an Autobot badge wedging a line between them with much more effectiveness than rank or power. The crew he’s part of is worth sacrificing himself for them, this mech is not. The techie grits his denta, glaring down at the floor.

Krok just stares silently. Expression unreadable.

The whole of them are accepted on board, more or less blending in the general craziness. The longer they stay, the more the crew learns about their adventures, their stories… their struggles…. Megatron hears all that. And, one night, as he’s walking down the corridors because he can’t recharge, he ends up at the observation deck. And Krok is there. Looking at the stars, probably trying to figure out where his old unit is.

Megatron approaches him and, awkwardly, asks how the Scavengers are finding themselves.

This is when Krok let’s it rip. He doesn’t pull a gun on Megatron, oh no, he uses on his ex-leader the very same weapons that made him the figurehead of the Decepticons: words.

“My crew are the ones you have never seen, Megatron, the ones you sent off to be killed each day in the name of your revolution. And like so many like them, they went on each time you gave the order. Because they believed in your ideals, they believed in you. No matter what horrors they saw, no matter how insignificant they knew they were to you, in the end your words, the ones that stood against the senate and the low life they had, were enough to make them dive right into battle. For you.

You, the revolutioner with a vision. You, the gladiator with the power. You, the one that left them behind. And now you enquire about these people?

This isn’t just about being left on the battlefield, too. You turned your back on us to what? Atone for your mistakes? Well then, maybe you should start by making up to the ones whose life you changed so drastically. Because the Autobots? They might be the “good guys” from some people’s perspective, but they weren’t counting in you like we did. And everybody seems to be forgetting that fact, you the first, Megatron.

Out there, there is and army of desperate civilians that turned into bloodthirsty soldiers  and they are now left in a daze. There are camps full of walking woundeds whose future are compromised by unrepairable wounds. There are people that you made move as one by sheer belief and then stood up for something better. Or just something “good”, because, apparently, we’re the bad guys and have been fighting eons while knowing full well how wrong we were.

You want to take responsibility, Megatron? Take. It. But all of it.”

Somehow, during his tirade, Krok started facing Megatron, advancing more and more on him until they were nearly chest to chest. Well, chest to faceplate, because Megatron is so big. It’d be almost funny if it wasn’t for the Scavenger’s optics.

Not an ounce of fear in them. Only righteous fury.

And Megatron, who back in the days would have turned him into slag for his insolence, now can only take in just how much he’s truly failed his people.

I’m making this because this cat is gorgeous and I decided Andrew and Neil should own her

  • Neil and Andrew love their cats, it’s something they can admit when it’s met with the unconditional love only an animal can give
  • but occasionally they visit the animal shelter because Bee said it would be therapeutic to play with kittens  
  • one time when they’re visiting they notice a new cat in the adult cat room with white fur and gorgeous blue eyes
  • they don’t think much of it and continue to the kitten room
  • but each time they return which is more often than they’ll admit the cat is still there
  • and it’s just surprising because they’ve been going there enough they know the cat is the type to be adopted immediately
  • they decide to Investigate

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ok so if river's development is backwards right- explain why she goes from sternly chastising eleven about being a warrior who inspires fear "You make them so afraid. [...] The man who can turn an army around at the mention of his name." to fangirling over 'the proper doctor' this exact same act in the library episodes "Now my Doctor, I've seen whole armies turn and run away." surely that shows regression?

Ah, that is an interesting question (even if phrased a bit antagonistically).

We of course know that when River was introduced, her story was far from planned out - she was just a side character in a two-parter and to me knowledge Alex Kingston was not asked at this point whether she would consider coming back to she show. Steven Moffat might have had some ideas at this point, but they were probably far from set in stone. So overall, we can’t really expect the consistency from series 4-6 which series 6 offers with regards to River’s storyline. It is just not humanly possible.

That being said, the contradiction here is far from inexplicable, because there is a lovely little thing called context. And these two statements are made in two very different contexts. Moreover, I’ll prove that the line you take offense with actually fits very well with River as we get to know her later. No, it isn’t a moment of growth for her, but it represents a fairly constant aspect of her character, not a regression.

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hey, you asked for this t.t (continuation of this weird chunk of text)

They got through the morning with next to no hitches, disappearing for a private lunch much to the confusion of everybody else. During the free hour, Geoff and Ryan tried everything from handing the stone back and forth a few more times, looking up the sender (the address had turned out to be non-existent and the name appeared to be equally as fake), to straight-up running into each other.

Geoff isn’t sure why he assumed that might work, since it didn’t help in Freaky Friday either, but they were desperate for new ideas and the restaurant staff was pretty unfriendly anyway.

“So,” Geoff says, over new fries in a new restaurant and all out of ideas, “Gavin, huh?” 

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